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Pop/Rock Duo, Venus Mars Project, Releases New Song, #LaLaLaLove
Franklin Credit Management Corporation - 5 Hours ago
PRWeb Pop/rock sensations, Jacyn Tremblay and Peter Tentindo of Venus Mars Project, have once again worked their dual magic in their new release, #LaLaLaLove, available on iTunes , Google Play , and
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Everyone wants NASA to send its Mars rover back for another look at this 'giant
Business Insider Australia - 11 Hours ago
Spotting aliens and bits of spacecraft on Mars has been a full-time occupation for believers in the nearly 40 years since humans first started getting decent snaps of the Red Planet. It was this “face
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KFC Memories Bucket prints up greasy memories (Tomorrow Daily 219) Khail and Ashley
CNET.co.uk - 11 Hours ago
This is the interactive sidebar! Click any icon for more information as they appear--don't worry, we'll pause the video and wait for you to come back. Links Polls Galleries Video Review
Wearable tech, polyphasic sleeping and me CNET Asia
Virtual reality is going to get even more amazing, fast CNET Asia
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Star Trek’s Uhura to boldly go where few actora has before for NASA
Silicon Republic - 5 Hours ago
Nichelle Nichols, at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in 2010. Image via NASA/Bill Ingalls Actor Nichelle Nichols – best known for her role as Uhura on the original Star Trek series – is about to go where
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Helpful Tips For Nuking An Asteroid
National Geographic - 7 Hours ago
Preparing for a worst-case scenario, scientists are stepping up research into the nuclear option. Don’t let this happen to you: Unlike other natural disasters, asteroid impacts are preventable. Two
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Tim McGraw Chats With Astronauts Over New Single, 'Top of the World'
Billboard - 10 Hours ago
Tim McGraw 's new single "Top of the World" has got him chatting with NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.  Tim McGraw: 'I Don't Think I'm the Best I Can Be Yet' McGraw tweeted to NASA Monday, teasing the
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For the first time Chinese research to fly on space station
Houston Chronicle - 10 Hours ago
A Houston company has negotiated a historic agreement to fly a Chinese experiment on the International Space Station, a small but symbolic maneuver around a law that bans any scientific cooperation between
For the first time Chinese research to fly on NASA's space station Houston Chronicle
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Tungsten isotopes in bulk meteorites and their inclusions—Implications for processing
Meteoritics and Planetary Science - 11 Hours ago
Abstract We present high precision, low- and high-resolution tungsten isotope measurements of iron meteorites Cape York (IIIAB), Rhine Villa (IIIE), Bendego (IC), and the IVB iron meteorites Tlacotepec,
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LOCKHEED MARTIN : Tests Design Changes for Orion Spacecraft's Fairing Separation
4 Traders - 5 Hours ago
Lockheed Martin engineers have successfully completed testing of design changes made to the NASA Orion spacecraft's fairing separation system. The company said the changes resulted from data collected
Lockheed Martin Successfully Tests Design Changes for Orion Spacecraft’s Fairing IConnect007
LM Successfully Tests Design Changes for Orion Spacecraft's Fairing Separation System ASD News
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'Guitar Hero Live' is a karaoke simulator
NewsOnFeeds.com - 8 Hours ago
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EFF is building a stronger 'Do Not Track' browser setting NewsOnFeeds.com
Hacks turn Square's reader into a card-stealing machine NewsOnFeeds.com
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An Orange a Day Keeps Scurvy Away
Crawford Financial Planning - 5 Hours ago
Astronaut Nutrition on a Mission to Mars HOUSTON, TX, August 04, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Centuries ago, ships often sailed with crews numbering in the hundreds returning with tens. Cause of death:
An orange a day keeps scurvy away NASA/Johnson Space Center EurekAlert!
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Video: Curiosity Rover Report – Three Years on Mars
HobbySpace - 4 Hours ago
Here’s a report on the latest from the Curiosity Rover, which has now been on Mars for three years: [embedded content] Check out also this recent science finding by Curiosity:  NASA’s Curiosity
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Video: Touring the Atlantis Chaos region of Mars
HobbySpace - 4 Hours ago
Take a ride over the surface of the Atlantic Chaos region of Mars via images taken from orbit by the European Space Agency’s  Mars Express spacecraft :  Fly Over Mars In This Breathtaking New Animation
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NASA preps Venus ICs
EE Times Europe - 4 Hours ago
The surface of Venus is almost 500 degrees Celsius (932 degrees Fahrenheit)—hot enough to melt lead and turn aluminum into a slurry, prompting the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) to hire
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Buzz Aldrin reimbursed $33.31 by US govt for Apollo 11 Moon mission
ZeeNews.com - 5 Hours ago
NASA Zee Media Bureau New Delhi: Not a joke, but surprisingly, that's 'one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind' – the Apollo 11 Moon landing mission comes with a relatively small price.
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NASA says drones will transform aviation industry, envisions a drone in every future
NewsR.in - 5 Hours ago
Source: wochit - 1 week ago Amazon Proposes Drones-only Airspace to Facilitate High-speed Delivery??  00:45 Amazon is proposing that a pristine slice of airspace above the world’s cities and suburbs
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Radioactive decay rates vary with the Sun's rotation, solar activity, and distance
Sott.net - 5 Hours ago
Radioactive decay rates, thought to be unique physical constants and counted on in such fields as medicine and anthropology, may be more variable than once thought. A team of scientists from Purdue and
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Russia makes suits for safer spacewalks
Indian Mirror - 5 Hours ago
India August 04(IM):A gen-next lightweight spacesuit equipped with climate control and unique safety systems for astronauts onboard the ISS has been developed by a Russian company. The unique new spacesuits
Gen-next spacesuits make spacewalks safer for ISS astronauts NewsR.in
Gen-next spacesuits make spacewalks safer Press Trust of India
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Tracking a mysterious group of asteroid outcasts
Sott.net - 6 Hours ago
High above the plane of our solar system, near the asteroid-rich abyss between Mars and Jupiter, scientists have found a unique family of space rocks. These interplanetary oddballs are the Euphrosyne
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NASA discovers unusual features on Saturns icy moon Tethys
Demanjo - 7 Hours ago
New images taken from NASA's Cassini spacecraft appear to show unusual redish arcs marking the surface of the Saturn's icy moon Tethys. According to the details captured by Cassini, it has been seen
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India space mission: After launching UK satellites Isro will soon launch US satellite
International Business Times UK - 7 Hours ago
In what is seen as an acknowledgement of its cost-effective technology, India's space agency will launch a US satellite using its polar satellite launch vehicle. "US will be the 20th country to sign
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SETI Institute scientists present at IAU General Assembly 2015
Noodls - 7 Hours ago
Abstract Body: The spectrum of the Fe I atom is critical to many areas of astrophysics and beyond, the vital input necessary to characterize the spectral absorption and emission of the atomic and molecular
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India space mission: After launching UK satellites Isro will soon launch US satellite
9ija News.com - 7 Hours ago
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University of Puerto Rico announces August 11th as the launch date for their NASA
Nanotechnology News - 7 Hours ago
RockSat-X project spokesman, Alexis Oquendo-Reyes, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Puerto Rico, UPR, has just released the news of the launch date and plans for his group's mission
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Will SETI’s Unprecedented New Program Finally Find E.T.?
Universe Today - 8 Hours ago
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