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Space institute funds eye tracking technology and software-enabled therapeutics   - 6 Hours ago
/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --Â The EyeBoxCNS, a diagnostic device developed to assess brain health through tracking eye movement, and eFormulations, software enabled therapeutics which combine prescription
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U.S. Market for Dialysis Equipment and Concentrates   - 6 Hours ago
SOURCE ReportBuyer LONDON Abstract: The total dialysis device and concentrates market will grow to a value of almost $2 billion The market will grow as a result of increased patient populations. The

Cancer Drugs Trial 'An Importa…   - 49 Minutes ago
A unique new trial could bring hope to thousands of lung cancer patients in the UK by targeting their tumours with more personalised medication. Cancer Research UK is teaming up with pharmaceutical

Time-restricted feeding and risk of metabolic disease: a review of human and animal   - 35 Minutes ago
Time-restricted feeding (TRF), a key component of intermittent fasting regimens, has gained considerable attention in recent years. TRF allows ad libitum energy intake within controlled time frames, generally

Discovery of tampered vials leads to Roche cancer drug recall   - 38 Minutes ago
Roche has recalled nine batches of breast cancer drug Herceptin after tampered vials were discovered in the UK, Finland and Germany. Vials of Roche’s topselling cancer drug are thought to have been

AstraZeneca, Pfizer, U.K. Charity’s Joint Lung Cancer Trial Aims To Make Tumor Genetic   - 56 Minutes ago
A pioneering approach to trialing targeted medicines in late-stage NSCLC is being launched throughout Britain, giving researchers unprecedented access to libraries of drugs developed by AstraZeneca and
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Waist circumference, body mass index, and postmenopausal breast cancer incidence   - 54 Minutes ago
A study of predominantly white women finds a larger waist circumference is associated with higher risk of postmenopausal breast cancer , but not beyond its contribution to BMI. The study, by American
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Treatment strategies for childhood leukemia have improved in past 50 years   - 43 Minutes ago
A review in the Journal of Clinical Oncology looks at the history and evolution of treatment strategies for childhood leukemia since the 1950s. The focus of treatment also has changed over the years from
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Deaths from viral hepatitis surpasses HIV/AIDS as a preventable cause of deaths   - 56 Minutes ago
The analysis was conducted by Dr Benjamin Cowie and Ms Jennifer MacLachlan from the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health, and was presented at The International Liver Congress in London earlier

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Free Drug Samples Can Change Prescribing Habits of Dermatologists   - 56 Minutes ago
The availability of free medication samples in dermatology offices appears to change prescribing practices for acne, a common condition for which free samples are often available. Free drug samples

Atypical Brain Connectivity Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder   - 56 Minutes ago
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in adolescents appears to be associated with atypical connectivity in the brain involving the systems that help people infer what others are thinking and understand the

Celldex's Phase 1 Study of CDX-1401 Published in Science Translational Medicine   - 56 Minutes ago
): Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLDX) announced today that final data from its Phase 1 study of CDX-1401 in solid tumors, including long-term patient follow-up, have been published in Science Translational
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Reports Outline Intracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins Findings from Institute   - 34 Minutes ago
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Biotech Week -- A new study on Intracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins is now available. According to news reporting from Genoa, Italy , by NewsRx journalists,

Structural Brain Differences Seen in Casual Marijuana Users   - 53 Minutes ago
Even occasional marijuana smoking appears to be associated with significant structural differences in key brain regions involved in motivation, emotion, and reward compared with nonsmoking controls, a

Research May Help Doctors Predict Who Gets Long-term Complications from Lyme Disease   - 56 Minutes ago
A team of scientists led by Johns Hopkins and Stanford University researchers has laid the groundwork for understanding how variations in immune responses to Lyme disease can contribute to the many different

High Disease Load Reduces Mortality of Children   - 56 Minutes ago
Children who have been conceived during a severe epidemic are more resistant against other pathogens later in life. For the first time this has been proved by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for

Off-season Doesn't Allow Brain to Recover from Football Hits, Study Says   - 56 Minutes ago
Six months off may not be long enough for the brains of football players to completely heal after a single season, putting them at even greater risk of head injury the next season. "I don't want to

Scientists Unlock Secrets of Protein Produced by Disease-Causing Fungus   - 51 Minutes ago
A team that includes scientists from the School of Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Johns Hopkins University and St. Mary's University reported the structure of

Harvard Researchers: Feminine Girls, Masculine Boys Have Higher Cancer Risk   - 31 Minutes ago
BOSTON (CBS) — Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health have found that very feminine girls and strongly masculine boys are more likely to engage in behaviors that pose cancer risks than their gender
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National Report urges "housing first" over conventional mental health treatments   - 40 Minutes ago
The  Mental Health Commission of Canada  (MHCC) released a new report last week. And it's kind of a big deal. Not only will the report's findings likely influence Canada's mental health and housing policy

Tanned Girls, Tobacco-Chewing Dudes: Gender Norms Affect Teen Cancer Risk   - 45 Minutes ago
Teenage girls who see themselves as the most feminine and teenage boys who perceive themselves as the most masculine may be more likely to behave in ways that increase their risk of cancer and other health

Brain 'Stones' Found in Man with Celiac Disease   - 45 Minutes ago
A young man in Brazil who suffered from throbbing headaches and vision problems for 10 years turned out to have stonelike buildups of calcium in his brain. The stones were likely a rare complication of

Patient suspects 'cancer cluster' in Flower Mound   - 46 Minutes ago
FLOWER MOUND — Cathrine Benefiel should spend her days attending college and thinking about her future. Instead, the 22-year-old Flower Mound resident spends a lot of time living day-to-day while chatting

New kind of trial aims to speed cancer drug development   - 117 Minutes ago
* AstraZeneca, Pfizer, UK charity link in multi-drug trial * Scope to test up to 14 drugs within same clinical study * Approach marks radical break with traditional trial design * Advances in genetic

Cancer Drugs Trial 'An Important Step Forward'   - 95 Minutes ago
Cancer Research UK is teaming up with pharmaceutical companies and the NHS to launch the "National Lung Matrix" trial this summer. When a patient is diagnosed a sample of their tumour will be analysed
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