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Dead Island: GOTY for Linux/SteamOS 
Blues News - 34 Minutes ago
Steam News announces the release of the Linux and SteamOS editions of . Word is: "Terror. Violence. Madness. Bedlam. A holiday paradise gone mad. A tropical island turns into total chaos after a mysterious     Add Comment

Google’s Nest Buys Linux Automation Firm, Adds Five Partners 
Linux.com - 99 Minutes ago
Google’s Nest Labs acquired Revolv, a maker of Linux-based home automation devices, and announced five new Nest-compatible devices. including the Pebble. After Google acquired Nest Labs in January $3.2     Add Comment

Discover the Power of Konqueror 
Linux Today - 106 Minutes ago
Many Linux users have a set of applications – browser, file manager, image viewer – that they’re loyal to. In most cases, these applications correspond to the default setup of a Linux distribution.     Add Comment

An early view of GTK+ 3.16 
Linux Today - 117 Minutes ago
12:00( 0 Talkback[s] ) We’ve had long-standing feature requests to turn scrollbars into overlayed indicators, for touch systems. An implementation of this idea has been merged now. We show traditional     Add Comment

What Tablet is a Good Candidate for a Linux Distro? 
Storage IT Toolbox - 5 Hours ago
What are your experiences with Linux on tablets? I am currently in the market for a new tablet to put Arch Linux on and wanted to know if you have a preference for brands and models. I am looking for     Add Comment

eBay open sources a big, fast SQL-on-Hadoop database 
Linux Today - 5 Hours ago
Online auction site eBay has open sourced a database technology called Kylin that the company says enables fast queries over even petabytes of data stored in Hadoop. eBay isn’t a big data user on par     Add Comment

Make Your Own Wireless Printer With A Raspberry Pi 
Linux Today - 6 Hours ago
Wireless technology is perhaps the best improvement to home printing for years. Fewer cables, flexibility about where you can put your printer – it’s win-win. Unless you have an older printer. While     Add Comment

Why Contribute to an Enterprise Open Source Project? 
Linux Today - 6 Hours ago
08:00( 0 Talkback[s] ) (Other stories by Katherine Noyes ) Few would dispute the notion that open source projects live and die by their communities. Show me a successful project, as the saying goes,     Add Comment

Achieving Application Portability for #DevOps By @Scality | @DevOpsSummit 
Linux Developer's Journal - 6 Hours ago
Enterprise applications are increasing in complexity, with multi-tier and distributed applications being the new standards for dealing with high-volume, high-scale requirements. In many development environments,     Add Comment

Neptune OS 4.2 Features a Refreshing KDE Desktop – Gallery 
Softpedia - 7 Hours ago
Neptune OS, a Linux operating system fully based upon Debian "Wheezy," is now at version 4.2 and it comes with an impressive array of changes and modifications, improving the original release a great     Add Comment

Distribution Release: Ubuntu Kylin 14.10 
Linux.com - 8 Hours ago
Submit to Linkedin Submit to Stumbleupon Ubuntu Kylin is a special edition of Ubuntu tailored to Chinese speakers in mainland China. As has been the tradition over the past couple of years, a new version     Add Comment

openSUSE Factory and Tumbleweed to Merge 
Linux.com - 8 Hours ago
The openSUSE project has announced that the "Factory" and "Tumbleweed" distributions will merge into a single rolling distribution (called "Tumbleweed"). There is also an FAQ posting about the merger.     Add Comment

Rise of Linux – a Hacker’s History 
Linux.com - 8 Hours ago
The original code of Linux was written for fun, or in Eric Raymond’s phrase, to ‘scratch the itch’ of Linus Torvalds, and later to satisfy the enthusiasm and programming itch of an assortment of hackers     Add Comment

PaaS is the Operating System By @JPMorgenthal | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps] 
Linux Developer's Journal - 11 Hours ago
Why Platform-as-a-Service is the Operating System Of The Cloud When I took my operating systems fundamentals course in college I was taught that an operating system provides very specific capabilities     Add Comment

Storage Made Easy Introduce Linux App Updates for Their Enterprise File Share and  
Financial Content - 11 Hours ago
--(PR.com)-- As part of the suite of Linux Apps SME provide a Linux ‘Cloud’ Drive that makes Cloud Files accessible directly from a desktop mount using FUSE (File System in UserSpace). In this release     Add Comment

Pay Attention to Big Data By @MartenT1999 | @BigDataExpo [#BigData] 
Linux Developer's Journal - 11 Hours ago
You have probably realized we are having a Big Data kind of week here at the Plexxi blog. And for good reason. The amount of development and change in this big bucket of applications we conveniently label all 1 news articles >>    Add Comment

Is Internet of Things Really Internet of Agents? | Part 1 
Linux Developer's Journal - 11 Hours ago
Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and the resulting are leading us inexorably toward everything-as-a-service (XaaS). As more things get connected, the range of service opportunities expands. And as     Add Comment

Lubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) Is the Lightest Ubuntu Flavor – Gallery 
Softpedia - 12 Hours ago
Lubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) has been officially released and is now available for download. It joins all the other flavors in the Ubuntu family as the lightest operating system of the bunch. Many
Why Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn's humble changes are the calm before the storm MIS Asia
all 1 news articles >>    Add Comment

PHP 5.4.34 for Debian 6/7 
Warp 2 Search - 19 Hours ago
packages for both Debian 6 and 7    Add Comment

Canonical celebrates cloud freedoms with new Ubuntu 
CIO-Asia - 21 Hours ago
Canonical continues to aggressively equip its flagship Ubuntu Linux server software with more tools to help users build and run clouds. The open-source OS now comes with the latest edition of the Docker     Add Comment

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