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Study confirms link between sleep apnea and depression in men 67775   - 8 Hours ago
New research presented at the 2015 American Thoracic Society International Conference in Denver, CO, reports a link between sleep disorders and depression in men. The study found that excessive daytime
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Two Cups Of Coffee A Day May Keep Erectile Dysfunction Away, Study Finds   - 12 Hours ago
A recent study suggests that drinking two to three cups of coffee a day may help ward off erectile dysfunction for men. Statistics show that erectile dysfunction affects about 18 million men over the
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Coffee May Perk Up More Than Men's Brains: It Could Stave Off Erectile Dysfunction   - 18 Hours ago
According to a new study out in the journal PLOS ONE last week, caffeine intake is linked to reduced odds of having erectile dysfunction (ED) in men who drink the equivalent of two to three cups of coffee

How a Japanese clothing brand got men to love shopping   - 16 Hours ago
Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo has plans to take over America. To accomplish this goal, the brand, which has 1,500 stores around the world, is going to great lengths to attract male shoppers. Apparel
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Milwaukee father illustrates how Obama’s $500 million fatherhood initiative plays   - 5/24/2015
MILWAUKEE — The last student to arrive for fatherhood class was the only one holding a baby, and a dozen men looked up from their desks to stare. Paul Gayle, 19, had a pink diaper bag hanging off a shoulder

New Study Suggests Drinking More Coffee May Prevent Erectile Dysfunction   - 16 Hours ago
WATCH: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s First Dance as Husband and Wife Revealed Nine Dog Brains Mysteriously Found Near Railroad Tracks Barclay Oudersluys: ‘Forrest Gump’ Fan Looking To Run 3,200-Mile
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Jonas Gutierrez becomes Newcastle's last-day superhero as Magpies secure safety   - 16 Hours ago
Jonas Gutierrez provided a fairy-tale ending to Newcastle’s horror story of a season by securing their Barclays Premier League survival. The Argentine is out of contract this summer and was told to find
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Study: Drinking caffeine may reduce odds of erectile dysfunction   - 17 Hours ago
published about 2 hours ago Fred LambertHOUSTON, May 24 (UPI) -- Caffeine intake equivalent of two to three cups of coffee per day could reduce the odds of erectile dysfunction, according to a recently

Coffee May Perk Up More Than Mens Brains It May Ward Off Erectile Dysfunction   - 20 Hours ago
Forbes Sunday 24th May, 2015 last week, caffeine intake is linked to reduced odds of having erectile dysfunction (ED) in men who drink the equivalent of two to three cups of coffee per day. Among

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Coffee May Perk Up More Than Men’s Brains: It May Ward Off Erectile Dysfunction   - 22 Hours ago
A new study links 2-3 cups of coffee per day to reduced odds of having erectile dysfunction. Read the full article here . This content was originally published by Forbes Magazine . Original publishers

Coffee May Perk Up More Than Men's Brains: It May Ward Off Erectile Dysfunction   - 22 Hours ago
© 2015 TeleTrader Software GmbH. All rights reserved. Take account of the Terms of Use . Teletrader is not affiliated with Charles Schwab & CO., Inc. The price information is time delayed to varying

Coffee May Perk Up More Than Men's Brains: It May Ward Off Erectile Dysfunction   - 5/24/2015

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A Natural Breakthrough For Hair Loss?   - 5/24/2015

The men who wear white hats to save lives   - 5/22/2015
Story highlights Barrel bombs, as they are called, are now the greatest killer of civilians in many parts of Syria The humanitarian organization White Helmets has saved 18,000 lives in three years The

Drinking Coffee May Fight Against Erectile Dysfunction   - 5/22/2015
Westend61— Researchers have found a link between higher caffeine consumption and lower ED Good news for coffee drinkers: a few cups a day could help curb men’s risk for erectile dysfunction . A

Labour at risk of 'impotence'   - 5/22/2015
An ex-adviser to Welsh Labour ministers is warning the party needs a "revolution" to avoid being condemned to "impotence" in British politics. Leading economist Gerry Holtham said he feared Labour's

American, Chinese researchers identify gene that makes mosquitoes male   - 5/22/2015
WASHINGTON, May 21 -- U.S. and Chinese researchers said Thursday they have identified a gene that makes dengue- and yellow fever-spreading mosquitoes male. Since only females of the species, called Aedes

Paracetamol in pregnancy may lower testosterone in unborn boys   - 5/21/2015
Prolonged paracetamol use by pregnant women may reduce testosterone production in unborn baby boys, research has found. Researchers at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Reproductive Health
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Coffee May Perk Up More Than Men's Brains: It May Ward Off Erectile Dysfunction   - 5/24/2015
According to a new study out in the journalPLOS ONElast week, caffeine intake is linked to reduced odds of having erectile dysfunction (ED) in men who drink the equivalent of two to three cups of coffee

New Study Finds an 80% Reduced Live Birth After Fertility Treatment If Both Men   - 5/20/2015
(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Males who smoke while trying to conceive when their female partner woman has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) have a harder time getting pregnant, says a recently published study conducted

From felonies to fatherhood, when Letterman became the story   - 5/20/2015
Precious little is known about David Letterman and the life he lives away from the Ed Sullivan Theater. He has a home upstate with his wife Regina Lasko and son Harry, 11, and he has a ranch in Montana.
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'Mad Men' got the smoking issue right   - 5/20/2015
23 photos In honor of the final episodes of the last season of "Mad Men" we look back at the television show's wardrobe, which reflects the 1960s and inspired modern looks. One thing that hasn't changed

Drink Up, Guys: Caffeine Might Prevent Erectile Dysfunction   - 5/22/2015
An apple a day may not keep the doctor away, but a couple of cups of coffee could keep erectile dysfunction at bay, new research shows. It revealed that, compared to men who drink fewer than 8 milligrams
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Predictors of sperm recovery after cryopreservation in testicular cancer   - 5/22/2015
Download PDF This is a temporary file and hence do not link it from a website, instead link the URL of this page if you wish to link the PDF file. To read this article you will require Adobe© Acrobat
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John Byrne on art, faith, fatherhood ... and mortality   - 5/23/2015
I'd be lying if I said I'd given the matter no thought. But hearing the ever-so-slight note of caution in her voice, I realise how futile it would be to try. In this case, discretion is the better part
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