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>>   US politics
Senate committee approves Treasury undersecretary nominee 
Reuters - 2 Hours ago
A Senate committee has approved the Obama administration's nominee for the Treasury's top post for international affairs, clearing the way for a final vote in the full Senate. The Senate Finance Committee     Add Comment

Eerie Clinton tape surfaces: I could have killed Bin Laden 
NBCNews.com - 116 Minutes ago
TODAY   |   August 01, 2014 Previously unreleased audio has surfaced of former President Bill Clinton speaking the day before the 9/11 attacks, talking about the hunt for Osama Bin     Add Comment

India's Congress slams book challenging party chief Sonia Gandhi 
Reuters - 115 Minutes ago
Revelations in a new book by former Congress Party stalwart K. Natwar Singh have put Sonia Gandhi on the defense this week, in the latest challenge to her leadership of the embattled party and India's     Add Comment

Sen. Cruz denies working against House border bill 
Washington Post - 13 Hours ago
As House Republicans struggled Thursday to rally behind legislation to address the influx of illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), a tea party favorite who has close ties
Sen. Ted Cruz denies he worked against House GOP border bill Washington Post
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Obama gets a Special Olympian hug 
USA Today - 117 Minutes ago
President Obama lauded courage and athleticism during Thursday's White House tribute to the Special Olympics, but the highlight of the evening was a simple hug from a man named Tim Harris. Harris is     Add Comment

Todd: GOP has given Dems something to run on 
MSNBC - 88 Minutes ago
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New House Republican Team Off to a Shaky Start 
NewsMax.com - 105 Minutes ago
A canceled vote. Postponed travel plans. Condemnations of Ted Cruz. The first day for a new slate of House Republican leaders was marked by the same kind of confusion that plagued their predecessors     Add Comment

Picking up the pieces after the GOP's... 
MSNBC - 109 Minutes ago
The Senate hoped to complete a few key tasks last night before the start of Congress’ five-week break: pass the bipartisan VA bill, approve funding for the Highway Trust Fund, and vote on an emergency     Add Comment
>>   US security
Eerie Clinton tape surfaces: I could have killed Bin Laden 
NBCNews.com - 116 Minutes ago
TODAY   |   August 01, 2014 Previously unreleased audio has surfaced of former President Bill Clinton speaking the day before the 9/11 attacks, talking about the hunt for Osama Bin     Add Comment

Israel and Hamas fragile cease-fire collapses | USA NOW 
USA Today - 87 Minutes ago
Just hours into an agreed upon 3-day humanitarian cease-fire, fighting in Gaza began again. Both Israel and Hamas accuse the other of breaching the planned 72-hour agreement.    Add Comment

All-American al Qaeda suicide bomber 
CNN - 8 Hours ago
Editor's note: Peter Bergen is CNN's national security analyst, a director at the New America Foundation and the author of "Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for bin Laden -- From 9/11 to Abbottabad." (CNN)     Add Comment

CIA admits to spying on Senate intelligence committee 
Christian Science Monitor - 10 Hours ago
The Central Intelligence Agency improperly accessed Senate intelligence committee computers earlier this year, according to a summary of a CIA inspector general report describing the results of an internal     Add Comment

Powerful US spy tools were set for NZ 
New Zealand Herald - 11 Hours ago
Protestors at a rally at Aotea Square against the GCSB bill. Photo / Chris Loufte The most instrusive and powerful tools in the United States' electronic spying armoury were being lined up for installation     Add Comment

Even If He Brought No NSA Files, Snowden Is Still 'Very Useful' To Russia 
Business Insider Australia - 10 Hours ago
As the world condemns Russia’s continued support for separatists in eastern Ukraine in the wake of MH17, Edward Snowden is asking Vladimir Putin for an extended asylum. It’s an awkward circumstance     Add Comment

Homeland Security Report: Border Children Transmitting Diseases 
NewsMax.com - 11 Hours ago
An alarming Homeland Security inspector general memo says some of the migrant children who've poured across the southern border and are crammed into detention facilities have needed treatment for highly     Add Comment

CIA admits to hacking Senate computers 
MSNBC - 11 Hours ago
07/31/2014 Steve Kornacki is joined by New York Times nation security correspondent Mark Mazzetti to discuss the implications of the CIA’s admission that the agency spied on Senate computers, despite
Congress admits to hacking Senate computers MSNBC
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>>   US social policy
Senate passes veterans' health bill 
USA Today - 13 Hours ago
WASHINGTON — The Senate passed a compromise bill allowing veterans to seek private care and adding $17 billion to the Department of Veterans Affairs to hire doctors to address long wait lists. The final     Add Comment

