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NASA craft set to beam home close-ups of Pluto 
MSN Philippines - 6 Hours ago
© Provided by AFP Artist's image obtained December 1, 2014, courtesy of NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute, shows the New Horizons spacecraft
NASA sends back Pluto close-ups Malay Mail
Looking at Pluto: NASA craft set to beam close-ups of dward planet Malay Mail
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Huge asteroid to fly by Earth on Monday 
CNN - 5 Hours ago
Story highlights "We should be getting some great radar images of this asteroid," program manager Paul Chodas say On Monday, Asteroid 2004 BL86 will pass within 750,000 miles of Earth You might be able     Add Comment

Comet might split in two after space probe finds huge crack in surface 
9News.com.au - 2 Hours ago
The crack in the comet's surface was detected by the Rosetta probe's Osiris camera (ESA). A probe orbiting a comet hundreds of millions of kilometres from earth has discovered a crack in the comet’s     Add Comment

Huge asteroid visible with binoculars in near Earth pass 
ITV.com - 5 Hours ago
There will be a rare chance to see an asteroid pass so close to the Earth you will be able to see it with binoculars on Monday night. Asteroid 2004 BL86 will pass by Earth roughly three times the distance
As big as 5 football fields: Massive asteroid to be visible from Earth today Sri Lanka Daily News
Time to get your binoculars out: Huge asteroid will be visible in near Earth pass ITV.com
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Quasar – Super Rare Occurrence Observed On The Edge Of A Black Hole 
Inquisitr - 3 Hours ago
Scientists have agreed since the late 1980’s that a quasar is a compact region in the center of a galaxy surrounding a central, supermassive black hole. After they were discovered by the first radio telescopes,     Add Comment

No worries! Asteroid to safely pass Earth on Monday 
CIO-Asia - 3 Hours ago
An asteroid that will zoom past Earth on Monday poses no threat, but will be in a good position for scientists to study, NASA said. The asteroid, dubbed 2004 BL86, will fly too far away to affect the     Add Comment

A Look at How Mini Helicopters Could Help NASA's Future Rovers 
Gizmodo - 6 Hours ago
Driving on the surface of Mars pretty much sucks. Even though the Opportunity rover celebrated its 11th anniversary on the Martian surface today, that robust little craft has also ran into tricky sand     Add Comment

Big asteroid flies by Earth Monday 
Rappler - 2 Hours ago
A big asteroid flies by Earth on Monday but space agency NASA tells people not to worry. CNN reports the asteroid is called 2004 BL86 and will be at least 1.2 million kilometers (745,000 miles) from the     Add Comment

Asteroid Passing Close To Earth 
My.NewsHub.org - 3 Hours ago
3 0 If you ever wanted to see an asteroid in the night sky, then circle Monday night on your calendar. From 6:30 until 11:45 p.m., asteroid 2004 BL-8-6 will be seen in the eastern sky near Jupiter.     Add Comment

Space scientists feel honoured on getting Padma Shri 
Mangalorean - 3 Hours ago
Chennai (IANS) India's two space scientists who played an important role in the country's two inter-planetary missions Sunday said they felt deeply honoured and happy on being conferred with the Padma     Add Comment

NASA Marching Towards Milestone Test Firing of Space Launch System Booster 
Universe Today - 4 Hours ago
The first qualification motor for NASA’s Space Launch System’s booster is installed in ATK’s test stand in Utah and is ready for a March 11, 2015 static-fire test. Credit: ATK The first solid rocket     Add Comment

NOAA SWPC Space Weather Advisory Outlook #15-4 
SpaceRef - 4 Hours ago
Official Space Weather Advisory issued by NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center Boulder, Colorado, US SPACE WEATHER ADVISORY OUTLOOK #15-4 2015 January 25 at 6:05 p.m. MST (2015 January 26 0105     Add Comment

Should We Put A Drone On Mars? 
Popsci.com.au - 4 Hours ago
Concept Art Mars Helicopter NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Screenshot via YouTube There is only so much Mars a rover can see from the ground. A drone scout could let the rover see further, so     Add Comment

NASA's Dawn Mission Redefines What's Possible In Space Exploration 
Popsci.com.au - 4 Hours ago
That achievement is made possible by its ion engines, which are about one foot in diameter. Inside each engine, xenon atoms are bombarded with electrons to form ions. Metal grids at the back of each engine
Ion Thrusters In NASA Mission Redraw The Boundaries Of Space Exploration Popular Science
NASA’s Dawn Mission Redefines What’s Possible In Space Exploration Popular Science
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We're About To Visit A Tiny Planet In The Asteroid Belt For The First Time 
Popsci.com.au - 4 Hours ago
A small robot named Dawn is nearing the end of its seven-year, 3.1-billion-mile journey deep into the Asteroid Belt. By shooting ions out of its rear—and stealing a bit of Martian orbital energy back
We’re About To Visit A Tiny Planet In The Asteroid Belt For The First Time Popular Science
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Where To Watch A Mountain-Sized Asteroid Zoom By Earth Monday, Online Streams And  
Inquisitr - 6 Hours ago
An asteroid is coming, an asteroid is coming! For those hoping to catch a glimpse of the mountain-sized asteroid 2004 BL86 as it passes near Earth, your chance is almost here. The asteroid will pass near     Add Comment

Rosetta reveals comet secrets 
Gizmag - 6 Hours ago
A generation ago, Astronomers thought of comets as simple things – huge dirty snowballs of rock and ice with a few organic chemicals thrown in. But after six months orbiting comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko,     Add Comment

NASA photo shows workman fixing Mars Curiosity Rover, conspiracy theorists claim 
Capital Bay - 6 Hours ago
New pictures have been released by NASA showing Mars Curiosity Rover  The probe is currently on the Red Planet scanning for signs of life forms  The images appear to show what some have called a 'human-like'     Add Comment

Asteroid to pass near Earth-Moon system on January 26th 
HobbySpace - 6 Hours ago
An asteroid half a kilometer in diameter will pass near earth on Monday:  Giant asteroid is about to give Earth a close call – Sen.com Here is the original NASA JPL story: Asteroid to Fly By Earth
Asteroid To Fly Safely By Earth On January 26 Aero-News Network
Asteroid 2004 BL86 to fly by Earth safely on Jan 26, says NASA India Today
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Asteroid called 2004 BL86 to pass relatively closely to Earth on Monday 
Oregonian - 4 Hours ago
Look, up in the sky: Is that a bird, or a plane, or even Superman? Nope. It's an asteroid about to scream past planet Earth. The space rock – called 2004 BL86 – is roughly one-third of a mile wide and     Add Comment

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