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‘Shuffle All’ Returns to Apple Music - 8/17/2015
Four years ago, an Apple patent surfaced that outlined how the consumer electronics company might become something called an MVNO. Rumors to that effect have persisted for years, most recently resurfacing

4 New Apps You Should Use, From Shower Texts to Bar Roulette - 8/17/2015
Whitagram Shower Texts Reddit’s r/showerthoughts is one of the Web’s best places for all of life’s most random ideas. If you want some of this content on demand, a new app called Shower Texts will send

24 of Dr. Dre’s Greatest Productions - 8/17/2015
Dr. Dre’s made an incredible amount of classic music during his three decades in the game. We put together a playlist of two dozen of his best beats—including tracks from his early days pioneering gangsta

IBM’s ‘Rodent Brain’ Chip Could Make Our Phones Hyper-Smart - 8/17/2015
Dharmendra Modha walks me to the front of the room so I can see it up close. About the size of bathroom medicine cabinet, it rests on a table against the wall, and thanks to the translucent plastic on

Crafty Ants Form Conga Lines to Drag Millipedes to Doom - 8/17/2015
As if you needed another reason to declare ants the most legit insects on Earth, take a look at this video.The post appeared first on WIRED.
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Can Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre Save the Music Industry? - 8/17/2015
Can Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre Save the Music Industry was published by Wired and discovered approx. 4 hours ago on 8/17/2015 @ 11:04 AM UTC . It is categorised in - Tech & Science category.

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Bits Blog: Where to See the Inequality Gap Wrought by the Tech Boom - 8/17/2015
Perhaps nowhere is the inequality gap created by the latest technology boom as evident as in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, a longtime low-income area that is now increasingly populated by tech

Here Is Your WIRED Star Wars Challenge for Day 106 - 8/17/2015
Coworkers find you strange, they shall. The post appeared first on WIRED.
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Cisco warns over installation of rogue firmware - 8/17/2015
(Source: Stockfresh) Compromised administrative credentials were used to flash malicious boot firmware on Cisco IOS devices Print Print Pro
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Review: Peachtree Shift Headphone Amp - 8/17/2015
Review Peachtree Shift Headphone Amp was published by Wired and discovered approx. 3 hours ago on 8/17/2015 @ 9:25 AM UTC . It is categorised in - Tech & Science category. From our stats

A Corvette-Powered Titanium Supercar - 8/17/2015
was published by Wired and discovered approx. 9 hours ago on 8/16/2015 @ 10:08 PM UTC . It is categorised in - Tech & Science category. From our stats it is clear it has reached highest
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Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why - 8/17/2015
Windows 10 is keeping its new owners busy, as Microsoft has released the second “cumulative update” for the operating system in three days. The update dated August 11th was billed as a “security update
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Meteor 1.2 embraces Angular and React - 8/17/2015
With an upcoming upgrade, the Meteor JavaScript platform will accommodate the latest JavaScript standard and will back the Angular and React JavaScript frameworks as view layers. Due in about two months,

How Life and Luck Changed Earth’s Minerals - 8/16/2015
Is evolution predictable , or was it heavily shaped by random events ? Biologists have argued over this question for decades. Some have suggested that if we replayed the history of life on our planet,

Marvel Teases Captain America: Civil War with Ant-Man Bromance, Black Panther at - 8/15/2015
Pixar This is just a guess, but probably the first thing everyone thought when seeing the trailer for The Good Dinosaur was: “This one’s gonna hurt.” Like many a Pixar movie before it, the film promised
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Sakurajima in Japan Might Be Headed Towards a Large Eruption - 8/15/2015
Officials in Japan are preparing for what could be a large explosive eruption from Sakurajima . The Japan Meteorological Agency has raised the alert status to Level 4 after new earthquakes and rapid inflation

Hollywood Needs to Stop Stereotyping Gamers - 8/15/2015
Videogames are the world’s most popular form of entertainment, and gamers come from all walks of life. But you wouldn’t know it from watching Hollywood movies, which tend to split gamers into two groups:

How to Design Star Wars Emoji Without Angering Rabid Fans - 8/16/2015
You'd think designing emoji for characters everyone loves would be easy. You'd be wrong. The post appeared first on WIRED.

Disney Announces Gigantic, Promises Definitive Version of Jack and the Beanstalk - 8/14/2015
Pixar The last three Toy Story films have been nothing if not emotional roller coasters. But whereas those movies have mostly been about the struggles of friendship, growing up, and moving on, the next

This Ad for a Smart Ring Is So Bad, It’s Great - 8/14/2015
Sonos Sonos makes objectively lovely speakers. But even the most compact, affordable, and unobtrusive model, the $199 Play:1, looks like what it is—a piece of consumer electronics. It comes in black
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