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The Marines start training Google's 160-pound robo-dog Spot
MSN News US - 11/22/2015
Spot, the silent robo-dog made by Google-owned company Boston Dynamics, enjoyed the great outdoors for a week back in September. Not to fetch sticks or roll around in the grass, but to train... with the
The Marines start training Google’s 160-pound robo-dog Spot Cyber Parse
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Check your credit card transactions: 54 Starwood hotels hit by malware
Engadget - 11/22/2015
Third-party forensic experts have discovered that the point-of-sale systems in 54 Starwood hotels across the US and Canada were infected with malware. The company has listed all the locations in its PSA
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Apple CEO Cook: ‘You can’t have a back door that’s only for the good guys’
iPodDailyNews - 11/22/2015
Tags: 30th Chaos Communication Congress, Apple, AT&T, Big Brother, Center for American Progress, CIA, Comcast, DFU, dirtbox, DOJ, DROPOUT JEEP, Edward Snowden, encryption, Erika Rottenberg, Facebook,
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Teens have trouble telling between Google ads and search links
MyInforms - 11/22/2015
You may have have a keen eye for that golden "ad" marker when you're searching Google, but not everyone is so astute. UK watchdog Ofcom has posted a study showing that just 31 percent of kids aged 12
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Juvenile Maker Kits
Trend Hunter - 11/22/2015
The littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit Enables Customization By: Michael Hemsworth -  Published: Nov 21, 2015 • References: amzn & holycool.net There's nothing better than enabling children
Juvenile Maker Kits - The littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit Enables Customization Trend Hunter
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iPad Pro users report the tablet 'dies while charging' | The Gadget Show
FiveFWD - 11/22/2015
The iPad Pro only went on sale last week, but it seems there's an issue with the tablet. Some users have reported it dies while charging, and the only way to restart it is with a hard reset. The first
iPad Pro users report the tablet 'dies while charging' FiveFWD
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Gadget gifts for shoppers on a budget
Malaysia MSN - 11/25/2015
© Bloomberg Chromecast Audio Good news for cost-conscious holiday shoppers: you don’t have to break the bank to pick up some cool gadgets and gear. From wireless speakers and activity trackers to
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6 cool gadgets you'll want on your next road trip
Times Live South Africa - 11/21/2015
Urbanears Plattan ADV headphones These awesome headphones can share your music with another set of headphones; have a built-in hands-free microphone and music control remote (so you can have your phone
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Gadget Ogling: A Dumb Watch Dock, a Smart VR Phone Case, and a Fantastic Fireball
E-Commerce Times - 11/21/2015
Hello, and welcome to a fresh-out-the-oven edition of Gadget Dreams and Nightmares. the column that determines whether the latest gadget announcements are ready to serve or have to bake a little longer.
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Gadgets heading here
Herald Sun - 11/21/2015
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Gadgets: Microsoft Announces 10 Days of 10 Cent Deals, Xbox One Offers
NDTV - 11/21/2015
Microsoft has some sweet new deals for you as we head into the holidays particularly if you're a gamer. There are a dozen deals for different flavors of the Xbox One console itself. Many of the deals
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Fallout 4 on PC, PS4, or Xbox One? We Help You Decide
NDTV - 11/21/2015
While Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim were great games brimming over with memorable content, they weren't exactly the most stable experiences. Regardless of your platform of choice, you were
Gadgets: Fallout 4 on PC, PS 4, or Xbox One? We Help You Decide NDTV
Fallout 4 on PC, PS 4, or Xbox One? We Help You Decide NDTV
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Toys ‘R’ Us Talks High-Tech Toys
Fortune - 11/20/2015
© Time Inc. All rights reserved. Fortune.com is a part of the Time.com network of sites. Powered by WordPress.com VIP Fortune 500 Auto Energy Finance Leadership Most Powerful Women Retail Tech Newsletters
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This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Smart Fragrance Dispensers And Other Oddities
Techcrunch - 11/20/2015
The Samsung Gear VR Is Your Window Into The Future 6 hours ago by Drew Olanoff Tesla Recalls Every Model S Ever Sold Over Single-Time Seatbelt Issue In Europe 2 hours ago by Alex Wilhelm
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How to undo accidentally scrubbing video on the new Apple TV
CNET News - 11/20/2015
The top half of the new Siri Remote for Apple TV is touch-enabled. When watching video, you can swipe across the pad to jump ahead or back in the video. It's a cool feature, when you intend to use it.
