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News story: £4.2m for CCS research at Grangemouth
Bloomberg - 6 Hours ago
UK and Scottish Governments will provide 4.2 million for industrial research and feasibility work for a proposed full-chain 570 MW Carbon-Capture-Storage (CCS) coal-gasification power station located
£4.2m for CCS research at Grangemouth Government Opportunities
News story: GBP4.2m for CCS research at Grangemouth Individual.com
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INTERVIEW-EU to grow more reliant on gas imports, Russia supply seen flat-BP
Reuters Africa - 5 Hours ago
* EU seen hitting 2030 goal on share of green energy * Carbon price at $40 per tonne by 2035 not high enough By Barbara Lewis BRUSSELS, March 27 (Reuters) - Europe's reliance
EU to grow more reliant on gas imports, Russia supply seen flat-BP Sharenet
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Cuadrilla, geothermal firm eye renewable heat from oil, gas wells
Reuters - 3 Hours ago
(Reuters) - Britain's Geothermal Engineering Ltd (GEL) has signed an agreement with shale gas firm Cuadrilla Resources to explore the feasibility of producing geothermal renewable heat from used oil and
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Federal government commits to global accord on climate
Sydney Morning Herald - 4 Hours ago
The Abbott government has committed Australia to joining the next big global climate pact. The global accord is to be agreed in Paris in December. Countries are announcing their carbon targets to take
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U.K., Scotland Funding Carbon-Capture, Coal-Gasification
Bloomberg - 5 Hours ago
(Bloomberg) -- The U.K. and Scottish governments are providing 4.2 million pounds ($6.3 million) to study the potential of a carbon-capture and storage facility and coal-gasification power plant in Scotland.
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FEMA plays hardball with climate deniers
MSNBC - 30 Minutes ago
Everyone had a good laugh the other day when an official from Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) administration tried to get through a legislative hearing on emergency preparedness without using the words
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Do conspiracy theories fuel the denial of science? The debate is heating up
Washington Post - 88 Minutes ago
In 2013, the University of Bristol psychologist Stephan Lewandowsky and colleagues published two papers  containing a provocative claim: A tendency to endorse conspiracy theories, they suggested, makes
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When It Comes To Climate Policies, 'Trust But Verify'
Forbes.com - 91 Minutes ago
Guest post written by Lawrence Kogan Mr. Kogan, managing principal of Kogan Law Group, is chief executive of the Institute for Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development. In his March 13 Washington
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We don’t have a Ted Cruz problem on climate change. We have a GOP problem on climate
Washington Post - 4 Hours ago
Ted Cruz has earned infamy for the self-regarding analogy he drew between his attacks on climate science and the work of Galileo — both, apparently, opposed the authoritarian non-science of their respective
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Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program Accepting 2015 Applications
Bloomberg - 7 Hours ago
Toyota City, Japan -Toyota Motor Corporation began accepting applications today for this year's1 Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program, which is designed to support environmental revitalization
TOYOTA MOTOR : Environmental Activities Grant Program Accepting 2015 Applications 4 Traders
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Radiant Insights: Global China Calcium Carbonate Market Size, Share, Growth Report
Bloomberg - 8 Hours ago
As of 2013, China's output of calcium carbonate had reached 23 million t and had became the largest calcium carbonate manufacturer in global. In 2013, the outputs of light calcium carbonate and heavy
Global China Calcium Carbonate Market Size, Share, Growth Report To 2018 Individual.com
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I'm twentysomething, I vote, and I won't take seriously any candidate who doubts
Los Angeles Times - 12 Hours ago
I am a voter — a white, male, college-educated twentysomething voter, born in the conservative South, living in the liberal North. I was raised in a middle-class family but now occupy an economic class
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Antarctic ice shelves rapidly thinning
Research & Development - 3 Hours ago
A new study led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the Univ. of California, San Diego (UC San Diego) researchers has revealed that the thickness of Antarctica’s floating ice shelves has recently
Antarctic Ice Shelves Melting Faster Sci-Tech Today
Antarctic Ice Shelves Melting 70% Faster, Study Shows Sci-Tech Today
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Norway joins race of rich nations to submit their action plans for a global climate
Economic Times - 3 Hours ago
NEW DELHI: Joining race of rich nations including Switzerland and European Union (EU) countries in submitting their respective 'climate action plans' well in time, Norway on Friday submitted its Intended
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John Kerry Warns Ambassadors about 'Climate Refugee' Threat
NewsMax.com - 46 Minutes ago
Countries will be dealing with "climate refugees" as the effects of climate change are felt around the world, Secretary of State John Kerry warned U.S. ambassadors attending the Global Chiefs of Mission
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How our reactionary approach to climate change might do more harm than good
Metro Canada - 100 Minutes ago
Any military strategist, chess player or World of Warcraft gamer will tell you that winning isn’t just about reacting to the situation at hand. If you really want to get ahead, you need to understand
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New market study, "Carbonates in Turkey", has been published
A.M. Best - 3 Hours ago
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New studio with eye on climate
Herald Sun - 4 Hours ago
Artists Debbie Symons and Jasmine Targett working on The Catchments Project. Picture: Paul Loughnan Source: News Limited A NEW studio in Carlton will focus on climate change issues as well as aiming to
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Earth Hour: emails, Internet, even water add to carbon footprint
CTV News - 4 Hours ago
Sending a text message or email, eating an apple or watching TV -- each of these activities has a different carbon footprint. People around the world are getting ready to mark Earth Hour by turning
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Mediterranean diet has low carbon footprint: study
CTV News - 5 Hours ago
Everyone talks about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and as sustainability becomes more and more of a concern, a new study delved into the carbon footprint of the Med diet and found it
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Spatial uncertainty in bias corrected climate change projections and hydrogeological
Hydrological Processes - 6 Hours ago
Abstract The question of which climate model bias correction methods and spatial scales for correction are optimal for both projecting future hydrological changes as well as removing initial model bias
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Impact of projected climate change on the hydrology in the headwaters of the Yellow
Hydrological Processes - 6 Hours ago
Abstract Located in the northeast of Tibetan plateau, the headwaters of the Yellow River Basin is very vulnerable to climate change. In this study, we used the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)
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We Could Stop Global Warming With This Fix—But It's Probably a Terrible Idea
Mother Jones - 6 Hours ago
Back in the late 1990s, Ken Caldeira set out to disprove the "ludicrous" idea that we could reverse global warming by filling the sky with chemicals that would partially block the sun. A few years earlier,
We Could Stop Global Warming With This Fix—But... Mother Jones
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A real fixer has won the climate debate
Melbourne Age - 7 Hours ago
The Abbott government's climate change policy is named Direct Action. This has long been regarded in the environmental community as being an Orwellian title for a policy of deliberate Non Action. This
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California Drought, Boston Blizzards Both Attributed to Global Climate Change Reports
A.M. Best - 7 Hours ago
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