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An evaluation of gene–gene interaction between the CYP2C9 and VKORC1 genotypes affecting
Thrombosis and Haemostasis - 9 Hours ago
We note the report by van Schie et al examining inter-individual maintenance phenprocoumon and acenocoumarol dosing requirements dependent on CYP3A4 and CYP4F2 genotype [1]. Their large cross-sectional
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Scientists find pain threshold linked to genes
NewsRT.co.uk - 12 Hours ago
Scientists studied the genes, called COMT, DRD2, DRD1, and OPRK1, in 2,721 people diagnosed with chronic pain. Participants rated their perception of pain as "low", "moderate" or "high" on a scale from
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Researchers identify key genes linked to why some people have higher tolerance for
News-Medical.Net - 9 Hours ago
Researchers may have identified key genes linked to why some people have a higher tolerance for pain than others, according to a study released today that will be presented at the American Academy of
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New computational method speeds up estimates of gene activity from RNA-seq data
News-Medical.Net - 9 Hours ago
Method developed by CMU and UMD could pay dividends as genomic medicine expands With gene expression analysis growing in importance for both basic researchers and medical practitioners, researchers
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Genomic Erosion in Symbiotic Bacteria
Duke University - 9 Hours ago
Series Name: UPGG Tuesday Seminar Series Presenter: Nancy Moran, PhD, University of Texas, Austion Sponsors: University Program in Genetics & Genomics (UPGG) and Institute for Genome Sciences
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Genes decide why you can't tolerate pain
Business Standard India - 9 Hours ago
To understand why different individuals have different pain tolerance levels, scientists have discovered four genes that play a vital role in deciding this. "The study is quite significant because it
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High HMGN1 levels drive leukemia in Down syndrome(Nature Genetics)
Natureasia.com - 12 Hours ago
A genetic cause of the link between Down syndrome and B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) in both mice and human cells is reported in a paper published online this week in Nature Genetics. The
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DOST-supported genomics research hub to rise in UP Diliman
Philippine Information Agency - 14 Hours ago
QUEZON CITY, April 21 (PIA) -- The groundbreaking ceremony for the Philippine Genome Center building recently signaled the advancement  of genomics research and development in the country. Established
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Key genes linked to why pain perception varies among different people
Examiner.com - 11 Hours ago
Researchers may have identified key genes linked to why some people have a higher tolerance for pain than others, according to a study released April 20, 2014 that will be presented at the American Academy
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Hopkins undergraduates build novel genome
John Hopkins Newsletter - 14 Hours ago
It is certainly more difficult to make foods from scratch than to purchase their ready-to-eat counterparts. Creating pancake batter and then grilling them to the perfect golden-brown requires a lot more
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6:48 Pain threshold 'decided by genes'
Brisbane Courier-Mail - Central - 18 Hours ago
FOUR genes may help decide a person's pain threshold, research has shown.
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Pain threshold 'decided by genes'
Herald Sun - 18 Hours ago
FOUR genes may help decide a person's pain threshold, research has shown.
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Integrated genomic characterization of adrenocortical carcinoma
Nature Reviews Genetics - 20 Hours ago
Nature Genetics. doi:10.1038/ng.2953 Authors: Guillaume Assié, Eric Letouzé, Martin Fassnacht, Anne Jouinot, Windy Luscap, Olivia Barreau, Hanin Omeiri, Stéphanie Rodriguez, Karine Perlemoine, Fernande
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Genetic Technology Alert. Dietary Advice Based on Genetic Predisposition; Potential
Frost & Sullivan - 23 Hours ago
This issue profiles dietary advice based on genetic predisposition, potential bowel cancer treatment targeting microRNA, and restoration of muscle function through light-activated neurons. Click
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Down syndrome disrupts many genes
Japan Times - 4/20/2014
PARIS – The extra copy of chromosome 21 that causes Down syndrome throws a wrench into the workings of all the other chromosomes as well, according to a study that surprised its authors. Using data
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An intragenic long noncoding RNA interacts epigenetically with the RUNX1 promoter
International Journal of Cancer - 4/20/2014
ABSTRACT RUNX1 , a master regulator of hematopoiesis, is the most commonly perturbed target of chromosomal abnormalities in hematopoietic malignancies. The t(8;21) translocation is found in 30%–40%
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Genetic therapy may repair spinal chord: Study
MENAFN - 4/20/2014
(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) Future therapies could help repair nerve damage after people suffer spinal cord injury or brain trauma said the study. damage to the central nervous system the brain and spinal
Genetic therapy may repair spinal chord Times of India
Genetic therapy may repair spinal cord: Study Jagran Post
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Asymmetrical expression of BDNF and NTRK3 genes in frontoparietal cortex of stress-resilient
Synapse - 4/20/2014
Abstract The current study is based on the “Approach–withdrawal” theory of emotional regulation and lateralization of brain function in rodents, which has little been studied. The aim was to indentify
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US scientists make embryonic stem cells from adult skin
Times of India - 4/20/2014
WASHINGTON: For the first time, US researchers have cloned embryonic stem cells from adult cells, a breakthrough on the path towards helping doctors treat a host of diseases. The embryonic stem cells
Scientists make stem cells from adult skin The Nation Pakistan
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Stem cell research fuels more debate on cloning
USA Today - 4/19/2014
A study published this week has reawakened debate over the government's need to regulate human cloning. In a paper in the journal Cell Stem Cell, researchers took the nucleus of skin cells from 35 and
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Identical twins, one case of Down syndrome: a genetic mystery
Los Angeles Times - 4/17/2014
Advertisement A rare occurrence in the earliest days of a pregnancy produces an unusual and mystifying outcome: Identical twin fetuses are conceived of the same meeting of egg and sperm. And despite
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Your Low Tolerance For Pain Can Be Blamed On Your Genes
Medical Daily - 15 Hours ago
Whereas some people are strong, others are weak. But some of that innate toughness might be due simply to a greater inherited tolerance for pain — a matter of perception. In a new study, researchers from
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Genetic risk of Alzheimers has gender bias
Kenya Star - 15 Hours ago
The gene does increase a woman's risk, but women with one copy of the gene were as likely to develop the disease as men with no copies. The study - along with work suggesting that ...
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Stem Cells Increase in Cancer Patients, Possibly From Drug Resistance
The Guardian Express - 15 Hours ago
Drugs most commonly used to treat breast, lung, and pancreatic cancers eventually become ineffective and actually encourage drug-resistance and tumor growth through the development of cancer stem cells.
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Trisomy 21 How an extra little chromosome throws entire genome off balance
Kenya Star - 15 Hours ago
A new study sheds light on how the extra chromosome 21 upsets the equilibrium of the entire genome, causing a wide variety of pathologies. Occurring in about one per eight hundred births, Down ...
Trisomy 21: How an extra little chromosome throws entire genome off balance Science Daily
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