Quantcast Financial Shenanigans
Financial Shenanigans By Quinta Quivilla
Corruption, fraud, embezzlement and other white collar crimes will proliferate immensely during the present financial crisis due to the collapse of the culture of honesty and integrity throughout the world and especially in the industrialized countries.
Financial Shenanigans April 01, 2015 members login here
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Chinese woman charged with immigration fraud remains in US jail 
CHINAdaily.com.cn - 12 Hours ago
Couple alleged to have embezzled money and funneled it out of the country to buy houses Zhao Shilan, who with her ex-husband has been charged with money laundering and immigration fraud based partly     Add Comment

Lawsuit seeks to remove commanders from rape cases 
USA Today - 12 Hours ago
WASHINGTON — Four active-duty and former service women filed a lawsuit Tuesday in federal court to stop the Defense Department from in their units. Charging that commanders cannot be fair and impartial     Add Comment

Detectives revisit scene of rape 
BBC - 12 Hours ago
Detectives investigating the rape of a 20-year-old woman in Uddingston have revisited the scene a week after the crime took place. The woman was attacked in a "horrendous ordeal" at about 22:15 last     Add Comment

Examiner: No trauma to 3 who died in fire before rape trial 
San Francisco Chronicle - 12 Hours ago
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