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Devadasi system still being practiced in India. Shocking! 
The age old tradition of Devadasi is still being followed in some parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka.
Under the name of God, the young girls are exploited by the affluent men in their areas.
How the exploitation takes places, and what could be the end result is shown in the latest film Pranali which is directed by Hridesh Kamble.

Full details about this movie is given at:
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Eli Glasner's film reviews
CBC - 2 Hours ago
8:18 PM ET The Homestretch 0:00 / 6:59 Eli Glasner's film reviews 6:59 Film reviewer Eli Glasner offers his take on two new movies - Birdman and John Wick.
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Film Review: Racial Satire ‘Dear White People’ is Heated, Hilarious
IMDB - 64 Minutes ago
Chicago – A new voice has everyone’s attention with the shaking-head comedy “Dear White People,” a necessary “Wake Up!” to a melting pot nation that still needs to get itself together, even if a black
Film Review: Racial Satire 'Dear White People' is Heated and Hilarious IMDB
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Film Review: 'Birdman' flies high with stellar performances
Glendale News Press - 45 Minutes ago
I’ve spent much of my life as an editor, so let me get something off my chest. It’s hard to know which elements of the title of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s new film are his work and which come from
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Film review: Cathedrals of Culture unlocks Norwegian prison
Canberra Times - 47 Minutes ago
As a prison psychologist, Benedikte Westin must regularly ponder not only the social structures within Norway's Halden Prison, where she works, but also its architectural configuration. It is a high-security
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FILM REVIEW: New movie calls out ‘white’ America
Michigan Citizen - 105 Minutes ago
'Dear White People' By Phreddy Wischusen The Michigan Citizen “Dear White People, knowing Lil’ Wayne lyrics doesn’t give you an honorary Black card. It just reminds me how much you say the N-word in
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Movie review: Keanu Reaves’ new action flick “John Wick” burns lean and mean
Columbus Alive - 2 Hours ago
I realize that the blurb declaring “John Wick” to be “the best Keanu Reeves movie since ‘The Matrix’” may not seem like much, as the dude hasn’t been in a lot of blockbusters of late. But, man, if you
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Film Review: "Dear White People"
Rochester City Newspaper - 3 Hours ago
College is traditionally a time when we're allowed to experiment, try on different personas, and generally attempt to figure out what type of person we ultimately want to become. It's also the first time
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Red Carpets and Radicals: The Shadow of Reality at the Fifth Odessa International
Bright Lights Film Journal - 3 Hours ago
Security goes after a Femen protestor during the festival The Fifth Odessa International Film Festival was destined to be unlike its previous editions. Only two months previously, Odessa suffered an
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Blu-ray Review: Recent Silent Film Releases from Flicker Alley
Bright Lights Film Journal - 3 Hours ago
Mabel Normand Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Mack Sennett, Harry Langdon, W. C. Fields, Ben  Turpin – the gang’s all here. Flicker Alley, a home video company founded in 2007, is not solely dedicated to
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Everything Is Marvellous, but without Superbeings, what does that even mean?
Bright Lights Film Journal - 3 Hours ago
Boyhood When space seems polluted with far too many Superbeings, maybe cinema is not the first place to go for relief. Yet for those who have not given up looking for something positive – in the filmic
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Overly Ambitious and Criminally Overrated Movie Review, Christian
DailyMe.Com - 28 Minutes ago
(expanded)Rating: R (for language throughout, some sexual content and brief violence)Genre: DramaRun Time: 119 min.Director: Alejandro Gonzalez InarrituCast: Michael Keaton, Zach Galifianakis, Edward
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Film Review: “Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me” + His wife talks about faith, his final
Beliefnet - 29 Minutes ago
Here’s today’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture. Rhinestone Cowboy‘s final ride. The announcement of country music legend Glen Campbell 2011 Alzheimer’s diagnosis was shocking
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MOVIE REVIEW: 'Dear White People' makes a valiant effort
Wicked Local Somerset - 31 Minutes ago
Abundant adoration has been heaped upon “Dear White People” since its Sundance debut, but methinks fellow critics praise too much. For instance, it’s billed as a comedy, but it’s not all that funny. It’s
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Movie review: ‘John Wick’ a hitman out for revenge
Ames Daily Tribune - 18 Minutes ago
A single uniformed cop shows up in the hitman-out-for-revenge thriller “John Wick.” He sees blood on the title character’s face and hands. “Evening John,” he says, all friendly even though there have
Movie review: Slick 'John Wick' is a hit man out for revenge Idaho Statesman
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Film review: ‘Birdman’ soars
680 News - 70 Minutes ago
Michael Keaton returns to lead role status in a darkly comic drama from the director of 21 Grams and Babel. Film critic Leslie James boldly states that Birdman soars. [Download] (To download: Right click
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Film Review--Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
YubaNet - 73 Minutes ago
- It is often joked that even paranoids have real enemies and a case in point is the alarming new documentary Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret. It may be paranoid to suggest that environmental groups
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Movie Review: 'Fury'
Sawyer County Record - 73 Minutes ago
“Fury” is a brutal war movie that wants to provide a jarring, emotional experience. It succeeds on the first front, though its emotional moments do feel forced. It’s trying to be Oscar bait, but I don’t
Movie Review: Fury Freestone County Times
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Movie Review: 'The Green Prince' tells unlikely true story
My Sun Coast - 118 Minutes ago
"The Green Prince," rated PG-13, recounts the life of a young Palestinian man and son of a Hamas leader who ultimately decides to work for Israeli intelligence. The documentary is now playing at Burns
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Movie review: Birdman,’ Keaton soar
Woodford Times.com - 3 Hours ago
I successfully stayed away from any information about this movie till I entered the theater — didn’t even know who directed it or who was in it. Because I got there about a minute after it started, I
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'Birdman' (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance): Movie Review, Trailer
Annandale Patch - 2 Hours ago
Patch blogger Cinema Siren's 5-star review (or why we should care that Michael Keaton has made a great movie). Watch a preview below. By Leslie Combemale aka Cinema Siren Where the heck has Michael
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) is a magical mess DiamondbackOnline.com
Birdman (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance): Movie Review Reston Patch
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Movie Review: Happy New Year
Reuters - 8 Hours ago
(Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters) If there is one person who loves Shah Rukh Khan more than Shah Rukh Khan, it has to be Farah Khan . Right from her first
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Film Review: '23 Blast'
Variety - 24 Hours ago
Your article will display in seconds Continue to Variety.com Usuarios de habla hispana por favor elijan su destino Stay on Variety.com The Business of Entertainment in English.
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Film reviews: Brad's furious
The Big Issue - 10 Hours ago
Reviews : Fury (Director: David Ayer, Certificate: 15) Zabriskie Point (Director: Michelangelo Antonini, Certificate: 15) Both in cinemas October 22 In the opening sequence of the World War Two
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14:01 Film Review - Fury: Brad Pitt stars in Second World War is a bloodbath
NewsRT.co.uk - 13 Hours ago
At a critical juncture in David Ayer's wartime thriller, Brad Pitt's grizzled tank commander turns to an inexperienced new recruit and sounds the death knell on morality and diplomacy in a time of conflict.
Film Review - Fury: Brad Pitt stars in Second World War is a bloodbath NewsRT.co.uk
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Our Movie Review: Fury
CBC - 14 Hours ago
8:50 AM ET Information Morning - Saint John 0:00 / 6:18 Our Movie Review: Fury 6:18 Tara Thorne went to see Brad Pitt's latest that takes us to the battlefield of World War 2.
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