Quantcast Financial Shenanigans
Financial Shenanigans By Quinta Quivilla
Corruption, fraud, embezzlement and other white collar crimes will proliferate immensely during the present financial crisis due to the collapse of the culture of honesty and integrity throughout the world and especially in the industrialized countries.
Financial Shenanigans February 14, 2016 members login here
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Omaha parent says proposed sex ed approach 'rapes children of their innocence' 
Washington Post - 1/6/2016
Omaha Public Schools’ effort to revise sex education standards for the first time in 30 years has revealed deep divides over what young people should learn about issues ranging from sexual orientation
Omaha parent says proposed sex ed approach ‘rapes children of their innocence’ Washington Post
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'Highly unusual' spate of crimes 
BBC - 1/6/2016
A thief stole a man's glasses while he was still wearing them - one of several "highly unusual" offences thought by police to have been carried out by the same person. A woman's headphones, also snatched     Add Comment

Police halt Reading rape claim probe 
BBC - 1/6/2016
Police have halted a rape investigation after a report that a woman was attacked in Reading. Thames Valley Police had been looking for three men after an allegation they kicked a woman in her 20s to     Add Comment

Oregon Occupier Warns FBI He'd Take Death Over Jail 
NBCNews.com - 1/6/2016
One of the armed protesters occupying a federal wildlife refuge in rural Oregon said he would rather die defending the building than be arrested by the FBI. The occupation at the remote headquarters
Oregon Occupier Warns FBI He’d Take Death Over Jail Time
Oregon Occupier LaVoy Finicum Warns FBI He'd Take Death Over Jail NBCNews.com
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