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Should Colorado voters approve Proposition 105 (GMO food labeling measure)? No   - 10 Hours ago
Source – The Denver Post Opinion by Don Ament Date – 29 Sep 2014 Website – www.denverpost.com/opinion The plan is costly, misleading Colorado voters are faced with an important decision

India's biotechnology monitoring committee is a sham whose existence isn't even   - 8 Hours ago
by J. D. Heyes (NaturalNews) The Indian government has established a body to monitor the use and implementation of biotechnology such as genetically modified organisms in food, but there is a problem

Oregon campaigns launch ads on GMO labeling   - 8 Hours ago
Sep 29, 2014 - 02:50 GMT PORTLAND — In a TV ad paid for by advocates of labeling genetically modified foods in Oregon, voters are told 64 countries have such requirements and labels didn't lead to

Farmers speak out about GMO labeling proposition   - 11 Hours ago
PALISADE, Colo. The Palisade and Grand Junction Chambers of Commerce have both come out in opposition to proposition 105 citing the negative affect it could have on local farmers, but not all growers

GM cotton is here but are African farmers ready?   - 11 Hours ago
Sep 29, 2014 - 13:40 GMT Among the countries targeted for the adoption and cultivation of Bt-Cotton are Burkina Faso, Mali, South Sudan, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and Ethiopia. South Africa and Burkina

Non-GMO Project Completes Independent Verification Process to Certify RiceBran Technologies   - 24 Hours ago
SOURCE RiceBran Technologies Company's Ingredients Will Now Carry Non-GMO Project Verified Seal SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. Janet Balson The Non-GMO Project third-party verification program began in 2008 as

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China Stumbles Into Future of Genetically Modified Food   - 16 Hours ago
Source – Epoch Times By Zhang Hong Date – 27 Sep 2014 Website – www.theepochtimes.com Despite health concerns authorities push GMO, without fully admitting what they are doing On Aug. 17

EWS seeks variety and growth in seed deal with Monsanto   - 9/29/2014
East-West Seed Co (EWS) has teamed up with global seed maker Monsanto to develop new seed varieties and improve market distribution.  The collaboration signed last week will add temperate vegetable

Scientists hope new GM crops could help feed world's poor   - 9/29/2014
Scientists from Melbourne University are fine-tuning new strains of rice and wheat that could help feed hundreds of millions of poverty stricken and malnourished people around the world - including people

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Banned GM wheat found in second US state   - 9/29/2014
Unregulated genetically modified wheat has emerged in a second location in the United States. No genetically engineered wheat has been approved for US farming, and the discovery of unapproved varieties

20 Year Anniversary Of GMO Tomato   - 13 Hours ago
The Flavr Savr tomato first hit grocery stores in 1994. To the layman, it looked like any other produce fresh from the farm: plump and bulbous, with a rich, ruby hue. But it was hiding a secret. Thanks

Monsanto launches Mexico center for developing GMO corn   - 13 Hours ago
6:09 PM ET MEXICO CITY, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Global seed technology giant Monsanto said on Monday it has launched a global center in Mexico for developing new hybrid and genetically modified strains

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GMO wheat discovered when plants sprayed with weedkiller would not die   - 16 Hours ago
WASHINGTON -- Unregulated genetically modified wheat has popped up in a second location in the United States, this time in Montana, the Agriculture Department said Friday. No genetically engineered ...

GM cotton is here but are African farmers ready?   - 16 Hours ago
African farmers must be most sought after in the quest for genetically modified cotton. An ongoing campaign, coming after the renewal of the preferential trade agreement under the African Growth Opportunity

Corn Wars: A Legal Battle Over GMO Traits   - 16 Hours ago
Cargill has filed a lawsuit against Syngenta Seeds, Inc. accusing it of commercializing a GMO trait (MIR 162) corn seed not yet approved for importation into China. Cargill claims it is losing millions

GM Employees in Flint Improve Surrounding Habitat for Wildlife   - 16 Hours ago
The site of a large predatory bird, soaring in the air near downtown Flint created a lot of excitement recently for a group walking along Thread Creek near GM’s Flint-North American Tooling Center.

Nutraceutical, Healthy & Organic Food Products Aim to Reduce Use of Risk Ingredients   - 17 Hours ago
Today - 12:53 GMT CORAL SPRINGS, Florida, September 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers demand recognition and reduction in risk ingredients to identify genetically modified products
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Bangladesh government admits Bt eggplant hasnt passed safety tests and ignores GMO   - 16 Hours ago
(NaturalNews) The director of a government testing agency in Bangladesh that granted approval for genetically modified (GM) Bt eggplant (brinjal), which turned out to be a total failure, exploded ...
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OREGON: Ads mark the start of heavy spending on GMO labeling measure   - 17 Hours ago
A battle over an Oregon ballot initiative to require labels for genetically modified foods is heating up and will likely draw in heavy spending by business groups.

How govts, biotech firms push for adoption of GM cotton   - 17 Hours ago
Sorry, the story you have requested has expired and is no longer available. Here are some additional headlines you may be interested in: Hispanic Entrepreneurs Short-changed in Texas

Time to act: Non-GMO soybean supply outstrips demand   - 18 Hours ago
Prior to the spring seeding season, farmers who wanted to get 2012 – 2013 levels of soybean pricing on their 2014 production had to take a serious look at Identity Preserved, or generic non-GMO soybeans.

GMO Labeling   - 18 Hours ago
With the Nov. 4 ballot measure, Colorado is at the forefront of a fierce food fight raging across the nation: whether or not to label foods made with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, so consumers

Sector Update: Consumer Stocks Slipping in Afternoon Trade; RiceBran Technologies   - 18 Hours ago
MCD -0.12% DIS -0.17% CVS -0.64% KO -0.31% Consumer stocks were declining, with shares of consumer staples companies in the S&P 500 falling 0.4%. Shares of consumer discretionary firms in the S&P

BOR: GM crops: African farmers are losing out   - 17 Hours ago
Cassava is an exotic crop that many around the world have never eaten. Or so they think. Yet anybody who has tasted tapioca pudding has profited from this versatile plant. Tapioca is a starch that comes

Transgenic Mice Expressing Yeast CUP1 Exhibit Increased Copper Utilization from   - 18 Hours ago
by Xiaoxian Xie, Yufang Ma, Zhenliang Chen, Rongrong Liao, Xiangzhe Zhang, Qishan Wang, Yuchun Pan Copper is required for structural and catalytic properties of a variety of enzymes participating in
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