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BioSkinLaser.Com Now Offers Advanced Medical Aesthetics Procedures   - 5 Hours ago
BioSkinLaser.Com, the leading and trusted brand in advanced aesthetic treatments, announces the most advanced and improved laser treatments for its customers. BioSkinLaser clinic is popular for their

3 states to keep medical staff in Ebola quarantine   - 5 Hours ago
By , Lena H. Sun and Mark Berman , Craig Spencer crisscrossed New York City in the days after he returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa — riding the subway, going for a three-mile run,

Diabetes Miracle Cure Review Discusses Paul Carlyles Famous Diabetes Treatment Program   - 28 Minutes ago
Diabetes Miracle Cure Review Discusses Paul Carlyles Famous Diabetes Treatment Program
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With few choices left, cancer patient turns to mom   - 10 Hours ago
With her mom by her side, Jill Brzezinski-Conley told her oncologist she'd rather stop treatment for her relentlessly-spreading cancer than subject herself to a grueling chemotherapy drug known as "The

[Case Report] Type B Insulin-resistance syndrome: a cause of reversible autoimmune   - 20 Hours ago
A 44-year-old man was diagnosed with diabetes in our department in 2010, and after a short period on insulin, he was started on metformin. Autoantibodies consistent with type 1 diabetes were negative.

[Series] Health interventions for people who are homeless   - 20 Hours ago
Homelessness has serious implications for the health of individuals and populations. Primary health-care programmes specifically tailored to homeless individuals might be more effective than standard

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[Series] The health of homeless people in high-income countries: descriptive epidemiology,   - 20 Hours ago
In the European Union, more than 400 000 individuals are homeless on any one night and more than 600 000 are homeless in the USA. The causes of homelessness are an interaction between individual and structural

[Articles] Effectiveness of maternal pertussis vaccination in England: an observational   - 20 Hours ago
In October, 2012, a pertussis vaccination programme for pregnant women was introduced in response to an outbreak across England. We aimed to assess the vaccine effectiveness and the overall effect of

[Articles] Oral 9-cis retinoid for childhood blindness due to Leber congenital amaurosis   - 20 Hours ago
Leber congenital amaurosis, caused by mutations in RPE65 and LRAT, is a severe form of inherited retinal degeneration leading to blindness. We aimed to assess replacement of the missing chromophore 11-cis

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[Articles] Effect of a single inactivated poliovirus vaccine dose on intestinal   - 20 Hours ago
Intestinal immunity induced by oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV) is imperfect and wanes with time, permitting transmission of infection by immunised children. Inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) does not

[Correspondence] Challenges for Colombian medical journals   - 20 Hours ago
Jun-Song Yang and Ding-Jun Hao reported in their Correspondence (Aug 30, p 743)1 that Chinese medical journals are encountering an unprecedented crisis related to a general upward tendency of Chinese

[Correspondence] Cancer in the 25×25 non-communicable disease targets   - 20 Hours ago
Vasilis Kontis and colleagues in their study (Aug 2, p 427)1 provided much needed estimates of the potential to lower premature mortality of four main non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by addressing six

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[Correspondence] Alteplase for ischaemic stroke   - 20 Hours ago
Roger Shinton's Correspondence (Aug 23, p 659)1 called into question the evidence supporting the safe use of alteplase in patients with acute ischaemic stroke.1 Ian Hudson, of the Medicines and Healthcare

[Correspondence] Making primary care people-centred   - 20 Hours ago
The Lancet Editorial (July 26, p 281)1 commented on the recently released report by an independent expert panel of the European Commission on how a primary care system should operate in the 21st century.

[Correspondence] Conflict and drug-resistant tuberculosis in Ukraine   - 20 Hours ago
The UN released a report on Aug 29 about the worsening situation for human rights in the conflict region of Ukraine.1 An average of 36 people are killed every day and at least 260 000 people have been

[Correspondence] Ebola control: effect of asymptomatic infection and acquired immunity   - 20 Hours ago
Evidence suggests that many Ebola infections are asymptomatic,1, 2 a factor overlooked by recent outbreak summaries and projections.3 Particularly, results from one post-Ebola outbreak serosurvey1 showed

[Obituary] Anthony John McMichael   - 20 Hours ago
Epidemiologist and climate change campaigner. Born in Forrest, Australia, on Oct 3, 1942, he died of complications after pneumonia in Canberra, Australia, on Sept 26, 2014, aged 71 years. Tony McMichael

[Perspectives] Dorothy Hodgkin: on proteins and patterns   - 20 Hours ago
Just before Easter in 1928, 18-year-old Dorothy Crowfoot heard that she had been accepted to read chemistry at Somerville College, the University of Oxford. As a schoolgirl she had read Sir William Bragg's

[Perspectives] John Geddes: design for life   - 20 Hours ago
Cameras, bicycles, and lawn-mowers. To the untrained eye they might not have much in common, but for John Geddes, who happens to collect all three, each can embody the best principles of good design.

[Perspectives] Managing mortality   - 20 Hours ago
Ignoring W C Fields' famous advice never to work with children or animals, Dr Bill Thomas introduced both to the Chase Memorial Nursing Home in New York during the 1980s: two dogs, four cats, 100 parakeets,

[World Report] East Timor striving for universal access to health care   - 20 Hours ago
More than a decade on from gaining independence, East Timor has made gains in health but still faces an uphill battle to achieve universal health coverage and access. Chris McCall reports. A small half-island

[World Report] US federal health agencies questioned over Ebola response   - 20 Hours ago
A congressional inquiry into the handling of Ebola in the USA has sparked new guidance to protect health-care workers. Susan Jaffe, The Lancet's Washington correspondent, reports. As US President Barack

[Comment] Offline: What might a university achieve, and how?   - 20 Hours ago
Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Limited except certain content provided by third parties. The Lancet® is a registered trademark of Reed Elsevier Properties S.A., used under licence The Lancet.com website is

[Comment] Ombudsman's report on the letter by Manduca and others   - 20 Hours ago
, “An open letter for the people of Gaza”, by Paola Manduca and coauthors, was published online by The Lancet, subsequently appearing in the journal's issue of Aug 2.1 Accompanying the print version and

[Comment] Pertussis vaccine in pregnancy—first dose for every infant?   - 20 Hours ago
The potential for whole-cell pertussis vaccination in pregnancy to reduce high-mortality early infant disease was first shown almost 75 years ago. 1 Although interest was rekindled by the advent of acellular
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