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Infant Stiff-Joint Syndromes Matched to Possible Genetic Origins   - 7 Hours ago
Image: Histopathology of a spinal cord from an infant with multiple joint contractures present at birth (Photo courtesy of Dimitri P. Agamanolis, MD). There are over 400 specific disorders that are,

Engineering cartilaginous grafts using chondrocyte-laden hydrogels supported by   - 7 Hours ago
Abstract During postnatal joint development, progenitor cells that reside in the superficial region of articular cartilage first drive the rapid growth of the tissue and later help direct the formation

Worried about GM food? We are all genetically modified   - 8 Hours ago

Concise Review: CXCR4/CXCL12 Signaling in Immature Hematopoiesis—Lessons from Pharmacological   - 8 Hours ago
Abstract Dominant, although nonexclusive roles of CXCR4 and its chief ligand CXCL12 in bone marrow (BM) retention and preservation of the relative quiescence of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells (HSPCs),

New Method for Genome Analysis of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Bacteria Directly   - 8 Hours ago
Image: Mycobacterium tuberculosis (stained purple) in a tissue specimen (blue) (Photo courtesy of the CDC – [US] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). A European research consortium has developed

A myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase gene, IbMIPS1, enhances salt and drought tolerance   - 10 Hours ago
Summary Myo -inositol-1-phosphate synthase (MIPS) is a key rate limiting enzyme in myo -inositol biosynthesis. The MIPS gene has been shown to improve tolerance to abiotic stresses in several plant

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Multiplexed, targeted gene editing in Nicotiana benthamiana for glyco-engineering   - 10 Hours ago
Summary Biopharmaceutical glycoproteins produced in plants carry N-glycans with plant-specific residues core a(1,3)-fucose and ß(1,2)-xylose, which can significantly impact the activity, stability and

Eicosapentaenoic acid but not docosahexaenoic acid restores skeletal muscle mitochondrial   - 10 Hours ago
Summary Mitochondrial dysfunction is often observed in aging skeletal muscle and is implicated in age-related declines in physical function. Early evidence suggests that dietary omega-3 polyunsaturated

Retinoblastoma protein promotes oxidative phosphorylation through upregulation of   - 10 Hours ago
Summary Metabolism is closely linked with cellular state and biological processes, but the mechanisms controlling metabolic properties in different contexts remain unclear. Cellular senescence is an

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Sooall Next DNA eBike turns calories into battery life   - 10 Hours ago
Africanewswire.net ™ is part of GropWeb Network, online properties of GroupWeb Media LLC. Copyright © GroupWeb Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. Africanewswire.net ™ - a newswire and press release distribution

Ambiguity in regulations stalls progress of stem cell research in India: Advancells   - 11 Hours ago
The absence of a regulatory framework for the use of human adult stem cells for therapy and product development is now stalling the growth of stem cell research in the country. This has led companies

Enhancement of immune response to a hepatitis C virus E2 DNA vaccine by an immunoglobulin   - 13 Hours ago
ABSTRACT Neutralizing antibodies and cellular immune response both play essential roles in the clearance of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. The envelope glycoprotein E2 is a major target for producing

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New 'pain sensing' gene identified   - 7 Hours ago
Dakshin In : Read Full story of ' New 'pain sensing' gene identified ' at newker http://t.co/l54OBx0tnn 26 minutes ago

Natural Genetics Launches Free Shipping Promotion on Perfect 10 Natural Fat Burner   - 8 Hours ago
Natural Genetics, a manufacturer of natural ingredient enriched health supplements, has just started a free shipping promotion on their Amazon product Perfect 10 Natural Fat Burner. This offer, however,

New 'pain sensing' gene ide …   - 8 Hours ago
London, May 26 (IANS) Examining rare individuals who are born unable to feel pain, an international team of researchers has identified a gene essential to make our brains sensitive to pain. The discovery
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Gene Scientists' Quest for Cadaver Tissue Faces Ethical Hurdles   - 8 Hours ago
It’s one of the toughest conversations imaginable: approaching a grieving family in a hospital and asking for permission to take dozens of tissues for research from a loved one who has died unexpectedly.

New 'pain sensing' gene identified   - 8 Hours ago

The genetics of pain perception(Nature Genetics)   - 8 Hours ago
The identification of a gene essential for our ability to sense pain is reported in a study published online this week in Nature Genetics. The protein produced by this gene may be a promising target for
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Researchers discover new gene subgroup that drives prostate cancer   - 8 Hours ago
Prostate cancer researchers have drawn a molecular portrait that provides the first complete picture of localized, multi-focal disease within the prostate and also unveils a new gene subgroup driving

Researchers identify gene vital to production of pain-sensing neurons in humans   - 9 Hours ago
A gene essential to the production of pain-sensing neurons in humans has been identified by an international team of researchers co-led by the University of Cambridge. The discovery, reported today in

Optimal duration of DAPT still unclear   - 8 Hours ago
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Genes Affected By Change In Season   - 9 Hours ago
khalid rafiq   http://t.co/XuESEzq2u4 The News Tribe  31 minutes ago faraz khan  Genes Affected By Change In Season: The seasons play an important role in introducing changes in the gen... http://t.co/OB5XkxVszi

Genes Affected By Change In Season   - 10 Hours ago
The seasons play an important role in introducing changes in the genes present inside human body. A research conducted by scientists found that the genes of immune system were more active in cold season.

Common gene variant that affects cholesterol may raise heart risk 2465   - 9 Hours ago
People who carry a common mutation in a gene called SCARB1 - that regulates cholesterol - may have a higher risk of developing heart disease, say the researchers behind a new study published in the
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WPIC’s Latest Update on Aboveground Platinum Stocks   - 9 Hours ago
Stock Market XML and JSON Data API provided by FinancialContent Services, Inc. Nasdaq quotes delayed at least 15 minutes, all others at least 20 minutes. Markets are closed on certain holidays. Stock
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