How to undo accidentally scrubbing video on the new Apple TV A touch-enabled remote CNET.co.uk
How to undo accidentally scrubbing video on the new Apple TV - CNET Uncova
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Time for some smartwatch and fitness tracker Black Friday deals Here are the best
CNET.co.uk - 11/20/2015
We love Jawbone Up as a wellness and lifestyle-coaching app: it's smart, well-designed, and hooks into tons of other apps. The Up2 is your cheapest decent ticket into that ecosystem. But keep in mind:
Time for some smartwatch and fitness tracker Black Friday deals CNET News
Time for some smartwatch and fitness tracker Black Friday deals - CNET CNET News
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The iPad Pro Is Now My Only Travel Gadget
Wired News - 11/20/2015
A few minutes before our Delta flight touches down in Austin, Texas, the flight attendant walks through the plane’s aisle one last time. Tray tables and seats in their upright and locked position, please.
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This New Gadget Could Prevent Another Volkswagen Cheating Scandal
Time - 11/20/2015
Dan Carder is the researcher at West Virginia University who, with his team, first noticed that Volkswagen cars had different emissions on the road than they did in the lab. That discovery led the EPA
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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 review | The Gadget Show
FiveFWD - 11/21/2015
How many times can Activision pull off the same trick before it gets old? Quite a few it would seem, as the Call of Duty juggernaut shows little sign of slowing. Last year's Advanced Warfare was at least
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Leaked Apple support app could save you a trip to the store
Engadget - 11/21/2015
The Genius Bars in Apple's retail stores are supposed to be convenient ways to answer questions and get repairs, but the ever-growing deluge of customers sometimes makes it a pain. Ever waited 20 minutes
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Pepsi Phone to be launched in China
Financial Express Bangladesh - 11/22/2015
A A- A+ We don't exactly know why, but China seems to have a thing for the Pepsi brand. Following the Pepsi edition Oppo N1, another company from the Far East is launching a new device that's simply dubbed
Pepsi Phone comes out of the blue in China Cyber Parse
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Panasonic SC-HC35DB - iPods that work?
AV Forums - 11/21/2015
Hi all, first post so hope it's in the right section. I've recently bought the above mini-system for the main purpose of playing music from an old 1st generation ipod nano. However, on inserting it in
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The Gadget Show Series 22 - Competition 5 | The Gadget Show
FiveFWD - 11/21/2015
Call 0902 055 5000 Post name & contact phone number to: THE GADGET SHOW 2205, PO Box 7557, Derby, DE1 0NP Texts cost £2.00 + 1 message at standard network rate. Calls cost £2.00 plus your network access
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Here’s how ISIS tries to keep its online activity a secret
Cyber Parse - 11/21/2015
It’s no longer surprising that ISIS uses Telegram’s secure messaging to conduct its terror campaigns, but what other tools does it use to keep its online actions under wraps? Thanks to researchers at
Here's how ISIS tries to keep its online activity a secret Social Dashboard
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Ben Heck's Scorching Pocket-lypse Now
Amazonbug.com - 11/21/2015
With the discharge of Fallout four you want sustenance when wandering the wastelands. Ben mods the sport controller mounted Scorching Pockets dispenser construct with motors and 3D Printing. Survive the
Ben Heck’s Hot Pocket-lypse Now Cyber Parse
Ben Heck's Hot Pocket-lypse Now Social Dashboard
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