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Citizen journalism 
I am now officially a citizen journalist with my own News Circle.

Nonetheless, I have been an avid blogger for some time now. Check my blog at http://newmedia-pirate.blogspot.com/.

Looking for news on Kenya and Africa, then you are in and at the right place.

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Expect A Gentler Valleywag In 2015
Techcrunch - 12/16/2014
“If I had my druthers, I’d write about AI, and supercomputers, and fusion energy. I don’t really care about who’s fucking whom”, new Valleywag editor Dan Lyons tells me, signaling a tone shift for the
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Tru-Roll Putters Inc., Manufacturers of High-Performance...
San Francisco Chronicle - 12/16/2014
Tru-Roll Putters Inc. ( http://www.Tru-RollPutters.com ), the manufacturer of a revolutionary new putter that’s changing the face of golfing, is announcing it has been reviewed by the American Golfer
Tru-Roll Putters Inc., Manufacturers of High-Performance Putters, Featured on American MySanAntonio
Tru-Roll Putters Inc., Manufacturers of High-Performance Putters,... PRWeb
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Sony fights against hacks with powerful lawyers and the NFL’s crisis PR experts
Washington Post - 12/16/2014
By and Andrea Peterson , Three weeks after hackers infiltrated and began wreaking havoc on Sony Pictures Entertainment, the movie studio is launching an offensive to try to take control of a spiraling
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Vietnam To Target More Dissident Bloggers But Avoid Blocking Internet
Forbes.com - 12/16/2014
Using the Internet in Ho Chi Minh City after a stay in China last summer was like stepping from a tangled jungle path onto a paved highway. Gmail reacted instantly to every click in Vietnam’s financial
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That time Twitter ‘actively explored’ how to troll Jeb Bush
Washington Post - 12/16/2014
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced Tuesday that he would launch a political action committee to “actively explore” running for president. Twitter announced Tuesday that Bush’s word choice was super
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The NALA's Blog Gets Local Businesses in the Giving Spirit and...
San Francisco Chronicle - 12/16/2014
Local businesses and local charities are a perfect complement to one another and not just for the holidays, according to the NALA’s latest blog (thenala.com/resources/blog). The NALA, a marketing agency
The NALA's Blog Gets Local Businesses in the Giving Spirit and Not Just for the MySanAntonio
The NALA’s Blog Gets Local Businesses in the Giving Spirit and Not Just for the Virtual Strategy Magazine
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20 Tips For Financial Advisors Using Twitter
Forbes.com - 12/16/2014
“Please don’t get me fired” is the concern most financial advisors harbor if they’re permitted to use Twitter to conduct business, but worry about being compliant. While LinkedIn typically has been
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Democrats taunt Cruz on Twitter
CNN - 12/16/2014
(CNN) -- Democrats are taunting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for effectively allowing them a victory on a controversial nominee for surgeon general. Physician Vivek Murthy was confirmed Monday night on a 51-43
Democrats taunt Cruz over surgeon general vote KETKNBC
Why Democrats are taunting Cruz CNN
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Indian pro-Islamic State Twitter account back up, police seek clues
Reuters India - 12/16/2014
6:05pm IST NEW DELHI (Reuters) - A popular pro-Islamic State Twitter account traced to an Indian engineer was back up on Monday as police combed through tens of thousands of followers to identify
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How news of siege unfolded on Twitter
BBC - 12/16/2014
Two people have died, along with an Islamist gunman, after commandos stormed a Sydney cafe which had been held under siege for 16 hours. BBC News looks at what was tweeted as the story unfolded.
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Instagram Hits 300 Million Users, Surpassing Twitter
Digital Chosun - 12/16/2014
The photo-sharing application Instagram now has over 300 million monthly active users -- that's more than Twitter, which had about 280 million active users as of October. Its users are sharing more than
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I Harassed My Colleague on Twitter and Here’s What Happened
Time - 12/15/2014
The Twitter logo is displayed on a mobile device. Bethany Clarke— Taking Twitter's updated reporting tool out for a spin A few weeks ago, someone called Taylor Swift and me a “dumb b*tch” on Twitter.
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Parody account with no one to parody
CNBC - 12/15/2014
The account is incredibly popular — it has been featured on ESPN and has more than 172,000 followers, nearly twice as many as the real Bo Pelini account. But there's a problem: Pelini no longer coaches
Odd The fake Twitter account of fired Huskers coach Re/code CNBC
The fake Twitter account of fired Huskers coach CNBC
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Video: The trade on Twitter
NBCNews.com - 12/15/2014
Nili Gilbert, Matarin Capital co-founder, shares her view of trading Twitter. (CNBC)
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Olapic Makes Instagram and Twitter Photos Shoppable on Pinterest
BusinessWeek - 12/15/2014
NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 12/15/14 -- Olapic, the visual commerce and marketing platform for collecting, curating and showcasing customer photos, today announced a new service offering that allows
Olapic Makes Instagram and Twitter Photos Shoppable on Pinterest Marketwired Yahoo! Finance
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Video: Cramer's Mad Dash: Twitter gets a lift
NBCNews.com - 12/15/2014
Jim Cramer explains what to watch ahead of the open, including Twitter and Opko Health. (CNBC)
Cramer's Mad Dash: Twitter gets a lift CNBC
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Assistant mayor 'swore on Twitter'
BBC - 12/15/2014
One of Bristol's assistant mayors has been accused of using obscene language in a private message on Twitter. Green Party councillor Gus Hoyt used a four-letter expletive in his direct message response
Assistant mayor quits over swearing BBC
Bristol assistant mayor Gus Hoyt 'swore on Twitter' UK Wired News
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Twitter co-founder @ev: 'We maybe set too high a bar' for Medium
Fortune - 12/15/2014
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My life with a blog in 2014
CHINAdaily.com.cn - 12/15/2014
I've been thinking about writing an article to summarize my life in the past year, 2014, and I saw the topic popping out yesterday. What a wonderful coincidence! I've been a forum member at China Daily
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Reflect on the past year of your career in #BizChats Twitter chat
Mashable - 12/15/2014
Image: Mashable Compostie By 2014-12-15 01:19:30 UTC We're approaching the home stretch of 2014. Throughout the year, some people propelled their career forward, some earned their big break and others
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IS propagandist on twitter found to be Indian executive
Donga.com - 12/14/2014
“Conglomerate exec during the day, a propagandist at night.” The operator of a well-known twitter account who encouraged western young people to join the Islamic State (IS) terror group has been arrested.
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Wolff A casualty in the race for digital traffic
USA Today - 12/14/2014
Nick Denton, the often brutally self-aware founder and CEO of Gawker Media, one of the highest-flying native digital media companies of the last decade, wrote a memo to his staff last week acknowledging
Wolff: A casualty in the race for digital traffic USA Today
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Twitter-verse says 2014 is year of ...
CNN - 12/14/2014
(CNN) -- The Twitter-verse has spoken. 2014 has officially been declared the year of the selfie. According to Twitter's top trends of 2014, that is. The term "selfie" has been mentioned more than 92
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HSC students take to Twitter to celebrate results
Sydney Morning Herald - 12/16/2014
More than 76,000 students across the state have been able to access their HSC marks from 6am, with many taking to Twitter to discuss their results. They are now in for another 24 hour wait before ATAR
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Lampert is back to blogging
Crains ChicagoBusiness - 12/16/2014
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