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Ice Bucket Challenge pioneer Corey Griffin drowns in diving accident - 11 Hours ago
One of the pioneers of the ice bucket challenge, a charity fundraising phenomenon that has gone viral online, has drowned in an accident in the US. One of the pioneers of the Ice Bucket Challenge, a fund-raising
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Fired nuclear whistleblower wins reinstatement order - 9 Hours ago
The U.S. Labor Department ordered the reinstatement of an environmental specialist at the former nuclear weapons complex at Hanford, Wash., saying she had been wrongfully fired. Shelly Doss, an employee
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Emmys 2014: Red carpet rollout, and a Governors Ball sneak peek - 8 Hours ago
With the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards set for Monday, preparations have begun for the television industry's biggest night -- and for the dinner party after television's biggest night. The rolling out

Family, friends of James Foley say war zones called to the journalist - 8 Hours ago
Shortly after James Foley was released from 44 days of captivity in Libya, the American journalist returned to Boston to work at GlobalPost, the start-up website that had published much of his work from

IS is 'the greatest threat to journalists' - 10 Hours ago
DW: How much do we know about the journalists who have been abducted in Syria? Sherif Mansour: We have reported on many of those cases. We actually believe that as many as 80 and more were kidnapped

US forces tried to rescue slain reporter from IS captors - 7 Hours ago
US forces tried but failed to rescue American reporter James Foley and other US hostages held in Syria by so-called Islamic State (IS) insurgents, officials revealed on Wednesday. US forces attempted

'I will f---ing kill you' - 9 Hours ago
A US policeman has been stood down for threatening to kill a peaceful protester in Ferguson, the suburb in St Louis, Missouri, that has been rocked by unrest since an unarmed black teenager was shot dead

US tried but failed to rescue Syria hostages, 'including journalist Foley' - 8 Hours ago
The Pentagon said on Wednesday that Washington had sent special operations troops into Syria, but that a mission to rescue US hostages had ultimately proved unsuccessful. The rescue operation "involved

Humans and Neanderthals 'shared Europe' - 10 Hours ago
Writers of a study published in the journal Nature concluded there was a high probability that pockets of Neanderthal culture survived until between 41,030 and 39,260 years ago. Researchers used new

After Strike on Family, Fate of Hamas Commander Is Unknown - 10 Hours ago
The chief, Muhammad Deif, lost one of his wives and a baby son in Tuesday’s bombing of a house in Gaza City.

Terence Todman, an Envoy to 6 Nations, Is Dead at 88 - 8 Hours ago
Mr. Todman became the senior African-American member of the Foreign Service during his four decades in diplomacy.

Gaza Cost Far Exceeds Estimate, Official Says - 8 Hours ago
Hundreds of thousands more Gazans have been displaced than the United Nations thought was possible in an emergency, a Unicef official said.

Giant Palestinian flag unfurled over Brooklyn Bridge during protest - 8 Hours ago
02:12 Reuters/Ivan Alvarado Hundreds of protesters flooded the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City on Wednesday, carrying signs and chanting in support of Palestinians as violence continues to

A Newcomer Is Shaking Up Brazil’s Vote - 9 Hours ago
Marina Silva is emerging as one of the most disruptive figures in Brazilian politics in a generation, with a chance to be elected president.

From Arrests to Beheadings, Conflict Reporting Takes Harsh Toll on Journalists - 9 Hours ago
According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 32 journalists have been killed so far in 2014, compared with 70 in 2013 and 74 in 2

Open Source: An American Voice on Ukraine’s Front Lines Goes Silent - 8 Hours ago
Mark Paslawsky, a 55-year-old American investment banker, died fighting Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine this week.

Yoga guru BKS Iyengar dies at 95 - 11 Hours ago
The man regarded by many as the father of modern yoga, B. K. S. Iyengar, has died, aged 95. The guru himself practiced the form of yoga he described as both an art and a science for about eighty years.
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Foley 'barbaric murder' shocks West - 9 Hours ago
Last updated at 13:29 Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. James Foley was an experienced journalist, as Andy Moore reports The US, UK and France have expressed abhorrence at

Koktebel Journal: Annexation of Crimea Divides an Artist Colony Founded on Tolerance - 9 Hours ago
The light and landscape of coastal Koktebel has drawn artists for nearly a decade, but Russia’s annexation of Crimea has split the normally peaceful oasis into feuding factions.

US tried to free Syria hostages - 11 Hours ago
US secret military mission tried to free James Foley and other hostages in Syria this summer, but failed - Pentagon More to follow.
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