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Universitam inicia hoy su sección de noticias de ciencia en Inglés para nuestro usuarios anglo parlantes.

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Solar eclipse
CBS News - 105 Minutes ago
The moon crosses over the sun during the peak moment of a partial solar eclipse, as seen from the Mount Wilson Observatory northeast of Los Angeles. s occur when the moon, sun and Earth are aligned in
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North America treated to partial solar eclipse
Washington Post - 5 Hours ago
The moon passes in front of the sun, off-center, producing a partial solar eclipse visible in most of the United States. Oct. 23, 2014  Alex Frye, 12, uses special glasses to look at a partial solar
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Wow! This Hubble Telescope Photo of Mars with a Comet Is Amazing
Yahoo! Maktoob News - 7 Hours ago
A NASA Hubble Space Telescope composite image shows the positions of comet Siding … Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3 took this image of Mars at 10:37 p.m. EDT on Oct. … A compass and scale image for Comet
Wow! This Hubble Telescope Photo of Mars with a Comet Is Amazing Space.com 25 mins MSN News
Wow! This Hubble Telescope Photo of Mars with a Comet Is Amazing Space.com 20 mins MSN News
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Filling a Gap: Bellcomm’s 1968 Lunar Exploration Program
Wired News - 15 Hours ago
Bellcomm, Inc., based in Washington, DC, near NASA Headquarters, was carved out of Bell Labs in 1962 to provide technical advice to NASA’s Apollo Program Director. The organization rapidly expanded its
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New York physician who worked in Guinea contracts Ebola
Washington Post - 15 Hours ago
By , Abby Phillip and Elahe Izadi , A New York physician who recently returned from the front lines of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa tested positive Thursday for the deadly virus after falling
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Stunning Images of an Alien Comet Passing Mars [Slide Show]
Scientific American - 5 Hours ago
STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT On Sunday, October 19, 2014, an interplanetary robotic fleet watched as Comet Siding Spring swooped within about 130,000 kilometers of Mars. That’s only one third the distance
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Swimming mammoths beat humans to California
Mother Nature Network - 56 Minutes ago
VANCOUVER — A fossil tusk rescued from the sea proves mammoths swam to Southern California's Channel Islands much earlier than thought. The new fossil is one of two recently discovered tusks that challenge
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Evolution of antipredator behavior in an island lizard species, Podarcis erhardii
Journal of Evolution - 5 Hours ago
ABSTRACT Organisms generally have many defenses against predation yet may lack effective defenses if from populations without predators. Evolutionary theory predicts that ‘costly’ antipredator behaviors
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CERN needs your help identifying mysterious photos
Gizmag - 6 Hours ago
CERN is currently digitizing over 50 years of old black and white photographs, but researchers aren't sure what some photos depict (Photo: CERN) Image Gallery (15 images) CERN is currently digitizing
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Application of ancient DNA to the reconstruction of past microbial assemblages and
Molecular Ecology - 6 Hours ago
Abstract Ancient DNA (aDNA) analysis of lake sediments is a promising tool for detecting shifts in past microbial assemblages in response to changing environmental conditions. We examined sediment core
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Oldest DNA ever found sheds light on humans' global trek
Thanhnien - 16 Hours ago
Scientists claim to have unravelled the oldest DNA ever retrieved from a Homo sapiens bone, a feat that sheds light on modern humans' colonisation of the planet. A femur found by chance on the banks
Oldest DNA ever found sheds light on humans’ global trek Citizen.co.za
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Clustered, regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)-Cas9 genome
Nature - 17 Hours ago
To read this article in full you will need to log-in or choose from the options on the right. SciBX 7 (41); doi :10.1038/scibx.2014.1217 Published online Oct. 23 2014 Clustered, regularly interspaced
