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Site-specific recombination of nitrogen-fixation genes in cyanobacteria by XisF-XisH-XisI
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics - 11 Hours ago
Abstract Nitrogen fixation is an important process that converts atmospheric gaseous nitrogen, a form plants cannot utilize, into ammonia that can be easily assimilated. Large serine recombinase XisF
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Individuals' genetic information to be put to better use in health care
Noodls - 12 Hours ago
Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö (STM) on asettanut työryhmän laatimaan kansallista genomistrategiaa. Tavoitteena on laatia suunnitelma toimenpiteistä, jotka mahdollistavat ihmisen perimästä saatavan tiedon
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Hyderabad scientist develops new stem cell technique to repair damaged eye
PharmaBiz - 12 Hours ago
Dr Virender Singh Sangwan a Hyderabad based scientist at LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) in collaboration with Professor Sheila MacNeil of Sheffield University from UK has developed a new stem cell based
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Detection of aneuploidy from single fetal nucleated red blood cells using whole
Prenatal Diagnosis - 12 Hours ago
Abstract Objective To detect aneuploidy from single fetal nucleated red blood cells (FNRBCs) from placental villi using whole genome amplification (WGA) and next generation sequencing. Methods Three
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Protective effects of ascorbic acid against the genetic and epigenetic alterations
Journal of Applied Toxicology - 12 Hours ago
ABSTRACT Exposure to monocyclic aromatic alkylanilines (MAAs), namely 2,6-dimethylaniline (2,6-DMA), 3,5-dimethylaniline (3,5-DMA) and 3-ethylaniline (3-EA), was significantly and independently associated
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Fragmented mitochondrial genomes are present in both major clades of the blood-sucking
7thSpace - 12 Hours ago
The suborder Anoplura contains 540 species of blood-sucking lice that parasitize over 840 species of eutherian mammals. Fragmented mitochondrial (mt) genomes have been found in the lice of humans, pigs,
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Cryptic genetic variation can make “Irreducible Complexity” a common mode of adaptation
Journal of Evolution - 12 Hours ago
Abstract The existence of complex (multiple-step) genetic adaptations that are ‘irreducible’ (i.e., all partial combinations are less fit than the original genotype) is one of the longest standing problems
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Gene treatment fears will fade: UK
Herald Sun - 13 Hours ago
CRITICS say it will lead to the creation of "designer babies" but Britain's public health minister insists fears about a new genetic technique will ease.
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AID induces intraclonal diversity and genomic damage in CD86+ cells in chronic lymphocytic
European Journal of Immunology - 13 Hours ago
The activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID) mediates somatic hypermutation and class switch recombination of the immunoglobulin (Ig) genes by directly deaminating cytosines to uracils. As AID causes
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"Immortal" Cells from Henrietta Lacks Lead to Updated Rules on Genomic Data Sharing
Scientific American - 13 Hours ago
Scientists who work on genomics and are funded by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) must post their data online so that others can build on the information, the agency has said in an  update
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[News] PALB2 gene increases breast cancer risk
Lancet Oncology - 14 Hours ago
Women who carry a mutated version of the PALB2 gene have an increased risk of developing breast cancer, a team of international researchers has found. Although it is well established that BRCA1 and BRCA2
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Putin Shows Interest in Cloning Woolly Mammoths
Moscow Times - 13 Hours ago
President Vladimir Putin, second right, listens to an explanation during a visit to the Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk, Siberia on Monday. Will woolly mammoths roam among us once again, more than four
Putin Says He's Interested in Cloning Woolly Mammoths Moscow Times
Putin Discusses Possibility of Mammoth Cloning With Scientists Russia Profile
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Genetic change in autism-related gene identified
Cambodian Times - 2 Hours ago
A genetic change in a recently identified autism-associated gene has been identified by researchers, which may provide further insight into the causes of autism. The study presents findings that likely
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University Of Montana Cicada Study Discovers 2 Genomes That Function As 1
Big News Network - 2 Hours ago
cicada , that's a good thing. Until a recent discovery by a University of Montana research lab, it was thought that cicadas had a symbiotic relationship with two important bacteria that live ...
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A new term for teachers sparks interest in tooth stem cell banking -- Source:BioEden
Digital Journal - 9 Hours ago
Schools in the UK are preparing to become actively involved in helping to educate parents and children on the health benefits of stem cell banking. BioEden the specialist tooth stem cell bank are producing
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Cotton Nematode Management
Farms.com - 10 Hours ago
Featured Content   Copyright © 1995-2014 Farms.com, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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PrEMeR-CG: Inferring Nucleotide Level DNA Methylation Values from MethylCap-Seq
Bioinformatics - 10 Hours ago
1 , * , Mark Murphy 2 , * , James S. Blachly 2 , * , Jincheol Park 5 , 6 , Mike W. Zoller 2 , Javkhlan-Ochir Ganbat 2 , John Curfman 2 , John C. Byrd 2 , Shili Lin 5 , Guido Marcucci 2 , Pearlly
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GenPlay Multi-Genome, a tool to compare and analyze multiple human genomes in a
Bioinformatics - 10 Hours ago
1 , Nicolas Fourel 1 and Eric E Bouhassira * Department of Cell Biology, Albert Einstein College Of Medicine ? *To whom correspondence should be addressed. Eric E Bouhassira, E-mail: eric.bouhassira{at}einstein.yu.edu
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Gene clues to glaucoma risk, says scientists
Brunei Times - 11 Hours ago
SCIENTISTS on Sunday said they had identified six genetic variants linked to glaucoma, a discovery that should help earlier diagnosis and better treatment for this often-debilitating eye disease. A trio
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Gene clues to glaucoma risk
Iran Daily - 12 Hours ago
Drinking tea reduces non-CV mortality significantly Drinking tea reduces non-cardiovascular mortality by 24 percent, reveals a study in 131,000 people presented at ESC Congress by Professor Nicolas
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Scientists sequence complete genome of E. coli strain responsible for food poisoning
BioPortfolio - 13 Hours ago
(Phys.org) —Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have produced the first complete genome sequencing of a strain of E. coli that is a common cause of outbreaks of food poisoning in the
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Author of The GMO Deception explains the dangers behind genetically modified foods
Big News Network - 2 Hours ago
(NaturalNews) Sheldon Krimsky is no stranger to the evolution of genetic testing and manipulation. In fact, he's authored and co-authored dozens of books on a range of topics including ...
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Kenny and the Chromosomes
The University of Sydney - 11 Hours ago
2 September 2014 PhD candidate Kenny Sabir wins University of Sydney 3MT competition When University of Sydney PhD candidate Kenny Sabir isn't composing music he is deconstructing chromosomes. The
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NIH Awards Two New Grants to Explore the Understanding of Genomics Research in Africa
The ASCO Post - 12 Hours ago
By The ASCO Post September 1, 2014, Volume 5, Issue 14 Figures: Ebony Madden, PhD Clement Adebayo Adebamowo, MD, ScD Getnet Tadele, PhD Both studies will increase our knowledge of how to tailor
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To Your Good Health: Genetic condition affecting iron levels often overlooked
Roanoke Times - 13 Hours ago
Q: I have hereditary hemochromatosis. I know that means that I received the HH gene from both parents; however, neither of my parents had HH. As I learn more about this very common genetic condition,
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