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Health policy and diabetes care: is it time to put politics aside?   - 8 Hours ago
Diabetes Care.  2015; 38(5):743-5  (ISSN: 1935-5548) Herman WH; Cefalu WT Major Subject Heading(s) Minor Subject Heading(s) PreMedline Identifier: 25802325 From MEDLINE®/PubMed®, a database

Mitochondria editing tried in mice   - 13 Hours ago
Researchers have developed a technique to edit out bits of mitochondrial DNA that could otherwise pass on incurable diseases, a study in mice shows. Salk Institute scientists used specifically engineered

Drp1-mediated mitochondrial abnormalities link to synaptic injury in diabetes model.   - 5 Hours ago
Diabetes.  2015; 64(5):1728-42  (ISSN: 1939-327X) Huang S; Wang Y; Gan X; Fang D; Zhong C; Wu L; Hu G; Sosunov AA; McKhann GM; Yu H; Yan SS Diabetes has adverse effects on the brain, especially

Genetic Variants Associated With Quantitative Glucose Homeostasis Traits Translate   - 5 Hours ago
Genetic Variants Associated With Quantitative Glucose Homeostasis Traits Translate to Type 2 Diabetes in Mexican Americans: The GUARDIAN (Genetics Underlying Diabetes in Hispanics) Consortium. Diabetes.

Sixty-five common genetic variants and prediction of type 2 diabetes. May 01, 2015   - 5 Hours ago
Diabetes.  2015; 64(5):1830-40  (ISSN: 1939-327X) Talmud PJ; Cooper JA; Morris RW; Dudbridge F; Shah T; Engmann J; Dale C; White J; McLachlan S; Zabaneh D; Wong A; Ong KK; Gaunt T; Holmes MV; Lawlor DA;

Genetic Technology Alert. Genetic Test Patented for Effective Weight Management;   - 5 Hours ago
This issue profiles genetic test patented for effective weight management, gene therapy for muscular dystrophy, and next generation sequencing tests for colorectal cancer. Click headings to

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NewLink Genetics Supports the Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer at PurpleStride 2015   - 7 Hours ago
(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NewLink Genetics Corporation (Nasdaq:NLNK), a biopharmaceutical company focused on bringing novel immuno-oncology medicines to patients with cancer globally, is proud to support the
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Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Food Waste as Source of Bioenergy; Faster, Improved   - 8 Hours ago
This issue profiles using food waste as source of bioenergy; faster, improved biomass production enabled by gene manipulation; and engineered water nanostructures that can replace chemical detergents

Scholarships: the money maze rewarding winners of genetic lottery   - 21 Minutes ago
Independent schools are in the middle of interviews to award much sought-after academic scholarships for 2016 but new statistics have brought focus to who funds the scholarships and why are they awarded

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Iran, Oman to expand cooperation in genetic and biotechnology research   - 3 Hours ago
Tehran, April 26, IRNA – Following announcement of readiness by Omani officials to expand scientific cooperation with Iran a committee to follow up such cooperation was established by the two sides.

Judge orders Kansas sperm donor to undergo genetic testing   - 4 Hours ago
The Kansas City Channel Saturday 25th April, 2015 A Kansas judge has ordered genetic testing to determine whether a man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple is the biological father of their 5-year-old

Mosquitoes 'lured by body odour genes'   - 3 Hours ago
The likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes could be down to genes that control our body odour, a preliminary study in Plos One suggests. Researchers tested pairs of identical and non-identical twins
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Genetic link between height and heart disease   - 4 Hours ago
New re at the University of Leicester, that we helped fund, has used genetics to show a link between being short and an increased risk of heart disease. The study, led by BHF Professor Sir Nilesh Samani

New technology at Wash U maps human genome in days large-scale studies now possible   - 4 Hours ago
St. Louis Post-Dispatch Saturday 25th April, 2015 The two 3-inch-by-1-inch glass chips held the unfathomable amount of genetic information contained in 16 human genomes. On Thursday, a technician

China-led research team sequences cotton genome   - 6 Hours ago
Workers collect cotton in a field in Dunhuang, Gansu province, October 2014. (File photo/Xinhua) A joint biological research team led by Chinese scientists has completed the genome sequencing of cultivated
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On NY Times Article: “New Genetic Tests for Breast Cancer Hold Promise”   - 6 Hours ago
Dr. Joshua Levine, Board Certified breast reconstruction surgeon provides his perspective: The Genetic Test will change breast cancer treatment for millions of women but will bring new questions as well.
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Genetic Modification of Human Embryos Reported, Experts Consider Ethics   - 6 Hours ago
TEHRAN (FNA)- Chinese scientists say they've genetically modified human embryos for the very first time. The team attempted to modify the gene responsible for beta-thalassaemia, a potentially fatal blood
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Genome study reveals lonely end for the world’s woolly mammoths   - 7 Hours ago
WASHINGTON – The most complete genetic information assembled on woolly mammoths is providing insight into their demise, revealing they suffered two population crashes before a final, severely inbred group

Athersys stem cells still show potential   - 7 Hours ago
CHUCK SODER - There's still a chance -- just a chance -- that Athersys' stem cell therapy could turn into a blockbuster stroke drug.

Autism and prodigy share a common genetic link   - 7 Hours ago
Study involved families that had both prodigies and people with autism Researchers have uncovered the first evidence of a genetic link between prodigy and autism . The scientists found that child
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CDK inhibitor proves active against AML, ALL   - 7 Hours ago
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Tendency to Attract Mosquito Bites Genetic   - 8 Hours ago
Ever sit at a outdoor restaurant in the evening and have one person complain about the mosquitoes while every one else has not noticed any? The reality is that some people are magnets for the pesky insects,

Blow: DNA analysis reveals some surprising cousins on my mother’s side   - 8 Hours ago
If the word “Neanderthal” has ever crossed your mind while reading one of my columns, well, congratulations. Now you have science on your side. My DNA test results are back and it turns out that I’m

Hi-tech DNA machines cause concern   - 8 Hours ago
London – Police forces across the UK are testing technology that allows officers to analyse DNA samples in custody suites, amid fears that civil liberties could be infringed and evidence compromised.

Key genes behind aggressive breast cancer identified   - 8 Hours ago
New York, April 25 (IANS): From a pool of more than 30,000 possibilities, researchers have identified 35 genes and three other molecules that most likely trigger one of the most aggressive forms of breast
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