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California stem cell agency head takes stand on 'personal ethics'   - 10 Hours ago
"Downton Abbey" is coming back in January — and the chief of PBS is warming up by hurling a few crumpets at TV rivals. CBS came out on top of the TV ratings Thursday with “Big Brother” and “Big Bang

Potential diabetes therapy: scientists grow insulin-producing cells using cloning   - 7 Hours ago
Professor Martin Pera calls the research a major achievement. Photo: Luis Enrique Ascui For the first time scientists have used cells from a woman with type 1 diabetes to create cloned human embryos from

Ribose-Protonated DNA Base Excision Repair: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental   - 7 Hours ago
Abstract Living organisms protect the genome against external influences by recognizing and repairing damaged DNA. A common source of gene mutation is the oxidized guanine, which undergoes base excision

Comparative phylogeography and population genetic structure of three widespread   - 9 Hours ago
Abstract Although several studies have evaluated the genetic structure and phylogeographic patterns in many species of marine invertebrates, a general model that applies to all of them remains elusive.

Effect of mitochondrial calcium uniporter blocking on human spermatozoa   - 10 Hours ago
Summary Calcium (Ca 2+ ) regulates a number of essential processes in spermatozoa. Ca 2+ is taken up by mitochondria via the mitochondrial calcium uniporter (mCU). Oxygen-bridged dinuclear ruthenium

Anxiety and locomotion in Genetic Absence Epilepsy Rats from Strasbourg (GAERS):   - 11 Hours ago
Summary Objective The Genetic Absence Epilepsy Rats from Strasbourg (GAERS) is a genetic model, derived from Wistar rats by selective breeding. In all previous studies, GAERS were compared to their

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“Frosty genes” technology awarded US patent   - 11 Hours ago
Duplantis and Nano. Credit: UVic Photo Services The most effective vaccines against disease are those that expose our immune systems to live pathogens. But how do we do that without causing the very

Promising results from gene therapy research to treat macular degeneration   - 12 Hours ago
Australian research on a new gene therapy which could revolutionise treatment of macular degeneration (AMD) is showing positive results. AMD is the leading cause of blindness in the developed world

Research offers new hope for treatment of rare genetic disease   - 7 Hours ago
New research by experts at The could offer new clues for the treatment of a rare genetic disease. TRAPS (TNF Receptor Associated Periodic Syndrome) was first identified in Nottingham more than 30 years

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Researchers Africa Genetically Modified Crops Held Back by Scaremongering   - 7 Hours ago
LONDON - A new report states that genetically-modified crops -- also known as GM crops -- would dramatically improve agriculture in Africa. The report, published by the policy group Chatham House,
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No Detectable HIV RNA or DNA in 2 Bone Marrow Transplant Patients Still on ART   - 9 Hours ago
20th International AIDS Conference July 20-25, 2014 Melbourne, Australia Tweet 20th International AIDS Conference, July 20-25, 2014, Melbourne Mark Mascolini Two HIV-positive Australian men who had

Qiagen sees blood cancer biomarker Dx potential in University of Tokyo patents   - 9 Hours ago
Qiagen ($QGEN) aims to develop new tests to target blood cancer patients who would benefit most from a particular treatment that hits a specific gene mutation. The plan could lead to new companion diagnostic
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Gene I. Maeroff, Education Reporter and Author, Dies at 75   - 10 Hours ago
A former education reporter for The Times, Mr. Maeroff found a second career working as an author, a researcher and an adviser on education issues.

Whitehead Institute researchers create “naïve” pluripotent human embryonic stem   - 11 Hours ago
Phase and fluorescence images of conventional (primed) human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and naïve human ESCs generated in the presence of 5 small molecule inhibitors. The naïve human ESCs exhibit activation

Researchers find genes that time girls' first periods   - 10 Hours ago
For the first time, researchers have determined the genetic markers that determine the timing of a woman’s first period, opening the doors to determining a woman’s risk for disease later in life. Douglas
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Gene activity change can produce cancer   - 12 Hours ago
Changing a gene’s activity can cause cancer, even though the DNA itself hasn’t mutated, a new study demonstrates. The finding is some of the first direct evidence that epigenetic changes can cause cancer.

Google collecting data on users' genes   - 12 Hours ago
Jul 25, 2014 - 17:39 GMT The Californian technology giant is amassing thousands of pieces of genetic and molecular information from a pool of users to help it map what a healthy

Insulin Receptor Gene Found to Be Necessary for Worms to Learn   - 12 Hours ago
A newly discovered insulin receptor gene was found to be necessary for worms to learn a taste avoidance task. In a recently reported study, worms learned to expect food when placed in an unpleasant taste

Stem cell procedure could help prevent arthritis   - 12 Hours ago
Surgeons at Southampton General Hospital have designed a procedure that could help prevent arthritis from developing in the knees by promoting cartilage regeneration. The method known as Abicus involves

Scientists develop new method of reprogramming stem cells   - 12 Hours ago
A team of researchers from SQZ Biotech has developed an approach to simplify delivery of reprogramming materials into cells. The technology, called CellSqueeze, uses high-pressure tubules to squeeze cells,

Bioheart Announces World's First Combination Stem Cell Treatment; Allergan Announces   - 12 Hours ago
Below is a look at some of the headlines for companies that made news in the healthcare sector on July 25, 2014. {nfg}Bioheart, Inc....

Cypher Genomics Teams With Illumina, Names President and COO   - 11 Hours ago
San Diego-based Cypher Genomics Inc. announced a co-promotion agreement with Illumina Inc. and the selection of Adam Simpson as president and chief operating officer. The two companies will jointly offer
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Genetic Testing Registry: What Is It?   - 12 Hours ago
In 2012, a renowned doctor who specializes in rare diseases, Dr. Francis Collins, unveiled the National Institute of Health Genetic Testing Registry. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) provides more

Farmer Gene's Tiny But Mighty Popcorn - Tasty, Organic and NO GMOs!   - 12 Hours ago
TBM logo (image by Gene and Lynn Mealhow) My guest today is farmer and entrepreneur Gene Mealhow. Welcome to OpEdNews, Gene. You have a very interesting product that we're going to talk about today.

What if you could have personal health care based on your genes?   - 12 Hours ago
If it seems like we've been hearing about how medicine is going to be more personalized in "the future," it's because we have been hearing about it, and not seeing it, for decades now. If you're like
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