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Renewable energy 'simply WON'T WORK': Top Google engineers   - 4 Hours ago
Beginner's guide to SSL certificates Comment Two highly qualified Google engineers who have spent years studying and trying to improve renewable energy technology have stated quite bluntly that renewables

Google releases 'Divide' to conquer mobile devices, messaging   - 15 Hours ago
Intelligent flash storage arrays Google has quietly released something called “Divide”, the fruits of an acquisition it made back in May. Divide offered a mobile device management platform and tools

Bada-Bing ! Mozilla flips Firefox to YAHOO ! for search   - 16 Hours ago
Beginner's guide to SSL certificates Mozilla will make Yahoo ! the default search engine for Firefox in the US, ending its decade-long pact with Google. The new deal affects the open-source browser

All ABOARD! Furious Facebook bus drivers join Teamsters union   - 16 Hours ago
Choosing a cloud hosting partner with confidence Facebook's shuttle bus drivers have voted to join the Teamsters union – as anger grows over the pay disparity between moneybags engineers and cash-strapped

Euro digi chief 'H-dot' #twitterfail: 'My favourite app is the weather app'   - 16 Hours ago
Beginner's guide to SSL certificates It took Gunther H-dot Oettinger more than a month to follow his boss Andrus Ansip’s lead and take part in a live Twitter chat, so you might think he would prepare

First Congress, now top govt watchdog digs into ICANN's internet grab   - 16 Hours ago
Beginner's guide to SSL certificates It's not just US Senators digging into ICANN's takeover of the internet's control panel. America's powerful Government Accountability Office ( GAO ) has been

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Google, Rockstar to bury zombie Nortel patent lawsuit   - 16 Hours ago
Beginner's guide to SSL certificates Google has reportedly laid to rest its long-running squabble with zombie patent supertroll Rockstar, although terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Rockstar

Washington Post Releases Free App for Kindle, in First Collaboration With Amazon   - 17 Hours ago
The ideas and preoccupations of Jeff Bezos, who bought The Post last year, have quietly reshaped the paper, including a new focus on international growth.

How Twitter helps 'serial' podcast grow its audience   - 13 Hours ago
Credit: Marisa Allegra Williams Twitter's director of ad research wants to piggyback on the surprising success of the weekly "Serial" podcast to illustrate his company's capability to amplify even the

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Nexus 7 fandroids tell of salty taste after sucking on Google's Lollipop   - 15 Hours ago
Source: Wochit Tech - 1 week ago Google Starts Rolling Out Android 5.0 For Older Nexus Devices  00:34 Good news! After a few delays caused by last second battery bugs, Google is now rolling out Android

What’s Missing from the Industrial Internet of Things Conversation? Software   - 18 Hours ago
These days, you can hardly have a technology conversation without talking about the Internet of Things (IoT). And when that conversation shifts its focus to the industrial sector, including energy, Oil

The Internet Just Isn’t That Big a Deal Yet: A Hard Look at Solow’s Paradox   - 22 Hours ago
The Internet age has given us blisteringly fast connectivity to the World Wide Web, cloud computing, nearly instant collaboration and high definition face-to-face video communication with our peers around

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Google emerging-markets phone gets hung up in India as retailers cry foul   - 22 Hours ago
Some of India's biggest brick-and-mortar retail chains are refusing to sell Android One devices, due to Google's handling of online sales, as well as low profit margins, says a report. Google has partnered

Amazon Fire TV Stick review: A streaming hot bargain   - 22 Hours ago
Just like the $35 Google Chromecast and $50 Roku Streaming Stick , Amazon's new $40 Fire TV Stick delivers scads of streaming apps to your TV -- including Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus -- for the price

Smart speaker Cone gets radio play with new retail, e-commerce partners   - 11/20/2014
Aether's Cone, an impressively sleek smart speaker, has been a chart-topping hit since it was unveiled earlier this year . The lightweight metal cornucopia of sound works with partners like music streaming

In major shift, Firefox to use Yahoo search by default in US   - 11/20/2014
Google's 10-year run as Firefox's default search engine in the US is over. Yahoo wants more search traffic, and a deal with Mozilla will bring it. In a major departure for both Mozilla and Yahoo,

Mozilla fishes for Google alternative, reels in Yahoo   - 23 Hours ago
For years, the Mozilla Foundation has gotten a lot of its income from allowing Google to be the default search engine in Firefox. All that changed on Wednesday, when Mozilla announced it would be kicking

Amazon Fire TV Stick: Well worth the $40, but still not as good as Roku   - 11/19/2014
1:38 November 19, 2014 While it doesn't match the app selection or search capabilities of Roku, Amazon's Fire TV Stick's solid performance and mastery of... Play video

In major shift, Firefox to use Yahoo as default search engine   - 11/19/2014
Google's 10-year run as Firefox's default search engine in the US is over. Yahoo wants more search traffic, and a deal with Mozilla will bring it. In a major departure for both Mozilla and Yahoo,

How Facebook’s Programming Tools Are Remaking Wikipedia and Box   - 11/19/2014
Facebook’s social network got so big, it had to build the thing an entirely new foundation. It’s a story that shows just how far the giants of the internet must go to ensure that their services can reliably
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This Verizon Jetpack 6620L will boost your iPad with fast Internet and plenty of   - 11/19/2014
[MUSIC] Hi guys, **** Ngo and this is the Jetback 6620L mobile hotspot from Verizon. Now this one here connect to the internet using a cellular signal, and then share that connection to other mobile
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Shower your tablet with fast Internet and plenty of battery life with the Jetpack   - 11/19/2014
CNET editor 's dream of having a hotspot shower almost comes true with the capacious Jetpack MiFi 6620L from Verizon.

Google, Hyundai show off new third-party Android Auto apps   - 11/19/2014
With the announcement of a new Android Auto API announcement, third-party developers can start adapting their apps for in-car use today. We got hands-on time with Android Auto in the 2015 Hyundai Sonata.

Downtime: Google arrives in Streatham, but for how long?   - 23 Hours ago
Apparently the UK's first 'Google House' is being kitted out in a flat in Streatham. Will Davies, head of property maintenance firm aspect.co.uk said the "normal flat", on a very normal street, is being

Amazon Facebook creep up video ranks but miles behind Netflix   - 22 Hours ago
Amazon, Facebook creep up video ranks, but miles behind Netflix North American Internet traffic on Amazon's video service has more than doubled and Facebook has leaped to the No. 4 downstream slot. Now
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