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Shooting outside mosque in Islamabad 
It is a shame when a parallel state government inside a government is being operated by militants. Add Comment
DS Healthcare Group to Open its First DS Laboratories Hair Loss Clinic Offering
Reuters - 11 Hours ago
Pompano Beach, Fla., Sept. 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  DS Healthcare Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSKX), a leading developer of personal care products and specialty pharmaceuticals, today announced it will open
DS HEALTHCARE : to Open its First DS Laboratories Hair Loss Clinic Offering Patients 4 Traders
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Why you shouldn't look at the leaked Jennifer Lawrence photos.
AskMen US - 4 Hours ago
Hacked Photos: Celebrity Privacy Here's Why You Shouldn't Look At The Leaked Jennifer Lawrence Photos When dozens of nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence were posted on the anonymous image-sharing site
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Bomber Jackets are Blowing Up
Mens Fitness - 5 Hours ago
A military staple since 1917, when the U.S. Army issued leather  flight gear to its pilots, the bomber jacket —with its requisite  knit trim at the cuffs and waist—has undulated in and out of fashion 
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Don't Ever Get Locked Out of the House Again
Men's Health US - 6 Hours ago
Slam! Click. Ohhh, crap. Now you need back in—fast. Sure, you could call a locksmith, if you have an hour to kill and you like giving up. And punching out a window could get bloody. So control your own
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Chronic telogen effluvium and female pattern hair loss are separate and distinct
MDLinx - 6 Hours ago
Bittencourt C, et al. – This study aims to analyze a number of histomorphometric and immunohistochemical findings through vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), Ki–67, and CD31 immunostaining in scalp
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Xinx Apparel
Men's Fitness - 6 Hours ago
Sections Secondary menu Social media links The XINX clothing range is designed to suit athletic and aesthetic physiques complementing active lifestyles. Made from high quality fabrics, XINX provides
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Men's Fitness - 6 Hours ago
Sections Secondary menu Social media links ™ As well as being high in MCT's for energy and lean muscle-building, it's also full of lauric acid to help maintain, improve or repair your immune system
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British Fitness
Men's Fitness - 6 Hours ago
Sections Secondary menu Social media links The Gymano has two pairs of bar drops for even quicker set up times and full-length completely adjustable safety spotting bars. Once you have maxed out your
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The Food News Every Guy Should Know About This Month
AskMen US - 11 Hours ago
This Month In Food: September 2014 September Food News The World’s Greatest Diner Celebrates 20 Years Online:  You may not have heard of Andy Hayler , but you can be sure that the staff of most Michelin-starred
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Stoner Sex: Age Gaps, Public Sex, Impotence & My Ex Is Your Mom
High Times - 11 Hours ago
RSS Dear Hyapatia I have a girlfriend who’s 18. I’m 29. A lot of my friends are against our relationship. They say I’m too old for her and that I’m corrupting her. She and I love to get high together
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Mangalore: KMC to Conduct Public Awareness Talk on Pimples (Acne) & Hair Loss
Mangalorean - 12 Hours ago
Mangalore: KMC Hospital, Mangalore will be conducting a Public awareness talk on Pimples (Acne) & Hair Loss on Sunday, 7th September at 10.30 am at Hotel Abhiman Residency, Bunts Hostel Circle here Consultant
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Organ-sparing therapy for testicular cancer - Abstract
UroToday - 20 Hours ago
BACKGROUND: The therapy of malignant testicular neoplasms has always been characterized by a high degree of radicality. Testicular Cancer Epidemiology Etiology Natural History Pathology Guidelines
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'My life was a lie': What does Emma Cresswell's story tell us about donor conception
BioNews - 9/1/2014
The Telegraph has reported the story of Emma Cresswell, a donor-conceived woman who successfully applied to have a new birth certificate issued to reflect her view that she is fatherless. Cresswell 'fought
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NICE holds back on wider use of innovative prostate cancer drugs
Trends In Urology & Men's health - 9/1/2014
NICE has provoked controversy with its decisions on whether the NHS should fund new treatments for prostate cancer, and at what stage of the treatment pathway they should be used. NICE has recommended
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Fracture risk drug now for men
Trends In Urology & Men's health - 9/1/2014
Denosumab, a monoclonal antibody that reduces bone resorption, is now licensed for the treatment of osteoporosis in men who are at increased risk of fractures. Under the brand name Prolia, denosumab was
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Dreaming of Fatherhood - FQ meets iCandy…
FQ Magazine - 9/1/2014
Martin and Graham are a couple very much in love, looking to start their own family. However, unlike for many couples, where this can happen in the blink of an eye, they’ve had to put a little more thought
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5 reasons you should be eating kale
Men's Fitness - 9/1/2014
Sections Secondary menu Social media links Your body needs iron for circulating oxygen, and it needs it most while you’re exercising. You’ll get tired quickly if you’re missing out and your endurance
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Tamar Braxton Takes Aim At Hair Loss Critics
Contactmusic - 9/1/2014
Picture: R&B singer and reality Tv star Tamar Braxton has taken aim at critics for poking fun at her thinning locks after suffering from the affects of postpartum hair loss. The Love & War hitmaker,
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Healthy, muscle-building omelette recipe
Men's Fitness - 9/1/2014
You are here: Men's Fitness Nutrition Muscle building meals Get off to a flying start on your day’s protein intake with this eggy extravaganza Want to beat the mid-morning slump? Ditch your cereal.
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Nova’s breakfast host Ryan Fitzgerald says respect is the key to fatherhood
Daily Telegraph Australia - 9/1/2014
WITH two young boys, Nova’s Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald is just starting to roadtest his favourite dad expressions. But most importantly, the breakfast radio broadcaster wants his sons Hewston, 5, and Lennox,
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The Run To Rule Them All
Mens Health Singapore - 9/1/2014
Workout Finder - Please Select - All Bigger Arms Bigger Chest Broader Shoulders Burn Fats Improve Stamina Six-pack Abs Stronger Back Total Body V-Shaped Torso Others Men's
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9/1/2014: Lifestyle: ‘You need not live with baldness’
Hindustan Times - 9/1/2014
It can be quite tough to live with baldness. However, according to Dr Apoorva Shah — a pioneer of trichology in India — that needn’t be the case at all. In this interview, we get a leading trichologist
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Chromatographic analysis of some drugs employed in erectile dysfunction therapy:
Journal of Separation Science - 8/30/2014
In this study, the effect of change in chromatographic process variables on the retention behavior of four drugs employed in erectile dysfunction therapy on a calixarene stationary phase was described.
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Dailysun.co.za - 8/31/2014
MALEMA’S HARD WORDS FOR FIRED STARS OF GENERATION EFF leader Julius Malema said the Generations actors are suffering for having trusted the ANC. He was speaking at his party’s Women’s Month workshop
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The truth about fatherhood
Daily Telegraph Australia - 8/31/2014
WHEN Steve Bedwell survived the first year of parenthood, he felt pretty satisfied with himself. But when his cute bundle of joy turned into a temper tantrum-throwing demon he knew he was in for it.
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