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Craters mark double asteroid impact on early Earth
ABC Online - 17 Hours ago
News in Science Friday, 24 October 2014 Stuart Gary and wires Double asteroids should account for 16 per cent of all Earth's impact craters, but very few have been found (Source: ESO) Double
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Team infuses science into 'Minecraft' modification
PhysOrg.com - 104 Minutes ago
The 3-D world of the popular "Minecraft" video game just became more entertaining, perilous and educational, thanks to a comprehensive code modification kit, "Polycraft World," created by University of
UT Dallas Team Infuses Science into 'Minecraft' Modification Newswise
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'Catastrophic' Ebola Toll in Liberia Is Predicted Unless Aid Scales Up
Yahoo! Canada - 2 Hours ago
A substantial and quick scaling up of Ebola interventions is needed or else there will be a catastrophic number of cases and deaths from the disease in parts of Liberia, a new study suggests. Researchers
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Equities Research Analysts’ Price Target Changes for October, 24th (AMA, AMZN, ATEN,
Mideast Time - 2 Hours ago
Equities Research Analysts’ price target changes for Friday, October 24th: Amara Mining Plc (LON:AMA) had its target price cut by Canaccord Genuity from GBX 33 ($0.53) to GBX 28 ($0.45). Canaccord Genuity
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Quality Systems has the Best Relative Performance in the Health Care Technology
Comtex SmarTrend - 6 Hours ago
Written on Fri, 10/24/2014 - 9:28am By David Diaz We looked at the Health Care Technology industry and measured relative performance to find the top stocks. Relative outperformance is a bullish
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NYC Doctor Tests Positive For Ebola, Officials Quell Panic | Video
LiveScience.com - 50 Minutes ago
A Doctors Without Borders physician who recently returned to New York City has been diagnosed with Ebola. Officials are now working to quell panic.
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Ebola Survivor Nurse Speaks At Press Conference | Video
LiveScience.com - 50 Minutes ago
Nina Pham, who caught Ebola while caring for the patient diagnosed in Dallas, was released from a hospital Friday, free of the virus. (Oct. 24)
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N-Heterocyclic Carbene?Main-Group Chemistry: A Rapidly Evolving Field
Inorganic Chemistry - 58 Minutes ago
Inorganic Chemistry DOI: 10.1021/ic5
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Oldest high-altitude human settlement discovered in Andes
FOXNews.com - 49 Minutes ago
Archaeologists excavate a rockshelter in the Peruvian Andes that was used more than 12,000 years ago by human settlers. (Kurt Rademaker) The oldest-known evidence of humans living at extremely high
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Cerner (CERN) Trading Near $61.19 Resistance Level
TradingCharts.com - 107 Minutes ago
The patented options-trade picking algorithms used by MarketIntelligenceCenter.com found a trading opportunity with Cerner ( CERN ) that should provide a 3.23% return in just 85 days. Sell one Jan. '15
Cerner Co. (CERN) Releases Q4 Earnings Guidance Mideast Time
Cerner (CERN) Q3 2014 Results - Earnings Call Transcript Seeking Alpha
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The Nuclear Immune Receptor RPS4 Is Required for RRS1SLH1-Dependent Constitutive
Plosone.org - 5 Hours ago
by Kee Hoon Sohn, Cécile Segonzac, Ghanasyam Rallapalli, Panagiotis F. Sarris, Joo Yong Woo, Simon J. Williams, Toby E. Newman, Kyung Hee Paek, Bostjan Kobe, Jonathan D. G. Jones Plant nucleotide-binding
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A Complex Genetic Switch Involving Overlapping Divergent Promoters and DNA Looping
Plosone.org - 5 Hours ago
by Gayetri Ramachandran, Praveen K. Singh, Juan Roman Luque-Ortega, Luis Yuste, Carlos Alfonso, Fernando Rojo, Ling J. Wu, Wilfried J. J. Meijer Plasmid conjugation plays a significant role in the dissemination
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The Analysis of Mutant Alleles of Different Strength Reveals Multiple Functions
Plosone.org - 5 Hours ago
by Valentina Mengoli, Elisabetta Bucciarelli, Ramona Lattao, Roberto Piergentili, Maurizio Gatti, Silvia Bonaccorsi Topoisomerase II is a major component of mitotic chromosomes but its role in the assembly
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