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Dozens of vacancies for Aboriginal education assistants   - 96 Minutes ago
The Western Australian Opposition says it is outraged that dozens of Aboriginal teaching assistant jobs remain vacant a year after more than 100 of the positions were cut. The Government confirmed in

Black Caucus Behind Obama's Easier Student Loans   - 2 Hours ago
Racial Politics: You have to hand it to President Obama — he knows how to take care of his supporters. With the stroke of his trusty pen, he just made it easier for uncreditworthy African-Americans to

Aboriginal plan for soil handback to Whitlam   - 112 Minutes ago
One of the most famous images of Gough Whitlam shows the late Prime Minister pouring desert soil into the hand of Aboriginal man Vincent Lingiari. Mr Lingiari, a Gurindji elder, had led a nine-year

Farrakhan shouldn't let rhetoric influence him   - 101 Minutes ago
Dear Editor, I have always been mesmerised by Minister Louis Farrakhan, who I consider one of the greatest orators/debaters of our time, although I could never endorse his religion -- which treats

$14.8m from ABA to benefit Aboriginal people in the NT | Minister for Indigenous   - 2 Hours ago
Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory will benefit from funding announced for 34 local projects supported by more than $14.8 million from the Aboriginals Benefit Account. Minister for Indigenous

Volunteers combine forces for upgrades at MLK Center park   - 2 Hours ago
FROM STAFF REPORTS LEESVILLE -- A small Leesville park got a big boost on Wednesday as volunteers made some much-needed enhancements there. Children will be happy to find the new touches at the park,

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Search near abandoned car fails to turn up missing ex-Harlem Globetrotter   - 3 Hours ago
(Reuters) - Police in Northern California have called off a search through remote terrain for former Harlem Globetrotters player Rico Omarr Harris, whose car was found in the area nearly two weeks ago,

Study Finds No Increase in Pregnancy-related Death for African-American Women   - 119 Minutes ago
– In contrast to national trends, a study performed at Alabama's largest hospital finds no racial difference in the risk of pregnancy-related death between African American and Caucasian women, reports

Graduation speech by cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal spurs new victim rights law in Pennsylvania   - 111 Minutes ago
:01:40 GMT By JAMES QUEALLY Los Angeles Times People in Pennsylvania can now take civil action against offenders for conduct that causes a “continuing effect of the crime,” drawing the ire of civil

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Louisville NAACP to mark 100th 2 hours ago   - 2 Hours ago
With Election Day approaching, the Louisville branch of the NAACP is mobilizing volunteers to get out the vote on Nov. 4. Working to secure voting rights and making sure people exercise them has always

Black Actress Who Accused LAPD of Racial Profiling is Charged with Lewd Conduct   - 2 Hours ago
The foolish Django Unchained bit actress who was having sexual relations with her boyfriend in an open car — and then had the nerve to baselessly accuse officers with racial profiling for simply responding

Search For Missing Former Harlem Globetrotter Scaled Back In Yolo County   - 3 Hours ago
Don't Miss This Get Breaking News First Receive News, Politics, and Entertainment Headlines Each Morning. Sign Up YOLO COUNTY (CBS13) — The search for a missing former Harlem Globetrotter in Yolo

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Black People Riot Over Injustice; White People Riot Over Pumpkins and Football   - 3 Hours ago
It's amazing that more than two months after Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Mo., no arrests have been made and no trial has been set. That hasn't stopped the protests and outcries of injustice,

Barrow Seeks Electoral Edge in Gun Ad for Black Voters   - 8 Hours ago
Democrat Representative John Barrow is trying to appeal to Southern black voters and conservative white Georgians at the same time -- by talking about how his grandfather used a gun to stop a lynching.

Pennsylvania law aims to curb Mumia Abu-Jamal's 'obscene celebrity'   - 9 Hours ago
Gov. Tom Corbett signed a first-in-the-nation law allowing crime victims the right to seek an injunction against offenders on grounds that speech could cause 'mental anguish.' Civil rights groups are

Ben Bradlee interviews MLK on "Face The Nation" in 1964   - 23 Hours ago
WASHINGTON (CBS News) - Legendary journalist Benjamin Bradlee, who passed away Tuesday appeared on "Face The Nation" fifty years ago, when he interviewed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The episode aired

Ben Bradlee talks politics with Martin Luther King, Jr.   - 24 Hours ago
The late executive editor of the Washington Post interviewed the civil rights crusader on "Face the Nation" in 1964.

Alveda King: Obama Proves Skin-Color Voting Doesn't Help Blacks   - 10/22/2014
Alveda King, niece of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., is at sharp odds with the Rev. Al Sharpton about which political view can most help African-Americans, and she has never shied from saying President

How Democrats Are Using #Ferguson to Turn Out Black Voters   - 10/22/2014
On Monday night, Al Sharpton opened his MSNBC show Politics Nation with the latest "details from the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown." Oh, and a few minutes later, he previewed a clip

D.C.’s African American electorate fragmented for first time in years   - 10/21/2014
By , Mark Gail For The Washington Post Longtime Democratic voter James Baldwin has decided to support independent candidate Carol Schwartz for D.C. mayor. James Baldwin, an African American who

People warned to shut their windows as factory fire sends black smoke billowing   - 8 Hours ago
People in Melton were warned to keep their windows shut after a fire in an industrial unit sent plumes of black smoke billowing over the town. The fire started at about 9.40am today at a single-storey

Three Central Australian parks given Aboriginal names   - 21 Hours ago
Three of Central Australia's nature parks are being re-branded to reflect their traditional Aboriginal names. West MacDonnell National Park, Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park and the Ewaninga Rock Carvings

Celebrating black history   - 21 Hours ago
DANCING, drumming and storytelling will feature at a celebration of Black History Month. The month-long national event marks the contribution of the African-Caribbean community to Britain. Nottingham

Royal commission: Aboriginal children abused by owner of children's home   - 23 Hours ago
From the Archives Sri Lanka is now taking stock of the country's 26-year-long civil war, in which the UN estimates as many as 40,000 Tamil civilians may have been killed. This report by the ABC's Alexander

Photoshopping Black People Into Photos Never Goes Out of Style   - 10/22/2014
Just when you thought politicians had risen above the racial fray and strode into the multicultural 21st century, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett took one giant step backward for all mankind. Apparently
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