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NASA's Mars 2020 rover: tools it will use to hunt for ancient microbial life (+video)
Christian Science Monitor - 9 Hours ago
On Thursday, NASA officials announced that the agency has agreed to support a suite of seven instruments for the Mars 2020 mission, which is likely to cost about $1.9 billion. This undated graphic provided
NASAs Mars 2020 rover tools it will use to hunt for ancient microbial life Big News Network
NASA's Mars 2020 rover: tools it will use to hunt for ancient microbial life Christian Science Monitor
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DNA Changes Linked to Health Effects of Childhood Abuse
American Journal of Public Health - 4 Hours ago
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Trauma has lasting effects on mental and physical health that may stem from changes to DNA which undermine a person's ability to rebound from stress, according to new research.
DNA changes linked to health effects of childhood abuse | Reuters DailyMe.Com
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Mars 2020 rover will carry tools to make oxygen
China Post - 5 Hours ago
rover will carry tools to make oxygenWASHINGTON -- The suite of space-age tools loaded on NASA's next robotic vehicle, bound for the Red Planet in 2020, will include a device for making oxygen out of
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10 of the best Android launchers on the planet
Technology Daily News - 5 Hours ago
The iOS vs. Android debate will rage on for several more years until one or both of these great mobile platforms are no longer leaders. Until then, we can expect enthusiastic fans to continue making the
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Journal of Evolution - 3 Hours ago
Abstract Mammalian hybrids often show abnormal growth, indicating that developmental inviability may play an important role in mammalian speciation. Yet it is unclear if this recurrent phenotype reflects
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Relative role and extent of marine and groundwater inundation on a dune-dominated
Hydrological Processes - 3 Hours ago
Abstract Climate change and sea-level rise will have severe impacts on coastal water resources around the world. However, whereas the influence of marine inundation is well documented in the literature,
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Determination of deferasirox plasma concentrations: do gender, physical and genetic
European Journal of Haematology - 4 Hours ago
Abstract Objectives Bioavailability of deferasirox (DFX) is significantly affected by timing of administration relative to times and to composition of meals. Its elimination half-life is also highly
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Hematopoietic clonal dominance, stem cell mutations and evolutionary pattern of
European Journal of Haematology - 4 Hours ago
Abstract Objectives Clonal dominance is characteristic of patients with myelofibrosis post-polycythemia vera (MF post-PV), whereas patients in chronic phase usually display polyclonal hematopoeisis.
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Dig These Instruments That Will Be on NASA's Mars 2020 Rover
Scientific American - 4 Hours ago
NASA says the rover will carry a zoomable camera, an oxygen-maker and instruments geared to the selection of samples that might be studied one day back on Earth Aug 1, 2014 | By Alexandra Witze
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British scientists to map 100,000 DNA code sequences
China Post - 5 Hours ago
AFP LONDON -- British scientists are to map 100,000 complete DNA code sequences in a project that will make the country a world leader in genetic research on cancer and rare diseases, the prime minister
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Activities and Health Status of Dispatched Public Health Nurses after the Great
Public Health Nursing - 5 Hours ago
Abstract Objective This study aimed to elucidate the actual activities conducted by public health nurses during their dispatch and their health status during and after dispatch to the three prefectures
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Chemistry of success: careers with a chemical degree
New Scientist - 5 Hours ago
A career in chemistry can look tough for recent graduates – and not just because of the scientific rigours of a potential life in the lab. An American Chemical Society (ACS) survey of 2013 graduates found
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Companion planets can increase old worlds' chance at life
Machines Like Us - 5 Hours ago
Having a companion in old age is good for people -- and, it turns out, might extend the chance for life on certain Earth-sized planets in the cosmos as well. Planets cool as they age. Over time their
Companion planets can increase old worlds chance at life Birmingham Star
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Hubble Space Telescope still pushing the frontiers of astronomy
Kenya Star - 3 Hours ago
This image, combining NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observations with data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory, shows the spiral galaxy ESO ...
Hubble Space Telescope Locates Far Off Lensing Galaxy Value Walk
NASA's Hubble Telescope Finds Galaxy 9.6 Billion Light-Years Away Auto World News
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Novel approaches to MOVPE material deposition for high efficiency Multijunction
Crystal Research and Technology - 9 Hours ago
Starting from a brief survey on the most important III-V material engineering approaches which brought multijunction solar cells reaching an efficiency value of 44.7% to realization, new approaches to
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20.7% efficient ion-implanted large area n-type front junction silicon solar cells
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research & Applications - 9 Hours ago
ABSTRACT In this work, we report on ion-implanted, high-efficiency n -type silicon solar cells fabricated on large area pseudosquare Czochralski wafers. The sputtering of aluminum (Al) via physical
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A genome wide search for quantitative trait loci affecting the cortical surface
Genes, Brain and Behavior - 10 Hours ago
Abstract Heschl's gyrus (HG) is a core region of the auditory cortex whose morphology is highly variable across individuals. This variability has been linked to sound perception ability in both speech
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Order-disorder in hemagglutinin rearrangement [Biophysics and Computational Biology]
PNAS - 10 Hours ago
Xingcheng Lin a , 1 , Nathanial R. Eddy a , 1 , Jeffrey K. Noel a , Paul C. Whitford b , Qinghua Wang c , Jianpeng Ma a , c , d , and José N. Onuchic a , 2 a Center for Theoretical Biological Physics
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The shrinking evolution that turned T. Rex to Tweety
AFP - 10 Hours ago
AFP / Frederic J. Brown Fossilized bones of a gigantic theropod dinosaur, Gigantorraptor erlianensis, are displayed on June 13, 2007 in Beijing Large, meat-eating dinosaurs shrank over a period
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Combined DNA methylation and gene expression profiling in gastrointestinal stromal
International Journal of Cancer - 10 Hours ago
How to Cite Haller, F., Zhang, J. D., Moskalev, E. A., Braun, A., Otto, C., Geddert, H., Riazalhosseini, Y., Ward, A., Balwierz, A., Schaefer, I.-M., Cameron, S., Ghadimi, B. M., Agaimy, A., Fletcher,
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Computational identification of post-translational modification-based nuclear import
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics - 10 Hours ago
Abstract The binding affinity between a nuclear localization signal (NLS) and its import receptor is closely related to corresponding nuclear import activity. PTM-based modulation of the NLS binding
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Frontiers in the bioarchaeology of stress and disease: Cross-disciplinary perspectives
American Journal of Physical Anthropology - 11 Hours ago
ABSTRACT Over the last four decades, bioarchaeology has experienced significant technical growth and theoretical maturation. Early 21st century bioarchaeology may also be enhanced from a renewed engagement
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Parmelia sulcata Taylor and Usnea filipendula Stirt induce apoptosis-like cell death
Journal of Cell Proliferation - 11 Hours ago
Abstract Objectives Successful cancer treatments still require more compounds to be isolated from natural sources. Thus, we have investigated anti-proliferative/apoptotic effects of methanolic extracts
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Tantalum oxide nanoparticles for X-ray imaging of articular cartilage
Nature - 15 Hours ago
To read this article in full you will need to log-in or choose from the options on the right. SciBX 7 (29); doi :10.1038/scibx.2014.881 Published online July 31 2014 Tantalum oxide nanoparticles could
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Earth survived near-miss from 2012 solar storm
Arab News - 16 Hours ago
WASHINGTON: Back in 2012, the Sun erupted with a powerful solar storm that just missed the Earth but was big enough to “knock modern civilization back to the 18th century,” NASA said. The extreme space
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