Public housing authorities douse smoking 
USA Today - 14 Hours ago
AUBURN, N.Y. — Most residents of the Auburn Housing Authority near Syracuse don't smoke in their apartments. And effective Sept. 1, any of their neighbors in the public housing complexes who do will
Public housing authorities douse smoking in units Palladium Item
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Contract talks in Metropolitan Opera labour dispute extended 
Metro Canada - 8 Hours ago
NEW YORK, N.Y. – It’s a drama worthy of the Metropolitan Opera: Frantic, last-minute labour negotiations aimed at averting a lockout that threatens to stop both pay and benefits for thousands of singers,
Contract talks in Met Opera labor dispute extended Investor's Business Daily
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VA Health Care Deal Clears Senate, Heads to President's Desk 
Roll Call Online - 13 Hours ago
The Senate overwhelmingly passed the agreement to address the Veterans Affairs health care crisis by a vote just a few hours before the August recess. The 91-3 vote sends the bill to the president     Add Comment

Lawmaker Challenges Top Obamacare Official's Ties to HealthCare.gov Contractor 
Heritage Foundation - 6 Hours ago
Andrew Slavitt, a former executive at the technology company tasked with “saving” HealthCare.gov and now second in command at the agency overseeing Obamacare, yesterday ran into sharp questions from a     Add Comment

Contract talks in Met Opera labor dispute extended 
Fresno Bee - 10 Hours ago
NEW YORK — New York's Metropolitan Opera says labor talks with its unions have been extended for an additional 72 hours, averting a threatened midnight lockout. The company announced late Thursday that     Add Comment

Unwanted dogs find homes among the homeless 
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin - 11 Hours ago
The year-old pit bull was a lover, not a fighter — which is not good when your owner is a cretin. “I’m a fighter and my dog’s got to be a fighter, too,” he told the young homeless couple in the park.     Add Comment

House Republicans vote to file suit against Obama over healthcare law 
Oman Tribune - 13 Hours ago
WASHINGTON The Republican-led US House of Representatives on Wednesday cleared the way for the launch of a lawsuit accusing President Barack Obama of overstepping his authority in carrying out his signature     Add Comment
>>   US political columnists
Scott Walker's Turn Toward Populist, Pro-Taxes Campaign Rhetoric Suggests He's In  
The New Republic Online - 10 Hours ago
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got some good news on Thursday, as the state Supreme Court issued a 5-2 ruling upholding the defining act of his term as governor , a sweeping 2011 law that all but eliminates     Add Comment

Americans learn to undo government errors 
Chicago Tribune - 7/30/2014
On marijuana, gay marriage and more Newspaper editorials rarely make news — I've been writing them for a long time, and, believe me, I know — but one did the other day, when The New York Times came out     Add Comment

A Timely New Spy Thriller Doesn't Over-Simplify Arab-Israeli Politics 
The New Republic Online - 18 Hours ago
T he opening credits of “The Honorable Woman ,” a British miniseries premiering on SundanceTV tonight, seem designed to convince you it’s a “Homeland” spin-off: all flickering images, childhood photographs,     Add Comment

Boehner's Border Bill Is a Sideshow 
The New Republic Online - 7/31/2014
Forget about House Republicans suing the president. The more important news is about what House Republicans are doing — and not doing — about the border crisis. Earlier this week, House Republican leaders     Add Comment

The Five Political Forces That Will Control Obama's Efforts To Curtail Deportation  
The New Republic Online - 7/31/2014
A large and growing body of evidence suggests that President Obama both has the legal authority to significantly reduce deportations and intends to use a great deal of that authority before the November     Add Comment

You'll Never Guess Who Pulled a Gruber 
The New Republic Online - 7/31/2014
R emember all that controversy last week — because somebody discovered some old statements, from MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, echoing the theory behind those new Obamacare lawsuits?  Now somebody has     Add Comment

The Next Big Fight in Income Inequality Is About to Go Down in California 
The New Republic Online - 7/31/2014
C ongress can barely name a post office without partisan rancor, so it’s light years away from taking any meaningful action on income inequality. That’s why hope has shifted to states and cities. Seattle     Add Comment

How Ronald Reagan Rode America's Delusions to the White House 
The New Republic Online - 7/31/2014
R ick Perlstein is becoming an American institution. In 2001, his account of Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign, Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus was well     Add Comment

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