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The balletic ‘Bounden’ is a pas de deux with Player 2
Los Angeles Times - 3 Hours ago
Players of the mobile game ‘Bounden’ will be encouraged to balance spherical symbols by dancing. (Game Oven) I had only known Eline Muijres for a few minutes before our first dance, and it wasn’t long
The balletic ‘Bounden' is a pas de deux with Player 2 AllVoices
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Gaza death toll reaches 115; Israel to counter rockets 'with all power'
Chicago Tribune - 4 Hours ago
Ground offensive possible as Palestinian rocket attacks continue; Israel appears to strike and kill at rehab center Israel pounded Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on Saturday for a fifth day,
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Your stunning photos of the night sky
CNN - 14 Hours ago
The Art of Movement is CNN's monthly show exploring the latest innovations in art, culture, science and technology. (CNN) -- For thousands of years, man has looked to the stars in search of answers.
Stunning photos of the cosmos Cambodian Times
Stunning photos of the night sky Big News Network
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Israel hits mosque in Gaza strike as death toll tops 120
Deutsche Welle - 89 Minutes ago
Officials claim the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) targeted the mosque because militants had stored rockets there. Since Israel launched "Operation Protective Edge" Tuesday , militants have launched 700
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Video: Outrage in wake of deadly Casablanca buildings collapse
France24 - 104 Minutes ago
The death toll from the collapse of three residential buildings in Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, earlier this week has risen from four to eight, local officials said on Saturday, amid local outrage.
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German spies clamor for counter-espionage funding
Deutsche Welle - 3 Hours ago
When it comes to cases of espionage on German soil, officials in the secret service and the politicians responsible for overseeing them automatically start using words like "counterintelligence" and "protection."
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Hamas and Israel sustain fire despite missed targets
France24 - 4 Hours ago
Israel has been pounding Gaza for a fifth day, vowing no let-up in its air campaign on militants that has left more than 120 Palestinians dead. Two Israelis have been reported seriously injured. FRANCE
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EU extends Ukraine sanctions as violence continues
Deutsche Welle - 5 Hours ago
The European Union on Saturday said it had added 11 separatist leaders to its black list of 61 Russians and pro-Kremlin Ukrainians it accuses of fomenting the current conflict in the east of Ukraine.
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Israel bomb hits disabled centre in Gaza
Yahoo! Maktoob News - 4 Hours ago
–  At least four people have been reported killed in a bomb strike on a rehabilitation centre for the disabled in Gaza, medical sources have said, as the toll from Israel's bombardment of the Palestinian
Israel bomb hits disabled centre in Gaza - Middle East DailyMe.Com
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Jihadist's hooded robe, Coke can
Melbourne Age - 14 Hours ago
Wearing a white hooded robe and carrying a can of Coke, bearded Australian religious extremist Musa Cerantonio was ushered through crowded Manila airport after refusing to answer questions posed by Philippine
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'I'm not obsessed with my body, my abs'
Melbourne Age - 14 Hours ago
Above Julie Bishop’s desk, in pride of place, is a picture of Barack Obama holding a West Coast Eagles jumper. Next is a picture of the CIA headquarters, where the Australian Foreign Minister is standing
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Tsarnaev spoke of martyrdom before Boston bombing says FBI agent
Big News Network - 4 Hours ago
Accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told his friends about martyrdom and bomb-building over lunch before the attacks last year, an FBI agent testified on Friday in the trial of one of ...
