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Space Particles Are Helping Map the Inside of Fukushima
Wired News - 12 Hours ago
In just about every industrial factory you’ll see them: huge lead pipes. These move fluid—often super hot, or even steamed water. Over time, the fluids wear the pipes down. Or maybe they get dinged by
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Making Solar Panels That Are Eco But Not Ugly
Worldcrunch - 14 Hours ago
GENEVA — "You can have the Ford Model T in any color you want, as long as it's black," Henry Ford once said. The same, for too long, has been true for unsightly solar panels . These models of green
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Venus and Jupiter Put on Cosmic Show
ABC News - 17 Hours ago
Venus and Jupiter rise together in a rare conjunction over the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge in the early morning of Aug. 18, 2014 in New York. Stan Honda/AFP/ Venus and Jupiter will appear to
Venus and Jupiter to Put on Cosmic Show ABC News
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NASA monitors rare black hole 'eruption'
9News.com.au - 12 Hours ago
NASA is monitoring a newly awakened black hole after it released a blast of high-energy light. The explosion was detected by NASA’s Swift satellite on June 15, and originated from V404 Cygni, a binary
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Efficient Preparation of Pyridinyl-1,2,4-Triazines via Telescoped Condensation with
Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry - 15 Hours ago
The development of materials for efficient chemoselective extraction of minor actinides remains at the forefront of research efforts in the area of separation science. Lewis basic complexants derived
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idoodlelearning inc., and Cubes In Space™, a Global STE[A]M Design Competition,
A.M. Best - 16 Hours ago
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Ancient AstronautsAliens Tour Australia in July
MENAFN - 16 Hours ago
(MENAFN Press) Two Ancient Aliens landing in Australia this July! Was the human race seeded by space travellers? Is God an extraterrestrial? Ancient Aliens TV co-stars Erich von Däniken and David Hatcher
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As Global Population Rises, Mars, Incorporated Partners at Lindau Meeting to Drive
Africa News Wire - 16 Hours ago
A record number of 65 laureates and over 650 young scientists are meeting in Germany to bridge the scientific disciplines of physiology and medicine, physics and chemistry and mark the 65th Lindau Nobel
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Alien planet in comet's clothing
ABC Online - 18 Hours ago
STARSTUFF PODCAST: Astronomers discover a planet that looks like a comet. Also; how magnetic fields could help to form a galaxy's spectacular spiral arms, and Earth hit by two geomagnetic storms in a
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Opal-A in the Nakhla meteorite: A tracer of ephemeral liquid water in the Amazonian
Meteoritics and Planetary Science - 19 Hours ago
Abstract The nakhlite meteorites are clinopyroxenites that are derived from a ~1300 million year old sill or lava flow on Mars. Most members of the group contain veins of iddingsite whose main component
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Observing the birth of a planet
ETH Life - 11 Hours ago
Astronomers at ETH Zurich have confirmed the existence of a young giant gas planet still embedded in the midst of the disk of gas and dust surrounding its parent star. For the first time, scientists are
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Don't look up! 360 degree video reveals the hidden threats Earth faces from 5,000
NewsR.in - 11 Hours ago
Penfern OutdoorsVideo reveals the hidden 5,000 nearby asteroids http://t.co/3R4LLTjGUx 36 minutes ago Danu KuntoajiVideo reveals the hidden 5,000 nearby asteroids http://t.co/liIQwL0KDA via @MailOnline
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Mars One: Human colony closer as Paragon unveils life support system for red planet
International Business Times UK - 12 Hours ago
Establishing a colony of humans on Mars just got a step closer after a US company unveiled high-tech pods designed to sustain life in extreme hostile environments. Aerospace engineering company Paragon
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MEDIA ADVISORY: QUT astrophysicist can comment on Venus-Jupiter double act
Queensland University of Technology - 12 Hours ago
Is it a star? Is it a plane? No, it's a spectacular planetary convergence.
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First stars in the universe left a unique signature
PhysOrg.com - 12 Hours ago
Researchers have identified a unique chemical signature left by the earliest stars in the universe with the first direct measurement under stellar conditions of an important nuclear reaction. Determining
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Mount Pleasant Retirement Village Resident Selected as Grand Marshall in Independence
Review Seeker - 12 Hours ago
Company News: Page (1) of 1 - 07/01/15 print page   (July 01, 2015) Monroe, OH (PRWEB) July 01, 2015 Mount Pleasant Retirement Village resident, Tom Schuler, has been selected to be
Mount Pleasant Retirement Village Resident Selected as Grand Marshall... PRWeb
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NASA missions monitor a waking black hole
Research & Development - 11 Hours ago
[embedded content] NASA's Swift satellite detected a rising tide of high-energy X-rays from the constellation Cygnus on June 15, just before 2:32 p.m. EDT. About 10 minutes later, the Japanese experiment
NASA missions monitor a waking black hole NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center 4m EurekAlert!
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Cheek muscles hold up better than leg muscles in space
Medical News Today - 12 Hours ago
New research in The FASEB Journal compares responses of cheek and leg muscles to the lower gravity of space, suggesting that food comes first It is well known that muscles need resistance (gravity)
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Helping Europe prepare for asteroid risk
Measurement Devices for Industry & Science - 12 Hours ago
Each year, astronomers worldwide discover over 1000 new asteroids or other space rocks that could strike our planet. And if one is spotted heading towards Earth, experts working in ESA and national emergency
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Males could help develop offspring's brains before pregnancy
NewsR.in - 12 Hours ago
Washington DC, 1 July : A new study has shown that males could positively influence development of offspring's brains before pregnancy. 0 shares Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Comment You Might
Xiaomi Launches Redmi 2 In Brazil NewsR.in
Bitter Car-Sharing Rivals Sued By The Same Driver NewsR.in
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Astrophysicist/Rockstar Brian May Chimes In On Threat Of Asteroids Hitting Earth
Tech Times - 12 Hours ago
Queen founding member Brian May, an astrophysicist, joins a group of experts calling for increased efforts to find and track potentially dangerous asteroids that could hit Earth. (Photo : Asteroid Day
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SpaceX Explosion Will Not Hinder Commercial Space Travel In The Future, NASA Says
Hngn.com - 12 Hours ago
NASA believes that the incident will only help them improve and that the timeline set for commercial space travel - 2017 - is still possible. By Jerri Lynn | Jul 01, 2015 06:49 AM EDT After the
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How to build a house on the red planet: Mars One claims to have solved how humans
NewsRT.co.uk - 12 Hours ago
Mars One, often ridiculed for their overly ambitious proposal to send humans to Mars, have revealed how they plan to ensure their astronauts survive. Arizona-based company Paragon Space Development Corporation
11:43 How to build a house on the red planet: Mars One claims to have... NewsRT.co.uk
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Space station clip gets pundits buzzing
Big News Network - 13 Hours ago
DID cameras on the International Space Station really show three objects blasting out of the Earth’s atmosphere? Believers say yes - and they’re accusing NASA of hiding the ...
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The cosmic start of lightning
PhysOrg.com - 13 Hours ago
A cosmic particle produces a particle shower, which generates free electrons. As soon as these electrons are available, a streamer discharge starts growing from a large hailstone, where the electric field
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