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India to seek CERN membership: Ratan Kumar Sinha, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission
Economic Times - 6 Hours ago
NEW DELHI: The much-delayed process of India acquiring the associate membership of premier research institute CERN has already begun, Ratan Kumar Sinha, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India
India to seek membership of Europe's premier research institute CERN DNA India
India to seek CERN membership Press Trust of India
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Amazon finally starts paying proper taxes in European countries
NewsOnFeeds.com - 4 Hours ago
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Kelly Rutherford granted temporary custody of children CNN
Dave Grohl's stellar weekend NewsOnFeeds.com
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Genome constitution of Elymus tangutorum (Poaceae: Triticeae) inferred from meiotic
Journal of Systematics and Evolution - 4 Hours ago
Abstract Elymus tangutorum (Nevski) Hand.-Mazz (2 n ?=?6 x ?=?42) is a perennial species in the tribe Triticeae, which distributes in Nepal and north and northwest China. However, the genome constitution
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To follow or not? How animals in fusion–fission societies handle conflicting information
Ecology Letters - 4 Hours ago
Abstract When group members possess differing information about the environment, they may disagree on the best movement decision. Such conflicts result in group break-ups, and are therefore a fundamental
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Estimation of structural changes in nonlinear time series models by using particle
Adaptive Control and Signal Processing - 5 Hours ago
Summary Several works have demonstrated detection of changes of state equations (called structural changes) based on statistical measures but have given no suggestions regarding the functional forms
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How Astronomers Discovered the Universe's Hidden Light
Scientific American - 5 Hours ago
Galaxies in every corner of the universe have been sending out photons, or light particles, since nearly the beginning of time. Astronomers are now beginning to read this extragalactic background light
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Fine mapping of the genetic locus L1 conferring black pods using a chromosome segment
Plant Breeding - 5 Hours ago
Abstract The colour of plant organs is a useful trait in crop breeding. The pod colours of soybeans primarily include black, brown and tan types, which are controlled by two classical genetic loci,
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Biological evaluation of 1,2,3-triazole-based polymers for potential applications
Journal of Polymer Science - 5 Hours ago
This contribution deals with the synthesis and subsequent bulk polymerization of multifunctional electron-deficient internal alkynes with several multifunctional azides in a metal-free 1,3-dipolar azide–alkyne
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Systems biology and metabolic modelling unveils limitations to polyhydroxybutyrate
Plant Biotechnology Journal - 6 Hours ago
Summary In planta production of the bioplastic polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) is one important way in which plant biotechnology can address environmental problems and emerging issues related to peak oil.
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Urbanisation and earthquake disturbance influence microbial nutrient limitation
Freshwater Biology - 6 Hours ago
Summary Nutrient loading as a consequence of urbanisation is a common phenomenon that can influence microbial nutrient limitation in streams. How nutrient loading and nutrient limitation relate to increasing
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The mutual challenge of anthropology and cognitive science
Social Anthropology - 7 Hours ago
How to Cite , and Beller, S ( 2015 ), . Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale , 23 , 199 – 200 . doi: 10.1111/1469-8676.12116 . Author Information Department of Psychosocial Science, University
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Cognitive science and the cultural challenge
Social Anthropology - 7 Hours ago
Susan A. Gelman* and Steven O. Roberts DOI: 10.1111/1469-8676.12120 © 2015 European Association of Social Anthropologists. Issue Social Anthropology Volume 23, Issue 2, pages 208–210, May
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The science of cognitive science
Social Anthropology - 7 Hours ago
How to Cite
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Diving in the gene pool: DNA, drosophila flies and adoptees' discoveries
Melbourne Age - 7 Hours ago
The great 'who am I' question answered in a spit second When Monash University's Dr Richard Burke was an undergraduate science student in the 1980s he was inspired by the elegance of genetics and the
From Mendel's peas to adoptees' discoveries - how genetics studies have changed Melbourne Age
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Abnormal expression of RNA polymerase II-associated proteins in muscle of patients
Histopathology - 9 Hours ago
Aims Myofibrillar myopathies (MFMs) are a group of inherited or sporadic neuromuscular disorders characterized morphologically by foci of myofibril dissolution, disintegration of the Z-disk and insoluble
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Physical Punishment, Mental Health and Sense of Coherence Among Parents of Children
Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities - 10 Hours ago
Background Although sense of coherence (SOC) moderates parental stress, the relationship between SOC, parental mental health and physical punishment of children with intellectual disabilities remains
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Chemistry: not as easy as A + B -> C
ABC Online - 14 Hours ago
Bernie's Basics Chemical reactions are usually written as equations, which makes them look really straightforward. But there's nothing inevitable about making A + B -> C. By Bernie Hobbs Without
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A mathematical model of the evolution of individual differences in developmental
Developmental Science - 15 Hours ago
Abstract Children vary in the extent to which their development is shaped by particular experiences (e.g. maltreatment, social support). This variation raises a question: Is there no single level of
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The influence of physical strain on esophageal motility in healthy volunteers studied
Neurogastroenterology and Motility - 16 Hours ago
Abstract Background The influence of physical strain on the esophageal motility has already been examined in a number of studies. It was found that high physical strain compromises the sufficient contractility
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After Mars, Indian Space Agency Aims at Venus
NewsR.in - 5 Hours ago
Following India's successful missions to the Moon and Mars, the next inter-planetary expedition launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) could be to Venus. "Currently, discussions are
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Birds dig deep in carving out Proteaceae evolution
PhysOrg.com - 3 Hours ago
Australian and South African scientists have found pollinators are driving evolutionary divergence in members of the Proteaceae family including the Leucospermum tottum.
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Nasty 1: NASA’s Hubble Telescope Observes Stellar Apocalypse
The Guardian Express - 3 Hours ago
Astronomers at NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have found a star in the vast chasm of space that is currently in the middle of a stellar apocalypse. This star has baffled astronomers for decades, considering
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What are extrasolar planets?
PhysOrg.com - 4 Hours ago
Artist’s illustration of WASP-18b, an exoplanet about ten times Jupiter’s mass located some 330 light years from Earth, along with optical and x-ray data in the lower right. Credit:  NASA/Chandra For
Missy Smith: Breastfeeding Mom Fights Back After Landlord Warns Her To Stop Nurse Fnews.com
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GenMark Diagnostics Earns Buy Rating from Canaccord Genuity (GNMK)
SleekMoney - 4 Hours ago
Canaccord Genuity reiterated their buy rating on shares of GenMark Diagnostics (NASDAQ:GNMK) in a research note released on Saturday morning. They currently have a $14.00 target price on the stock.
GenMark Diagnostics PT Lowered to $14.00 (GNMK) American Banking News
Cerner Director Sells $437,760.00 in Stock (CERN) American Banking News - Forex
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Earthquake reality check: Facts behind "San Andreas"
NewsOnFeeds.com - 5 Hours ago
Hollywood blockbuster unleashes total earthquake devastation; where's the line between fact and fiction?
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