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Is #FeelingNuts for testicular cancer the new Ice Bucket Challenge?   - 4 Hours ago
FIRST, THERE WAS the #nomakeupselfie for breast cancer. Then the Ice Bucket Challenge got the whole world raising funds for motor neurone disease. Now we have the #FeelingNuts challenge for testicular

Jackman grabs crotch for testicular cancer   - 15 Hours ago
TAKE a deep breath ladies, Hugh Jackman has grabbed his crotch on camera. THE 45-year-old Wolverine star has joined the latest viral challenge, Feeling Nuts, clutching his manhood to help bring attention
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Does 4T Plus Natural Supplements Cure Erectile Dysfunction In Men?   - 3 Hours ago
Lots of herbal pills are available in the market to cure ED in men. Only few of them are effective and safe to consume for the treatment of sexual disorders. 4T Plus capsule is one ...

Brad Pitt: Fatherhood Makes Me 'Feel Like the Richest Man Alive'   - 4 Hours ago
For Brad Pitt, nothing is more important than his kids. "I worry about them all the time," he said in the November issue of Psychologies. "That's the emotional bond and responsibility that sweeps over

Erectile Dysfunction Rates in US Military Double Over 10 Years Oct 02, 2014   - 5 Hours ago
Erectile dysfunction has more than doubled in male U.S. service members over the past decade, according to a report by the Armed Service Health Surveillance Center. During a 10-year surveillance period,

Is #FeelingNuts For Testicular Cancer The New ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?   - 9 Hours ago
via @RealHughJackman A new social media campaign has arrived and this time, it is to raise awareness for testicular cancer. Started by UK-based organization Check One Two , the campaign #FeelingNuts

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Brad Pitt enjoys fatherhood, feels like the richest man   - 10 Hours ago
By IANS | Posted 5 hours ago Los Angeles:  Actor Brad Pitt says that fatherhood has not only made him 'more generous and alive', it also makes him feel like the 'richest man alive'. Brad Pitt.

Pitt enjoys fatherhood, feels like the richest man   - 13 Hours ago
Los Angeles, Oct 2 (IANS) Actor Brad Pitt says that fatherhood has not only made him "more generous and alive", it also makes him feel like the "richest man alive". The 50-year-old has six children -

Party On, It's National Kale Day   - 16 Hours ago
Because we could all use a break from reading about the jaw-dropping addition of pumpkin spice to nearly everything that's edible (hummus, peanut butter, and seltzer water are among the latest foods and

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Add Fat to the List of Things Apples Keep Away   - 16 Hours ago
Forget Red Delicious, Fuji and Gala. Scientists at Washington State University have found that chowing down on Granny Smith apples may help prevent disorders associated with obesity. Unlike other varieties,

Watch Hugh Jackman Grab His Balls in Slow Motion for Testicular Cancer Awareness:   - 16 Hours ago
Some ladies might need an ice bucket all over again if this really catches on. While apparently the new trending hashtag #feelingnuts is not a brand-new thing, it just received a, er, double dose of

Celebrities are #FeelingNuts for testicular cancer awareness   - 13 Hours ago
Say hello to #FeelingNuts, the latest social media campaign meant to raise awareness about a medical mystery, this time testicular cancer, a curable disease if caught early. Celebrities are already

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Brad Pitt Talking About Fatherhood Is Probably Going to Make You Melt   - 13 Hours ago
Shutterstock There are a ton of papparazzi photos to suggest that Brad Pitt is a family man, but his recent interview about the awesomeness of fatherhood pretty much solidifies it.  “I feel like the richest

Ask Clay: Hair loss makes men more useful   - 15 Hours ago
138086 liv-hairloss0829 8/25/06 photo illustration on hair loss in women. Photo by Cheryl Evans/ THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC (Photo: Cheryl Evans AZR) Today's question: We all know that as we age, our hair

Man pushes giant ball across USA for testicular cancer awareness   - 16 Hours ago
TEXAS — It may be decribed as being ballsy, but Thomas Cantley is raising eyebrows and money for testicular cancer by pushing a giant ball from California to New York. Cantley, a testicular cancer

Brad Pitt says fatherhood has made him 'the richest man alive'   - 22 Hours ago
Dads Zach Johnson E! Online 49 minutes ago file Brad Pitt who recently married Angelina Jolie, spoke out about being a dad. It's an especially good time to be Brad Pitt. The newlywed,

Testicular cancer survivor pushes giant ball across country   - 18 Hours ago
| Updated: October 1, 2014 5:13pm If you were driving downtown Wednesday morning you may have seen a blue truck asking people to "BE BALLSY." That's the slogan for a 31-year-old testicular cancer

Impotence drugs linked to eye problems   - 10/1/2014
AN ingredient in the anti-impotence drug Viagra may permanently affect the vision of men with eye problems, say Australian researchers. IT'S already known that sildenafil, the active ingredient in erectile

Smoking and male fertility breakthrough finding   - 10/1/2014
Mothers who smoke while they are pregnant or breast feeding may be damaging the future fertility of their sons, according to breakthrough findings from University of Newcastle reers published today.

Tyler Perry is ready for fatherhood   - 9/30/2014
Tyler Perry’s girlfriend, Gelila Bekele, is expecting their first baby. And it seems he just let slip that it’ll be a boy. When Extra‘s Jerry Penacoli asked Perry what kind of dad he will be, the movie

Joan Lunden on chemotherapy hair loss Were losing our hair in order to live   - 21 Hours ago
Email Like many women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, Joan Lunden soon began losing her hair. It affected her more than she thought."You just are never prepared for it," ...

Symptoms of Low Testosterone: Could You Have ???,??"Low T????,??   - 21 Hours ago
What is Low Testosterone? Low testosterone, often referred to as ???,??"low T???,??

Brad Pitt Feels Like the Richest Man Alive Calls Fatherhood the Most Beautiful Thing   - 21 Hours ago
, 6, proud papa Pitt, 50, says, "You learn to value the basic beauty of family, of watching your children grow and evolve. It's the most beautiful thing you can experience.""I ...

Brad Pitt Opens Up About Fatherhood And Tying The Knot With Angelina Jolie   - 22 Hours ago
Brad Pitt gushes over his six children with Angelina Jolie declaring that they make him feel like “the richest man alive”. Brad Pitt is currently working his new wife, Angelina Jolie, on an upcoming project

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough is writing a memoir that will focus on fatherhood   - 10/1/2014
file photo, Joe Scarborough attends the 2013 Matrix New York Women in Communications Awards in New York. The "Morning Joe" host and former republican ...
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