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Climate protest outside G20 - 114 Minutes ago
ABOUT 100 peaceful protesters are chanting "100 per cent clean energy" outside the G20 finance ministers' meeting in Cairns. THE People's Climate March gathered outside the local casino on Sunday morning
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EPA proposes changing standards on pesticides and farm workers - 57 Minutes ago
Sep 20, 2014 - 20:59 GMT The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed stricter requirements to avoid exposure to pesticides on farms, leaving farmers and officials divided about whether they

2 ex-AFP generals eyed as BOC intel chief - 78 Minutes ago
At least two retired military generals are reportedly among the contenders for the recently vacated post of Bureau of Customs-Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS) chief. Among those

Activists Taking to the Streets to Fight Climate Change - 47 Minutes ago
This photo shows the People's Climate March public launch on July 30, 2014. Diane Greene Lent Organizers for the People's Climate March in New York City are hoping the demonstration will influence

People’s Climate March aims to be biggest rally yet on global warming (+video) - 81 Minutes ago
The People’s Climate March, scheduled for Sunday in New York and featuring everything from noisemakers to an ark, will take place just days before world leaders gather there to address global warming
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For 72 hours the world takes to the streets and tells leaders: 'Act now on climate - 41 Minutes ago
It promises to be an unparalleled demonstration of the world’s fury at its leaders’ continued failure to tackle climate change: an unprecedented statement by hundreds of thousands of people.

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On the Path Past 9 Billion, Little Crosstalk Between U.N. Sessions on Population - 57 Minutes ago
Sep 20, 2014 - 15:08 GMT The United Nations and the streets of Manhattan are going into global warming saturation mode, from Sunday’s People’s Climate March through the Tuesday climate change summit

People's Climate March: Thousands march for climate change action - 41 Minutes ago
Protesters will take to the streets in Cairns in the hope of putting climate change at the forefront of the minds of finance ministers and central bankers from the world's richest nations. The second

Desmond Tutu: We fought apartheid. Now climate change is our global enemy - 57 Minutes ago
Sep 20, 2014 - 23:11 GMT Never before in history have human beings been called on to act collectively in defence of the Earth. As a species, we have endured world wars, epidemics, famine, slavery,
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5 Things to Know About UN Climate Summit - 57 Minutes ago
Sep 20, 2014 - 16:49 GMT New York will be at the epicenter of the climate change debate next week. More than 120 world leaders will attend a one-day summit on Tuesday at the United Nations on climate.

Climate warning to world leaders - 57 Minutes ago
Sep 20, 2014 - 23:39 GMT Ban Ki-moon has called upon the international community to unite in addressing challenges including climate change and poverty eradication. Photograph: Xinhua News Agency/Rex

World leaders given climate warning - 57 Minutes ago
Today - 00:40 GMT Ban Ki-moon has called upon the international community to unite in addressing challenges including climate change and poverty eradication. Photograph: Xinhua News Agency/Rex

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UNEP chief lauds China's effort to combat climate change - 50 Minutes ago
The head of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) on Friday lauded China's role in fighting climate change, calling it a positive actor in a global community to avert such threat. In an exclusive

NYC: Peoples Climate March: Join the Contingent Against War, Racism & Imperialism - 47 Minutes ago
PEOPLES CLIMATE MARCH: Join with the International Action Center, UNAC (United National Anti-War Coalition),  ALBA (The Bolivian Alliance for the People of Our America), the Peoples Power

Why do climate-change deniers only deny modern science? - 38 Minutes ago
Whenever you hear a climate-change denier deny climate change, they usually cite ancient scientific data as their source, claiming that the earth’s climate has changed in the past and will continue to

Can UN summit revive climate issue? - 116 Minutes ago
Five years ago, the environment movement was in its heyday as politicians, actors, rock stars and protestors demanded a looming UN summit brake the juggernaut of climate change. Then came crushing, disappointment.
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Climate Change Protests Scheduled Across the Globe For Sunday - 109 Minutes ago
More than 2,700 climate events in 158 countries are planned to coincide with a New York march, including rallies in New Delhi, Jakarta, London, Melbourne and Rio de Janeiro. Celebrities, activists and

Fitness Testing for Mars - 86 Minutes ago
How to ready a robot for a half-billion-mile voyage

African agriculture requires bold actions to fight climate change - 83 Minutes ago
By Samuel Hinneh “Crop production has reduced considerably over the past years. This is attributed mainly to the unreliable patterns of weather, rainfall has become something that is difficult to predict.

Climate protest assembles outside Cairns G20 - 82 Minutes ago
About 100 peaceful protesters are chanting '100 per cent clean energy' outside the G20 finance ministers' meeting in Cairns. The People's Climate March gathered outside the local casino on Sunday
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