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Sen. John Barrasso Mocks Kerry's Climate Change Fears
NewsMax.com - 8 Hours ago
Secretary of State John Kerry ought to focus more on the immediate and deadly threats to the United States from around the globe than the menace he predicts from climate change, Sen. John Barrasso writes
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Climate Finance: Lessons from the Front Lines
World Bank - 8 Hours ago
Climate change presents serious and growing risks to the global economic system, with a number of recent studies showing the impact that climate change is already having on livelihoods and business models.
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Premiers endorse climate change plan
Globe and Mail - 9 Hours ago
Ontario and Quebec have seized the leadership of a long-promised Canadian energy strategy, shifting the focus to climate change and clean energy from the pipeline agenda. At the closing session of their
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In Obama Power Grab, Climate Trumps Constitution
Investor's Business Daily - 9 Hours ago
Power: This lawless administration plans to bypass the two-thirds requirement for Senate ratification on a climate change treaty by entering into a "politically binding" hybrid agreement to "name and
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Taking Action on Climate Change for the Youth of the World
World Bank - 9 Hours ago
The risks created by climate change are well known. Regardless of political views, we have all heard of climate change and we all know that there will be serious consequences if we fail to act on it now.
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International meet to raise awareness on climate change
TheStar.com.my - 10 Hours ago
A TWO-DAY international seminar to raise awareness on the earth’s current climate change will be held at the Penang Town Hall on Sept 13 and 14. Held as part of the XOX Penang International Green Carnival
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Leach/My Turn: Energy emissions
Recorder.com - 8 Hours ago
P lans to expand the production of natural gas from shale formations in the United States and around the world may face an as-yet-unseen stumbling block. Atmospheric scientists are concerned that even
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Samoa’s prime minister calls on Abbott to forget budget and act on climate change
Intellasia.net - 8 Hours ago
30-Aug-2014 Intellasia | ABC | 6:00 AM Samoa’s prime minister has called on Australia to lift its focus from the federal budget and lead the way on climate change. “We do hope Australia’s…
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8/29/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind
KNSS Radio - 7 Hours ago
Mark talks about Mexico's policy regarding illegal immigrants in their country, and asks how can they not allow anyone in and deport people, but when we do it, we are seen as inhumane? Related Audio:
8/28/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind KNSS Radio
8/27/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind KNSS Radio
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Pinda: Africa cannot address climate change without enough finances
Daily News TSN - 8 Hours ago
FINANCIAL resources for adaptation to climate change is most urgent for Africa and delaying action will result in exponential costs down the road, Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda has said. He made the remarks
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UN seeks “Malala” on climate change
Iran Daily - 8 Hours ago
Plan to empower women householders Society Desk The conditions of women householders will be improved, said the director general of Tehran Governorate’s Office for Women Issues. Speaking in a
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More Investors Taking Climate Change, Social Issues Personally
AdvisorOne - 9 Hours ago
Spurred by extreme weather and new science bolstering fears of catastrophic events, more investors are taking climate change and other societal issues to heart when they decide to where to put their money.
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12 Ecologically Sustainable Countries and Why They Should Be Admired
AlterNet.org - 9 Hours ago
As Earth’s resources fall into ecological deficit, it’s time to inspect our global green policies. With  last week 's news that Earth’s resources have slipped into an "ecological deficit" for the rest
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Koalas threatened in every habitat: Report
Northern Daily Leader - 9 Hours ago
A NEW report says koala survival is now threatened in every habitat across Australia. A NEW report says koala survival is now threatened in every habitat across Australia. There's no doubt koalas are
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French diplomats rallied to climate cause in run-up to Paris
Ein News - 9 Hours ago
Aug 29, 2014 - 18:28 GMT President Francois Hollande prepares for Ban Ki-moon summit next month as French diplomacy ramps up ahead of Paris French president Francois Hollande: climate
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Must Free-Marketers Reject Global Warming?
LewRockwell.com - 10 Hours ago
You can’t make this stuff up. Someone at the UK Guardian  named David Grimes has declared that “economic liberalism,” by which he means the ideology of laissez-faire , “clashes” with “scientific evidence.”
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NYC Climate Convergence leads up People's Climate March Sept 21
Examiner.com - 10 Hours ago
Climate Justice Summit lead up to March Thousands of citizens are expected to show up in New York City (NYC) on September 19-21 for what is being billed as the NYC Climate Convergence and the People's
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Bezanson: Limiting carbon emissions is good for Texas business
Austin American Statesman - 10 Hours ago
Each generation faces environmental challenges — over the past century we’ve cleaned up polluted lakes, recovered from the Dust Bowl, turned exceptional places into state and national parks, and taught
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Limiting carbon emissions is not enough to stop global warming
Washington Post - 11 Hours ago
The Post’s editorial series on climate change made valid and important points [“ A climate for change ,” Aug. 25 through Aug. 29]. In particular: The problem is real, important and urgent. And applying
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Brazil presidential candidate Silva would put a price on carbon
Reuters UK - 11 Hours ago
11:47pm BST SAO PAULO, Aug 29 (Reuters) - Brazilian presidential candidate Marina Silva plans to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions and implement a national carbon market if elected, according
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Canada's Premiers concluded their 55th annual summer meeting today in Charlottetown.
BusinessWeek - 15 Hours ago
CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI, Aug. 29, 2014 /CNW/ - The meetings began yesterday with a discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing the Canadian federation on the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown
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Canadian Energy Strategy
BusinessWeek - 16 Hours ago
CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI, Aug. 29, 2014 /CNW/ - Premiers discussed the (CES). British Columbia joined the initiative in November 2013. Quebec is now also a full partner in this initiative. Premiers are pleased
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Does Antarctic sea ice growth negate climate change? Scientists say no
Los Angeles Times - 22 Hours ago
In the blue half-light of the Antarctic autumn, a thin film spreads across the continent's coastal waters. It's an embryonic form of sea ice: a mush of microscopic crystals that floats on the dense, salty
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Shenzhen carbon market allows trades to be settled in foreign currencies
Reuters Africa - 8/29/2014
BEIJING Aug 29 (Reuters) - China's Shenzhen carbon market will allow carbon permit trades to be settled in foreign currencies through the Bank of China, as the city tries new ways to attract foreign capital
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Editorial: A climate for change: The U.S. can help drive a new round of global carbon
Washington Post - 8/29/2014
By , PROBABLY THE most persuasive argument against U.S. action on global warming is China. No U.S.-only initiative can stop the planet from warming. Any effective response to climate change will require
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