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Cuban Migrants Describe Dangerous Trek To U.S.   - 3 Hours ago
MIAMI, FL -- A group of 9 Cubans made recent local headlines when the small, homemade boat they sailed in from Cuba landed in front of a swanky oceanfront condominium in South Florida while people shouted

Oops! UK council destroys Banksy immigration mural   - 2 Hours ago
LONDON — Authorities in southern England were embarrassed but defensive Thursday after telling workers to destroy a mural they later realized was created by the internationally famous graffiti artist

US: Newgistics releases cross-border ecommerce shipping solution   - 2 Hours ago
Newgistics , a provider of ecommerce solutions has released parcel delivery and returns services for international expansion. As such, US retailers gain access to markets overseas including the UK,

Health conference to focus on exercise to prevent obesity, diabetes on US-Mexico   - 8 Hours ago
Residents will be able to dance their weight off to the rhythm of Zumba during the XIV Binational Health Week which is about to start. The event is being organized by the Mexican government in partnership

United States : US$9 million loan signed to finance a low-emission bus program in   - 12 Hours ago
The North American Development Bank (NADB) and Mercader Financial, S.A. de C.V. SOFOM, E.N.R. (Mercader) signed a peso-denominated loan worth US$9.12 million to implement a border-wide public transportation

Too Little, Too Late   - 14 Hours ago
In-country (as opposed to third-country) processing is not a preferred method for adjudicating refugee status. This is particularly true when the "persecutors" are playing quasi-governmental roles, and/or

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Study: Noncitizen immigrants spend more time in federal prison than U.S. citizens   - 14 Hours ago
Document: Oct. 2014: Light Massoglia King Study The harshest sentences in U.S. federal courts are going to noncitizens, according to a study published Wednesday in the American Sociological Review.

500 Startups-backed Bridge US launches a tool for helping businesses submit visa   - 2 Hours ago
Immigration startup Bridge US today launched its business-focused product for helping companies procure work visas and Green Cards for their employees. The company bills itself as a "Turbotax for immigration"

Bridge US Connects With $800K to Launch Immigration-Application Service   - 2 Hours ago
Bridge US has raised $800,000 to launch its software that aims to simplify the immigration application and management process. Investors in the company include 500 Startups, Ulu Ventures and individual

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Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard zings President Obama on border security   - 11 Hours ago
MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- House Speaker Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, believes it's time for President Barack Obama to get serious about border security. On Wednesday, the Republican speaker sent out a petition

Big Story: The ongoing problem of Cuban migrants   - 13 Hours ago
A delegation of government officials returned last week from Havana after high level talks to ease the burden on Cayman. Top of the agenda? Changing the terms of the historic Memorandum of Understanding

Will the new Cuban refugee MOU deter them?   - 13 Hours ago
Helping Cuban refugees could be seen as a crime, and if they set foot on our soil, they’ll be sent straight back to Cuba. A new draft of Cayman’s migrant agreement with Cuba may be in the pipeline,

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US Immigration Skyrockets   - 14 Hours ago
For concise and recent immigration information watch our news. US immigration from Southeast Asia and the Middle East has 'skyrocketed' in the past few years, according to a recent report. The number

African immigrant population doubling each decade; D.C. area among group’s top destinations   - 20 Hours ago
By , The number of African-born residents in the United States has doubled every decade since the 1970s, with the greater Washington region among the most popular areas for them to live, the U.S.

African immigrant population doubling each decade; Washington area among highest   - 20 Hours ago
By , The number of African-born residents in the United States has doubled every decade since the 1970s, with the greater Washington region among the most popular areas for them to live, the U.S.

Hoyer on Surge of Central Americans into US: ‘Not a Border Security Issue’ CNS   - 20 Hours ago
House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) spoke at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's annual public policy conference on Sept. 30, 2014 in Washington, D.C. (CNSNews.com/Penny Starr) (CNSNews.com)

Stopping Obama Amnesty Key To Blocking Illegal Immigration   - 10/1/2014
President Obama and the party he leads have twisted themselves into political pretzels over illegal immigration. The president's original plan of imposing executive amnesty by summer's end fell flat

Kurdish troops, backed by US aircraft, recapture key town on Syrian border McClatchy   - 10/1/2014
© Reuters/Ako Rasheed Volunteers with Kurdish peshmerga forces clash with Islamic State militants in the town of Daquq, south of Kirkuk, on Tuesday. IRBIL, Iraq — Kurdish militia have captured

MidPoint Panel Debates Immigration and National Security   - 9/30/2014
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Costa Ricans can apply for US visa lottery starting today   - 15 Hours ago
During the month of October, Costa Rican professionals can apply to a visa “lottery” granting residency in the United States. Ticos interested can apply online at www.dvlottery.state.gov . The last day

Dem: Surge in Central Americans Crossing Border ‘Similar’ to European Immigrants   - 19 Hours ago
Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) spoke at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's annual public policy conference on Sept. 30, 2014 in Washington, D.C. (CNSNews.com/Penny Starr) (CNSNews.com) – Rep.

Immigration crisis divides Hispanics in U.S.   - 19 Hours ago
Today - 07:12 GMT CHICAGO — “Gerardo Lamas, the official spokesman for all Hispanics in the United States, resigned Thursday night,” the satirical news site pocho.com deadpanned earlier this month.

US embassy announces Diversity Visa Lottery   - 19 Hours ago
The US embassy on Tuesday said that applications for the will be accepted online from noon Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (1600 GMT) on October 1 The annual DV programme “makes US immigrant visas available

by Chris Musillo The State of Massachusetts has hit upon an ingenious plan to widen the path for H-1B workers and employers, as reported by CNN/Money . By using the H-1B “concurrent” employer program

US confirms airstrikes near Turkey – Syria border   - 19 Hours ago
U.S.-led airstrikes hit near a key Syrian border town for a second day, as Kurdish fighters defend the area from Islamic State militants. The U.S. military confirmed three strikes Wednesday near Kobane,
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