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>>   US politics
Industry contracts eyed [The Sampson Independent, Clinton, N.C.] 
BusinessWeek - 3/4/2015
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Obama signs Homeland Security funding bill 
USA Today - 3/4/2015
President Barack Obama has signed a law funding the Homeland Security Department through the end of the budget year. The House voted yesterday to approve the bill after a messy fight in Congress. (March     Add Comment

PHOTO: Anti-Obamacare demonstrators affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots demonstrate  
ABC News - 3/4/2015
PHOTO: Anti-Obamacare demonstrators affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots demonstrate at the Supreme Court building in Washington, March 4, 2    Add Comment

President Barack Obama to Address City Leaders at National League of Cities Congressional  
Reuters - 3/4/2015
PR Newswire WASHINGTON, March 4, 2015 WASHINGTON , March 4, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --  President Barack Obama will address city leaders at the National League of Cities' (NLC) annual Congressional
President Barack Obama to Address City Leaders at National League of Cities Finwin
President Barack Obama to Address City Leaders at National League.. ADVFN Australia
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Video: Senate fails to overturn Obama's keystone bill veto 
NBCNews.com - 3/4/2015
The Senate failed to get the necessary 67 votes needed to override President Obama's Keystone XL pipeline veto, reports CNBC's Sue Herera. (CNBC)    Add Comment

The College Teams Obama's Sports Tax Would Hit Hardest 
Forbes.com - 3/4/2015
By hook or crook, President Obama would like to eliminate the tax deductions for donors to college sports who use their contributions to get tickets to games. A month ago, Obama revealed his plan that     Add Comment

Can the Rubio-Lee Plan Unite Republicans on Tax Reform? 
Forbes.com - 3/4/2015
Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah)  today introduced a tax reform plan which has been generating a lot of praise from all around the conservative world.  It’s got good to very good marks     Add Comment

Holmes asks Capitol Police to let kids sled on Capitol Hill this weekend 
Washington Post - 3/4/2015
One of the District’s most appealing sledding hills is usually off-limits  – Capitol Hill. But Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) is trying to lift the sledding ban on Capitol grounds, at least for the     Add Comment
>>   US security
Obama signs Homeland Security funding bill 
USA Today - 3/4/2015
President Barack Obama has signed a law funding the Homeland Security Department through the end of the budget year. The House voted yesterday to approve the bill after a messy fight in Congress. (March     Add Comment

U.S. jury convicts Pakistani tied to al Qaeda bomb plot 
Reuters - 3/4/2015
Abid Naseer (L), 28, listens as Assistant U.S. Attorney Zainab Ahmad questions Najibullah Zazi (R) during the first day or Naseer's trial, in this courtroom sketch in Brooklyn, New York February 17, 2015.     Add Comment

Clinton’s E-Mail System Built For Privacy Though Not Security 
Bloomberg - 3/4/2015
(Bloomberg) -- A week before becoming Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton set up a private e-mail system that gave her a high level of control over communications, including the ability to erase messages     Add Comment

White House: Obama signs homeland security funding bill 
Reuters UK - 3/4/2015
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed into law a bill that funds the U.S. Department of Homeland Security until the end of the fiscal year, after lawmakers this week ended     Add Comment

Arise The Spy Cloud--Amazon Built CIA Private Cloud Is Go. With Some 007 Apps As  
Forbes.com - 3/4/2015
News for all those tech-loving James Bond fans out there that the private cloud being built for the CIA by public cloud leader Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) is nearing completion. Readers will remember     Add Comment

Will the U.S. Shale Boom Fuel Asia's Economic Future and Europe's Energy Security? 
Reuters - 3/4/2015
An Oil & Gas 360(R) Exclusive Interview With Cheniere Energy's ( NYSE : LNG ) Anatol Feygin DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Mar 4, 2015) -  The president of the Swiss/Norwegian International Gas Union
Will the U.S. Shale Boom Fuel Asia’s Economic Future and Europe’s Energy Security? Canadian Business Journal
Will the U.S. Shale Boom Fuel Asia''s Economic Future and Europe''s Energy Security? Nasdaq
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Obama signs homeland security bill 
USA Today - 3/4/2015
President Obama signed the homeland security funding bill on Wednesday, formally ending a standoff that revolved around Republican efforts to block his immigration actions. "I want to thank members of     Add Comment