Accused Boston bomber spoke of martyrdom before attack Jamestown Sun
FBI: Accused Boston bomber spoke of martyrdom before attack Chicago Tribune
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After Soccer Loss, Leader Soothes Brazil With a Song
Ein News - 3 Hours ago
Today - 07:30 GMT Brasilia:  As her country recovers from its humiliating loss to Germany in the World Cup, President Dilma Rousseff sang a samba to express Brazil's resilience and gave no quarter
After Soccer Loss, Dilma Rousseff Soothes Brazil With a Song Ein News
“My nightmares never got so bad” Dilma Rousseff on World Cup Big News Network
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Gaza toll soars as Israeli raids continue
Tajikistan News.net - 4 Hours ago
Al Jazeera Saturday 12th July, 2014 A total of 121 Palestinians have died in Israel's five-day bombardment of Gaza as Hamas continued to launch rockets into central Israel and the US offered to help broker
Gaza toll soars as Israeli raids continue - Middle East DailyMe.Com
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Moscow protests shooting at Russian border guards from Ukrainian side
Russia Today - 80 Minutes ago
Here is a report of the incident: . A squad of Russian border guards came under fire in an area of the border between Russia and Ukraine in the Kuibyshevsky district of the southern Rostov region at
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Putin Angling to Restore Ties With the West While Keeping an Eye on Ukraine
Ein News - 102 Minutes ago
Jul 11, 2014 - 12:56 GMT MOSCOW — When he speaks about Ukraine at all these days, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia focuses on worthy subjects like humanitarian aid, distinctly lowering the flame
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Israeli strikes kill at least 85; Hamas vows to hit airport
Ein News - 102 Minutes ago
Jul 11, 2014 - 13:52 GMT Israeli air strikes on Gaza killed four more Palestinians before dawn on Friday, raising the death toll from the four day offensive to at least 85, while a Palestinian rocket
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US 'ready' to broker Gaza ceasefire
Ein News - 102 Minutes ago
Last updated at 01:22 Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. "Israel says it's investigating what happened here. In Khan Younis, there's anger", reports Quentin Sommerville The
U S prepared to broker Gaza peace deal Malta Star
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Israeli 'knock on the roof' bombing technique caught on film (VIDEO)
Russia Today - 3 Hours ago
13:12 A Palestinian man walks amidst the rubble of a house which police said was destroyed in an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip July 12, 2014. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem) The IDF
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Underage fighters drawn into Iraq sectarian war
Tajikistan News.net - 4 Hours ago
Reuters Saturday 12th July, 2014 1 of 2. Shi'ite volunteers, who have joined the Iraqi army to fight against militants of the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Child fighters drawn into Iraq's sectarian war Interaksyon
Underage fighters drawn into Iraq war MSN News
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Ukraine: Rebel rocket attack kills dozens of government troops
Muslim News - 4 Hours ago
Using a “Grad” multiple rocket launcher, separatists on Friday fired at a Ukrainian post on the Russian frontier, killing at least thirty government soldiers, according to a senior Interior Ministry official.
Ukraine official: rebel rocket attack kills dozens of government troops Deutsche Welle
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Russia’s Foreign Ministry urges US ‘to stop harassing kidnapped Russian MP’s son’
Russia Today - 10 Hours ago
06:13 Valery Sleznyov, father of Roman Sleznyov (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenko) The Russian Foreign Ministry is urging the US to stop harassing Russian MP’s son, Roman Seleznyov, who is now
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The curious case of NSA & Indo-US relations
Panorama.am - 11 Hours ago
By Jhinuk Chowdhury From RT The US could be anticipating billions of dollars in new deals as India lifts its foreign direct investment cap on the defense sector to 49 percent, which it announced in
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'OITNB' star makes history
VOCM - 14 Hours ago
Laverne Cox is the first openly transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy. She appeared on the VH1 reality show "I Want to Work for Diddy" and later produced her own series "TRANSform Me." She now
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Gaza toll passes 105 as Israel raids continue
Yahoo! Maktoob News - 13 Hours ago
–  At least 105 people have been killed as Israel's bombardment of the Gaza Strip enters its fourth day, with the latest attack killing five people in Rafah while rescuers were trying to free those trapped
Gaza toll passes 103 as Israel raids continue The Sydney News
Gaza toll passes 100 as Israel raids continue Yahoo! Maktoob News
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