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Llama chase captivates Twitter   - 18 Hours ago
There's nothing Twitter likes more than a live chase, even if the chase is decidedly... low-speed. That was the case on Thursday, when two llamas escaped from a show-and-tell presentation at a retirement

Twitter captivated by #llamawatch   - 18 Hours ago
Two llamas ran through the streets of Sun City, Ariz., on Thursday, capturing, for a moment, the imagination of the nation. Well, that may be getting carried away, but Twitter certainly noticed — so

Luckless llamas lassoed after spell on the lam   - 17 Hours ago
Story highlights Two llamas escape from an assisted living facility in Arizona TV cameras follow the chase, spurring reactions on Twitter Two llamas were on the loose in Sun City, Arizona, Thursday,
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Llamas on the loose? Twitter goes crazy   - 18 Hours ago
Two llamas ran through the streets of Sun City, Ariz., on Thursday, capturing, for a moment, the imagination of the nation. Well, that may be getting carried away, but Twitter certainly noticed — so

Campaignspotting: BBC's 2016 blog   - 18 Hours ago
You may not be ready for the 2016 US presidential race, but the candidates are ready for you. 26 February, 2015 - 15 3 0 ET Cruz loved, Christie grilled at CPAC Two politicians, two regions

Net neutrality: FCC approval considered victory for consumers, Netflix, Twitter   - 20 Hours ago
WASHINGTON -- Internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile now must act in the "public interest" when providing a mobile connection to your home or phone, under rules approved

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Facebook and Twitter are still trying to keep brands in check   - 22 Hours ago

One of America's Fastest Growing Food Bloggers (Jule May) Finds a Home in Rouses   - 23 Hours ago
Julie May's Menu MusingsMay, mother of four and associate professor of biological sciences at William Carey University, is less than a year removed from completing and releasing her new cookbook "Menu

Volokh Conspiracy: Follow me on Twitter @ProfDBernstein   - 24 Hours ago
I’ve finally taken the full Twitter plunge, follow me @ProfDBernstein. is the George Mason University Foundation Professor at the George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, VA. He is the author
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Madonna fell over and Twitter went crazy   - 24 Hours ago
Every year, pop superstars fly in to London for the Brits – the U.K. equivalent of the Grammys – but one megastar took a trip she wasn't expecting. The most-anticipated act to perform at the

Madonna tumbles at Brit Awards   - 2/26/2015
Madonna: Through the years 24 photos Madonna: Through the years – Over her long career, Madonna has been a genius at reinventing herself. Take a look back at how her style has evolved over the years,
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Twitter Finally Launches An Official WordPress Plug-In   - 2/26/2015
There are hundreds upon hundreds of Twitter-related plug-ins for WordPress. Seriously, go look. And yet, in its nine years since launch, Twitter has never released an official plug-in to make WordPress

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On Freud, Twitter and cunnilingus   - 17 Hours ago
There are many celebrated examples of people who see the world from a phallocentric perspective, or, to use the less staid feminist terminology, think like a dick. Twitter abounds with these, to the

Mike Baird Twitter video pulled from YouTube after copyright claims   - 18 Hours ago
American music labels appear unimpressed with Mike Baird's take on Jimmy Kimmel, forcing a YouTube video of him reading mean tweets offline. The NSW Premier showed his comic side on Thursday after posting

Twitter CEO: You Don’t Have to Tweet to Use Twitter   - 19 Hours ago
Twitter chief exec Dick Costolo has been speaking to The New York Times Magazine about the company’s plans to tackle abuse and harassment, drive user signups and move forward. One of the most interesting

'Smilin' Assassin' Mike Baird mocks Twitter hate mail   - 19 Hours ago
New South Wales Premier Mike Baird might be riding high in opinion polls, but he still has his fair share of critics. In an online video titled 'Mike Baird reads Mean Tweets', Mr Baird reads out some

Activist, blogger and DW Bobs nominee Avijit Roy killed in Dhaka   - 19 Hours ago
Bangladeshi atheist writer, blogger and government critic Avijit Roy has been killed in the capital Dhaka. His wife was also injured in the attack and is still in hospital. Fourty-year-old

What Blogging Has Become   - 19 Hours ago
This is a post about Medium, which is a fascinating company partly because it has a lot of money, and partly because its leadership team first brought you Blogger (the first really successful blogging

US blogger of Bangladeshi origin hacked to death   - 19 Hours ago
Dhaka (AFP) - A US blogger of Bangladeshi origin was Thursday hacked to death in Dhaka by unidentified assailants, police said, with his family saying the writer had received numerous threats from Islamist
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Establish real estate authority through guest blogging   - 20 Hours ago

One of Americas Fastest Growing Food Bloggers (Jule May) Finds a Home in Rouses   - 21 Hours ago
One of Americas Fastest Growing Food Bloggers (Jule May) Finds a Home in Rouses

Twitter Mobile Payments to be Enabled by Barclays’ Pingit   - 22 Hours ago
Payments on Twitter may finally get a break when Barclays’ Pingit mobile funds transfer service is enabled on the platform. Pingit was introduced in 2012, and is currently available for iOS, Android,

The Launch Of A Blog With Tips And Recipes For Lavender Essential Oil   - 23 Hours ago

Data-Storage Company Launches Effort With Twitter 'Personas' and Apple-Watch Giveaways   - 23 Hours ago
Nimble Storage, a fast-growing data-storage company, is taking on larger competitors such as EMC, HP and NetApp with a new campaign called "Adaptive Flash Challenge." Nimble Storage had revenue of

Video: Twitter India Director Says, 'When You Make Governance More Transparent,   - 23 Hours ago
When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the mid-15th century, he tore down barriers to communication and enabled common people to take on powerful institutions, such as Martin Luther when
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