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Genetic Technologies Ltd announces divestment of Australian heritage business to
Reuters - 70 Minutes ago
8:52pm EDT   Genetic Technologies Ltd:Signs binding contract of sale for its heritage Australian Genetics business (Australian Genetics) to Specialist Diagnostics Services Ltd (SDS), wholly owned pathology
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The RNA exosome promotes transcription termination of backtracked RNA polymerase
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology - 3 Hours ago
The exosome is an RNA-decay complex that constantly monitors transcription and contributes to post-transcriptional turnover of faulty mRNAs. Yet how nuclear RNA surveillance by the exosome is coordinated
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Genome-wide identification and analysis of the growth-regulating factor family in
7thSpace - 79 Minutes ago
Growth regulating factors (GRFs) have been shown to play important roles in plant growth and development. GRF genes represent a large multigene family in plants. Recently, genome-wide structural and
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Genome sequence and genetic diversity of the common carp, Cyprinus carpio
Nature Reviews Genetics - 4 Hours ago
Sequencing and assembly We prepared genomic DNA from a homozygous double-haploid clonal line from the domesticated strain Songpu, which has a documented breeding history. We performed whole-genome shotgun
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The genome of the common carp(Nature Genetics)
Natureasia.com - 77 Minutes ago
The genome sequence of the common carp, Cyprinus carpio, is reported in a paper published online this week in Nature Genetics. The results can help to uncover the genetic basis of differences in wild
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Scientists discover how disruptive genetic RNA is made
The Times Of Israel - 103 Minutes ago
An Israeli-led research team has discovered how a mysterious circular type of genetic molecule is produced, and that might have implications for the treatment of degenerative diseases like muscular dystrophy.
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Genetic evolution: how the Ebola virus is changing
Australian Doctor - 3 Hours ago
The current outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa is unprecedented in size, with nearly 4,800 confirmed or probable cases and more than 2,400 deaths . People have been infected in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra
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Love of music lies in your genes
Good News From Finland - 3 Hours ago
The reason why some people are naturally more interested in music than others may lie in our genes, Finnish researchers suggest. Their study finds that genes affecting hearing and cognitive function
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'Genomics Ushering a Revolution in Healthcare'
New Indian Express - 3 Hours ago
BANGALORE: According to experts, genomics and new techniques in Next-Generation Sequencing are ushering a revolution in healthcare, neonatal testing as well as agriculture. Sequencing the genome of
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Large study reveals new genetic variants that raise risk for prostate cancer
Bionity.com - 3 Hours ago
22-09-2014: In an analysis of genetic information among more than 87,000 men, a global team of scientists says it has found 23 new genetic variants – common differences in the genetic code -- that increase
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Chuck Gregory: Recessive gene proves dominant
VTDigger.org - 4 Hours ago
Editor’s note: This commentary is by Chuck Gregory, who is a member of the Springfield Town Democratic Committee, a volunteer with the Vermont Workers’ Center, and Valley Court Diversion. He has been
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Regulation of RNA polymerase II activation by histone acetylation in single living
Nature - 11 Hours ago
doi:10.1038/nature13714 Authors: Timothy J. Stasevich, Yoko Hayashi-Takanaka, Yuko Sato, Kazumitsu Maehara, Yasuyuki Ohkawa, Kumiko Sakata-Sogawa, Makio Tokunaga, Takahiro Nagase, Naohito Nozaki,
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Multiplex single-molecule interaction profiling of DNA-barcoded proteins
Nature - 11 Hours ago
doi:10.1038/nature13761 Authors: Liangcai Gu, Chao Li, John Aach, David E. Hill, Marc Vidal & George M. Church In contrast with advances in massively parallel DNA sequencing, high-throughput protein
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A mouse with a human speech gene learns faster
Impact Lab - 13 Hours ago
The humanized gene actually improved the animal’s behavior rather than messing up the system. According to a new study, mice that receive a human version of a speech and language gene display accelerated
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Immunohistochemical analysis of cancer stem cell markers in pancreatic adenocarcinoma
7thSpace - 9/21/2014
Cancer stem cells (CSCs) have been reported to play an important role in chemoradiation resistance. Although the association of CSC markers with clinicopathological outcomes after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy
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NuView Life Sciences Enters Global Licensing Agreement With Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Fierce BioMarkers - 5 Hours ago
PARK CITY, Utah, Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NuView Life Sciences, Inc. (NuView) announced entry into an exclusive global licensing and collaboration agreement with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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Genetically Engineered Bacteria Could Repair Ships
Maritime Executive - 5 Hours ago
Shellfish such as mussels and barnacles secrete very sticky proteins that help them cling to rocks or ship hulls, even underwater. Inspired by these natural adhesives, a team of MIT engineers has designed
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Genes Can Transfer Memories of Environmental Stresses Down to Offspring: Study
Ein News - 6 Hours ago
Today - 13:47 GMT MOSCOW, September 21 (RIA Novosti) - A new study published by the University of California (UC) Santa Cruz Friday, shows that through the epigenetics process, repressed genes, that
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Researchers discover new gene responsible for traits involved in diabetes
Web Newswire - 8 Hours ago
Leah Solberg Woods, PhD, associate professor of pediatrics at MCW and a researcher in the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Research Institute, led the study and is the corresponding author of the paper.
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Modifying your genes could modify your future fitness
Tajikistan News.net - 8 Hours ago
The Globe and Mail Sunday 21st September, 2014 Skipped the gym yesterday? Oops - now your unborn kids, and their kids, are going to struggle with weight and cholesterol for their entire lives. If only
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Battling superbugs with a gene-editing system
Nanowerk - 10 Hours ago
(Nanowerk News) In recent years, new strains of bacteria have emerged that resist even the most powerful antibiotics. Each year, these superbugs, including drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis and staphylococcus,
Battling superbugs with gene-editing system PhysOrg.com
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Longer telomeres increase melanoma risk
News-Medical.Net - 11 Hours ago
SLU pediatric researcher to study efficacy of new hepatitis C drug treatment in children Even in N.H., which seeks to make health prices transparent, getting information is difficult Answer found in
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Program predicts placement of chemical tags that control gene activity
PhysOrg.com - 11 Hours ago
Biochemists working at the University of California, San Diego, have developed a program that predicts the placement of chemical marks that control the activity of genes based on sequences of DNA. They
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Protocol Rapidly Transforms Stem Cells
MedPage Today - 12 Hours ago
Endocrinology Published: Sep 21, 2014 A seven-stage protocol building on previous work transforming human embryonic stem cells into insulin-producing pancreatic cells was able to reverse diabetes
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Gene associated with fasting glucose levels identified
Oman Observer - 13 Hours ago
Providing a fresh ray of hope for diabetic patients, scientists have identified a new gene associated with fasting glucose and insulin levels in rats, mice and in humans. Researchers have identified
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