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Battles rage in Oregon, Colorado over genetically modified foods   - 2 Hours ago
Voters in two Western states are caught in fierce battles over whether consumers will know what is deep inside their food. Oregon and Colorado on Nov. 4 will decide the fate of labeling laws for genetically

By far, the biggest cash contributor is Monsanto.   - 13 Hours ago
Some food fights turn out to be very expensive.  New reports filed with the Oregon Elections Division show that Measure 92, the ballot initiative to require labels for any food containing genetically

Ban on GMO plants advances at L.A. City Hall   - 10/21/2014
Citing environmental and health concerns, a panel of Los Angeles lawmakers Monday threw their support behind a citywide ban on growing genetically modified crops. The ban would be "largely symbolic,"

Dept cleared in papaya case   - 2 Hours ago
The Supreme Administrative Court yesterday upheld an earlier ruling by the Central Administrative Court, clearing the Department of Agricultural (DOA) of allegations that it was negligent in the management

Over $17 Million Being Spent On Oregon's GMO Labeling Proposition Vote   - 13 Hours ago
Statesman Journal (Oregon) reports: The battle over labeling of genetically modified food is officially Oregon's most expensive ballot fight ever. Opponents and supporters of Measure 92 have raised

Syngenta suit against Bunge over GM corn revived on appeal   - 103 Minutes ago
Popular articles 2014 was a bad year for fusarium » Introducing the T8 “halftrack” tractor » Changing times, yet again for grain prices » Chicago
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Leading Healthy Snack Company Awarded Prestigious Certification for Quality Ingredients FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / PRURGENT Austin, TX (October 21, 2014) – Rhythm™ Superfoods, makers of nutritionally

L.A. considers banning GMO crops   - 6 Hours ago
The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday will consider banning the growing of genetically modified crops in the city. The motion by Councilman Paul Koretz raises the question, "How has it taken this long

Moments of grace on the GMO front   - 8 Hours ago
Rebelling against genetically modified foods can happen in a variety of ways. Whether it involves speaking out at a corporate shareholders meeting, voting in favor of GMO labeling, writing articles for

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Greenpeace concerned over GMO contaminations in Thailand   - 13 Hours ago
BANGKOK, October 21 (TNA) - Greenpeace Southeast Asia (Thailand) has expressed its concerns over genetically modified organism (GMO) contaminations in Thai farm products, which appear to be spreading.

Court dismisses Greenpeace lawsuit over GMO trials   - 13 Hours ago
AFTER MORE than a decade, the Supreme Administrative Court Tuesday dismissed Greenpeace's lawsuit against Department of Agriculture (DOA)'s alleged negligence in relation to genetically modified (GM)

EU project seeks to improve GM food safety testing   - 13 Hours ago
An EU-funded project that aims to improve safety testing for genetically modified (GM) foods has published its first results. The GRACE project (GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence) was

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From genetically modified tobacco plants to medicine for Ebola   - 19 Hours ago
Professor Arntzen visited Norway last week. (Photo: Siri Elise Dybdal) It was his belief in plant based vaccines and his dedication to overcome health and agricultural constraints in the developing

GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence Issues Study   - 20 Hours ago
The GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence research project was asked by the European Commission to test various methods to identify the medium- and long-term health impacts of eating GM crops.

Genetically-modified seeds come back to haunt agriculturists in Pakistan   - 20 Hours ago
Dawn Publication Date : 21-10-2014   With a parliamentary committee approving an amendment to the Seed Act 1976, fear of foreign ‘genetically modified’ (GM) seeds has returned to haunt the agriculturists
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Council Moves to Make L.A. a 'GMO-Free Zone'   - 3 Hours ago
Council members tentatively back a proposal to ban the cultivation of genetically modified crops in the city. The Los Angeles City Council today tentatively backed a proposal to ban the cultivation

DAT variant Val559 in transgenic mice [Neuroscience]   - 10/20/2014
Marc A. Mergy a , Raajaram Gowrishankar a , Paul J. Gresch a , b , Stephanie C. Gantz c , John Williams c , Gwynne L. Davis a , C. Austin Wheeler a , Gregg D. Stanwood a , b , Maureen K. Hahn

Vote ‘yes’ to healthy future with GMO moratorium   - 107 Minutes ago
The decision to vote "yes" on the genetically modified organism moratorium is basically a vote for a healthier future on Maui.

GMO products are not fit for human consumption   - 107 Minutes ago
As someone who used to work in the biotech industry, I urge all Maui County voters to support the moratorium on genetically modified organism crops.

Public Weighs in on Draft GMO Rules   - 2 Hours ago
BURLINGTON - Vermont's Attorney General is currently mounting a legal defense of the state's GMO labeling law. But while he fights to defend the law, his office still has to enforce it. At a public forum

Panel to discuss genetically engineered plants   - 3 Hours ago
A panel discussion on some of the ethical, theological and scientific issues surrounding the genetic engineering of seeds and plants will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 27, at the Bellview Grange,

Panel to discuss genetically engineered plants Updated at 3:25 PM   - 3 Hours ago
A panel discussion on some of the ethical, theological and scientific issues surrounding the genetic engineering of seeds and plants will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 27, at the Bellview Grange,

Attorney general holds public meetings on GMO labeling law rules   - 3 Hours ago
Although many other countries have full-fledged genetically modified organisms (GMO) labeling laws, no other states in the U.S. currently do. Hoping to avoid potential gaps in the law, the Attorney

Transgenic switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) biomass is increased by overexpression   - 10/20/2014
Abstract Sucrose synthase converts sucrose and uridine di-phosphate (UDP) into UDP-glucose and fructose. UDP-glucose is used by the cellulose synthase to produce cellulose for cell wall biosynthesis.
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