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Tropical forests are vanishing even faster than previously thought - 15 Hours ago
There’s no other way to put it: Cutting down tropical forests is disastrous. The lush plant life in these areas  sequesters huge amounts of carbon , pulling it out of the atmosphere to fuel plant growth
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A clear path on the Chicago Lakefront Trail - 16 Hours ago
As a runner and biker who loves the outdoors, winter in Chicago is daily grapple of mind and spirit over unrelenting matter —  sneaky ice, piercing wind, yucky slush and obstructing snow. Yet my winter

Bin Laden Confidant Convicted in 1998 U.S. Embassy Bombings - 16 Hours ago

Marijuana has sweet smell of profit for Indian tribes - 16 Hours ago
WASHINGTON — After making hundreds of billions of dollars running casinos, American Indian tribes are getting a good whiff of another potential moneymaker: marijuana. The first Tribal Marijuana Conference

“1776 Man” is back at CPAC. And he’s leading a walkout during Jeb Bush’s speech. - 15 Hours ago
William Temple has a schtick. He goes to conservative events as as Button Gwinnett, a Georgia man who signed the Declaration of Independence. He carries a Gasden flag. (It's been signed by politicians
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Los Angeles Street Race Leaves 2 Spectators Dead, 1 Hurt - 17 Hours ago
A souped-up car that was illegally street racing lost control and careened onto a sidewalk, killing two spectators and critically injuring another in suburban Los Angeles before its driver ran away early

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The Fix: John Boehner blew kisses to reporters today. So, yeah. - 17 Hours ago
By February 26 at 3:00 PM The Department of Homeland Security is headed for a shutdown tomorrow night unless Congress acts to fund it . Republicans in the Senate and the House can't seem to get on
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Watch Live: Llamas on the Loose in Phoenix - 17 Hours ago

Llama drama causes police chase outside Phoenix - 16 Hours ago
Two llamas apparently escaped from their handlers and ran aimlessly through the streets of Sun City, Ariz. CBS News SUN CITY, Ariz. -- Car chases are common on TV news, but it's very rare that we

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Bin Laden Confidante Convicted in 1998 U.S. Embassy Bombings - 16 Hours ago

Monkey Cage: Will cell phones help insurgents? Or the regimes they oppose? - 18 Hours ago
By February 26 at 2:00 PM Editor’s Note: This is the final post in a series drawn from a new  Journal of Peace Research  special issue on “Communication, Technology, and Political Conflict.” The
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Tech firm Accela lands $143 million to disrupt government - 18 Hours ago
For years, investors have shrugged off placing bets on government-related technology. That was the province of data nerds and policy wonks — not a place to make real money. But signs that attitude

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Plots include assassinating President and hijacking jet - 18 Hours ago
Story highlights All three men came to the United States legally They're accused of attempting and conspiring to provide material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization Abror Habibov,

A lawmaker who believes saltwater and baking soda can cure cancer - 18 Hours ago
Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore said recently that she will propose a "Right to Try" bill in her state. But it's not the bill itself that gained national attention. Instead, it was Fiore's statement

How “net neutrality” won and “Obamacare for the Internet” lost - 17 Hours ago
Protesters last May. (AFP PHOTO / Karen BLEIER / FILESKAREN BLEIER/AFP/) With the FCC's approval of robust net neutrality rules on Thursday, a long political fight comes to a surprisingly abrupt --
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PHOTO: Tyra Banks and Mirjana Puhar attend the premiere party for Cycle 21 of "America's - 19 Hours ago
PHOTO: Tyra Banks and Mirjana Puhar attend the premiere party for Cycle 21 of "America's Next Top Model" at SupperClub on Aug. 20, 2014 in Los Angeles, Calif.
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America's most pup-ular dog breeds revealed - 18 Hours ago
Dani the Beagle didn't seem the least bit upset. With her doleful eyes sparkling, her doggy demeanor exuded calm as she paraded with other pups at the plush headquarters of the American Kennel Club on
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Congratulations to Labradors, the country’s most popular dogs - 19 Hours ago
What is your favorite type of dog? If you answered, “The last dog I saw, either in person or in a particularly wonderful GIF ,” you answered correctly. (If you answered “A cat,” please show yourself out,

Medal of Honor sought for 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle - 19 Hours ago
A Texas congressman is lobbying to award the Congressional Medal of Honor to Chris Kyle, whose life and military career were the subject of the book and blockbuster film American Sniper. Congressman

Video: Best place to invest: Europe vs. U.S. - 19 Hours ago
Gemma Godfrey, Brooks MacDonald head of investment strategy, makes the case for Europe's markets to drive upside going forward. (CNBC)
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