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Behind Google’s Europe woes, American accents   - 2 Hours ago
When E.U. politicians call for the break-up of Google Inc. GOOG , it can sound like sour grapes, the anti-American backlash of an ageing Europe envious, and fearful, of the wealth and growing power

AT&T's fiber Internet rollout will continue, kinda   - 12 Hours ago
The company tells the FCC that it will go forward with its current GigaPower fiber network plans but that it's still waiting to hear what happens with Net neutrality in Washington. AT&T Chief Executive

Twitter is now tracking the apps you download   - 14 Hours ago
Twitter has announced that it has started collecting data on the apps its users download and install on their smartphones. Twitter will begin collecting data on which apps its users are downloading

Google's whois results say it's a lousy smut searcher   - 7 Hours ago
Beginner's guide to SSL certificates Naughty domain owners are still playing nasty tricks on the whois domain lookup service to tease the likes of Google and Microsoft. Microsoft's had trouble with

Adobe Reader sandbox popped says Google researcher   - 10 Hours ago
Beginner's guide to SSL certificates The Acrobat Reader Windows sandbox contains a vulnerability that could allow attackers to break out and gain higher privileges, Google security bod James Forshaw

Mozilla spruces up the Firefox search experience as Yahoo moves in   - 11 Hours ago
Not only does Mozilla have a new default search partner for Firefox, the open source browser is getting a snazzy new search experience to boot. Mozilla calls the new experience a "one-click search" that
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Twitter App Graph exposes smartphone spyware feature   - 14 Hours ago
Beginner's guide to SSL certificates App developers around the world are cursing Twitter for spilling the beans: spyware isn't a bug on iOS or Android, it's a feature. The world's favourite micro-blogging

Netflix sues Yahoo exec, claims he received kickbacks   - 13 Hours ago
NEW YORK -- Netflix is suing a former company vice president who is now chief information officer at Yahoo, accusing him of receiving money from vendors he hired to work with the video streaming company.

Amazon sale offers unlocked Fire Phone for $199   - 18 Hours ago
As part of its holiday promotions, Amazon knocks $250 off the price of the unlocked version of its Fire Phone. The price of the Amazon Fire Phone has dropped again. James Martin/CNET Amazon is now

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The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes (Part 2)   - 18 Hours ago
Last week I talked about how people are thinking too small when they think about the Internet of Things (See Part 1). When we truly consider the ramifications of connecting a vast array of data-gathering

Amazon sale slashes price of unlocked Fire Phone to $199   - 19 Hours ago
In the wake of feeble demand for its Fire Phone, Amazon is running a fire sale for the device via a special limited promotion. The price of the Amazon Fire Phone has dropped again. James Martin/CNET

Amazon Black Friday deals on Kindle and Fire devices start Thursday   - 19 Hours ago
Amazon is offering some impressive deals on its in-house Kindle readers, Fire tablets, and Fire phones during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend. Amazon's new Fire tablets are getting a holiday

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Twitter Tries Out Coupons Despite Everything Groupon Taught Us   - 24 Hours ago
Like so many others, is trying to blend the worlds of social media and retail. But it’s still unclear whether this sort of thing will ever work. On Tuesday, the company announced that it’s testing what

Netflix sues Yahoo executive over alleged kickbacks   - 24 Hours ago
Netflix has filed a lawsuit against a former vice president, alleging the executive who now works at Yahoo received kickbacks from vendors when he was employed at the streaming-video company. According

Twitter’s next target could be Justin Bieber-backed selfie app   - 11/26/2014

Twitter’s next target could be Justin Bieber’s selfie app   - 11/26/2014

Facebook, Twitter ruining Christmas, says bishop   - 11/26/2014
A British bishop insists he will write 60 traditional cards a day and hand deliver as many as he can. He says Christmas should be personal. This, children, is called a Christmas card. You write inside

Amazon Echo: a wireless speaker you can talk to   - 11/26/2014
The 404 Show 1,586: Giving thanks to tech, Jurassic World, BlackBerry Hail Mary (podcast) 35:21 November 25, 2014 It's our last show before Thanksgiving and the guys are discuss what tech they're

Can anything save Google Glass?   - 11/26/2014
The 404 Show 1,586: Giving thanks to tech, Jurassic World, BlackBerry Hail Mary (podcast) 35:21 November 25, 2014 It's our last show before Thanksgiving and the guys are discuss what tech they're

Use Uber Snapchat Google Maps Now Twitter knows   - 18 Hours ago
Starting Wednesday, the company will begin collecting data on which other apps its users have on their iOS and Android smartphones. The data, Twitter says, will help it deliver better "tailored content"
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US expresses "concern" over EU proposal to break up Google   - 11/25/2014
The United States Mission to the European Union says antitrust issues should not be "politicized." Google has been facing antitrust scrutiny from European officials. Justin Sullivan, The United

'Twitter Offers' to let you cash in on retailer promotions   - 11/25/2014
Twitter tests new advertising feature that lets retailers tweet special offers that Twitter users can apply directly to their credit card for money-back savings. With its new feature involving retailer

HP reports, the Pope talks and Twitter’s gaffe — 5 things to know today   - 11/25/2014
Good morning, friends and Fortune readers. On the last day before many of you start heading out for Thanksgiving vacations, much of the news is focused on the events in Ferguson, Mo. That doesn’t mean

The Internet of Anything: A Smartphone App That Lets You Control Your Office Environment   - 11/25/2014
Those motion sensors that automatically turn on the lights when you walk into a corporate office? Vivian Loftness doesn’t like them. And she’s doesn’t like those thermostats that only answer to some computer

Amazon Fire Phone price plunges to $199 unsubsidized after smoldering start   - 18 Hours ago
dropping the price of the Fire Phone again, at least for a limited time. The online retailer is now selling its debut smartphone for just $199, unlocked and contract free. As before, Amazon also ...
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