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Battling against alien invaders 
NewsRT.co.uk - 23 Hours ago
We always have to be on guard against alien invaders, but generally Holderness and East Yorkshire is something of a safe haven for many of our native plants who exist in waterways and meadows thankfully     Add Comment

Joey Essex Talks Alien Encounters And Strange Goings On At Area 51 Ahead Of 'Educating  
Huffington Post UK - 22 Hours ago
Joey Essex has spoken about his upcoming new show ‘Educating Joey Essex: Space Cadet’, which sees him spending time at a space camp in Alabama, before heading to the infamous Area 51 in Nevada to explore     Add Comment

UFO 'sighting': Flashing lights more adolescent than alien, expert says 
Melbourne Age - 9/1/2014
Spike in Queensland UFO sightings A mysterious object with flashing lights spotted hovering over Melbourne's south-east last night was probably more adolescent than alien in origin, according to an expert.
UFO sighting: Flashing lights more adolescent than alien, expert says Albury Border Mail
UFO 'sighting': Flashing lights more adolescent than ... Bendigo Advertiser
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Government Secrecy about Dumped Alien Kids Is Investigated 
VDare - 8/31/2014
Now self-liberated from CBS News , ace investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson is digging up facts on important topics like government secrecy. The feds are particularly silent about the whereabouts     Add Comment
>>   aura
Kobo unveils Aura H2O, the first ‘premium’ waterproof e-reader 
Technology Tell - 8/28/2014
An e-book reader manufacturer at its roots, and quite a popular one in Canada back in the day, Kobo tried its hand at more evolved tablets, knowing little success with the impressive but far too costly
Read in the bath with the waterproof Kobo Aura H2O PC Authority
Kobo: The Ereader May Be Dying But The Ebook Will Survive International Business Times UK
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>>   afterlife
A doctor's afterlife experience, Pope says spurn materialism 
Examiner.com - 8/28/2014
Below are key excerpts of inspiring news articles which include great information on a doctor 's life-changing experience with the afterlife , a study showing a daily five-minute run adds years to life,     Add Comment
>>   Climate change
Communities going into power business to cut cost, carbon footprint 
Los Angeles Times - 10 Hours ago
Sonoma County, which enticed Americans to forsake factory-made food for artisan wines and farmers market produce, now wants consumers to reconsider another everyday commodity. New on the menu: locally     Add Comment

Greenhouse gas fear over increased levels of meat eating 
BBC - 10 Hours ago
Global consumption of meat needs to fall - to ensure future demand for food can be met and to help protect the environment - a study says. Research from Cambridge and Aberdeen universities estimates
Greenhouse gas fear over increased meat eating ERTA
BBC News - Greenhouse gas fear over meat production DailyMe.Com
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Will global warming make Japan more vulnerable to tropical diseases? 
Japan Today - 9 Hours ago
The first cases of dengue fever to be reported in Japan in 70 years sent government health officials scrambling to fumigate Yoyogi Park, where so far at least 22 people—none of whom have traveled abroad     Add Comment

Bad weather for 2050 as forecasters imagine climate change effects 
ABC Online - 9 Hours ago
Imaginary TV weather forecasts have predicted floods, storms and searing heat from Arizona to Zambia within four decades, as part of a UN campaign ahead of this month's summit on fighting global warming.     Add Comment
>>   Religion
As battle lines shift in Iraq, Sunnis worry over welcome of Islamic State 
Washington Post - 10 Hours ago
By and Erin Cunningham , BAGHDAD — A day after breaking through a siege by Islamic State militants on the Shiite town of Amerli, Iraqi forces and pro-government militias on Monday pushed their way     Add Comment

Prosperity Church Road business owners say construction, name change hurting their  
BusinessWeek - 10 Hours ago
Sept. 01--When Isaac Dorbor opened his barbershop in the Prosperity Shopping Plaza three years ago, traffic to the shop was steady, his employees juggled 200 clients on average and the business saw about     Add Comment

US Military Targets Extremists in Somalia 
ABC News - 10 Hours ago
The Pentagon says U.S. military forces have targeted the Islamic extremist al-Shabaab network in an operation in Somalia. Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby says the U.S. is looking at the results
U.S. military targets Islamic extremists in Somalia CTV News
US military targets extremists in operation in Somalia New York Post
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'Time' Mourns Dwindling Numbers of 'Social Justice' Nuns 
NewsMax.com - 10 Hours ago
A Time magazine article bemoans the stark decline in the number of "social activist" women religious in the U.S. today, stating that "[t]oday’s nuns are simply too progressive for the Vatican," which     Add Comment
>>   Offbeat News
Russian bank offers cats with mortgages 
CNN - 18 Hours ago
Worst 3 bank promotions LONDON (CNNMoney) Would you like a cat with that mortgage? Russia's biggest bank, Sberbank ( SBRCY ) , is offering to deliver cats to the doorsteps of new mortgage clients     Add Comment

Perth link saves rare twin sun bears (The West Australian) 
Yahoo! News Australia - 18 Hours ago
Curled up together, these two-week-old orphaned twin sun bears in Cambodia are unaware their survival depends on an organisation with its roots in Perth. Officially known as Cambodia Rescue 180 and     Add Comment

House Fire Was Dog's Fault: Police 
WCKY 103.7 - 17 Hours ago
(NEWSER) – Too bad they don't teach fire safety in obedience school. A fire in a New Jersey home this weekend appears to have started when a dog turned on the stove, police say, per the Asbury Park Press.
House Fire Was Dogs Fault: Police Cool 92.5
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Fairbanks spent $7k defending mayor's $37.50 fine 
Metro Canada - 8/31/2014
FAIRBANKS, Alaska – The city of Fairbanks has so far spent about $7,000 appealing a $37.50 elections fine levelled on the mayor. The Alaska Public Offices Commission ordered City Mayor John Eberhart     Add Comment
>>   ghost
*^2Shared Holy Ghost FULL HD 
The Big Idea - 8/30/2014
Holy Ghost Title: Holy Ghost Release Date: 2014-09-06 Runtime: 113 minutes Movie Plot: Can the Holy Spirit direct a movie? In this fast-paced documentary from the director of the popular films Finger     Add Comment
>>   evil
Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil 
Surfing Life - 14 Hours ago
Words Joel Menzies If you're surfing in waters like this, you'd wanna be careful of that pesky thing called Surfer's ear. Photo: Chris Burkard I live in the most populated city in Australia. That’s     Add Comment

world views The Problem With Our Belief in Evil Why we shouldn't use the concept  
New York Magazine - 10 Hours ago
The Latest Insights Into Human Behavior, Delivered Daily The social spsychology of an ancient, potent concept. Two weeks ago, many people will tell you, we saw the face of evil. Well, not its face,     Add Comment

world views The Problem With Our Belief in Evil Making sense of horrific deeds this  
New York Magazine - 10 Hours ago
The Latest Insights Into Human Behavior, Delivered Daily The social spsychology of an ancient, potent concept. Two weeks ago, many people will tell you, we saw the face of evil. Well, not its face,     Add Comment

toms outlet at of inhospitality at present occurrence 
Student Village - 9/1/2014
This is a don't hang to read too greatly, a side pours of bloodbath.It be been being evil for a sky by the object of massacre certainly. In fact this explains very easily, fix here for all lowestly is     Add Comment

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