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Al Tiramisu & Chef Luigi Diotaiuti Acknowledged by Secretary of State John Kerry
KPHO Phoenix - 118 Minutes ago
SOURCE Al Tiramisu Restaurant WASHINGTON Chef Luigi Diotaiuti About Chef Luigi Diotaiuti Award winning Chef/Restaurateur Luigi Diotaiuti is a world –renowned authority on Italian cooking and living.
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U.S. House Republicans preparing bill to keep government running
CNBC - 2 Hours ago
WASHINGTON, July 24 (Reuters) - Republicans in the U.S. Congress, mindful of voter anger over past budget showdowns, are preparing legislation to keep the government open beyond Sept. 30 when existing
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President Darth Vader? Americans prefer Star Wars characters over Obama and 2016
Russia Today - 3 Hours ago
16:57 AFP Photo / Patrick Kovaric “President Darth Vader” is probably never going to appear in any United States history books, but polling figures suggest that the Sith lord of Star Wars lore
Darth Vader more favored than presidential candidates New York Daily News
Engineering Newswire 100: Darth Vader Car Built on a Corvette Chassis Product Design and Development
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• CEOs to Obama: Tax reform, not a Band-Aid
CNBC - 109 Minutes ago
CEOs to Washington: Fix tax code now With President Obama slated to appear in an exclusive interview Thursday on CNBC, we asked the CEOs of major U.S. companies what they thought of the hot-button issue
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Obama's Motorcade Prevents Woman In Labor From Going To Hospital
WCKY 103.7 - 3 Hours ago
A pregnant woman in labor was not allowed to cross the street to go to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for 30 minutes because Obama’s motorcade was expected to drive through. The woman sat
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U.S. House panel votes to authorize lawsuit against Obama
Reuters - 94 Minutes ago
Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday took a step toward authorizing a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, claiming he has overstepped his executive powers. In a partisan vote
UPDATE 1-U.S. House panel votes to authorize lawsuit against Obama Reuters UK
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Obama motorcade blocks woman in labour
Banff Crag & Canyon - 111 Minutes ago
An L.A. woman in labour was prevented from crossing the street to get to a nearby hospital thanks to U.S. President Barack Obama’s motorcade. According to conservative blog The Blaze , the woman had
Obama motorcade hinders woman in labour Peterborough Examiner
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Pregnant woman delayed by President Obama's motorcade in Los Angeles
Reuters India - 102 Minutes ago
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A street closure caused by President Barack Obama's motorcade delayed a pregnant woman's crossing of a Los Angeles street to get to a hospital, police said on Thursday following
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Obama weighs sending guard troops to border
KION 46 - 2 Hours ago
(CNN) - The Obama administration, after initially resisting the idea, is weighing whether to deploy National Guard troops to the southern border to help address a surge of migrant youth from Central
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Hillary Clinton stands by 'Russian reset' in face of recent events
CNN - 3 Hours ago
Washington (CNN) - It worked. That is the argument former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made during a Thursday interview about her much talked about 2009 reset of U.S.-Russia relations. Follow
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Boehner Says Obama Flip-Flopped on Child Deportation Law
BusinessWeek - 88 Minutes ago
House Speaker John Boehner said President Barack Obama "flip-flopped" on his approach to a 2008 law that is now the main obstacle to a proposal addressing a surge of Central American children at the U.S.-Mexico
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What President Obama gets wrong about “acting white“
Washington Post - 97 Minutes ago
WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 21: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about the about My Brother’s Keeper initiative at the Walker Jones Education Campus on July 21, 2014 in Washington, DC. Obama spoke to area
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How Hillary and Bill Clinton Raised $1.4 BIllion
NBCNews.com - 2 Hours ago
Together, the Clintons have become two of the most impressive fundraisers in American history.
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No partisan wave building for fall elections, but GOP gains likely
Los Angeles Times - 2 Hours ago
Among registered voters who said they side with the GOP, 45% reported they were more enthusiastic than usual about voting, the Pew survey showed. Among Democratic voters, 37% did so. That eight-point
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Obama has been the key in moving DNC from red to black
Washington Post - 2 Hours ago
By , LOS ANGELES – President Obama’s hectic fundraising schedule landed him in the the backyard of television producer Shonda Rhimes (“Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy”) Wednesday night, where he hobnobed
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House committee at odds over Obama lawsuit
USA Today - 3 Hours ago
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Watch: Snoop Dogg Hotboxes White House
San Francisco Chronicle - 88 Minutes ago
Weed-loving super emcee Snoop Dogg just proved we are a truly free nation by smoking a blunt in the White House. In his latest episode of Double G News, Snoop invites late night talk show host Jimmy
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Watch: Bob Dole Talks 2016: 'I Don't Think We've Seen the Republican Candidate
ABC News - 89 Minutes ago
"It's easy to criticize...you need to compromise sometimes," Dole, 91, told ABC News' Jeff Zeleny.
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Sarah Palin picks a new GOP fight
MSNBC - 90 Minutes ago
Sarah Palin endorsed another far-right conservative challenging an incumbent Republican in Tennessee on Wednesday, voicing her support for Joe Carr over two-term Sen. Lamar Alexander. “The time has
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Funny or Die Sics Mary Poppins on Republicans
Bloomberg - 91 Minutes ago
Just a spoonful of Funny or Die makes the politics go down. Mary Poppins is quitting, it seems, because she’s “only paid the federal minimum wage.” The children, in song of course, protest her departure.
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Video: Presidential fundraising: How Obama compares
NBCNews.com - 94 Minutes ago
CNBC's Eamon Javers reports how President Obama stacks up against other presidents in regards to fundraising in the first and second terms. (CNBC)
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Signs of donor fatigue at Obama's fundraisers
San Francisco Chronicle - 96 Minutes ago
President Obama hit the Bay Area for a fast cash-and-grab fundraising drive Wednesday, but there were signs that even in one of the nation's most reliable Democratic ATMs, donor fatigue is setting in.
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Rubio to Newsmax: Obama Must Declassify Info Tying Russia to Downed Jet
NewsMax.com - 103 Minutes ago
The Russian government is directly responsible for the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, and President Barack Obama should declassify the evidence the United States has to prove it, said
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She The People: What President Obama gets wrong about “acting white”
Washington Post - 100 Minutes ago
WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 21: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about the about My Brother’s Keeper initiative at the Walker Jones Education Campus on July 21, 2014 in Washington, DC. Obama spoke to area
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Could it be that ethics are improving on Capitol Hill?
Washington Post - 101 Minutes ago
In its first two years, the Office of Congressional Ethics was doing a brisk business, taking on 69 cases for review. But that number was cut almost in half in each subsequent session, the OCE reports.
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