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Meet the 25 men who've fought off strokes, heart disease and dementia   - 2 Hours ago
British seniors found living a healthy lifestyle conducive to healthy golden years Retirees in Britain may have found the key to a fit and happy old age, after practicing a new health regime for

Fatherhood changes Wallabies captain Matt Hodgson's career and life   - 8 Hours ago
Becoming a father has coincided with the best form of Matt Hodgson's career and the new Wallabies captain will likely cut his spring tour short if his wife goes into labour this month. LONDON: Captaining

Fatherhood changes Wallabies captain Matt Hodgson's career and life   - 15 Hours ago
LONDON: Captaining the Wallabies will be the biggest challenge of Matt Hodgson's career, but becoming a father has been the greatest reward and he will likely cut his spring tour short if his wife goes

A male pheromone-mediated trade-off between female preferences for genetic compatibility   - 20 Hours ago
IntroductionChemosensory signals play a vital role in socio-sexual interactions of rodents. Females rely heavily on chemosensory signals to evaluate genetic similarity and quality of potential mates,

3 tricks to upgrade your Halloween costume   - 3 Hours ago
Still fretting over what to wear this Halloween for all the awesome parties you've been invited to? Read on to raise your game this weekend! 1) Fill Out Your Costume If you're going as the Hulk,

What's mighty about the mouse? For starters, its massive Y chromosome   - 4 Hours ago
An exhaustive effort to sequence the mouse Y chromosome reveals a surprisingly large and complex biological beast, at the same time providing remarkable insight into a heated battle for supremacy between

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Fatherhood changes Wallabies captain Matt Hodgson's career and life   - 8 Hours ago
By Nov. 1, 2014, midnight Fatherhood changes Wallabies captain Matt Hodgson's career and life Baa baas and babies ... new Wallaby captain Matt Hodgson training in London. Baa baas and babies ...

Kamagra an Impotence Soothing Pills   - 8 Hours ago
Kamagra is a solution to overcome from the hindrances of erectile dysfunction arises mostly in the age of 50s and 60s. It has been sanctioned to beat the issue of male impotence. The drug has got finished

Forum Post: Testicular cancer lumps? Story   - 8 Hours ago
For the past few months I had been ignorning the lumps down below, until I started worrying myself sick with the possibilities of lose one or both of my little ones. I had been non-stop self-diagnosing

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Get Your Scare On In Style This Weekend With These Great Halloween Songs   - 15 Hours ago
Share on Twitter Happy Halloween! Whether you’re dressing up as “ sexy Ebola ” this year or just stuffing your face at home with candy, here’s our playlist of fun and frightful tunes. Get your trick

The Car Of Your Dreams Is About To Go Into Production   - 15 Hours ago
Trion Nemesis, Beoplay A2, HP Sprout - Aspire 10/31/14 This week on Aspire we’re taking a look at a drop dead sexy new 2,000 HP supercar, high-end audio manufacturer B&O’s surprising entry into the portable

Dodge's Newest Charger Is Seriously A Force To Be Reckoned With   - 15 Hours ago
2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Dodge’s performance arm, SRT, transplants the supercharged iron block HEMI V8 from this summer’s ludicrous Challenger Hellcat -- the most powerful and fastest American muscle

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Hair Loss De-Mystified With Clive Hair Clinics   - 18 Hours ago
There are a great number of myths and misconceptions about hair loss in men and women and the most common hair problems, representing over 75% of enquiries at Clive Hair Clinics are Genetic Thinning,

Seven Green Drinks You’d Have to Be an Idiot to Imbibe   - 20 Hours ago
Starbucks is celebrating Halloween with a scary concoction: a green tea frappuccino topped with peppermint syrup, white chocolate sauce, java chips, whipped cream, and mocha drizzle. Though exact nutrition

4 Ideal Food And Booze Pairings for Fall   - 20 Hours ago
It’s one thing to know your way around a restaurant menu in the presence of female company. It’s quite another to cook a delicious meal from scratch and pair it so perfectly with a libation that she starts

[Plant Genetics] Y male plants affect female development   - 20 Hours ago
Although most plants have both male and female organs within a single flower, some produce separate male and female plants. In some cases, such as persimmons, males are determined

How Can I Grow a Mustache that Won't Make Me Look Like a Douchebag?   - 21 Hours ago
"Movember is here! What's the facial-hair style of the moment that won't make me look like a total douchebag?" —Mark M., Greenport, NY Dude, anything goes: a horseshoe, Vandyke, muttonchops. It’s 

Prostate Cancer facts about Erectile Dysfunction and Performance Anxiety   - 21 Hours ago
When a man is given the devastating news that he has prostate cancer, more often than not, he will be concerned with his ability to function sexually after the procedure. The idea that he has prostate
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Scalp Cooler Could Halt Chemo Hair Loss   - 10/30/2014
Leading manufacturer of scalp cooling equipment Paxman Coolers is to fund research into the science behind hair loss during chemotherapy treatment The hair loss that is often an emotionally devastating

Petersen Museum Cars Move To Reagan Library   - 10/29/2014
Los Angeles’ Petersen Automotive Museum has closed for a major renovation that is scheduled for completion by December 1, 2015. In the meantime, a selection of rare and classic cars from the Petersen’s

BRIEF: Pompano company to launch hair-loss clinic [Sun Sentinel :: ]   - 10/29/2014
Oct. 29--A hair-loss clinic, the first by Pompano Beach-based DS Healthcare Group The company develops personal-care products and specialty pharmaceuticals. The new facility, called DS Laboratories

Pres. Obama Calls Attorney Leving's 2014 Fatherhood Symposium "Important Work"   - 10/29/2014
CHICAGO, Oct. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In a private meeting between United States President Barack Obama and Jeffery M. Leving, the Chairman of the Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood (ICRF), the

10 Easy Steps to a Terrifying Ghostly Encounter   - 22 Hours ago
Afraid of ghosts? Don’t be. For one thing, they probably don't exist. But let's just say, for the sake of argument, that they're real. It's Halloween, go with us on this. Tis the season for spooky

Ashton Kutcher Credits Marriage To Ex-Wife Demi Moore For Fatherhood Preparedness   - 22 Hours ago
Ashton Kutcher's marriage to Demi Moore may not have been fruitless after all. It ended on a bad note, but Ashton said it benefitted him in a unique way: it prepared him for fatherhood. Reuters/Chip

Ashton Kutcher: Demi Moore's Daughters Helped Prepare Me for Fatherhood   - 10/30/2014
Ashton Kutcher is loving being a new dad to his daughter Wyatt , and reminds the women of The Talk that he has had a little experience with parenting girls in the past. Remember when he was married to
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