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Devadasi system still being practiced in India. Shocking! 
The age old tradition of Devadasi is still being followed in some parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka.
Under the name of God, the young girls are exploited by the affluent men in their areas.
How the exploitation takes places, and what could be the end result is shown in the latest film Pranali which is directed by Hridesh Kamble.

Full details about this movie is given at:
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‘King of the Hill’ Is a Touching, Sweet Story and Quite Unlike Later Soderbergh
Pop Matters - 6 Hours ago
A Fresh Look At Early Soderbergh Steven Soderbergh spent his 23-year film career building a reputation as a sort of anti-auteur, known for his willingness to jump between star-powered major studio
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Indiewire - 14 Hours ago
Photo by Peter Mountain - Courtesy of Alcon Entertainment. is a good film that aspires to greatness and falls a bit short. Jack Paglen’s screenplay grapples with the always-relevant question of how far
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Heaven Is For Real
Cinema Blend - 4/16/2014
is cinematic hell… or, at the very least, a painful, theater-based purgatory where time stretches for an eternity and your creative soul wallows in a cliché-soaked limbo begging for the end credits to
Heaven Is For Real Review India Everyday
Heaven Is For Real: Film Review India Everyday
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Old and New: Marco Bellocchio Series At MOMA
Indiewire - 4/16/2014
When Marco Bellocchio's startling first film -- the dark, explosive family drama Fists in the Pocket -- appeared in 1965, he arrived with a fresh, audacious voice and eye. Amazingly, he remains a vibrant
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Boundaries Are All Fictions in Godard’s “Breathless”
Pop Matters - 4/16/2014
“Well—I do not believe in the peaceful co-existence of the ‘Tradition of Quality’ and an ‘auteur’s cinema.’” —François Truffaut, “A Certain Tendency of the French Cinema” The pivotal moment of Breathless
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Review: Patrice Leconte's Edgeless Drama 'A Promise' Starring Rebecca Hall
Indiewire - 4/15/2014
He’s fallen out of favor a bit in the last few years, but there was a time when Patrice Leconte was one of the most popular foreign filmmakers in the U.S. While he was never a favorite with the hipper
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Review: Amir Ramses' Doc 'Jews of Egypt' Gives In-Depth Look At Complex History
Indiewire - 4/15/2014
After the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, many Muslims were viewed with overwhelming suspicion. My father, an African American Muslim from Louisiana, went to the airport in a Kufi cap and was met
ArtMattan Pick-Up Amir Ramses' Award-Winning Controversial Doc 'Jews Of Egypt' Now Indiewire
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Review: John Turturro Casts Himself Opposite Woody Allen in 'Fading Gigolo'
Indiewire - 4/15/2014
John Turturro and Woody Allen in 'Fading Gigolo' In his latest, “Fading Gigolo,” John Turturro exercises what amounts to the urban auteur’s droit de seigneur, casting himself as a member of New
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Draft Day -- $9.8M
MSN Movies - 4/14/2014
User Rating: 2 ratings PG13 , 1hr 50min Released: April 11, 2014 Distributor: Summit Entertainment Synopsis: Ivan Reitman's Draft Day stars Kevin Costner as Sonny Weaver Jr., the GM of
Draft Day Eventful
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Recap: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4, Episode 2, ‘The Lion And The Rose’ Is A Nice
Indiewire - 4/14/2014
If there is one piece of advice in the land of Westeros, it is DO NOT ACCEPT AN INVITATION TO A WEDDING. Also, don’t get married, don’t participate in weddings, just never go anywhere or do anything.
