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Congoo NetPass FAQ’s


Product questions

Q) Does the NetPass only work when I am using congoo.com?
A) No, once the NetPass is installed into your browser it works directly with NetPass enabled premium content websites within Congoo’s publisher network.  When you click onto a premium link which the NetPass can unlock anywhere, the NetPass will notify you by opening the NetPass activation window. 

Q) Do I have to share my credit card information to use the NetPass?
A) No, you do not need to provide credit card information in order to obtain a free NetPass.  If you do wish to subscribe to a particular publisher’s service for unlimited access, then that publisher will request credit card information from you directly.

Q) How much premium content is available for FREE?
A) Currently, Congoo has indexed over 200 sources of premium content all of which can be accessed for free exclusively with the NetPass.  Some publishers offer 5 free article views per month, some offer 10 and some 15.  Many additional sources of premium content will also be added during the coming days, weeks and months.

Q) Can I download the NetPass but continue using other search engines?
A) While we recommend that you use Congoo.com to find premium information, you can certainly use any search engine. If you do go to articles on our partners’ sites, the NetPass will continue to unlock premium content as long as it’s visible in your browser. 

Q) If I use the NetPass to search, does Congoo record my searches?
A) No. Congoo respects your privacy and has made a decision not to record or store any individual search histories for any reason.

Q) Does the NetPass contain any spy ware or adware?  Do you monitor my behavior?
A) No, the NetPass does not contain any ad ware or spy ware and Congoo does not monitor your individual behavior other than to determine if you have used your free premium article views.  Congoo monitors the behavior of users in aggregate to determine trends which are useful in providing better service.  If you see pop-ups while using the NetPass there are two possible reasons:

A) The site you are viewing is generating the pop-up.
If this is the case, you can block these pop-ups by clicking the pop-up blocker button in the NetPass.

B) You might have adware on your computer which is generating these ads.
Often adware can be installed without your knowledge from websites or bundled with other applications. To remove this software, you can use one of these programs:

All these free software programs are highly effective at removing spyware, adware, and malware from your computer.

Q) Why are publishers giving NetPass users free access to premium and subscription content?
A) Publishers benefit when Congoo introduces users to their content. Instead of long registration forms, Congoo members get one-click access to participating sites along with instant free access to several articles per month per publishing source. Congoo holds a patent on special technology which allows the NetPass to provide controlled access to premium and subscription content located behind a subscription wall.  Without the NetPass providing controlled access, these publishers would not feel comfortable allowing users to access their premium content without receiving payment first.

Q) How long will my NetPass allow me to access premium content for FREE?
A) Your NetPass is good forever!  The NetPass will continue providing free introductory access to premium and subscription content websites every month.  Even if you do use all of the introductory content offered from a given publisher in a single month, you will be able to re-access that publisher’s content again on the first of the following month.  We call this type of access “permanent introductory access”.

Q) How can I tell when I am close to using my monthly access from a particular publisher’s Web site?
A) The NetPass will display an alert on the right side of the toolbar when you have 1 remaining view from a given publishing source.  For example it may read, “The New Republic: 1 remaining article view”.

Q) Can I have more than one Congoo account?
A) No. Congoo allows only one account per user. Our user agreement prohibits any individual from using more than one account.

Q) How do I unlock premium content for friends or colleagues?
A) When you are viewing premium content, a button will appear on the NetPass offering to “Unlock for friend”.  This will invite your friend to download the NetPass and instantly view that article.


Technical Questions

Q) I tried to install the NetPass but I don’t see it in my Browser?

Possible causes

  • Your company’s network may be preventing you from installing software.  You should inform your network administrator to place the Congoo NetPass on your company’s white list of approved software downloads.
  • Your computer’s security settings are set too high to allow downloading or installing software.  You can reduce your computer’s security settings in your Internet Explorer browser by selecting Tools from the top menu, then Internet Options, then Security tab, then adjusting the security level for this zone to a lower setting.
  • You are clicking the “save” button instead of clicking the “run” button when prompted from the download page.
  • In your browser, select View from the top menu, then Toolbars, then Congoo NetPass.
  • You might try installing the NetPass one more time by clicking here.


Q) I see the NetPass but I want it to be on the lowest part of my browser edge.

  • In your browser, try selecting View from the top menu, then Toolbars, then Lock the toolbars.  This will allow you to grab the NetPass on the left edge and move it around on your browser until you like the desired placement.  Once satisfied, in your browser, repeat the process by selecting View from the top menu, then Toolbars, then Lock the toolbars.  This will lock the browser’s button into the current position.


Q) How do I uninstall the NetPass from my browser?

  • On the NetPass toolbar, click onto the arrow to the right of the NetPass logo and choose – Help – Uninstall.  On the Uninstall page simply click the “uninstall the NetPass toolbar” button.


Q) Why does it fail when I try to install on Windows NT or Windows 2000?

  • If you're using Windows NT or Windows 2000, check that you have the Administrative privileges required to install applications. Check with your system administrator if you are unsure of your system privileges.


For additional help, please email to support@congoo.com

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