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Unreal Engine 4 patched, now supports Linux and Steam OS   - 2 Hours ago
Developers celebrate public holiday with patch that forces them to rewrite all their code. Update 4.1 they’re calling it, but in reality it’s the patch that adds Steam OS and Linux support (as well

New course to cater to Linux newbies   - 48 Minutes ago
rce As the use of GNU/Linux grows and spreads, training has become more and more of a necessity if one wants to join the burgeoning ranks of administrators.

Linux Foundation Aims to Prevent Next Heartbleed, Recruits Tech Giants -   - 108 Minutes ago
IBM, Intel, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, Microsoft and others join the Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative to prevent future crises like Heartbleed. The Linux Foundation has assembled many of

End of XP support prompts China to develop Linux-based OS   - 2 Hours ago
Notebook computers running the Windows 8 OS displayed at a store in Yinchuan in Ningxia, April 8. (Photo/Xinhua) China will focus on the development of a new operating system based on Linux to cope

Red Hat Security Advisory 2014-0432-01   - 2 Hours ago
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 ===================================================================== Red Hat Security Advisory Synopsis: Important: kernel security and bug

Red Hat Security Advisory 2014-0433-01   - 2 Hours ago
- The kernel packages contain the Linux kernel, the core of any Linux operating system. A flaw was found in the way the Linux kernel's TCP/IP protocol suite implementation handled TCP packets with both

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Red Hat Security Advisory 2014-0436-01   - 2 Hours ago
- In accordance with the Red Hat Storage Support Life Cycle policy, the Red Hat Storage 2.0 offering will be retired as of June 26, 2014, and support will no longer be provided. Accordingly, Red Hat will

Easy Auto Clicker (formerly H.F.P Auto-Clicker) 2.0 (GPL)   - 3 Hours ago
Easy Auto Clicker is, as the name states an auto clicker designed to use hotkeys to start and stop clicking. You can run the auto-clicking for as long or as short of a time as you want, no fiddling

Slic3r 1.0.1 / 1.1.1 Experimental (GPL)   - 4 Hours ago
Slic3r is an advanced program software tailored to aid you to s into printing instruction, in order to be 3D printed. Intuitive interface Although the graphic user interface seems basic and simple,

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Linux Foundation rounds up vendor posse to save OpenSSL   - 15 Hours ago
One thing we learned from the Heartbleed security crisis — other than we need to be more password savvy — is that OpenSSL is a very important open-source project that ahs been used by lots of tech giants

China developing Linux-based OS to cope with end of Windows XP support   - 15 Hours ago
China will focus on the development of a new operating system (OS) based on Linux to cope with the shutdown of Windows XP, an official said Wednesday. Zhang Feng, chief engineer of China's ministry

Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, NetApp, Qualcomm, VMware And The Linux Foundation   - 16 Hours ago
The OpenSSL Heartbleed disaster definitely opened up many people’s eyes to how underfunded and understaffed many of the open source projects the web relies on are. To prevent the next Heartbleed, Facebook,

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Announcing the Availability of Oracle Linux 7 Beta Release 1   - 9 Hours ago
Oracle provides the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems, with more than 370,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—representing a variety of sizes

IBM Announces Power8 with Linux Focus   - 15 Hours ago
The Power8 silicon is being offered in a number of configurations, including a 3.02 GHz chip with 12 or 24 cores, a 3.52 GHz 24-core processor and a 4.15 GHz processor with 8 or 16 cores. In terms of

Linux Foundation enlists Microsoft, Google to prevent the next Heartbleed   - 15 Hours ago
If we've learned one lesson from the Heartbleed fisaco, it's this: It should never happen again. But just patching or upgrading a project as crucial as OpenSSL won't be enough in the long run. When the

6 Disk Cloning Tools For Linux Users!   - 16 Hours ago
Cloning your disk helps in protecting the data on it through replication. Protecting your information is not simply about protecting from hackers and crackers, there's more to it. In fact, one of the

LibreSSL scrubs "irresponsible" OpenSSL code   - 22 Hours ago
A new fork of the OpenSSL project has been created by members of the OpenBSD open-source operating system project in an effort to clean-up the beleaguered cryptographic library. OpenSSL is currently
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NaviSite Announces New NaviCloud Vault: Data Domain Replication and Cloud Storage   - 4/24/2014
NaviSite ( News - Alert ) has expanded its NaviCloud suite of managed offerings with a new off-site replication service and cloud storage solution. The new NaviCloud Vault: Data Domain offering adds
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Reading Into the Red Hat CentOS Deal   - 4/24/2014
There was a somewhat quiet, cost-free acquisition of sorts in the Linux world earlier this year when Red Hat announced it was joining forces with Red Hat Enterprise Linux community clone CentOS. The move,

Unreal Engine 4.1 adds support for making Xbox One, PS4 and Linux-SteamOS games   - 4 Hours ago
In March, Epic Games announced the public release of Unreal Engine 4, allowing anyone to use and publish games with its latest engine and development tools for $19 a month , plus 5 percent of the revenues

The end is nigh for Google Glass   - 4/23/2014
There's no doubt that Google Glass was an interesting project, but it was also a deeply flawed project, and as one its most ardent supporters gives up on it, it's only a matter of time until joins devices

osFinancials (GPL)   - 5 Hours ago
osFinancials is the free accounting package of the future, easy to install, impressive database capabilities with Firebird as a database. Stock control and point of sales integrated with good support

Fun Photo: Greg Kroah-Hartman Crowned at the Systemd Hackfest   - 5 Hours ago
From left, developers Lennart Poettering, David Strauss, Linux Foundation Fellow Greg Kroah-Hartman, and Kay Sievers were spotted on Google+ wearing silly hats at a recent Systemd hackfest. Comments

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RC Download   - 8 Hours ago
Red Hat has released a public download of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Release Candidate

JMG Photo Printer Beta (GPL)   - 8 Hours ago
JMG Photo Printer is a piece of software that helps any type of users to easily view and print multiple images. The program’s interface is a bit outdated, closely resembling the design used in Windows
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