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Universitam inicia hoy su sección de noticias de ciencia en Inglés para nuestro usuarios anglo parlantes.

Starts today Universitam science news section in English for our users Anglo speakers. Add Comment

Life Sciences Tools and Services Equities Technical Coverage -- Genetic Technologies,
Reuters - 4 Hours ago
PR Newswire LONDON, March 27, 2015 LONDON , March 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Editor Note: For more information about this release, please scroll to bottom . Investor-Edge has initiated coverage
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Optical Properties of NanoAlloys
RSC - 4 Hours ago
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Ammonia detection by using flexible Lewis acidic sites in luminescent porous frameworks RSC
Optimized multi-site local orbitals in the large-scale DFT program CONQUEST RSC
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Grants help level the playing field for young moms in science
Reuters UK - 41 Minutes ago
(Reuters Health) - Thanks to a generous benefactor, young mothers doing laboratory research at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston can receive major grants to keep them from falling behind while
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Zimbabwe capital turns to solar streetlights to cut costs, crime
Reuters India - 8 Hours ago
HARARE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Big cities across the world struggle with crime, and Zimbabwe’s Harare is no exception. Naison Gumpo, a journalism student studying in the capital, knows this
Harare turns to solar streetlights to cut costs and fight crime Times Live South Africa
Zimbabwe capital turns to solar streetlights to cut costs, crime - TRFN ChannelAfrica.co.za
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A Physicist Is Building a Time Machine to Reconnect With His Dead Father
Bloomberg - 8 Hours ago
The hour is late. His scientific papers were published years ago, filled with equations wrought by the energies of a younger man. But at 69, theoretical physicist Ron Mallett still goes to work every
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A First Glimpse Inside A Macroscopic Quantum State
Photonics Online - 3 Hours ago
Science News reports on detection of particle entanglement in a beam of squeezed light ICFO researchers were able to observe effects of entanglement monogamy, where particles can be strongly entangled
First glimpse inside a macroscopic quantum state Science Daily
A first glimpse inside a macroscopic quantum state ICFO-The Institute of Photonic EurekAlert!
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NASA Asteroid Hunter Spacecraft Data Available to Public
Sensors WorldLink - 3 Hours ago
The NEOWISE spacecraft viewed comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) for a second time on January 30, 2015, as the comet passed through the closest point to our sun along its 14,000-year orbit, at a solar distance
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NASA to Test Cutting-Edge Mars Landing Technology
NDTV - 7 Hours ago
Washington: NASA will be flying a rocket-powered, saucer-shaped test vehicle into near-space from the Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai, Hawaii, in June, the US space agency said in a
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Effect of Sterilizing Temperature on Physical Properties of Rice Porridge Mixed
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation - 41 Minutes ago
Abstract Commercial sterilization was studied for a production of the ready-to-eat (RTE) brown rice porridge mixed with legumes and job's tear in retortable pouch in this research. Since particles contained
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Development and Evaluation of Food Safety Modules for K-12 Science Education
Journal of Food Science Education - 64 Minutes ago
Abstract Career and educational opportunities in food science and food safety are underrecognized by K-12 students and educators. Additionally, misperceptions regarding nature of science understanding
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A View of Oral Communication Activities in Food Science From the Perspective of
Journal of Food Science Education - 64 Minutes ago
Abstract Food science researchers have pronounced the Institute of Food Technologists Success Skills to be the most important competency mastered by graduates entering the work force. Much of the content
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Effect of potato starch extrudates on the physical properties and staling of wheat
Starch - Stärke - 88 Minutes ago
Bread staling could be diminished by the use of certain additives, including starch degradation products. The aim of the study was to check the influence of potato starch extrudates (which were produced
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Long-term annealing of C-type kudzu starch: Effect on crystalline type and other
Starch - Stärke - 88 Minutes ago
Kudzu starch samples were prepared by annealing (ANN) treatment in 1:1.5 starch to water ratio at 50?°C for 1, 3, and 9 days. The effects of ANN on the morphology, structure, swelling power, solubility,
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Metagenomic characterization of viral communities in corals: mining biological signal
Environmental Microbiology - 98 Minutes ago
Summary Reef-building corals form close associations with organisms from all three domains of life and therefore have many potential viral hosts. Yet knowledge of viral communities associated with corals
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The influence of two reciprocating single-file and two rotary files systems on the
International Endodontic Journal - 109 Minutes ago
Abstract Aim This systematic review and meta-analysis investigated the influence of the number of files (full-sequence rotary-files vs. reciprocating single-file systems) used during root canal preparation
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Scenes from the White House Science Fair
Scientific American - 115 Minutes ago
At the fifth annual White House Science Fair on March 23, 2015, some 30 students shared their hard work on their research projects and collected insights. It was striking how many of these young people
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Nonsense-mediated RNA decay – a switch and dial for regulating gene expression
Wiley BioEssays - 2 Hours ago
Nonsense-mediated RNA decay (NMD) represents an established quality control checkpoint for gene expression that protects cells from consequences of gene mutations and errors during RNA biogenesis that
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The International Space Station Is a Springboard for Future Mars Exploration
Scientific American - 3 Hours ago
How a one-year orbital mission to the ISS advances a deep-space journey to Mars | By William H. Gerstenmaier | SA Forum  is an invited essay from experts on topical issues in science and technology.
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A compact circularly polarized high gain S-band nanosatellite antenna using ramped
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters - 3 Hours ago
ABSTRACT In this article, a compact single layer coaxial probe fed circularly polarized high gain patch antenna for HORYU-IV nanosatellite S-band communication is presented. The proposed antenna consists
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Microstructural evolution of a recrystallized Fe-implanted InGaAsP/InP heterostructure
physica status solidi a - 4 Hours ago
Through the recrystallization of an amorphous heterostructure, obtained by MeV Fe ion implantation, we are able to tailor a standard epitaxial semiconductor material, a small gap InGaAsP/InP alloy, for
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The Effect of Habitual Physical Training on Left Ventricular Function During Exercise
Journal of Echocardiography - 4 Hours ago
Background Stroke volume (SV) in trained athletes continuously increases with progressive exercise intensity. We studied whether physical training affected left ventricle (LV) function response to exercise
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Patterned Paper Sensors Printed with Long-Chain DNA Aptamers
Chemistry European Journal - 4 Hours ago
Abstract There is growing interest in developing printable paper sensors to enable rapid testing of analytes for environmental, food safety, and clinical applications. A major challenge is to find suitable
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Visible-Light Sensitization and Photoenergy Storage in Quantum Dot/Polyoxometalate
Chemistry European Journal - 4 Hours ago
Abstract Recently, the process by which energy is transferred from photoexcited semiconductor nanocrystals, called quantum dots (QDs), to other semiconductors has attracted much attention and has potential
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Orienting Tetramolecular G-Quadruplex Formation: The Quest for the Elusive RNA Antiparallel
Chemistry European Journal - 4 Hours ago
Abstract DNA and RNA G-quadruplexes (G4) are unusual nucleic acid structures involved in a number of key biological processes. RNA G-quadruplexes are less studied although recent evidence demonstrates
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Ebola’s fast evolution questioned
Nature - 4 Hours ago
The Ebola virus is evolving more slowly than previously thought, contends a controversial study of viral genomes from the current West African epidemic. The findings, published in Science on 26 March
Ebola's fast evolution questioned Nature
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