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Anonymous hackers target Iceland sites in whaling protest   - 119 Minutes ago
REYKJAVIK: Activist hackers from the Anonymous collective have claimed responsibility for bringing down five government websites in Iceland in a protest against whale-hunting by the North Atlantic nation.
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Big win for Southern Democrat   - 11/23/2015
The Republican lost a deeply negative battle for the Louisiana governor's office Saturday to Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards. As he conceded Saturday night after losing by 12 percentage points,
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Obama's four-summit trip did not always go according to script   - 11/23/2015
KUALA LUMPUR - From Turkey to the Philippines to Malaysia, it's been an overseas trip for U.S. President Barack Obama that often veered off-script. By now, Obama was supposed to have showcased the long-promised

Refugees Hang in Balance Between Smugglers and European Union Governments   - 14 Hours ago
The most popular Nightly News health, consumer news, aviation, lifestyle and human interest stories. Play All Previous Next Making a Difference Inspirational stories profiling people making a
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David Axelrod: Trump Would be ‘Defeated Handily’ by Hillary in General Election   - 11/22/2015
This week we asked David Axelrod -- the former senior adviser to President Obama who now works as a CNN senior political commentator -- five questions via email before his appearance on the "This Week"
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Democrat wins Louisiana governor election in upset for Republicans   - 11/22/2015
Louisiana Gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards speaks to reporters during a Veterans Day event in Baton Rouge, Louisiana November 11, 2015. Reuters/Lee Celano Democrat John Bel Edwards won election
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CBS US News: Religious groups criticize GOP anti-refugee rhetoric   - 11/22/2015
Republicans who want to block refugees from the U.S. are finding themselves in conflict with religious groups who say it's their mission to help them. Julianna Goldman reports.
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Clinton Denounces Anti-Muslim, Refugee Comments   - 11/22/2015
Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton pushed back against Donald Trump's comments about having a government database to track Muslims in the United States, and closing American borders

Republican Vitter says not running for US senate in 2016 after losing Louisiana   - 11/22/2015
The Answer Insightful commentary, video, cartoons, and news Bill Bennett's American Patriot's Almanac This day in American history Mike Gallagher Popular videos from a Fox News contributor

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Tossed Apple Core Prompts White House Lockdown   - 11/22/2015
There was a brief lockdown at the White House this afternoon after a woman threw an apple core over the fence line of the South Lawn, a Secret Service spokeswoman said. The incident occurred at approximately

Democrat John Bel Edwards Wins Louisiana Governor's Race, Surprise Upset in Conservative   - 11/22/2015

Democrat Edwards elected governor of Louisiana   - 11/22/2015
NEW ORLEANS — State Rep. John Bel Edwards was elected governor of Louisiana on Saturday night, defeating two-term U.S. Sen. David Vitter in what would have been an unthinkable upset a few months ago.

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America's shaky response to terror attacks in one graph   - 11/28/2015
This commenter is a Washington Post contributor. Post contributors aren’t staff, but may write articles or columns. In some cases, contributors are sources or experts quoted in a st
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Democratic candidates rally their party in South Carolina   - 11/22/2015
NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Three Democratic presidential candidates gathered on Saturday to rally their party faithful and make it official: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley will be

GOP candidates continue anti-Muslim rhetoric   - 11/22/2015
WASHINGTON -- Republicans who want to block refugees from the U.S. are finding themselves in conflict with religious groups who say it's their mission to help them. "But I do want a database for those
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Democrats are pushing to ban gun sales to terror-list suspects   - 11/22/2015
Congressional Democrats are trying to build support for an effort to bar gun purchases by terror suspects, hoping to take advantage of the same public anxieties about security that gave Republicans a

The Crisis of World Order   - 11/22/2015
After Paris, Islamic State’s rise and Syria’s agony are shaking a weakened Europe -- and the international system. Can the U.S. summon the resolve to respond?
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Louisiana picks Democrat as next governor, rejecting Vitter   - 11/22/2015
Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards defeated Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter to become Louisiana';s next governor. Edwards becomes the first Democrat to win statewide election in Louisiana s

Many families in limbo a year after Obama proposal for deportation relief   - 11/22/2015
Jesus and Radhi Paredes know precisely how their lives could change under the stalled deportation relief plan that was proposed by President Obama a year ago and that his administration appealed to the

Democrat Edwards Wins Louisiana Governor's Race   - 11/22/2015
47 PM Police released surveillance footage of a Tulane University medical student being shot while trying to stop an apparent  . . . Saturday, 21 Nov 2015 21:34 PM On the outskirts of the Syrian

Clinton battles image of being soft on Wall St.   - 11/22/2015
John Wittneben simmered as he listened to Hillary Rodham Clinton defend her ties to Wall Street during last weekend's Democratic debate. He lost 40 percent of his savings in individual retirement accounts

Christian leaders take issue with GOP stance on resettlement   - 11/22/2015
Arguing that "Jesus was a refugee," local, state and national Christian leaders are taking aim at proposals by Republican presidential hopefuls U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush that

For GOP, fear and anxiety in the heartland   - 11/22/2015
COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa - Sometimes this fall, it feels as if the contours of a familiar world for Republicans are under assault.

N.H. students turn presidential primary into civics lesson   - 11/22/2015
E-Mail Share via e-mail Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Comments Print The Boston Globe Tweet Share Cheryl Senter for The Boston Globe Miriam Watson and her children, Anabelle and Gregory, waited for

After 2012, the GOP Set Out to Be More Inclusive. What Happened'   - 11/22/2015
World Barack Obama Finance Food Art Poor Reince Priebus. After Mitt Romney's loss to Barack Obama in 2012, Priebus, the head of the Republican National Committee, touted his shiny new 100-page report
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