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SAM: A DIY internet of things   - 9 Hours ago
Using Bluetooth modules and a drag-and-drop software builder, SAM is a kit that allows you to build almost anything you can dream up. SAM Labs Getting started in electronics is becoming more and

How to use the Google Software Removal tool in Windows   - 11 Hours ago
Not sure if you have a malicious toolbar or extension messing with your settings? Check out this tool from Google to investigate what's going on with Chrome. When malicious programs are using your

HP's new Stream tablets, laptops fuel Microsoft-Google OS battle   - 9 Hours ago
Hewlett-Packard is fueling Microsoft's battle with Google's Android in low-cost devices with the first Windows-based Stream tablets, starting at US$99.99. The tablets include the US$99.99 Stream 7 tablet,

Atlas plugged: Facebook hooks ads to profiles, smears 'em over the web   - 10 Hours ago
Choosing a cloud hosting partner with confidence Facebook has relaunched its Atlas advertising network to take on ad-slinger-in-chief Google. The social network said its revamped platform will allow

Driving with Google Glass not a good idea   - 8 Hours ago
Think it will be easier and safer to drive using Google Glass to text or make a call instead of your smartphone? Sorry. Think again. A joint study by the University of Central Florida and the Air Force

The outrageous new metric for online attention that will completely change the Internet   - 19 Hours ago

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Why Amazon’s Fire phone failed   - 19 Hours ago
Two months after Amazon released the Fire phone, its fair to call the device a disappointment. Amazon’s customers gave the smartphone a lackluster rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars . Reviewers called the

Facebook’s new ad platform will help marketers track you   - 23 Hours ago
Facebook officially debuted a new advertising platform known as Atlas, a business the social-media website has been rebuilding since it bought it from Microsoft last year. In a somewhat jargon-filled

Apple fine and Facebook ads — 5 things to know today   - 23 Hours ago
Good morning, friends and Fortune readers. U.S. stock futures are pointing to a lower open Monday. Investors may be nervous after an unstable week of triple-digit moves for the Dow index. Adding to
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With Atlas, Facebook advertisers can follow you around the Web   - 9/29/2014
The ad technology will allow Facebook partners to target ads at users on and off its website. Facebook is extending its advertising reach with its service called Atlas. Screen shot by Ian Sherr /

Online daters looking for love in all the wrong places   - 17 Hours ago
Online dating is common and popular today, but does it really lead to the Happily Ever Afters promised by companies such as eHarmony and Match.com? Unfortunately for romantics scouring the Internet in

5 reasons why Ello isn’t the second coming of Facebook   - 17 Hours ago
fielding 31,000 requests an hour , and not just because Twitter users are offering up invites. People on

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FCC To Rule On "Paid Prioritization" Deals By Internet Service Providers   - 16 Hours ago
Today - 01:36 GMT 3.7 million comments, even if all were rabidly in favor of "net neutrality", is a small fraction of registered voters in the US. Therefore, one can't draw the conclusion that the

Ello? ello? ello?: Facebook challenger in DDoS KNOCKOUT   - 9/29/2014
Ello, the social network site intended to serve as something of an antidote to ad-stuffed Facebook, was hit by a suspected Distributed-Denial-of-Service attack today. The outfit, which has gained plenty

EU Gives Google Privacy Policy Suggestions About Data Protection   - 9/29/2014
Today - 06:36 GMT "Google should personalize the privacy policy to show users only the data processing it is performing on their data." 13. Shared data. The subscriber agrees by

Piracy Police Chief Calls For State Interference To Stop Internet "Anarchy"   - 9/29/2014
An anonymous reader writes The City of London Police's Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) is determined to continue its anti-piracy efforts in the years to come. However, the unit's head, Andy Fyfe,

Bits Blog: The Google Formula for Success   - 9/29/2014
The key to success in modern business is hiring and nurturing “smart creatives,” according to a new book co-authored by Eric Schmidt, former chief executive of Google.

Hey Amazon Web Services: Time to open up   - 9/29/2014
Controversy over Amazon's steps to patch a Xen vulnerability in Amazon EC2 instances highlights the cloud giant's difficulty communicating. September 28, 2014, 8:34 PM — Today, Amazon Web Services begins

Tech Time Warp of the Week: This Tech Giant Saw the Future. Then Google Put It Out   - 9/27/2014
Before Uber and Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, Google and Yahoo, DEC saw the future of the internet. Take a gander at the video above, a classic from the year 1994 in which the mighty computer maker

E.U. set to approve Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp   - 9/26/2014
The European Union is set to approve Facebook Inc.’s FB The WSJ cited a person familiar with the situation as saying that the E.U. Commission, which runs Europe’s antitrust regime, appeared unconcerned

A tale of two books: Why is Amazon giving special treatment to Paul Ryan?   - 19 Hours ago
Buried in a about the latest chapter in Amazon’s pricing dispute with the publisher Hachette is this curious nugget: the retailer appears to be giving special treatment to a new book by House Budget Committee

Amazon Takes A Big Step Toward Competing Directly with UPS   - 9/25/2014
This past Christmas, when delivery delays left many Santas empty-handed, Amazon’s biggest vulnerability was exposed: it doesn’t control the last, most important step. Amazon is brilliant at getting orders

Google to Rupert: We aren’t pirates   - 9/25/2014
It wouldn’t be surprising to see Google get into a spat with another tech company — Apple, for example. Just last week, Apple’s "AAPL" But instead Google is publicly sparring with a decidedly old-media

Twitter chief Dick Costolo trolls Iran’s president Rouhani   - 9/25/2014
This post is in partnership with Time. The article below was originally published at Time.com. By Sam Frizell, TIME Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, has a bone to pick with Iran: you can’t use Twitter

Facebook drones and Nike earnings — 5 things to know today   - 9/25/2014
Hello, friends and Fortune readers. L’shana tovah if you’re off work celebrating today. For those of you in the office, we’ve got a pretty newsy day. Google responded to Rupert Murdoch’s allegations,
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