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Thrilling new ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ trailer released for Thanksgiving   - 6 Hours ago
To catch US fans enjoying their Thanksgiving break, 20th Century Fox have released a thrilling and truly epic new trailer for Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings. If you were unsure about this dazzling

First trailer for Vince Vaughn's new comedy 'Unfinished Business' - watch - Film   - 22 Hours ago
The first trailer for Vince Vaughn's latest comedy film Unfinished Business has been released. Vaughn stars as a hardworking American small business owner who travels to Europe with his somewhat unlikely
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Trailer for Eric Red's zombie in space Containment! Graphic novel re-release   - 24 Hours ago
Eric Red's (THE HITCHER, BODY PARTS, 100 FEET) f*cking awesome (it should be a movie)  zombies-in-space graphic novel   CONTAINMENT is being re-released for the first time in beautiful hardcover and in

'Jurassic World' Trailer Breakdown; Director Reveals Plot Details   - 11/27/2014
Last week, Universal Pictures announced that the first trailer for Jurassic World will debut on NBC during the Thanksgiving day NFL game. Surprisingly, the studio decided to launch the trailer on Tuesday

9 Ways the 'Jurassic World' Trailer Recalls the Original Movie   - 11/27/2014
Arriving earlier than expected, Universal has debuted the first trailer for Jurassic World in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. And with it comes our first real look at this true sequel to the 1993 original

Watch Jennifer Aniston's emotional performance in the trailer for Cake   - 11/27/2014
While Jennifer Aniston goes for laughs again in Horrible Bosses 2 opening today, it’s her dramatic transformation in Cake that’s getting buzz. Director Daniel Barnz’s (Beastly) upcoming film stars Aniston

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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Goes Online This Friday!   - 11/27/2014
After reports surfaced last week that the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was set to debut in over 100 theaters nationwide, LucasFilm confirmed on Monday that fans will get to see this

Jurassic World Trailer: Why CGI Complaints Are Unfair   - 11/26/2014
The shocking comparison between early trailers and final effects.

· Leave a Comment   A trailer arrives for the second Ron Rash adaptation. After Ron Rash’s novel “Serena” was recently adapted for the screen starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, another

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· Leave a Comment   ‘Do you like spy movies?’ A new trailer has arrived alongside a daring new poster for Kingsman: The Secret Service. The upcoming spy comedy sees Colin Firth as suave secret

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer arriving on iTunes this Friday!   - 11/27/2014
Earlier this week it was announced that the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be shown in a number of cinemas across North America, and those cinemas would be exclusively showing the

‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ release new trailer and character posters   - 11/27/2014
I’m not gonna lie to you, Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service looks terrific, and a new UK trailer has been released which totally back up the fact this film is going to be awesome. Filled

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Cake Trailer   - 11/27/2014
Although we've got used to Jennifer Aniston popping up in Hollywood comedies, she's actually done some really good work in the indie realm, although not for quite a few years. However now she's back with

Heroes collide in the trailer for next week's big Arrow/Flash crossover   - 11/26/2014
We here at JoBlo.com have been reviewing both DC Comics series The Flash and Arrow this season and have been pretty positive on both. While Arrow has dipped a bit compared to the first two seasons, The

Cool Horror Videos: Trailer for Eli Roth's Thanksgiving!   - 11/26/2014
You know we had to. The approach of Thanksgiving signifies family, food and tradition to most people, but to us around AITH it means we once again ponder when a proper film will be made out of Eli

'Kingsman: Secret Service' International Trailer with Colin Firth   - 11/26/2014
» If the four posters released earlier today only left you wanting more from Kingsman: The Secret Service , then feast your eyes on a new international trailer. We get plenty of new footage here that

'Get Hard' Trailer: Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Prep for Prison (VIDEO)   - 11/26/2014
The trailer for " Get Hard ," a new comedy starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart , has finally arrived. The film focuses on James (Ferrell), a hedge fund manager who's convicted of fraud and set for a

Jurassic World Trailer: New Teaser Shows Glimpse Inside The Dinosaur Park   - 11/24/2014
A snapshot of the new ‘Jurassic World’ has been revealed!

Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens Trailer Could Debut This Friday   - 11/23/2014
Disney has big plans for the first Star Wars trailer.

First Look: Strange Magic Gets A Trailer   - 11/23/2014
Or, what George Lucas did next...

The Scarehouse trailer, release and new clip!   - 11/25/2014
Wait, so there’s a horror flick coming out featuring a couple of cute chicks tormenting some other cute chicks inside of a fun house? And I’m just now hearing about this?! Okay, so I’m late to THE SCAREHOUSE

'Pan' Trailer Introduces Peter, Hook, Tiger Lily, and Neverland (VIDEO)   - 11/25/2014
The first trailer for "Pan," the origin story for classic character Peter Pan, is finally here, and it's chock full of eye-popping visuals as well as versions of the iconic characters we've come to know

'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer Introduces Sean Bean as Stinger   - 11/25/2014
Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) learns that Earth isn't the birthplace of the human race in a new international trailer for Jupiter Ascending, the latest from filmmakers Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski (Cloud
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'Pan' Trailer Starring Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara   - 11/25/2014
Following the first photos and character posters unveiled yesterday, Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for their upcoming adventure Pan. Offering a new take on the origin of the classic characters

Lots of new dinosaurs run rampant in the full trailer for Jurassic World   - 11/25/2014
Here it is, people! The first full trailer for Jurassic World is now online and boy does it look amazing. Everything is back and enhanced for the 21st century. The vehicles are more futuristic, the park
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