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Red Hat Survey Reveals Enterprise Mobility Hiring Priorities   - 13 Hours ago
Front-end development and back-end integration experience among top mobile skills; Internet of Things skillset more desirable than wearables expertise Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT),
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News: Linux Top 3: RHEL 6.7, BackBox Linux 4.3 and RoboLinux 8.1   - 22 Hours ago
1) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 Red Hat released the latest milestone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.x last week with the RHEL 6.7 update.  With the update comes some new features as well as some
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Canonical Patches Four Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities in Ubuntu 15.04 and Ubuntu 14.04   - 5 Hours ago
All users are urged to update as soon as possible Today, July 28, Canonical published details about new Linux kernel updates for its Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) operating

OpenDaylight Developer Spotlight: Marcus Williams   - 6 Hours ago
The OpenDaylight community is comprised of leading technologists from around the globe who are working together to transform networking with open source. This blog series highlights the developers, users

Tegra X1 Delivers Stunning Performance On Ubuntu Linux   - 6 Hours ago
The crew at Phoronix has put NVIDIA's Tegra X1 to the test running Ubuntu Linux. I don't want to spoil the review but they used words like "exciting " and "stunning" when talking about performance.

Manjaro Linux Needs Your Help   - 16 Hours ago
Home >> Science & Technology >> Technology   Manjaro Linux Needs Your Help

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On Hurd, Linux and cross-compiling a GNU Hurd toolchain   - 7 Hours ago
This article is both a tutorial, a war story and a conceptual introduction to GNU Hurd in which I set up a cross-toolchain, and give a colorful tour through some rough edges of the GNU build system. My

How to Handle Files with Scilab on Ubuntu 15.04   - 7 Hours ago
Scilab is an OpenSource Linux software for numerical computation similar to Matlab. This tutorial shows how to handle files and load data into Scilab for later use or processing. Scilab will interpret

phpMyAdmin Bids SourceForge Farewell   - 7 Hours ago
(Other stories by Christine Hall) phpMyAdmin, the popular free and open source web based tool for administering MySQL databases, has left the SourceForge building. In a blog post on Saturday, the project's

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Pydio: An Open Source Alternative To Dropbox   - 7 Hours ago
11:00 (0 Talkback[s]) (Other stories by Senthil) Having a private file server is always a best idea. Instead of saving your precious data in the third party servers and Cloud, why not turn your old

Vuln Debian OpenJDK CVE-2014-8873 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability   - 7 Hours ago
Vulnerable: Debian Linux 6.0 sparc Debian Linux 6.0 s/390 Debian Linux 6.0 powerpc Debian Linux 6.0 mips Debian Linux 6.0 ia-64 Debian Linux 6.0 ia-32 Debian Linux 6.0 arm Debian Linux 6.
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EA and Cloud Governance Keys to Bimodal IT By @Dana_Gardner | @CloudExpo #Cloud   - 8 Hours ago
W elcome to a special BriefingsDirect panel discussion in conjunction with The Open Group's conference on July 20-23, 2015 in Baltimore. Our panel of experts examines how cloud governance and enterprise
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KDE unveils Plasma Mobile, a free and open Linux OS for phones   - 9 Hours ago
Move over, Ubuntu Touch and Android. There's new competition in town. The KDE community just unveiled Plasma Mobile , a free and open-source mobile operating system. This is nothing new for the KDE

The Failure of KDE Activities   - 9 Hours ago
KDE Activities are multiple desktops. While easy to understand, they open up the possibility of new methods of workspace organization as well as new ways to layout the desktop. They deserve to be recognized

Hacking a Safe with Bash   - 10 Hours ago
Through the years, I have settled on maintaining my sensitive data in plain-text files that I then encrypt asymmetrically. Although I take care to harden my system and encrypt partitions with LUKS wherever

Springs.io Launches First Pay-As-You-Use Reactive Cloud   - 9 Hours ago
Springs.io offers usage-only billing to simplify cost-effective scaling cloud server infrastructure with reactive Linux container technology London, 28th July 2015 – Springs.io, a new simple, container-based
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Must-Know Linux Commands For New Users   - 10 Hours ago
One of the beauties of Linux-based systems is that you can manage your entire system right from the terminal using the command line. The advantage of using the command line is that you can use the same

POLL - 5 Best Linux Desktop Envir?onments With Pros & Cons   - 10 Hours ago
I am sure all of you remember the 7/7/2015 post  5 Best Linux Desktop Environments With Pros & Cons . We all discussed the post in the comments and I really appreciate that LinuxAndUbuntu readers took

The Linux kernel mapping fixed resolution   - 10 Hours ago
The new version of the kernel for stored in IDTR register is the kernel of IDT table of addresses to use fixed mapping of linear addresses, so here to fix the kernel mapping addressing mechanism to describe

KDE Reveals Plasma Mobile   - 10 Hours ago
There are a lot of interesting developments occurring in the field of Linux smartphones right now. more>> Read more at Linux Journal Comments Subscribe to Comments Feed Name : Email : Do not enter

Why Docker is Not Yet Succeeding Widely in Production   - 10 Hours ago
Docker’s momentum has been increasing by the week, and from that it’s clearly touching on real problems. However, for many production users today, the pros do not outweigh the cons. Docker has done fantastically

Google Cloud Platform Tells Customers to Bring Their Own Encryption Keys   - 10 Hours ago
:00 ZDNet Google's move to hand over the keys follows similar developments from other cloud storage providers this year. Read more at ZDNet News Comments Subscribe to Comments Feed Name : Email

Nvidia 352.30 Stable Driver for Linux Has Lots of Fixes and GeForce 910M Support   - 10 Hours ago
Nvidia has released a new Linux driver in the stable branch and has fixed a few outstanding issues. The company also provides support for the latest GeForce 910M chipset. Nvidia maintains a number of

Vector Light Linux 7.1 Is Based on Slackware and IceWM   - 10 Hours ago
Vector Light Linux, a distribution based on Slackware that uses the IceWM window manager by default, has been released and is now available for download. The Slackware-based Vector Linux has numerous

Guardians at the Gate: Securing Third-Party Access to Critical Systems | @CloudExpo   - 11 Hours ago
Access is everything. It is the fundamental pillar that determines whether critical enterprise assets are safe or exposed. Knowing the answers to the questions of who is accessing what, where they are
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