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Are You Man Enough? The Truth About Low Testosterone   - 9 Hours ago
Low-T drugs marketed to help men get their mojo back are having a moment, but are they safe? With the market for low-testosterone, or “Low-T,’ therapy projected to reach $5 billion by 2017, many new

Evan Dobelle's Westfield State spending infractions included visits to all-male   - 2 Hours ago
WESTFIELD — In a scathing review of , the state Inspector General found the ex-president repeatedly abused his authority while running up more than $450,000 in bills on five school-related credit cards.

Bohemian Rhapsody: Evan Dobelle's Westfield State spending infractions included   - 2 Hours ago
WESTFIELD — In a scathing review of Evan Dobelle’s spending at Westfield State University , the state Inspector General found the ex-president repeatedly abused his authority while running up more than

WTI Stands for "Why The Impotence"   - 4 Hours ago
One of the most reliable cause-and-effect relationships in all of global markets is that violence in the Middle East tends to lead to a spike in oil prices. As you might expect, the most direct explanation

3 gym mistakes and how to change them   - 4 Hours ago
Performance coach Mike Robertson is the founder of Robertson Training Systems in Indiana, USA, which has helped athletes and clients from all walks of life get fitter and achieve their performance goals

Boys and young men's health survey   - 4 Hours ago
Our partners at National Childrens Bureau want to identify what might help today’s boys and young men develop into confident users of health information and services. They are asking adult men to share

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Men love physical health tests   - 4 Hours ago
A new report from Haringey has identified four factors related to why men don't engage with public health services. They include the suggestion that m en prefer to have physical examinations and tests

WTI stands for "Why The Impotence?"   - 4 Hours ago
One of the most reliable cause-and-effect relationships in all of global markets is that violence in the Middle East tends to lead to a spike in  oil  prices. As you might expect, the most direct explanation

Concerns Grow Over Teens Looking For Athletic Boost From Testosterone   - 10 Hours ago
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Students will be suiting up for high school football season within the next month. Many players dream of sports scholarships for their post high school career. However, there are ...

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Running For Office? What You Need Are Strippers... For Jesus   - 19 Hours ago
Share on Twitter Today on The Daily  Dispatch, Orlando Bloom takes a swing at Justin Bieber over Miranda Kerr, we discover a North Korean summer camp that's open to the world, and a reverend turned

Blueberries: Frozen or Fresh?   - 21 Hours ago
Although blueberry season is upon us, frozen berries may be the way to go year-round. New suggests that frozen blueberries deliver a bigger dose of disease-fighting antioxidants than fresh. These antioxidants

Owners of erectile dysfunction clinic sue each other   - 5 Hours ago
Medical clinic owners sue each other ( July 31 , 2014 ) Kevin Hornsby’s medical business to treat erectile dysfunction is caught up in a multimillion-dollar ownership dispute with part-owner Sharon

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New Best Testosterone Boosters Website Launches with Key Information for Men with   - 9 Hours ago
New website with up-to-date information on Best Testosterone Boosters has been launched by Steps To Be Healthy. The company is encouraging visitors to visit the site to leave feedback for future improvements

Laser Hair Comb- The Best Handy Solution For Hair Loss Posted By: Kevin Johnsen   - 9 Hours ago
Combs with laser lights fitted onto them are the latest rage of the industry. While there are many hair loss treatments in the market which claim to be more effective than one another, none of these treatment

Mesenchymal stem cell therapy in treatment of erectile dysfunction: Autologous or   - 7/30/2014
Objective To compare the efficacy of intracavernosal injection of autologous and allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells as potential treatment of erectile dysfunction in an experimental rat model. Methods

Psychological, professional effects of hair loss require special attention   - 7/29/2014
_ Hair loss, known clinically as alopecia, is a deceptive affliction. Its physical effects can be seen in varying degrees depending on the extent of hair loss, but its most profound impact cannot be seen

Record Number Of Men Seeking Treatment For Low Testosterone Levels   - 23 Hours ago
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Hair coloring and facial treatments like Botox help many people look and feel younger, but increasingly, more men are seeking a way to feel younger.  In record numbers, they're seeking

Former Catholic Priest Ousted for Breaking Celibacy Vow Prefers Married Life, Fatherhood   - 7/30/2014
|1:36 pm (Photo: Oprah video screen grab) Rev. Alberto Cutié and his family five years after he left Catholicism to get married and become an Episcopal priest. A well-known former Roman Catholic priest,

Men twice as daft when driving?   - 7/30/2014
A recent survey posed the question 'Have you held a mobile phone whilst driving in the last 30 days?' One in ten men - 10.0% - admitted to using a mobile phone while driving but only 4.5% of women

Winston-Salem State to Host Program for Next Generation of Black Male Teachers   - 7/30/2014
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.  _   Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) will collaborate with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) and Wells Fargo to host a unique program designed to increase, influence

Enlarged Prostate – It’s Time to Talk   - 7/30/2014
Dr Roger Henderson says get over the "embarrassment factor" and ensure you have a healthy prostate. One of the most common conditions I see in my surgery is enlarged prostate or, to give it its

Philadelphia Airport Offers Fitness on the Fly   - 7/30/2014
Instead of slouching in your chair, eating a Cinnabon, and playing on your iPad for what seems like an eternity, you now have the option of burning some calories before take-off. Philadelphia International

New Drug Could Treat Low Testosterone with Fewer Side Effects   - 7/30/2014
By Christopher Wanjek, Columnist Date: 29 July 2014 Time: 07:55 PM ET In fertility treatment, what's good for the goose apparently is good for the gander. A new study shows that a drug similar

10 Celebrity Diet Staples   - 7/30/2014
You see them on the big screen, on billboards, and on magazine covers. Hollywood's leading men (well, most of them) and top athletes have one thing in common: They've got their fitness in check. Washboard

Clint Bowyer on: NASCAR’s young stars and fatherhood   - 22 Hours ago
The Buffalo Motorsports Examiner recently had the opportunity to speak with NASCAR veteran Clint Bowyer , who was a judge and coach in this season’s PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge. Learn more about the
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