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Russia's Putin, Iran's Rouhani say substantial progress in nuclear talks - Kremlin
Reuters Africa - 3 Hours ago
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Russia's Putin, Iran's Rouhani say substantial progress in nuclear talks: Kremlin Lebanon Daily Star
Russia's Putin, Iran's Rouhani say substantial progress in nuclear talks:... News.net
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First Female Italian Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Arrives At The Space Station
Forbes.com - 5 Hours ago
Italy’s first female astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti was welcomed aboard the International Space Station with smiles and hugs today. Although Cristoforetti, who flew to the station in an agreement
Italian Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Spends Her First Day in Space KNSS Radio
ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti arrived at ISS, together with a Russian and Avio News
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Summit of Failure: How the EU Lost Russia over Ukraine
Spiegel Online - 2 Hours ago
11/24/2014 07:00 PM How the EU Lost Russia over Ukraine By SPIEGEL Staff One year ago, negotations over a Ukraine association agreement with the European Union collapsed. The result has been a standoff
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Russia faces losses of up to $140 billion a year
Reuters UK - 5 Hours ago
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Lower oil prices and Western financial sanctions imposed over the Ukraine crisis will cost Russia around $130-140 billion (83-89 billion pounds) a year - equivalent to around 7 percent
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Lithuania protests after Russia blocks its cars and trucks
Reuters - 5 Hours ago
(Reuters) - The ex-Soviet republic of Lithuania accused Moscow on Monday of blocking its vehicles and goods at the Russian border, and summoned its ambassador to protest. Trucking and logistics for
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Ukraine leader, under pressure from West, pledges new government soon
Reuters India - 5 Hours ago
10:43pm IST KIEV (Reuters) - Ukraine will take the first steps this week towards forming a new government, President Petro Poroshenko said on Monday, seeking to assuage concern among his Western
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Russia puts losses from sanctions, cheaper oil at up to $140 billion a year
Reuters UK - 9 Hours ago
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Lower oil prices and Western financial sanctions imposed over the Ukraine crisis will cost Russia around $130-140 billion (83-89 billion pounds) a year - equivalent to around 7 percent
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Putin says Russia not isolated over Ukraine
Reuters UK - 14 Hours ago
MOSCOW (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin blamed the West for worsening relations with Russia since the Ukraine crisis and said Moscow would not allow itself to become internationally isolated behind
Putin says Russia not isolated over Ukraine blames West for frosty ties Big News Network
UPDATE 2-Putin says Russia not isolated over Ukraine, blames West for frosty ties Reuters
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Russia losing 'up to $140B' from sanctions, oil drop
CNBC - 15 Hours ago
Russia is suffering losses at a rate of about $40 billion per year because of Western sanctions and $90-100 billion from the drop in the oil price, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Monday. This
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As Russian planes move into airspace, anxious Finland weighs going NATO
Washington Post - 19 Hours ago
By , HELSINKI, Finland — Wedged hard against Russia’s northwestern border, peaceable Finland has long gone out of its way to avoid prodding the nuclear-armed bear next door. But now the bear is
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Black Seadevil Anglerfish With 'Headlight' Captured on Video
NewsMax.com - 3 Hours ago
A black seadevil anglerfish, the rarely seen deep-water creature with its own "headlight," was captured on video about 2,000 feet below the sea in the Monterey Canyon. The strange looking fish often
Rare seadevil anglerfish caught on video by California researchers Examiner.com
'Black Seadevil' Anglerfish Caught On Video, Will Give You Nightmares Huffington Post
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Russia Hasn’t Decided to Cut Oil Output in Preparation for OPEC
BusinessWeek - 5 Hours ago
Russia’s energy minister said his country hasn’t decided to cut oil production as he prepares to meet with OPEC ministers to discuss the crude market. Russia is already helping to balance the oil market
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Reuters India - 3 Hours ago
Thomson Reuters is the world's largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news , world news , business news , technology news , headline news, small business news, news alerts,
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Rare footage shows Black Seadevil, perhaps the deep sea's freakiest looking fish
CBS News - 3 Hours ago
, researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) used a type of undersea robot called a remotely operated vehicle to videotape this rare deep-sea anglerfish in Monterey Canyon,
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US Stumbles in Superpower Status
NewsMax.com - 3 Hours ago
Global disarray coupled with the decline of superpower U.S. are flip sides of the same coin. The Republican victory in the mid-term elections was not a resounding triumph for internationalism coupled
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Non-OPEC countries can strengthen oil market governance positions - expert [Trend
BusinessWeek - 3 Hours ago
Nov. 25--Today one can see the beginning of restructuring the oil market governance system. Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, editor-in-chief of the "Russia in Global
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The West imposes sanctions on us based on one simple thing. In their opinion, in
Pravda - 3 Hours ago
The United States has been preoccupied with the economic and political blockade of Moscow, when Russia began to assert her national interests. Will the Russians withstand the current difficulties? Pravda.Ru
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Ukraine Has Pledged to Form a New Government Following Pressure From the West
MSNBC Newsweek - 4 Hours ago
World Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko (R) and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden walk into a hall before a news conference in Kiev, November 21, 2014. Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters Ukraine will
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Cyberspy tool traced back to 2008
New Zealand Herald - 4 Hours ago
A highly sophisticated cyberspying tool has been used since 2008 to steal information from governments, businesses and others, security researchers said today. The security firm Symantec said the malware,
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Ruble Extends 6-Day Winning Streak on Oil: Russia Reality Check
BusinessWeek - 5 Hours ago
Markets are reacting in real time to tension in Ukraine following Russia’s March incursion into Crimea and subsequent unrest in the country’s east, where pro-Russian separatists seek autonomy from Kiev.
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Russia is hemorrhaging $140B a year
CNN Money - 5 Hours ago
Russian President Vladimir Putin's athletic prowess is well known, but his economic skills are being put to the test right now. LONDON (CNNMoney) Russian President Vladimir Putin received a high-ranking
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VOX POPULI: Abe's snap election raises abuse of power questions(11/24)
Asahi.com - 15 Hours ago
Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida gives a campaign speech for the Lower House election in 1952 in Kyoto. (Asahi Shimbun file photo) Shigeru Hori, speaker of the Lower House, in 1979 (Asahi Shimbun file
Vox Populi: Readers Comments Show anti-Putin Propaganda Not Working Global Research
Vox Populi: Anti-Putin propaganda not working; just read the reader comments! Sott.net
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As Recession Looms, Moscow Prepares for Europe’s Biggest Mall
BusinessWeek - 8 Hours ago
This week’s opening in Moscow of Europe’s biggest shopping mall comes at an inopportune moment for investors backing the project. The Aviapark mall opens its doors Nov. 28, just as Russia is headed
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Deal Gives Russia Greater Control Over Abkhazia
ABC News - 8 Hours ago
President Vladimir Putin has signed an agreement with the leader of Abkhazia binding the breakaway Georgian region closer to Russia and formalizing Moscow's control over this stretch of the Black Sea
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Iran nuke talks to be extended until July
Millennium Post - 2 Hours ago
Nuclear negotiators have failed to meet a Monday deadline for a deal that would ease international concerns about Iran’s atomic programme and are poised to extend the negotiations for a comprehensive
Iran nuclear talks to be extended until July Toledoblade.com
Iran Nuclear Talks to Be Extended Until July 2015 Outlook India
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