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CBS to broadcast your social media posts alongside Macy's parade
Engadget - 8 Hours ago
CBS' coverage of Macy's parade last year featured viewers' Instagram photos shown on screen -- this year, it's expanding audience's participation even more. The network will use the same service it used
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UAE gadget lovers rejoice: PS4 @ Dh1,449, iPhone 6 @ Dh2,099, iPad Mini @Dh749
Emirates247 - 8 Hours ago
Call it Black Friday, White Friday, Cyber Monday or just another day for the UAE’s gadgets freaks to make a killing, but it seems like either Santa’s come early, or the Gitex Shopper has made a surprise
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Several pains can hit gadget freaks
Times of India - 10 Hours ago
BENGALURU: GenNext, which prides itself on speed-texting and is hooked to videogames, is in danger of text-neck, a condition where the spine curves as the head bends forward. It's a real pain in the neck.
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[GadgeTell] Cricket digs deeper in holiday goodie bag, offers Galaxy S4 and S5 for
Technology Tell - 9 Hours ago
Bet you never expected prepaid specialist and AT&T subsidiary Cricket Wireless to return with a second batch of holiday deals, after unveiling a pretty enticing first slate of Black Friday promos . Well,
Cricket digs deeper in holiday goodie bag, offers Galaxy S4 and S5 for half off Technology Tell
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GoPro is reportedly making camera-equipped drones
IndiaVision - 7 Hours ago
3 hours ago 1 Viewed 1 Comments Off Tweet It’s not enough to simply strap an action camera on your helmet these days; now that you can mount a camera on a drone or get one built-in, aerial
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U.S. passes E-Label Act to free your gadgets from ugly labels
Windows Phone Central - 8 Hours ago
President Obama has signed the E-Label Act into law on Wednesday, which will allow electronics manufacturers to add labels for products using software rather than having to print the labels on hardware.
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The best Christmas presents for technology and gadgets lovers
Ein News - 8 Hours ago
Nov 26, 2014 - 16:43 GMT TOP TECHNOLOGY AND GADGETS Flash (above), £32, by Misfit An unusually affordable piece of wearable tech, the Flash will track your
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Tech Toys That Go Beyond The Screen
Ein News - 8 Hours ago
Nov 26, 2014 - 23:54 GMT When we talk about children’s access to digital technology, we often focus on “screen time,” but that term is a bit antiquated. Across the industry, the Internet is escaping
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The US bill to phase out wonky symbols on the back of gadgets is now a law
The Verge - 9 Hours ago
The legislation designed to on our gadgets in favor of displaying those things within software . President Obama today signed the the E-Label Act, which was introduced by senators Deb Fisher (R-NEB) and
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Twitter will track which apps you use on your phone
DailyMe.Com - 8 Hours ago
It's no secret that Twitter has been looking for ways to put more targeted ads[1] in your social feed, but its latest approach may make you uncomfortable if you jealously protect your privacy. The service
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Microsoft Nokia Lumia 530 Australian video review: Gadget Watch
Smart Company Australia - 11 Hours ago
At the low-end of the smartphone market, in late August , Microsoft unveiled the Nokia Lumia 530. The most amazing thing about this device is its price tag, which stood at just $149 outright. Since
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Wolverton: Amazon Fire TV Stick doesn't match Chromecast, Apple TV or Roku
SiliconValley.com - 11 Hours ago
Personal Technolog Amazon is determined to be a player in the market for digital media devices, gadgets that allow users to stream movies, television shows and music from the Internet to their televisions
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We squeeze ourselves into OMsignal's smart shirt of the future
Engadget - 14 Hours ago
Thanksgiving is a time to remember things to be grateful for, stuff yourself with turkey and watch MST3k re-runs. But what happens the following day, when you wake up with a meat hangover that could
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Gadgets: Too hot in the kitchen? This thermometer alerts your phone when food is
Miami Herald - 14 Hours ago
The Kitchen Thermometer mini from iDevices is another innovative gadget from the company. This one connects to your smartphone or tablet and alerts you when your cooking item is at the desired temperature.
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HBO teams up with Tencent to sell its TV shows in China
Engadget - 11/26/2014
China's strained relationship with the concept of intellectual property is one of the reasons that you can buy a local copy of a Range Rover Evoque for a third of the price. That's one of the reasons
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Pew Research: You know the internet, but you might not 'get' it
Engadget - 11/26/2014
Given how ubiquitous smart devices are, one might think that, overall, people would have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of tech. That isn't exactly the case. According to a recent Pew Research survey
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Apple gadgets, accessories dominate Time's top 10 for 2014
Electronista - 11/26/2014
Top pick Apple Watch is curious choice, but shows public anticipation Time magazine has picked out its top 10 Gadgets list (among other Top 10s such as Video Games and Toys ) for holiday season shoppers,
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BlackBerry offers up to $550 if you ditch your iPhone for a Passport
Engadget - 11/26/2014
If the industry based its grades solely on effort, there's no doubt BlackBerry would be among the first top spots. Now, whether or not those efforts are actually effective, well, that's a completely different
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01:51Should you buy refurbished gadgets? It depends...
USA Today - 11/25/2014
Money expert Matt Granite knows how many Black Friday deals will accompany refurbished items this holiday shopping season. So heed his advice and only buy refurbished under these circumstances. VPC Video
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New LumiBook Chapter Reveals How to Transform Schools into...
San Francisco Chronicle - 11/25/2014
Free Chapter From International Education Expert David Hyerle Shows Outline of Step-by-Step Guide to Create Thinking Schools to Master 21st Century Skills in School Improvement Network LumiBook (PRWEB)
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Five Places Filipinos Love to Buy their Gadgets Offline
YugaTech - 11 Hours ago
More and more Filipinos use the internet to transact since we have more e-commerce sites and online gadget stores. Nevertheless, many still prefer to buy their gadgets first-hand. Here are five places
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Deputies looking for Donaldsonville iPod bandit
WBRZ-TV - 15 Hours ago
DONALDSONVILLE - Sheriff's deputies in Ascension Parish are looking for information on a man accused of stealing several iPods from a Donaldsonville department store last month. Deputies said the man
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Android 5.0 Lollipop rolls out to second-gen Verizon Moto X
Technology Tell - 14 Hours ago
With Verizon known for generally withholding software updates a lot longer than competing networks, and Google themselves having trouble ironing out Lollipop kinks on Nexus devices , things didn’t look
[GadgeTell] Android 5.0 Lollipop rolls out to second-gen Verizon Moto X Technology Tell
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Muzik smart social headphones now available for purchase
Technology Tell - 14 Hours ago
Most people love music. Most people also love keeping in touch with social media. However, there doesn’t seem to be enough sharing of music through social media. I know that I’m always on the lookout
[GadgeTell] Muzik smart social headphones now available for purchase Technology Tell
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US warns about spyware that many believe it wrote
IndiaVision - 15 Hours ago
2 hours ago 1 Viewed Comments Off Tweet Want to see a classic example of irony? Head to the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) website. The government security group has issued a public
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