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Effect of eccentric versus concentric exercise training on mitochondrial function
Muscle and Nerve - 65 Minutes ago
ABSTRACT Introduction : The effect of eccentric (ECC) versus concentric (CON) training on metabolic properties in skeletal muscle is understood poorly. We determined the responses in oxidative capacity
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A preclinical mouse model of glioma with an alternative mechanism of telomere maintenance
International Journal of Cancer - 3 Hours ago
Abstract Glioblastoma multiforme is the most aggressive primary tumor of the central nervous system. Glioma stem cells (GSCs), a small population of tumor cells with stem-like properties, are supposedly
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A three-gene panel that distinguishes benign from malignant thyroid nodules
International Journal of Cancer - 3 Hours ago
Abstract Reliable preoperative diagnosis of malignant thyroid tumors remains challenging because of the inconclusive cytological examination of fine-needle aspiration biopsies. Although numerous studies
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Identification of genes involved in gonadal sex differentiation and the dimorphic
Journal of Applied Ichthyology - 3 Hours ago
Summary The establishment of a sexing technique at an early developmental stage is an important issue in sturgeon aquaculture, yet the mechanism of sex differentiation in sturgeons remains poorly understood.
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99 Ebola virus genome sequenced
Business Mirror - 3 Hours ago
Details Category: Science 30 Aug 2014 Written by Deborah Netburn / Los Angeles Times/MCT IT’s a murderer on a killing spree, and now it has a new—and remarkably complete—genetic mug shot.
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Scientists probe Ebola's deadly genes for clues
CHINAdaily - 13 Hours ago
Scientists tracking the spread of Ebola across West Africa released 99 sequenced genomes of the deadly and highly contagious hemorrhagic virus on Thursday, hoping the data might accelerate diagnosis and
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Turkey’s top model pursuing a Ph.D. on genetics
Turkish Daily - 118 Minutes ago
Ayse Arman - ISTANBUL Photo: Emre Yunusoglu Melis Durasi is a perfect role model for girls. Nowadays the beauty queen is doing her genetic doctorate. Ayse Arman speaks to her
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Genetic Alterations Changed Wild Rabbits Into Tame Pets
Auto World News - 2 Hours ago
A team of scientists has conducted a study that shows how genes controlling the development of the brain and the nervous system played a key role in domesticating wild rabbits thousands of years ago.
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Genomic Health Reports Use of Illumina NGS Technology on Archived Tumors for Biomarker
Ein News - 2 Hours ago
Today - 11:11 GMT Genomic Health reports that it has completed a survey of the whole human transcriptome using Illumina’s next-generation DNA sequencing technology to test hypotheses for biomarker
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Genetic associations between temperament and performance traits in Nellore beef
Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics - 3 Hours ago
Summary The aim of this study was to estimate genetic associations between temperament and performance traits. Temperament was evaluated in yearling male and female Nellore cattle, using four traits:
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Earnings Look Back: Myriad Genetics Is Down 7.2% Since Reporting Quarterly Results
Individual.com - 3 Hours ago
(Financial News Network On) Two weeks ago on August 12th, 2014 Myriad Genetics (NASDAQ:MYGN) reported earnings and analysts, on average, expected earnings of $0.46 on sales of $187.5 million. The company
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North Carolina Auto Injury Attorney Gene Riddle Urges Drivers to Avoid Car Accidents
Digital Journal - 9 Hours ago
The North Carolina of Riddle & Brantley, LLP is urging drivers to use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) new Online Recall Check feature on their website. Drivers can now use
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Researchers find method to expand blood stem cells used to treat cancer patients
BioPortfolio - 9 Hours ago
Related Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare News A team of scientists from the University of Colorado School of Medicine has reported the breakthrough discovery of a process to expand production
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Gene Haas-owned Formula One team could be Ferrari satellite entry
Auto Week - 10 Hours ago
Much like Toro Rosso is to Red Bull Racing, Haas Formula could have ties to Ferrari Ferrarimay be looking at American-based Haas Formula team as a way to deploy the Red Bull-like approach of installing
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New Research Reveals How Wild Rabbits Were Genetically Transformed into Tame Rabbits
Noodls - 10 Hours ago
MISSOULA - Until recently, little has been known about what genetic changes transform wild animals into domesticated ones. An international team of scientists, one of whom is a University of Montana assistant
New study reveals how wild rabbits were genetically transformed into tame rabbits PhysOrg.com
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Two Genomes That Function as One Discovered
INooz - 10 Hours ago
Scientists have discovered that cicadas have a symbiotic relationship with two important bacteria t ...
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Gene Research Yields Insights Into Ebola Virus
MedicineNet.com - 10 Hours ago
By Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporter Latest Infectious Disease News THURSDAY, Aug. 28, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Genetic research performed during the early days of the Ebola outbreak in West
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Tute Genomics and Patients Know Best Partner to Bring ‘Precision Medicine’ a Step
ListFree.Org - 12 Hours ago
Patient-controlled medical record, combined with Tute Genomics' interpretation platform, enables genome-guided medicine. ListFree.org (Press Release) - Friday, August 29th, 2014 Provo, UT, August
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Mice study shows efficacy of new gene therapy approach for toxin exposures
Health Canal - 12 Hours ago
Therapy effective with botulism, may have applicability to other illnesses NORTH GRAFTON, Mass. —The current method to treat acute toxin poisoning is to inject antibodies, commonly produced in animals,
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Frameshift alignment: statistics and post-genomic applications
Bioinformatics - 12 Hours ago
1 , † , Yonil Park 1 , † , Martin C. Frith 2 , † and John L. Spouge 1 , * 1 National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD 20894, USA 2 Computational Biology
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The Naked Mole Rat Genome Resource: facilitating analyses of cancer and longevity-related
Bioinformatics - 12 Hours ago
Motivation: The naked mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber) is an exceptionally long-lived and cancer-resistant rodent native to East Africa. Although its genome was previously sequenced, here we report a
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Denison Firefighters Stop Traffic To Help Fight Genetic Disease
KTEN.com - 13 Hours ago
Denison Firefighters Stop Traffic To Help Fight Genetic Disease DENISON, TX -- Firefighters were out on the streets this afternoon, but they weren't fighting fires. Instead, they're fighting muscular
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Hydration Induced Stress on DNA Monolayers Grafted on Microcantilevers
Langmuir - 14 Hours ago
Surface tethered single-stranded DNA films are relevant biorecognition layers for oligonucleotide sequence identification. Also, hydration induced effects on these films have proven useful for the nanomechanical
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Stem cell therapy avoids amputation, says AIIMS doctor
Indian Express - 14 Hours ago
Summary At AIIMS, the doctors completed a 3-year study on ‘Trial on the safety and efficacy of stem cells in critical limb eschemia’. Stem cell therapy has come across as a saviour for patients
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Enteric Bacterial Metabolites Propionic and Butyric Acid Modulate Gene Expression,
Plosone.org - 16 Hours ago
by Bistra B. Nankova, Raj Agarwal, Derrick F. MacFabe, Edmund F. La Gamma Alterations in gut microbiome composition have an emerging role in health and disease including brain function and behavior.
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