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Quarterly Earnings, Intelligence Report, Stake Purchase, Solar Projects, and Shareholders'  
Reuters - 4 Hours ago
Editor Note: For more information about this release, please scroll to bottom. PR Newswire NEW YORK, October 31, 2014 NEW YORK , October 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Analysts Review released     Add Comment

So how do astronauts shower? 
CNN - 4 Hours ago
We've seen interviews of Space Station astronauts and videos of their spacewalks, but what is daily life really like? If your browser has Adobe Flash Player installed, click above to play. Otherwise,     Add Comment

NASA will send your name to Mars 
USA Today - 4 Hours ago
Today is the last day to . (Deadline is midnight EDT.) Your name will be part of a dime-sized microchip on the Orion spacecraft, according to NASA. As of Friday morning, 1.3 million names have been     Add Comment

Boeing exec says NASA crash underscores need for new U.S. engine 
Reuters - 15 Hours ago
Oct 30 (Reuters) - The crash of an unmanned Orbital Sciences Antares rocket is a "wake-up call" to the U.S. space community about the need to develop a new U.S. rocket engine, the head of Boeing Co's
Boeing executive says Nasa crash underscores need for new US engine Livemint.com
Boeing exec says NASA crash underscores need for new US engine ZeeNews.com
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NASA's plan to capture an asteroid? Bad idea, scientist says 
Los Angeles Times - 17 Hours ago
NASA goal to snag an asteroid and bring a space rock close to Earth is a distraction from the effort to send humans to Mars, a top asteroid expert says. In a commentary in the journal Nature, planetary     Add Comment

A planet that never sticks to schedule found 
Times of India - 5 Hours ago
WASHINGTON: Astronomers have discovered a new planet that has a highly inconsistent orbit time around its Sun. The low-mass, low-density planet, known only as PH3c, which is 2,300 light years away from     Add Comment

Sunny seas found on Saturn's moon Titan 
Times of India - 4 Hours ago
WASHINGTON: Nasa's Cassini spacecraft caught a glimpse of bright sunlight reflecting from hydrocarbon seas as the spacecraft soared past Saturn's moon Titan recently. Earlier, Cassini had separately     Add Comment

Look at the size of Rosetta's comet compared to a 747! 
Gizmodo - 11 Hours ago
Holy crap, this is amazing. Imgur user grouchymcsurly made this incredible size comparison between the stinky comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and a Boeing 747-400. It really puts it in perspective. This     Add Comment

Swiss firm says it can make near invisible solar modules 
TheStar.com.my - 15 Hours ago
NEARLY INVISIBLE: A Swiss research and development company said Tuesday it had discovered a way to make white solar modules, which can blend with a building's "skin" to become virtually invisible. — ©Youtube     Add Comment

Probe of Virginia rocket blast begins space station supplied 
MENAFN - 17 Hours ago
Due to technical reasons, this story has been removed from our database.    Add Comment

5 Spooky Space Views for Halloween 
Yahoo! Maktoob News - 4 Hours ago
This image shows the sun shining like a jack-o-lantern. Image taken on Oct. 8, 2 … This image shows the sun shining like a jack-o-lantern. Image taken on Oct. 8, 2 … This image of the Witch Head Nebula     Add Comment

Sunny seas found on Saturns moon Titan 
Big News Network - 5 Hours ago
NASA's Cassini spacecraft caught a glimpse of bright sunlight reflecting from hydrocarbon seas as the spacecraft soared past Saturn's moon Titan recently. Earlier, Cassini had separately captured ...    Add Comment

NASA Finishes Building Its Mars-bound Orion Spacecraft 
Yahoo! News South Africa - 4 Hours ago
6 hours ago, Humanity is one step closer to reaching Mars. NASA finished up its Orion Spacecraft Thursday, and its preparing for a test flight on Dec. 4. When Orion launches in December, aboard a Delta     Add Comment

'Ghost Light' of Long-Dead Stars Haunt NASA's Hubble Telescope 
Yahoo! News - 5 Hours ago
NASA is adding a cosmic twist to Halloween with an unexpected find by the Hubble Space Telescope: eerie "ghost light" from the remains of a multi-galaxy massacre. As many as six galaxies roughly the     Add Comment

4 Traders - 4 Hours ago
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting today on Fandango, the nation's leading moviegoer destination, film fans buying a Fandango movie ticket to Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated Paramount     Add Comment

NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission: Innovative or a Waste of Time? 
Design News - 4 Hours ago
, President Barack Obama gave a major speech at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, announcing that the US would send astronauts to Mars by the mid-2030s. But in order to do so, NASA would first need     Add Comment

Antares Launch Calamity Unfolds – Dramatic Photo Sequence 
Universe Today - 4 Hours ago
Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket explodes violently and is consumed in a gigantic aerial fireball seconds after blastoff from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, VA, on Oct. 28, 2014, at 6:22 p.m. Credit:     Add Comment

10 NASA sounds that’ll whisk you off into space 
BBC Focus Magazine - 4 Hours ago
Ever since the 1950s, NASA has been collecting sounds from its pioneering missions. The space agency recently uploaded over 60 audio clips to its SoundCloud page, so we've picked out some of our favourites.     Add Comment

Possible bright supernova lights up spiral galaxy M61 
PhysOrg.com - 4 Hours ago
An animation showing the new supernova in the galaxy M61 photographed on October 30, 2014, paired with an older archive photo. Credit: Ernesto Guido, Martino Nicolini, Nick Howes I sat straight up in     Add Comment

Hubble Finds 'Ghost Light' From Dead Galaxies 
Auto World News - 4 Hours ago
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has picked up the faint, ghostly glow of stars ejected from ancient galaxies that were ripped apart several billion years ago, according to a NASA press release. The     Add Comment

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