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Innovation driving 10% annual growth for the Seed Market in Europe cites new study   - 19 Hours ago
(MENAFN Press) Fast Market Research announces the availability of Technavio's new report "Seeds Market in Europe 2015-2019" on their comprehensive research portal. The seed market globally has seen

Is GM running out of steam?   - 8 Hours ago
THE huge genetically modified (GM) crop steamroller is showing distinct signs of running out of steam. While still a big and growing contributor to global grain production output, particularly in categories

miR-29c regulates NAV3 protein expression in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer?s   - 15 Hours ago
Zong Y, Yu P, Cheng H, Wang H, Wang X, Liang C, Zhu H, Qin Y, Qin C . miR-29c regulates NAV3 protein expression in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer?s disease . Brain Res . 2015 Jul 23; PubMed .
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Genetically modified moths could help end the destruction of some crops   - 7/31/2015
Scientists in Britain say they have developed a way of genetically modifying and controlling an invasive species of moth that causes serious pest damage to cabbages, kale, canola and other similar crops

The Colossal Hoax That Is Organic Agriculture   - 7/29/2015
By and Drew L. Kershen Consumers of organic foods are getting both more and less than they bargained for. On both counts, it’s not good. Many people who pay the huge premium—often more than a hundred
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Bioscience Bulletin: House Says No to GMO Labels, Overeating Investigated, and New   - 7/31/2015
Welcome to today’s installment of Bioscience Bulletin, where we bring you the most popular headlines from the week. House Passes Bill that Would Ban GMO Labels The top story this week dealt with the

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Imaging upregulated brain arachidonic acid metabolism in HIV-1 transgenic rats   - 7/31/2015
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism (2015) 35 , 1386; doi:10.1038/jcbfm.2015.122 Mireille Basselin, Epolia Ramadan, Miki Igarashi, Lisa Chang, Mei Chen, Andrew D Kraft, G Jean Harry and Stanley

Your votes don't count: Politicians against labeling of GMO's were huge beneficiaries   - 8/1/2015
Want to know where the dirty money is which is helping to make GMO labeling illegal ? Shockingly, or perhaps not to the individuals who have been observing the biotech charade, house members who voted

Protest over plans to end regions right to be GMO free   - 8/1/2015
Hawke's Bay premium food producers have accused the government of a "back door" move to strip regions of the power to stay free of genetically modified organisms. New Zealand's pure image boosts produce

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In votes for week of July 20-24, Congress addresses GMO labeling, immigration, highways   - 7/25/2015
July 25--WASHINGTON --How St. Louis-area members of Congress voted in the week of July 20-24. The votes and descriptions are compiled by "Voterama in Congress" a legislative tracking organization. House

Don't Stop States From Passing GMO Labeling Laws   - 7/30/2015
In politics you often hear people call for "states' rights" as a way to justify certain positions. This argument sounds like recourse to a high Constitutional principle, but really, it's anything but

The Case For Transparent Food Labeling--And Not Just For Genetically Modified Food   - 7/30/2015
Walking down a grocery store aisle in the U.K. or Japan, you'll see labels on anything made with genetically engineered ingredients, from tortilla chips to tofu. Today, 64 countries have laws requiring

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U.S. House votes to ban state GMO food labeling laws in overwhelming vote [Star   - 7/24/2015
July 24--WASHINGTON -- The U.S. House voted overwhelmingly Thursday to ban state laws that force food makers to place labels on products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Passage of

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Shame on Carney for GMO vote   - 7/29/2015
Rep. John Carney, shame on you for representing Monsanto and the grocery lobby over your constituents’ right to know what is in our food, by voting for House Resolution 1599. If genetically modified

Transgenic mouse models generated by hydrodynamic transfection for genetic studies   - 7/29/2015
Abstract Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most lethal cancers worldwide; however, the genetic mechanisms underlying its pathogenesis are incompletely understood. Genetically engineered mouse

Congress Continues Churning GMO Labeling Legislation   - 7/31/2015
Last week, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1599, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015, which would establish a voluntary labeling framework for genetically modified and non-GMO foods.

Organic News - Bee-harming chemical firms invited to decision-making meeting on   - 7/31/2015
ENVIRONMENT Bee-harming chemical firms invited to decision-making meeting on neonicotinoid ban Bayer and Syngenta, the chemical giants responsible for creating bee-harming neonicotinoid insecticides,

Neuro-peptide treatment with Cerebrolysin improves the survival of neural stem cell   - 7/31/2015
Rockenstein E, Desplats P, Ubhi K, Mante M, Florio J, Adame A, Winter S, Brandstaetter H, Meier D, Masliah E . Neuro-peptide treatment with Cerebrolysin improves the survival of neural stem cell grafts

Progressive inflammatory pathology in the retina of aluminum-fed 5xFAD transgenic   - 7/31/2015
. Progressive inflammatory pathology in the retina of aluminum-fed 5xFAD transgenic mice . J Inorg Biochem . 2015 Jul 20; PubMed . Please login to recommend the paper. Comments on this Paper

MT5-MMP is a new pro-amyloidogenic proteinase that promotes amyloid pathology and   - 7/31/2015
Baranger K, Marchalant Y, Bonnet AE, Crouzin N, Carrete A, Paumier JM, Py NA, Bernard A, Bauer C, Charrat E, Moschke K, Seiki M, Vignes M, Lichtenthaler SF, Checler F, Khrestchatisky M, Rivera S . MT5-MMP

In Vivo Longitudinal (1)H MRS Study of Transgenic Mouse Models of Prion Disease   - 7/31/2015
Cudalbu C, Craveiro M, Mlynárik V, Bremer J, Aguzzi A, Gruetter R . In Vivo Longitudinal (1)H MRS Study of Transgenic Mouse Models of Prion Disease in the Hippocampus and Cerebellum at 14.1 T . Neurochem

64 Nations Say No to GMO, Yet US Government Nears Illegal GMO Labeling   - 7/31/2015
The WHO has already declared that five of the major chemical herbicides used to grow GMO crops are either likely or definitely cancerous, yet the USA still makes secret trade deals that would allow biotech
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U.S. Government Begins Human Trials of Genetically Modified Ebola Vaccine   - 7/31/2015
Just as predicted, vaccine companies are soon planning to unveil an Ebola vaccine in response to the manufactured Ebola outbreak that’s allegedly still spreading throughout West Africa. A genetically-modified

EU Cultivation of Genetically-Modified Corn Falls to Three-Year Low (Agri Money)   - 7/31/2015

Genetically modified seeds spread cancer in Pakistan, experts   - 7/31/2015
Home » Karachi By PPI News Agency Karachi: Use of genetically modified seeds is the major reason of the increasing rate of cancer in our country. Pakistan is an agricultural country and the government
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