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Inaugural Herbalife Nutrition Day in Asia Pacific Region on October 25 - 4 Hours ago
A Large-Scale Public Event Designed to Help People Make Informed Choices About Living a Healthy Active Life SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Oct 21, 2014) - Herbalife ( NYSE : HLF ), a global nutrition company,
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Mental health exam for man in Japan flight assault - 4 Hours ago
Dave Barry (Mondays) Don't miss Dave's newest column or weblog post. Health & Fitness (Tuesday) Eat and exercise the South Florida way. Weekend Concierge When mid-week rolls around, it's time
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Guinta, Shea-Porter debate health care, economy - 5 Hours ago
Democratic U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and Republican Frank Guinta sparred Tuesday night over familiar topics such as health care and the economy and tussled over new ones such as Ebola and terrorist
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Author, virus expert to deliver UA Ebola lecture - 6 Hours ago
Dave Barry (Mondays) Don't miss Dave's newest column or weblog post. Health & Fitness (Tuesday) Eat and exercise the South Florida way. Weekend Concierge When mid-week rolls around, it's time

US Sen. Shaheen, Scott Brown face off in debate - 6 Hours ago
Dave Barry (Mondays) Don't miss Dave's newest column or weblog post. Health & Fitness (Tuesday) Eat and exercise the South Florida way. Weekend Concierge When mid-week rolls around, it's time

Insurer considers Ebola exclusion in some policies - 8 Hours ago
Global property and casualty insurer Ace Ltd. says it may exclude Ebola coverage from some of its general liability policies. The Swiss company said Tuesday that it is making the decision on a "case

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Two New Three-Star Restaurants Awarded In The MICHELIN Guide San Francisco 2015 - 8 Hours ago
In this new edition two restaurants are making the leap from two to three stars: Benu, where chef Corey Lee Worldwide, there are just over 100 three-star restaurants. "With two new three star restaurants

Your brain has a free calorie counter - 5 Hours ago
A study seeks to determine how people's awareness of caloric content influenced the brain areas known to be implicated in evaluating food options.  A neuroimaging study says the brain has a natural

Brain has a calorie counter of its own: Study - 5 Hours ago
TORONTO: As you glance over a menu or peruse the shelves in a supermarket, your brain is making decisions based on a food's caloric content, according to a new study . An internal calorie counter of

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French cafe's 'housekeeping' post sparks debate over children in coffee shops - 7 Hours ago
The operators of The Little French Cafe have received both applause and criticism after posting a ‘‘housekeeping’’ announcement on the cafe’s Facebook page. It might prove to be a storm in a coffee

10/22/2014: Healthy Living: CALORIE COUNT - 6 Hours ago
ALMONDS Almonds are rich in calcium, a mineral known to help build healthy bones. The nut also has heart healthy flavonoids that help in preventing inflammation of the blood vessels, and is rich in vitamin
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Consumers See Thousands of Healthier Product Choices with Reduced Calories, Fats, - 4 Hours ago
More than 30,000 healthier product choices have been made available to consumers between 2002 and 2013 according to the 2014 Health & Wellness Survey released by the Grocery Manufacturers Association

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Our brains have an internal calorie counter, research suggests - 4 Hours ago
A new neuroimaging study suggests that our brain evaluates food based on caloric density, even when we're not conscious of how many calories something contains, which is perhaps why many of us prefer

Exercise improves health regardless of weight loss: study - 5 Hours ago
PHYSICAL exercise has the potential to improve cardiovascular health regardless of weight loss amount, a study by the Health Promotion Centre (HPC) suggested. One of the researchers, Senior Dietician

Beta-Carotene Beta-carotene is the most active of the deeply colored pigments called - 6 Hours ago
Beta-carotene is the most active of the deeply colored pigments called carotenoids. After consumption, beta-carotene converts to retinol, a readily usable form of vitamin A. Beta-carotene's beneficial

Personal Health: Hard Lesson in Sleep for Teenagers - 6 Hours ago
Adolescents who do not receive adequate rest have trouble keeping up in the classroom and are more vulnerable to other health problems. And catching up on sleep on the weekend won’t help.

Dietary supplements may contain risky prescription drugs even after safety recalls, - 6 Hours ago
CHICAGO — Dietary supplements containing potentially dangerous prescription drug ingredients may still be for sale even years after safety recalls, a study found. In supplements bought online, researchers

10/22/2014: Variety: Why you need vitamin D - 6 Hours ago
Science indicates that vitamin D deficiency is likely to cause heart diseases, cancer, bone problems and a dysfunctional immune system. We find out why vitamin D deficiency is on the rise, and how to

Brain's 'calorie counter' tells us to consume high calorie food - 6 Hours ago
A new neuro-imaging study has suggested that people consumed high calories food in spite knowing that it is high calorie, as the study has brought to light that, while thinking of food, an internal calorie

Texas names 2 units to treat future Ebola patients - 8 Hours ago
Texas, which saw the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S. and two more since then, has designated two containment facilities in Galveston and a Dallas suburb to treat any future patients. Gov.
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