Abid Naseer convicted in 2009 bomb plot 
CNN - 3/4/2015
Naseer, 28, was convicted on three criminal violations: providing material support to al Qaeda, conspiring to provide material support for al Qaeda, and conspiring to use a destructive device in relation
Abid Naseer Found Guilty in Al-Qaeda Plot to Bomb NYC Subway MSNBC Newsweek
Abid Naseer found guilty of plotting Manchester bombing ITV.com
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>>   US social policy
Excerpts from health care case argued at the Supreme Court 
CNBC - 3/4/2015
Excerpts from arguments before the Supreme Court on Wednesday about whether the nation's health care law makes subsidies for buying insurance available to residents of all states, or only to people in     Add Comment

Seattle's Public Transit Prices Cut For Low-Income Residents 
CBS News - 3/4/2015
On Sunday, Seattle launched an new public transit fare program based not on distance traveled, but household income. CBSN speaks with Kevin Desmond, General Manager of King County Metro Transit, about     Add Comment

Supreme Court remains divided over health care law 
USA Today - 3/4/2015
USA TODAY's Jayne O'Donnell reports as the Supreme Court appeared closely divided Wednesday during heated arguments over President Obama's health care law, but questions from Justice Anthony Kennedy gave     Add Comment

'Unparalleled': A look at the civil rights movement 
CNN - 3/4/2015
Story highlights The Steven Kasher Gallery will be showing powerful photos from the 1965 Selma marches Included are images from the late Charles Moore, whose civil rights work is legendary The Ava DuVernay
'Unparalleled': Charles Moore's photos of the civil rights movement CNN
'Unparalleled' photos of the civil rights era CNN
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Indy council creates 'Homeless Bill of Rights' 
USA Today - 3/3/2015
INDIANAPOLIS — The city council has passed an ordinance making Indianapolis one of the first cities in the country to do so. The ordinance, approved Monday and modeled after similar laws in Rhode Island     Add Comment

How big a role should Social Security play in your retirement? 
CBS News - 3/3/2015
By Jason Notte/MainStreet.com Social Security is still a huge part of U.S. workers' retirement plans, but they aren't happy about it. As a Bankrate survey points out, Americans are getting a bit more     Add Comment

White House threatens to veto Senate labor board measure 
Reuters UK - 3/3/2015
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama's advisers would recommend he veto a Senate resolution to overturn recent National Labor Relations Board reforms if the measure were to reach the White     Add Comment

Michelle Obama promotes awareness of mental health care 
Miami Herald - 3/4/2015
Mental health care is not just a policy and budget issue for America, but also a cultural issue, Michelle Obama said on Wednesday. The first lady said more than 40 million Americans experience a diagnosable     Add Comment
>>   US political columnists
Marco Rubio unveils comprehensive tax plan 
Washington Post - 3/4/2015
Just weeks before he's expected to launch a presidential campaign, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) teamed up on Wednesday with GOP colleague Mike Lee (R-Utah) to unveil a comprehensive set of proposals to overhaul
Marco Rubio and Mike Lee Want You to Have Kids—Unless You're Poor The New Republic Online
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McConnell Wants States to Just Ignore EPA Regulations, but His Plan Makes No Sense 
The New Republic Online - 3/4/2015
I n a op-ed published Tuesday in the  Lexington Herald-Leader ,  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell argued   that states should ignore the Environmental Protection Agency's climate change regulations     Add Comment

Did Climate Change Play a Role in Starting the Syrian Civil War? 
The New Republic Online - 3/4/2015
W e know that Earth is getting warmer and we know that humans, through burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and other factors, are significantly contributing to this warming. What we are less certain     Add Comment

Anthony Kennedy Hinted at How to Save Obamacare—But Will the Supreme Court Listen? 
The New Republic Online - 3/4/2015
A ttempting to divine outcomes from Supreme Court oral arguments is a foolish endeavor. But in a promising sign for supporters of the Affordable Care Act, one of the Court’s conservative justices — Anthony     Add Comment

Another Police Killing, Another Twitter Hashtag. But #HomelessLivesMatter Isn't  
The New Republic Online - 3/3/2015
L ike the recent shooting in Pasco, Washington, the latest police killing of an unarmed man was captured on video in broad daylight and in front of several witnesses — this time, on Los Angeles' Skid     Add Comment

Photo of the Day, Not Buying It Edition 
American Prospect - 3/3/2015
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Inane Budget Mini-Crisis Comes to Predictable End 
American Prospect - 3/3/2015
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Mikulski Retiring; Could Donna Edwards Be Her Replacement? 
American Prospect - 3/2/2015
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