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Eric Stallmer Named President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation
Yahoo! Finance - 5 Hours ago
/PRNewswire/ -- The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is pleased to announce that Eric Stallmer has been named as its next President. Stallmer will join CSF staff in September and will assume the position
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NASA's Fermi Space Telescope Reveals New Source of Gamma Rays
Reuters - 3 Hours ago
PR Newswire WASHINGTON, July 31, 2014 WASHINGTON , July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Observations by NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope of several stellar eruptions, called novae, firmly
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NASA Announces Mars 2020 Rover Payload to Explore the Red Planet as Never Before
KPHO Phoenix - 3 Hours ago
SOURCE NASA WASHINGTON NASA announced the selected Mars 2020 rover instruments Thursday at the agency's headquarters in Washington The Mars 2020 mission will be based on the design of the highly
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NASA Hosts 3 p.m. EDT Teleconference with Mars 2020 Principal Investigators
ADVFN India - 4 Hours ago
/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NASA will host a teleconference at 3 p.m. EDT today with the principal investigators of the selected instruments that will fly aboard the agency's Mars 2020 rover. The agency
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Fly Fido to the moon in space send off for deceased pets
Reuters India - 5 Hours ago
By Amanda Orr HOUSTON (Reuters) - A Texas company is offering a unique send off for beloved pets by placing a portion of their cremated remains in a capsule and blasting them off into space. Celestis
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Flash back 50 years to first moon image by a US spacecraft
CNET News - 3 Hours ago
This is the first moon image taken by a US spacecraft. NASA It was July 31, 1964. Neil Armstrong wouldn't step out onto the lunar surface for nearly five more years, but NASA was already planning ahead.
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As the asteroids rained down on Earth, life persisted
Christian Science Monitor - 4 Hours ago
During the first 500 million years after the formation of the Earth, meteors pummeled rained down from the sky, transforming the surface into molten rock. Yet the planet may have been more hospitable
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NASA Unveils Its Next Mars Rover
Mashable - 3 Hours ago
NASA's 2020 Mars rover envisions a basic structure that capitalizes on the design and engineering work done for the rover Curiosity. Image: NASA/JPL By Amanda Wills 2014-07-31 18:11:45 UTC NASA unveiled
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For $US12,500, You Can Send Your Dead Pet's Ashes To The Moon
Business Insider Australia - 3 Hours ago
HOUSTON (Reuters) – A Texas company is offering a unique send off for beloved pets by placing a portion of their cremated remains in a capsule and blasting them off into space. Celestis Inc, which
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Why is the Moon Shaped Like a Lemon?
NBCNews.com - 5 Hours ago
The moon is not round. A new study explains how it got its oddball shape.
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Hubble Shows Farthest Lensing Galaxy Yields Clues to Early Universe
WSMV - 5 Hours ago
SOURCE NASA WASHINGTON These "lensing" galaxies are so massive that their gravity bends, magnifies, and distorts light from objects behind it, a phenomenon called gravitational lensing. Finding one
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NASA’s next Mars rover will generate oxygen and collect rocks to bring back to Earth
Yahoo! Finance - 4 Hours ago
NASA plans to send a new rover to Mars in just six years. And while its body will look very similar to the Curiosity robot already rolling across Mars ‘ surface, today NASA officials outlined the scientific
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NASA Will Make Oxygen From CO2 On the Surface of Mars
Gizmodo - 5 Hours ago
NASA just announced what the Mars 2020 rover will carry to the Martian surface, and one of them sounds like pure sci-fi: MOXIE, a machine that sucks in carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere and pumps
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ESA successfully launches ATV-5 cargo spacecraft to ISS
Aerospace Technology - 9 Hours ago
The European Space Agency (ESA) has successfully launched its fifth and last automated transfer vehicle (ATV) 'Georges Lemaître' on a 14 day journey to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard Ariane
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New Interstellar Trailer
SFX - 9 Hours ago
Christopher Nolan takes you on a journey across the stars The Interstellar UK release date is 6 November 2014. Related Posts NEW TRAILER Interstellar by Christopher NolanIs Christopher Nolan Going
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Widespread mixing and burial of Earth’s Hadean crust by asteroid impacts
Nature - 19 Hours ago
Affiliations Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, Colorado 80302, USA S. Marchi & W. F. Bottke Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington DC 20015, USA L. T. Elkins-Tanton Museum für Naturkunde,
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Astronomers explain Moon's lemon shape
New Zealand Herald - 20 Hours ago
The moon actually does have a slightly lemon shape. Photo / Wiki Commons Earth may be responsible for the Moon's weird, lemony shape. Far from being perfectly round, the Moon has a highland bulge
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NASA's Pete Worden wants to "Boldly Go" to the stars
Embedded Systems Programming - 21 Hours ago
July 28, 2014 Rick MerrittJuly 28, 2014 SAN JOSE, Calif. — "The space community doesn't think
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Rebooted Spacecraft to Tackle Interplanetary Science
Discovery Channel - 5 Hours ago
Related Links A private team is priming a 36-year-old NASA spacecraft to perform new science as it travels through interplanetary space after attempts to move the probe into a position closer to
Vintage NASA Spacecraft to Tackle Interplanetary Science Yahoo! UK and Ireland
Vintage NASA spacecraft set for interplanetary probe AllVoices
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Going Nova: Star Explosions Unleash Gamma-Ray Blasts
Space.com - 3 Hours ago
Gamma-rays, the most powerful form of light, may erupt from star explosions called novas surprisingly often, but the way these gamma-rays form remains a mystery, scientists say. High-energy gamma-rays
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Weird Supernova May Blow Away Star Explosion Theories
Space.com - 3 Hours ago
Light from a radioactive metal forged inside a supernova blast could prompt a rethink of how some star explosions occur. The is located 11.4 million light-years from Earth in the galaxy M82. Astronomers
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NASA sees Genevieve squeezed between 3 tropical systems
PhysOrg.com - 3 Hours ago
Four tropical low pressure systems, including Tropical Depression Genevieve were captured in this GOES-West satellite combination infrared and visible image from July 31 at 11 a.m. EDT. Credit: NASA/NOAA
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NASA Chooses ASU to Design and Operate Camera System for Mars 2020 Mission
Infrosoft - 3 Hours ago
Arizona State University has been selected by NASA to design, deliver and oversee the Mastcam-Z imaging investigation, a pair of color panoramic zoom cameras, on the next rover mission to be launched
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Street Sweeper - 3 Hours ago
Document Type: Modification/Amendment Posted Date: 30-JUL-14 Location: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Johnson Space Center, Office of Procurement Classification Code: 18 - Space vehicles
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Hubble telescope marks another milestone in space
Big News Network - 2 Hours ago
Hubble Space Telescope 's instruments are operating in near-flawless fashion and while one of its six stabilizing gyroscopes has failed, project managers are optimistic the observatory will be ...
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