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Polices search for missing boy finds he existed only on Facebook
Cambodian Times - 3 Hours ago
Police's search for missing boy finds he existed only on Facebook A 2-year-old boy is reported missing in France by his supposed great aunt. It takes some time before police realize the boy and his father
Police's search for missing boy finds he existed only on Facebook CNET Asia
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Google tech to bring 3D mapping smarts to NASAs space station robots
Kenya Star - 8 Hours ago
Project Tango team is collaborating with scientists at NASA's Ames Research Center to integrate the company's new 3D technology into a robotic platform that will work inside the space ...
Google Tech to Bring 3D Mapping Smarts to NASA's Space Station Robots CIO Magazine
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Google invites Glass wearers to brave LA's beaches
NetworkWorld - 4/19/2014
Users of Google Glass will get to meet and compare their techie headgear this weekend at a spot where appearance is everything. On Saturday in Los Angeles, the Internet company is holding a 3.6-mile
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Facebook plans to share location history with advertisers
CNET Reviews - 4/18/2014
With its brand-new Nearby Friends feature , Facebook is collecting a log of your travels so that it can one day pass that data along to advertisers, CNET can confirm. Facebook trotted out Nearby Friends
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What's hot? Google Trends now tells your inbox
CNET News - 4/18/2014
Google introduces email subscriptions for Google Trends, which could kneecap the similar Google Alerts service. Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET Are you a space fan, but you had no idea that Space
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Online education, rebooted
Fortune - 4/18/2014
Udacity's freemium model is "vastly oversubscribed," Thrun says. (Fortune) Can a roboticist program real human minds? Udacity CEO Sebastian Thrun is working on just that. He recently told Fortune's
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Americans Aren’t Ready for the Future Google and Amazon Want to Build
Wired News - 4/18/2014
Americans are hopeful about the future of technology. But don’t release the drones just yet. And forget meat grown in a petri dish. Pushing new tech on a public that isn’t ready can have real bottom-line
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Twitter account parodying mayor leads to heavy police raid
CNET News - 4/18/2014
The real Mayor Ardis. WMBDRadio/YouTube screenshot by /CNET Public officials don't like to be mocked publicly. One exception might be Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, except that with him you never quite know
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Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field
Slashdot - 18 Hours ago
New submitter katiewilliam (3621675) writes with a story at Hardware Zone about a new feature that Google's working on for Android phones' built-in cameras: the illusion of shallow depth of field in
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Facebook to share ads based on location history with advertisers -- but wont say
Cambodian Times - 4/19/2014
Facebook to share ads based on location history with advertisers -- but won't say when With Nearby Friends, your location history is private to you and only you -- until the social network decides otherwise.
Facebook to share ads based on location history with advertisers -- but won't say CNET Reviews
Facebook to share location history with advertisers -- but won't say when CNET Reviews
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Heartbleed Internet security flaw used in attack
Big News Network - 4/19/2014
Within 24 hours of the Heartbleed bug's disclosure last week, an attacker used it to break into a major corporation, security experts said Friday. Using Heartbleed, the name for a flaw in ...
Heartbleed Internet security flaw used in attack NYT CNBC
New Heartbleed Internet security flaw used in attack NYT CNBC
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Twitter uses MoPub to help advertisers promote mobile apps
CNET News - 4/17/2014
The new ad feature in action on Twitter. Twitter Twitter is making a significant push into mobile ads, thanks to its mobile advertising exchange MoPub. Advertisers will be able to promote their mobile
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Is Yahoo angling to replace Google on iOS devices?
CNET News - 4/17/2014
Sarah Tew/CNET We know this much: Since taking the helm as Yahoo's chief executive, Marissa Mayer has tried to bolster the company's efforts in search, but a report published Wednesday by Recode suggests
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Google's DIY Project Ara won't fly in the real world
InfoWorld - 4/18/2014
If you're old enough to have danced to Devo, you also likely remember the build-your-own-PC phenomenon that geeks like me were into, spending many weekends at parts emporia like Fry's Electronics to get
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New Google Camera app adds depth to your photos
CNET Reviews - 4/16/2014
Google Camera has a sleek interface (left) and lets you change the depth of field on your photos (right). Screenshots by Sarah Mitroff/CNET Wednesday, Google released Google Camera , a new standalone
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Amazon Fire TV teardown reveals pop-open case, integrated GPU
CNET Reviews - 4/16/2014
Following in the footsteps of the Apple TV and the streaming media players from Roku, the Fire TV is a small black box. It's 4.5 inches square and just over 0.5 inch thick. There's really nothing much
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Enroll at Hogwarts: An online wizarding school with real class
CNET News - 4/16/2014
Start your first year at Hogwarts online. Warner Bros I'll admit it. Even as an adult, I wish Hogwarts was real and I got to go there (and later became a faculty member, says my imagination). The closest
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Google sells out of ‘Cotton’ Glass model in hours
CNET News - 4/16/2014
CNET Google's one-day Google Glass sale has proven to be a success. In just a few short hours, the white "Cotton" version of the wearable has sold out. "Wow, what a morning! We're happy to see so
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Hide from seek out nearby friends on Facebook
Birmingham Star - 4/19/2014
The social network is making it easy to locate your friends on a map, and it's adding event alerts into the Paper app. Meanwhile, Samsung is about to push out a paid version of Milk ...
Hide from, seek out nearby friends on Facebook CNET Reviews
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Tech Retrospect Google drones and Amazon phones
Birmingham Star - 4/19/2014
If you're worried about all that information Google knows about you, the notion of Big G buying a company that builds automated, high-altitude drones might raise a few alarms. The company is ...
Tech Retrospect: Google drones and Amazon phones CNET Reviews
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AOL.com rejiggers site with video front and center
CNET News - 4/15/2014
AOL AOL reformatted its website Tuesday to highlight video from owned properties like Huffington Post and a bench of content partners, the latest gambit by the online media company to become a video-advertising
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Why Amazon Will Soon Be Listening to Every Word You Say
Wired News - 4/15/2014
You’ve just squeezed the last drop of shampoo from the bottle, the toothpaste tube is rolled as tightly as possible and your razor just completed its last shave. In the not-too-distant future, you’ll
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Judge halts spread of zombie Nortel patents to Texas in Google trial
The Register - 4/18/2014
SANS - Survey on application security programs Google has won a victory in its battle against patent troll Rockstar, with a US District Court judge having denied Rockstar's request to try the case
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On the hunt for Googles Easter eggs
Big News Network - 4/18/2014
Google is renowned for creating Easter eggs, which in the tech world mean coding or features on the Web that either shouldn't be there or that you don't expect to find. Our colleagues ...
On the hunt for Google's Easter eggs DailyMe.Com
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Can Zoosk be the Netflix for online dating
Cambodian Times - 4/18/2014
Zoosk, an independent online dating service that filed for IPO this week, seeks to cover all the bases with its wide array of features. For users, that may be a bit too much.
Can IPO-bound Zoosk be the Netflix for online dating? DailyMe.Com
Can Zoosk be the Netflix for online dating? CNNMoney.com
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