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The man who hunted bin Laden   - 5 Hours ago
Editor's note: Peter Bergen is CNN's national security analyst, a vice president at the New America Foundation and the author of "Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for bin Laden -- From 9/11 to Abbottabad,"

China and the US should shelve disputes and improve their military relations   - 9 Hours ago
U.S. and Chinese military officials are holding talks on military security in the US from Aug. 25 to Aug. 29. These talks are intended to set up multilateral standards of behavior for both air and maritime

Terrorist Groups Actively Recruit U.S. Residents   - 11 Hours ago
Militant groups have long targeted Minneapolis for recruiting, seeking angry and disillusioned young men. Now, they’ve expanded their search to include women.

Obama warned Isis terrorists 'will target US cities and kill with abandon'   - 4 Hours ago
President Obama needs to take action to stop Islamic State (Isis) militants from targeting cities in America and Western Europe, two senators have warned.

Top German spy: Islamic State more brutal than al-Qaida   - 8 Hours ago
Some young Muslims are attracted to the Islamic State group because of its brutality, which makes it appear "more authentic" than al-Qaida, the head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency said in an

Conservatives raise call to strip jihadists of U.S. citizenship, as Ted Cruz pushes   - 8 Hours ago
Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, told a crowd of 3,000 at a conservative summit in Dallas that Americans fighting with Islamic State militants should be exiled from the country saying, “we need to not
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South Korean National Security Chief Planning U.S. Visit: Source   - 9 Hours ago
Due to technical reasons, this story has been removed from our database.

Obama foreign policy diminishes U.S. standing in fight against terrorism: Mike Rogers   - 10 Hours ago
President Obama found himself under fire Sunday for his cautious approach to beating back the Islamic State’s march through Iraq and Syria and stamping out other diplomatic fires around the globe, with

The Ethics of Fighting with Terrorists   - 10 Hours ago
The United States is supporting, funding, and arming “terrorists.” Not through back channels, middlemen, Swiss bank accounts or CIA covert operations, but openly and publicly. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party

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Top U.S. senators pitch for weapons aid to Ukrainian forces   - 4 Hours ago
Top American senators have urged the United States to provide arms and ammunition to Ukrainian forces fighting pro-Russian separatists along the eastern border of the country. Head of the Foreign Relations

US lawmaker: hundreds of Americans with IS connections   - 5 Hours ago
“I'm very concerned because we don't know every single person that has an American passport that has gone and trained and learned how to fight,” Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican who heads the , said

The mother of all blowback: US funded ISIS Jihadis create bind for lame duck Obama   - 4 Hours ago
© unknown President Barack Obama is being lambasted by US Republicans for admitting that "we don't have a strategy yet" for dealing with the rise of the militant group, ISIS, or Islamic State, as it's

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Islamic terrorists ‘want to hit US’   - 4 Hours ago
IndiaVision Latest Breaking News and Information about India IndiaVision Latest Breaking News and Information about India - News and Information Portal Without offering specifics on any threats or

Suriname leader’s son confesses to ‘US attack plot’ countryman remains in T&T prison   - 4 Hours ago
The son of the president of Suriname has confessed to attempting to facilitate Lebanese terrorism group Hezbollah to establish a South American outpost. While Dino Bouterse waits on his sentencing hearing

Regional journalist swaps front page in Civvy Street for frontline war on terror   - 4 Hours ago
An award-winning regional reporter who became a soldier risked life and limb to bring readers a unique inside track into the global war on terror. Daily Record journalist Stephen Paul Stewart was given

Israel- and America-hating pro-terrorist MP George Galloway beaten up in London   - 4 Hours ago
One of the Western world's most politically powerful antisemites has found himself on the receiving end of the violence he continuously advocates. Pro-terrorist, anti-American, Israel-hating, Hamas-loving

Islamic terrorists ISIS 'want to hit US'   - 5 Hours ago
Cities in America and western Europe are being eyed as Islamic State (IS) militants' future targets and President Barack Obama needs to take action, two top politicians have warned. "They have announced

G4S could face investigation over Guantanamo contract   - 5 Hours ago
Today - 00:32 GMT Security firm G4S could face a government investigation over its acceptance of a £70m contract to provide “janitorial services” at Guantanamo Bay, the US

Nobody really likes the "Palestinians" except Obama and Kerry. Everybody...   - 5 Hours ago
The Palestinian Authority "unity government" with Hamas is totally bankrupt, according to a leading PA minister, who blamed broken promises by America and Arab states for the dire situation. "The government's

Spies to vet airline flight lists for returning jihadis as Saudi King warns: 'Terrorists   - 5 Hours ago
Today - 01:58 GMT Airlines would be forced to handover more information about passengers Flights containing travellers on 'watchlists' may be prevented from landing

Top US senator urges weapons for Ukraine to fight 'invasion'   - 4 Hours ago
Ukrainian loyalists demonstrate by the last chekpoint controlled by the army on the eastern side of Mariupol on August 30, 2014 The head of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee called Sunday for
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Perpetual state of siege for US companies   - 5 Hours ago
The financial industry - indeed, most of the business world - works within a state of almost perpetual cyber siege at a level few consumers grasp. And the costs and dangers are growing for those who seek
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Europe, US Next on ISIS’ Hit List, Says Saudi King; Seized ISIS Laptop Reveals Terrifying   - 5 Hours ago
King ­Abdullah of Saudi Arabia warned authorities in both Europe and the United States to be extra vigilant as members of the ISIS terror group could already be in their respective countries, preparing

Battling terrorism major challenge for Syria: President   - 8 Hours ago
Damascus: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday said that battling terrorism was a major challenge for the new government. Assad made the remarks during the inauguration ceremony of the newly-formed
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Aided by the US, Iraq breaks jihadist siege   - 6 Hours ago
US expands its more than three-week air campaign against militants outside of Iraq's north Iraqi forces, aided by US air strikes, have broken through to the jihadist-besieged Shiite town of Amerli
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