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Snapchat's bringing disappearing news to your vanishing selfie stream
Engadget - 6 Hours ago
Snapchat might be the go-to app for firing off self-destructing selfies, but there's still one little issue CEO Evan Spiegel doesn't seem to have locked up yet: how is it actually going to make money?
Snapchat’s bringing disappearing news to your vanishing selfie stream Engadget
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Twitter is officially putting tweets from strangers in your timeline
Engadget - 8 Hours ago
You know how Twitter started inserting others' favorites and follows into your timeline? As it turns out, it's not an experiment -- it's official policy. We now know that the social network recently updated
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Apps and gadgets arm criminals
Calcutta Telegraph - 7 Hours ago
Armed with smart phones, criminals have now turned smarter than ever before. Government Railway Police (GRP) recently came across a new gang, which tracked a potential victim through several stations
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Navy drone plays well with manned aircraft, caps it with a carrier landing
Engadget - 7 Hours ago
The unmanned X-47B drone has proven itself carrier-capable , but can it fit into normal flight operations? The Navy aimed to find out recently in some joint maneuvers alongside an F/A-18 Super Hornet
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Engadget Daily: HTC One M8 for Windows, choosing a 4K TV, and more!
Engadget - 8 Hours ago
Today, we go hands-on with HTC's One M8 for Windows, shop for 4K TVs, ponder an ASUS-made smartwatch, and more! Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours. Gallery | 7 Photos
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No set-top box required: TVs with baked-in Roku streaming coming in September
CIO-Asia - 6 Hours ago
Roku is about to break free from set-top boxes, with the first "Roku TVs" from HiSense and TCL shipping next month. Instead of requiring a separate box or streaming stick, Roku TVs have the company's
Roku-powered TVs now let you skip the set-top box DailyMe.Com
How Roku Hopes to Move From Boxes to TVs Ein News
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Hindustan Times - 8 Hours ago
Richard Ayoade shows how the humdrum of our daily lives can be spiced up with an injection of awe-inspiring gadgetry. DISCOVERY SCIENCE 9 pm
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Engadget Live Boston is this Friday!
DailyMe.Com - 7 Hours ago
Our third Engadget Live[1] event of 2014 hits Boston this Friday, August 22nd. At 7PM on the dot, we'll transform Royale[2] into a scene that even Stefon[3] would consider worthy of being Boston's hottest
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Apple shares hit record closing price as anticipation for new gadgets builds
Smart Company Australia - 7 Hours ago
Shares in tech giant Apple closed at a record high price of US$100.53 (A$108.00) on Wall Street overnight, when the price is adjusted for the company’s seven-for-one stock split in June. Apple’s previous
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You won’t need a fancy compass with this nickel that points North
The Gadgeteer - 8 Hours ago
The Covert Compass from Shomer-Tec is a genuine nickel that has been modified to function as a simple compass that will point to magnetic North. The nickel has a groove around the edge that is used to
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Ballmer steps down from Microsoft board to focus on basketball, teaching
DailyMe.Com - 7 Hours ago
He was Microsoft's 30th employee, its first business manager and CEO for over a decade[1]. Now, after 34 years with the company, Steve Ballmer is leaving Microsoft behind. In a letter to Satya Nadella,
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Griffin R/C Monster Truck for iPhone / iPad / iPod for $23 + free shipping
Dealnews - 8 Hours ago
Congrats and thanks for subscribing. Your first newsletter will arrive in less than 24 hours. For instant access
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Apple hits record on new gadget hopes
Brisbane Times - 8 Hours ago
Apple's stock closed at an all-time high on Tuesday, surpassing a 2012 record as investors look ahead to new products such as bigger-screen iPhones and a wristwatch-like device that may jump-start revenue
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Why Ferguson PD has no video of Michael Brown's death | VentureBeat | Gadgets
DailyMe.Com - 8 Hours ago
There is no video of the death of Michael Brown; there are only two diametrically opposed stories. Police in Ferguson, Mo., say an officer killed Brown after the teenager tried to take the officer’s gun.
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As Ferguson Struggles, Georgia Teens Create App To Rate Police
Forbes.com - 8/19/2014
As the nation watches Ferguson, Missouri work out its trouble police-community relations, a group of teens from Georgia have created an Android app to help communities rate their police department on
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'Ignore No More' app makes sure your kids can't dodge your calls
Engadget - 10 Hours ago
Once you tiptoe past a certain age, ignoring calls from mom and dad sort of becomes de rigueur as you go about your day. That sort of filial nonsense doesn't fly when you're younger though, and now there's
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Time Warner Cable is charging Netflix for a direct connection too
Engadget - 10 Hours ago
Comcast, then Verizon , AT&T and now Time Warner Cable. That's the list of ISPs that have less-than-politely declined Netflix's free OpenConnect setup, and instead decided they'll take a payment from
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AT&T plans to sell the HTC One M8 for Windows soon
Engadget - 10 Hours ago
Feeling blue that the HTC One M8 for Windows is exclusive to Big Red? Good news: AT&T just confirmed that it'll carry the flagship Windows Phone... eventually. The carrier can't openly discuss details
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Erasing data isn't enough to prevent identity theft when recycling gadgets
Yahoo! Finance - 10 Hours ago
If you’re selling, recycling, or otherwise getting rid of an old smart phone or tablet and think simply deleting your data is enough, you could be exposing yourself to identify theft and other violations
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Lockheed Martin's FORTIS exoskeleton helps US Navy with heavy lifting
Engadget - 15 Hours ago
While it may not be a full suit of high-tech gadgetry like Iron Man dons , the US Navy is set to test exoskeletons from Lockheed Martin . In the first contract to employs the company's strength-boosting
Lockheed Martin’s FORTIS exoskeleton helps US Navy with heavy lifting Engadget
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Hitchhiking robot completes its cross-Canada trip
Engadget - 15 Hours ago
It looks like robots can trust us humans to take care of them, after all. Hitchbot has successfully completed its hitchhiking trek across Canada , landing in Victoria, British Columbia this past weekend.
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Apple set to expand phone size -- and profits
Yahoo! Finance - 16 Hours ago
Expectations are rising for Apple’s ( AAPL ) newest iPhones, coming next month, which will carry larger screens and possibly fatter profit margins. With Apple’s rumored iPhone introduction less than
Apple set to expand phone size – and profits Mac Daily News
Apple set to expand phone size — and profits Yahoo! News
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Now you only have to barely move your hand to control your smart glasses
Engadget - 20 Hours ago
One main obstacle to making smart glasses mainstream is their awkward control methods, but that may change courtesy of Thalmic Labs, the maker of the $149 Myo muscle-sensing armband due in this fall.
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How to Do More With Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV
NDTV - 20 Hours ago
Apple has ways of encouraging you to buy more of its products: It offers bonus features on devices like the iPhone and iPad that work only when paired with other Apple gadgets. Amazon does it, too.
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Toshiba introduces new 14-inch Satellite L40t
Arab News - 8/19/2014
Toshiba Gulf FZE launches the 14-inch Satellite L40t, a mainstream laptop that features a sleek and compact design. Through its 4th Generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, Windows 8.1 platform, 2GB
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