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Universitam inicia hoy su sección de noticias de ciencia en Inglés para nuestro usuarios anglo parlantes.

Starts today Universitam science news section in English for our users Anglo speakers. Add Comment

>>   Science
Experts defend operational earthquake forecasting, counter critiques 
Ein News - 89 Minutes ago
Sep 1, 2014 - 21:08 GMT Experts defend operational earthquake forecasting (OEF) in an editorial published in the Seismological Research Letters (SRL), arguing the importance of public communication     Add Comment

Biologist Climbs High to Prove Hypothesis About Plants 
New York Times - 71 Minutes ago
A 20-year quest to prove a longstanding hypothesis about how nutrients are transported may come to an end thanks to tiny needles that probe leaves 40 feet up an oak tree.
Biologist Climbs High to Prove Hypothesis About Trees New York Times
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IITA revamps weed science research 
Ghana News Agency - 42 Minutes ago
Accra, Sep. 1, GNA - Researchers at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture have commended the Director General of IITA, Dr Nteranya Sanginga for rejuvenating the weeds science programme.     Add Comment

Q&A: Why Do Slugs Risk Crossing the Road? 
New York Times - 71 Minutes ago
The two big impetuses for sluggish movement are food-seeking and the search for potential mates.    Add Comment

Observatory: A Mission for Remote-Controlled Bugs 
New York Times - 71 Minutes ago
Researchers are working with living moths and cockroaches on a project that could make them useful in searches through rubble.    Add Comment

Sales tax return: self-assessment amount of tax can only be altered through fresh  
Business Recorder - 108 Minutes ago
September 02, 2014 The Lahore High Court (LHC) declared that self-assessed amount of tax due by a taxpayer in his or her sales tax return can only be altered through a fresh assessment of tax under     Add Comment
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>>   Genetics
Gene treatment fears will fade: UK 
Herald Sun - 37 Minutes ago
CRITICS say it will lead to the creation of "designer babies" but Britain's public health minister insists fears about a new genetic technique will ease.    Add Comment

AID induces intraclonal diversity and genomic damage in CD86+ cells in chronic lymphocytic  
European Journal of Immunology - 34 Minutes ago
The activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID) mediates somatic hypermutation and class switch recombination of the immunoglobulin (Ig) genes by directly deaminating cytosines to uracils. As AID causes     Add Comment

"Immortal" Cells from Henrietta Lacks Lead to Updated Rules on Genomic Data Sharing 
Scientific American - 47 Minutes ago
Scientists who work on genomics and are funded by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) must post their data online so that others can build on the information, the agency has said in an  update     Add Comment

[News] PALB2 gene increases breast cancer risk 
Lancet Oncology - 90 Minutes ago
Women who carry a mutated version of the PALB2 gene have an increased risk of developing breast cancer, a team of international researchers has found. Although it is well established that BRCA1 and BRCA2     Add Comment

Putin Shows Interest in Cloning Woolly Mammoths 
Moscow Times - 82 Minutes ago
President Vladimir Putin, second right, listens to an explanation during a visit to the Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk, Siberia on Monday. Will woolly mammoths roam among us once again, more than four
Putin Says He's Interested in Cloning Woolly Mammoths Moscow Times
Putin Discusses Possibility of Mammoth Cloning With Scientists Russia Profile
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Scientists sequence complete genome of E. coli strain responsible for food poisoning 
BioPortfolio - 72 Minutes ago
(Phys.org) —Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have produced the first complete genome sequencing of a strain of E. coli that is a common cause of outbreaks of food poisoning in the     Add Comment
>>   Biological sciences
>>   Climate change
Greenhouse gas fear over increased levels of meat eating 
BBC - 43 Minutes ago
Global consumption of meat needs to fall - to ensure future demand for food can be met and to help protect the environment - a study says. Research from Cambridge and Aberdeen universities estimates
Greenhouse gas fear over increased meat eating ERTA
BBC News - Greenhouse gas fear over meat production DailyMe.Com
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Communities going into power business to cut cost, carbon footprint 
Los Angeles Times - 30 Minutes ago
Sonoma County, which enticed Americans to forsake factory-made food for artisan wines and farmers market produce, now wants consumers to reconsider another everyday commodity. New on the menu: locally     Add Comment

Leading environmental groups challenge politicians to build a greener Britain 
Wildlife Trusts - 31 Minutes ago
A coalition of the UK’s leading environmental groups, including the National Trust, WWF, RSPB, Greenpeace, The Wildlife Trusts and Friends of the Earth, are today calling for all political parties to     Add Comment

PIA bats for massive campaign on climate change resiliency, adaptation 
Business Week Mindanao - 38 Minutes ago
By EMMANUEL D. TAGHOY IPIL, Zamboanga Sibugay – The Philippine Information Agency (PIA)-9 is now embarking on a massive advocacy campaign relative to climate change resiliency and adaptation, said Zamboanga     Add Comment

Steria Leads the Way in Managing IT’s Environmental Impact with CarbonNeutral® Data  
AndhraNews.net - 39 Minutes ago
Comments - New Delhi, Delhi, India In brief Steria is the first company in the world to be awarded CarbonNeutral® certification for its data centres, recognising the growing environmental impact of     Add Comment

African farmers urgently need “climate-smart” investment – report 
Responding to Climate Change - 57 Minutes ago
Climate change will mean more failed harvests, without investment in new seed varieties and farming techniques Climate change increases the risk of drought for African farmers (Pic: Australian Department     Add Comment

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