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Rio 2
Kids-In-Mind - 4/13/2014
Although our site is very popular, the current economic climate has reduced our revenues just when we need extra security to prevent attacks from hackers who don't like what we do. If you think what we
Noah League Unlimited
The Quiet Ones The Sentinel
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WATCH: Guillermo Arriaga's Anthology 'Words with Gods' (TRAILER)
Indiewire - 4/13/2014
'Words with Gods' Guillermo Arriaga's faith-themed anthology film "Words with Gods," with an original song by Peter Gabriel and shaped into its current structure by Nobel prize winner Mario Vargas
Review: Guillermo Arriaga's Anthology 'Words with Gods' (TRAILER) Indiewire
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Unthinkable: An Airline Captain's Story: Film Review
Ein News - 4/12/2014
Questions? +1 202-657-5157 254,932 live feeds · 144,571 readers Send a FREE press release Get Started Today's edition is brought to you by EIN Presswire - a service dedicated to helping
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Istanbul United: Istanbul Review
Hollywood Reporter - 4/14/2014
Purportedly inspirational films about sports bringing erstwhile antagonistic groups together have been omnipresent on screen for decades: get the ball rolling, as this subgenre goes, and warring soldiers
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Things I Cannot Tell (Deniz Seviyesi): Istanbul Review
Hollywood Reporter - 4/14/2014
The story of a slick New Yorker returning to her rural roots to confront her first love; images of middle-class family lives being led on the seaside in the summer; a electronic, melancholy soundtrack
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Review: Nicolas Cage Returns to His Naturalist Roots in 'Joe,' Directed by David
Indiewire - 4/11/2014
Nicolas Cage and Tye Sheridan in "Joe." David Gordon Green's "Joe" is a taxing viewing experience, a sluggish, slow-burn drama set in poverty-mired Mississippi about the bond that gradually builds
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You Can't Say No to Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as Vampire Lovers
Io9 - 4/11/2014
S Sometimes two actors have such great chemistry that it almost doesn't matter what kind of story has been wrapped around them. In Only Lovers Left Alive , stars Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton are
You Can’t Say No to Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as Vampire Lovers Technology Daily News
Interview: Mythological Human Tilda Swinton Talks "Only Lovers Left Live" and the Complex
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Nicolas Cage Is Jolted Back to Life in ‘Joe’
Pop Matters - 4/11/2014
Strong and Truthful Nicolas Cage has been in the movie-star wilderness for so long that his bills-paying sojourn into shlock can be divided into at least a couple of phases, including the supernatural
Nicolas Cage Is Jolted Back to Life in 'Joe' (Review) Pop Matters
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Lots of Dads in the NFL in ‘Draft Day’
Pop Matters - 4/11/2014
Golden Ticket “Are you going to say anything to me, anything at all?” Ali (Jennifer Garner) stands an entire kitchen away from Sonny (Kevin Costner) when she puts this question to him. For the next
Lots of Dads in the NFL in 'Draft Day' (Review) Pop Matters
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Movie Review: Nicolas Cage Stars in ‘Joe’
New York Times - 4/11/2014
In David Gordon Green’s “Joe,” Nicolas Cage stars as a steely ex-convict who tries to help a boy with an abusive home life.
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Movie Review: ‘The King of Escape,’ From France With Libido
New York Times - 4/11/2014
Alain Guiraudie’s “The King of Escape” follows a middle-aged gay tractor salesman who finds himself in a heterosexual mood after rescuing a teenage girl, so he runs away with her.
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Movie Review: ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’: Jarmusch’s Vampire Malaise
New York Times - 4/11/2014
In “Only Lovers Left Alive,” Jim Jarmusch’s celebration of art and style, cultured vampires make up a kind of aesthetic aristocracy.
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Review: Only Lovers Left Alive - A Pair of Glamorous Bloodsuckers
Indiewire - 4/11/2014
Only Lovers Left Alive Exotic trinkets and antique technology pave the rooms of a dimly lit apartment in desolated, almost-post-apocalyptic Detroit. Like a space transplanted from another
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier
The Lady - 4/11/2014
Thursday, 10 April 2014 Scarlett Johansson is more than a match for the boys and their toys Written by Barry Norman There was a time in adventure
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 3D The Sentinel
Film review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Otago Daily Times
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REVIEW: "Rio 2"
Indiewire - 4/10/2014
Like an obnoxious relative at a family gathering, Rio 2 grabs you by the arm and insists you’re having fun, even when you both know you’re not. In this follow-up to Blue Sky's Rio (2011), the filmmakers
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