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Two new Google Wallet features you don't want to miss
CNET News - 2 Hours ago
Here's how to set up the new low-balance alerts and automatic transfers in Google Wallet. Google Wallet saw a recent update that added two useful and much-needed features. First, low balance alerts
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How to use the new skim feature in Google Play Books
CNET News - 3 Hours ago
The latest update for Google's Book reading app brings a skim feature that helps you find what you're looking for, faster. Google Play Books makes keeping your place in a novel, textbook or cookbook
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Bad News for Amazon: Google Play Movies and TV Are Now on Roku
Wired News - 3 Hours ago
Today, announced its channel selections will now include Google Play Movies & TV. Unlike the Google Play Movies & TV app for iOS, you’ll be able to buy and rent movies and TV shows directly through the
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Amazon Joins Google and Facebook in Exposing Tech’s Gender Gap
Wired News - 3 Hours ago
The diversity reports keep on coming. Following in the footsteps of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and others, Amazon has released the diversity statistics of its workforce, and they’re in line with
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North Korea reportedly blocks Facebook and Twitter
Techworld.com - 5 Hours ago
The move affects foreigners who live in the country, local citizens were already banned from using the services North Korean authorities have reportedly blocked access to Facebook and Twitter for the
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How to disable autotagging on Facebook
CNET News - 4 Hours ago
Facebook's privacy controls are present but may not be set to your liking. Take control of who can tag you in posts and media. Editors' note, October 31, 2014: This post was originally published on
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Roku adds Google Play channel
CNET News - 9 Hours ago
The Google video service becomes the latest addition to the Roku streaming box. John P. Falcone/CNET Add Google Play to Roku's long list of video channels. The Google movies and TV app is now available
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Android Founder Departs Google, Continuing Executive Shakeup
Wired News - 10 Hours ago
The shakeups at Google continue. A week after the tech giant reorganized its top management, Andy Rubin, Google’s head of robotics and former head of Android, has confirmed that he is stepping down from
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How to hide Facebook's Trending Topics sidebar
CNET News - 9 Hours ago
Browser plug-in F.B. Purity lets you block this and other unwanted Facebook elements. F.B. Purity I make a concerted effort to avoid news on Facebook, for...a lot of reasons. And, yet, thanks to
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How Facebook Sped Up Its iPhone App by Nearly 50%
Wired News - 11 Hours ago
You weren’t imagining things. The Facebook iPhone app was getting slower. In 2012, the social networking giant launched its first native iPhone app, and over the next two years, according to Facebook
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Wal-Mart’s strategy to beat Amazon and Target this holiday
Fortune - 15 Hours ago
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Android co-founder is leaving Google
Fortune - 10/31/2014
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Android co-founder Rubin leaving Google to lead startup incubator
CNET News - 10/31/2014
Andy Rubin leaves Google and its ambitious robotics projects behind to return to another of his passions: Building successful startups. Google robotics honcho Andy Rubin is leaving the company. James
Android co-founder Rubin leaves Google to found hardware incubator Electronista
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The Google shakeup continues: Android creator Andy Rubin is out
InfoWorld - 15 Hours ago
The corporate shakeup at Google continues. Now it's Andy Rubin, the former head of the company's Android business and the current head of its robotics arm, who's out. A Google spokesperson confirmed
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Google project aims to preserve privacy when collecting software stats
Techworld.com - 10/31/2014
RAPPOR has been released under an open-source license Google is applying a surveying technique from the 1960s to a project that aims to collect data about users' computers without potentially compromising
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Android Founder Rubin Leaves Google
CIO Today - 5 Hours ago
The top of the corporate ladder at Google is getting to be an unsteady place. Only a week after the tech giant reorganized its top management, Andy Rubin, Google's head of robotics and former head of
Android founder Andy Rubin is leaving Google Cambodian Times
Android co-founder Andy Rubin quits Google Ein News
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Amazon Exec: Fire Phone Was Overpriced
Hard OCP - 8 Hours ago
Ya think ? David Limp, Amazon's senior vice president of devices, has acknowledged that the Fire smartphone didn't match Amazon's lofty ideas and says the price of the device was "wrong." In other words,
Amazon exec Fire Phone was overpriced Birmingham Star
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Amazon exec: We priced the Fire phone wrong
Fortune - 10/30/2014
When it introduced the Fire smartphone in July, Amazon bet sales would be something worth bragging about. But three months in, it’s obvious the Fire phone is more dud than runaway success. Last week,
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Terror on Twitter! Horror author R.L. Stine tweets a Halloween story
CNET News - 10/30/2014
R.L. Stine, the "Stephen King of children's literature," composes an impromptu horror story online to the delight of his fans. And it was all about a sandwich. This author may look harmless, but he's
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Swim Through the Oceans at Your Desk With Google’s 360-Degree Seaview
Wired News - 10/30/2014
In 2013 the SVII camera surveyed the global epicenter of coral reefs, the Coral Triangle in the western Pacific Ocean, where the waters are the most bio-diverse on earth. Catlin Seaview Survey In
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Guide to using Google+ Auto Backup
CNET News - 10/30/2014
Learn how to enable the Google+ Auto Backup feature, select media size and choose which data connection to use, and where to find your backed-up media in this handy guide. CNET on Google+. Nicole Cozma/CNET
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Facebook says you can be social and secure, acquires .onion address for Tor users
CSO AU - 9 Hours ago
The so-called darknet, which is accessible via the anonymizing Tor network, has a reputation for being home to many disreputable sites. But now the biggest social network in the world is available via
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DataDirect Networks adds Amazon S3 gateway to WOS platform
Computer Weekly - 10 Hours ago
DataDirect Networks (DDN) has announced an Amazon S3 gateway device for its Web Object Scaler (WOS) object storage platform. The new hardware adds Amazon S3 connectivity through a set of 1U boxes that
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Bits Blog: Andy Rubin, Former Head of Android, Departs Google
Ein News - 9 Hours ago
Today - 06:40 GMT Andy Rubin, a high-ranking Google executive who spearheaded the company’s entrance into mobile phones and tablets and was in charge of the company’s nascent robotics group, has left
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Sorry movie goers, Google Glass, other wearables banned from cinemas
MIS Asia - 9 Hours ago
Going to the movies this weekend? You better leave your pair of Google Glass at home or at least in your bag. The Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners
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