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Nepal quake kills, traps climbers on Mount Everest - 4 Hours ago
Story highlights Concerns growing for people trapped higher up the mountain Helicopters begin airlifting injured people from the base camp in Nepal Climber reports at least 17 dead; many others injured,
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Huge aftershock slams Nepal - 9 Hours ago
Story highlights Overall death toll for Nepal, India and China rises above 2,000 The vast majority of the dead -- 1,958 -- are in Nepal, according to authorities The death toll is expected to rise further
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Nepal quake victims flee to tents - 2 Hours ago
Tent cities have sprung up for those displaced by the earthquake in Nepal, which is now reported to have killed some 2,500 people. Many Kathmandu residents lost their homes as a result of the tremor.

6.7 aftershock hits Nepal; quake death toll tops 2,000 - 8 Hours ago
A powerful aftershock shook Nepal on Sunday, making buildings sway and sending panicked Katmandu residents running into the streets a day after a massive earthquake left more than 2,200 people dead.

Magnitude 6.7 aftershock hits Nepal, causes panic - 10 Hours ago
A powerful, magnitude 6.7 aftershock shook the Katmandu area of Nepal on Sunday, a day after a massive earthquake devastated the region, leaving more than 1,900 dead and destroying homes and infrastructure.

Nepal earthquake toll surpasses 1,800 and expected to rise sharply - 16 Hours ago

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Japan's views of WWII history rankles some US veterans - 17 Hours ago
Retired Chief Master Sgt. Harold Bergbower, 94, who was in the US Army Air Corps and then the US Air Force, looks solemnly at the American flag as he talks about spending almost four years in various

In pictures: dramatic rescue effort on Nepal’s Mount Everest - 107 Minutes ago
In pictures: dramatic rescue effort in Nepal’s Mount Everest Read more Over 2,000 killed in devastasting Nepal quake Read more Deadly clashes as Burundi police disperse protesters
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Putin accuses US of supporting North Caucasus separatists - 4 Hours ago
Russia's President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of providing support to militants in Russia's North Caucasus region. Putin declared his suspicions in a documentary to mark 15 years since he first

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Protests in Burundi at president's renewed nomination - 5 Hours ago
Hundreds of people in Burundi have protested the incumbent President Pierre Nkurunziza's renewed nomination for a third term in office. Police fired tear gas to break up the crowds, two protesters were
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Kazakhstan: voter turnout tops 90 percent as president set for landslide victory - 110 Minutes ago
With the presidential election called a year ahead of schedule, Kazakhistan votes for its next leader. Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has led the central Asian nation since before the breakup of the USSR in
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Nigeria recalls diplomats from S. Africa over attacks on immigrants - 5 Hours ago
South Africa has said it is committed to maintaining good ties with Nigeria after Abuja recalled its diplomats to Pretoria because of attacks on foreigners. Lately, anti-immigrant attacks have increased

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Adidas, Nike bolster eco-claims with campaign - 41 Minutes ago
Two giants of the sportswear industry recently announced they will use recycled polyester in their products. But environmentalists say much more must be done to tackle the growing problem of discarded
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EU finance ministers dream of capital market union - 2 Hours ago
The EU finance ministers have been looking for new sources for investment in Europe, one of which could be the "capital market union." But what is it? Bernd Riegert reports from Riga.
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EU set to resume ASEAN free-trade talks - 2 Hours ago
The EU has agreed to pursue stalled free-trade talks with Southeast Asia a day ahead of the ASEAN summit. But the tense gathering is expected to rebuke China, the EU's second largest trading partner.
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Japan's new security role - 3 Hours ago
One important issue on the agenda for Japanese PM Shinzo Abe's visit to Washington will be increased US-Japanese military cooperation. Japan and the USA are agreed - but there are some reservations in

Paderborn miss out on relegation relief - 4 Hours ago
Struggling Paderborn came into their home match on Sunday versus Bremen hoping for their second win in three matches. But despite being the better team, the Bundesliga's minnows snatched a draw from the

'Turkey is shooting itself in the foot' - 8 Hours ago
Turkey has badly hurt its international ties by threatening Germany and other partner nations over their assessment of the Ottoman massacre of Armenians a century ago, DW's Thomas Seibert says from Istanbul.

Aftershocks trigger 'chaos and panic' in Nepal - 7 Hours ago
A day after a massive quake in Nepal claimed more than 2,000 lives, the region is still facing strong aftershocks. Journalist and Kathmandu resident Shiwani Neupane tells DW how people are coping with

Polls open in Kazakhstan as voters widely expected to reconfirm Nazarbayev - 10 Hours ago
Last time around, he received 95 percent of the vote, and over 90 percent of the population showed up. Incumbent Nursultan Nazarbayev is all but a shoe-in at presidential elections in Kazakhstan.
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