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07:20 New weapon in fight against testicular cancer   - 13 Hours ago
On September 9, a new social media campaign, #Nutnominate, is set to launch - and locals are urged to get involved. The aim is to raise awareness of testicular cancer in young men and the campaign has

New weapon in fight against testicular cancer   - 13 Hours ago
On September 9, a new social media campaign, #Nutnominate, is set to launch - and locals are urged to get involved. The aim is to raise awareness of testicular cancer in young men and the campaign has

Hair Building Fiber Treatment: Best Treatment To Hide Baldness   - 3 Hours ago
We all want to look our best when we go out in a function or at a place where there will be hundreds of people around us. In such social gatherings, confidence is one of ...

Drugs and Medications That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction   - 4 Hours ago
Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is no longer commonly caused by stress, relationship issues, and anxiety. The pill you are popping could also be causing this sexual problem - there are

Drink in the Emmy's: A Mad-Men Inspired cocktail   - 18 Hours ago
Since the 66th Annual Emmy Awards is coming up on August 25th, we knew you needed a sophisticated drink to celebrate television’s biggest night. The Creative, a cocktail inspired by AMC’s hit show Mad

Excellent Outcomes With Surveillance of Testicular Cancer   - 24 Hours ago
Reuters Health Information By Will Boggs MD August 22, 2014 NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Active surveillance yields excellent outcomes in men with clinical stage I testicular cancer, according to

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Clinical Practice Patterns in the Assessment and Management of Low Testosterone   - 8/22/2014
Abstract Objective To document current practices in the approach to low testosterone in older men. Given that recommendations are based on low-level evidence, we hypothesized that there would be a wide

Heart disease giving way to cancer as top killer of men   - 19 Hours ago
Parts of Europe are reaching a “tipping point” where cardiovascular disease is no longer the leading cause of death, a study shows. Four million deaths each year – nearly half the European total –

Need a hangover cure?   - 20 Hours ago
Aug. 22, 2014 - 1:47 - A new service claims it will cure your hangover while you’re still in bed. The IV Doc says its IV hydration treatment helps patients suffering from an all-night bender, jet lag,

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Male Menopause & More   - 20 Hours ago
Page 1 of 2 male hot flashes? How come some men in midlife don't want sex? Steve Hello Steve, The loss of libido is the result of the decrease in testosterone production, which sets on rapidly

Grooming How-To Guide: Choosing a Summer Scent   - 8/22/2014
From salty oceans to smoky grills, the undeniable smells of summer evoke good vibes, great times, and epic adventures. Your warm-weather cologne should be just as unforgettable. So amp up your arsenal

Ask Men's Fitness: What Hairstyle Is Most In for Fall?   - 8/22/2014
"What type of hairstyle is more in style now: the wet, gel-based look, or a more dry, pastier look?"  -Dave W., Los Angeles, CA Dry hairstyles are old news, says Jason Shankey, a Belfast-based  grooming

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Apologies...   - 8/22/2014
Sections Secondary menu Social media links This link should go to a reader survey designed for us to get your feedback on the new look (October 2014) issue of Men's Fitness. Unfortunately, internal

Why Men Should Care About Everyday Sexism (and what we can do to help)   - 8/22/2014
No one likes to be wrong; no one wants that feeling of having some part of what you consider to be true ripped away or revealed to be full of thorns. No one thinks they’re bad – probably most of us believe

This Is Real BBQ   - 8/22/2014
® is a registered trademark of Rodale Inc. ©2011 Rodale Inc. All rights reserved. Published under license from Rodale Inc. The views expressed by the users of the site are not necessarily the views of

This Guy Beat Depression With Ketamine   - 8/22/2014
You always remember the day your life changed. John, an engineer, was at work. ?There was an explosion. That’s all he’ll say about it. It’s all he needs to say. He hasn’t been the same since. The accident

A multi-faceted approach to understanding male infertility: Gene mutations, molecular   - 8/22/2014
Tahmasbpour E, et al. – Male Infertility is a complex and multifactorial disorder. This review provides a comprehensive, up–to–date evaluation of the multifactorial factors involved in male infertility.

Why 'Boyhood' Is Also About Fatherhood   - 8/22/2014
Filmed incrementally over the course of twelve years, Boyhood treats the viewer to an organic unfolding of one Texas family’s triumphs, struggles, and growth. But while the film is billed as the coming

Comparison of the efficacy and safety of 5-mg once-daily versus 5-mg alternate-day   - 8/22/2014
The purposeof this study is to investigate and compare the effects of 5-mg once-daily tadalafil versus 5-mg alternate-day tadalafil in men with moderate-to-severe erectile dysfunction (ED) and lower urinary

Flexible Work Requests Produce Fatherhood Bonus and Motherhood Penalty   - 8/21/2014
According to a recent study, men who request flexible work schedules are advantaged over women who make the same requests. In the study by Dr. Christin Munsch, an assistant professor of sociology at

Emmett Till's Cousin Featured on Chicago Counterpoint TV Released by Fatherhood   - 8/19/2014
CHICAGO, Aug. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Fathers' rights attorney and advocate Jeffery M. Leving will present the family of Emmett Till with the obituary of the teen murdered in 1955 during the August 19

UW professor may have found cure to hair loss from chemotherapy   - 8/22/2014
. - Lynn Malayter was shocked enough to be diagnosed with breast cancer almost two years ago.  She never thought she would have to endure chemotherapy, but with the odds of recurrence stacked against

Kamagra Fizz Is A Fda Approved Drug Recommended For The Use Of Treating Male Impotence.   - 8/22/2014
Kamagra Fizz, a solution for erection issues, turned into one well-known alternative to the blue pill. The buzz prompted the arrival of Kamagra Fizz containers, a bubbling container that melts instantly
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5 supplements that prevent hair loss   - 8/22/2014
Health food stores and vitamin shops are packed to the rafters with products promising to prevent hair loss . Of course, since the main objective for many vitamin manufacturers is to find the easiest

Baldness Cure? Cancer Drug Restores Hair   - 8/18/2014
A drug used to treat a rare type of bone marrow cancer restores hair in patients with an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, a new study found. Columbia University Medical Center researchers
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