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How Graphene–based Nanomaterials and Films Revolutionize...   - 7/1/2015
The Park Systems Webinar titled Graphene Based Nanomaterials and Films will be given by Professor Rigoberto Advincula of Case Western Reserve University on July 9, 2015 at 9am PST. Prof. Advincula is
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Oxford Instruments plc Receives Hold Rating from Investec (OXIG)   - 15 Hours ago
Oxford Instruments plc (LON:OXIG) ‘s stock had its “hold” rating reiterated by equities researchers at Investec in a research report issued on Thursday, ARN reports. They currently have a GBX 1,100 ($17.26)

Engineering the world's smallest nanocrystal with just 19 atoms   - 16 Hours ago
(Nanowerk News) In the natural world, proteins use the process of biomineralization to incorporate metallic elements into tissues, using it to create diverse materials such as seashells, teeth, and bones.

Launch of first European nanomedicine characterization lab   - 16 Hours ago
MIL OSI – Source: Switzerland – Federal Administration – Press Release/Statement: Headline: The «European Nanomedicine Characterization Laboratory» (EU-NCL), which was launched on 1 June 2015, has

Food firm to develop nanotechnology for mayo bottles   - 17 Hours ago
• Comments Off on Norwegian food company Orkla is developing the technology from Liquiglide into its bottles of mayonnaise. It has not revealed exactly how the technology would be used. Liquiglide was

New conductive ink for electronic apparel   - 17 Hours ago
/ Technologies / Raw materials & technologies - European-coatings.com Diese Seite erfordert Javascript, um angezeigt zu werden. Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript in Ihrem Browser und laden Sie die Seite
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CEA-Leti Launches European Nano-Characterisation Laboratory Funded by the Horizon   - 18 Hours ago
CEA-Leti today announced the launch of the European Nano-Characterisation Laboratory (EU-NCL) funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. EU-NCL team during kick-off
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Certain stem cells use microscopic nanotubes to communicate with neighboring cells,   - 19 Hours ago
When it comes to communicating with each other, some cells may be more "old school" than was previously thought. Certain types of stem cells use microscopic, threadlike nanotubes to communicate with
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Soft core, hard shell - the latest in nanotechnology   - 20 Hours ago
Nanoparticles are the smallest particles capable of reaching virtually all parts of the body. Researchers use various approaches to test ways in which nanoparticles could be used in medicine - for instance,
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Spectrometry reaches mass-consumer simplicity   - 23 Hours ago
Spectrometry - the measurement of the relative contributions of different wavelengths in a light source - is an invaluable analytical technique used by science and technology professionals in a broad

Controlling the Surface of Semiconductor Nanocrystals for Efficient Light Emission   - 24 Hours ago
Semiconductor nanostructures have shown promise for light emission across various intensity regimes. Desired performance objectives of photoluminescence efficiency, low gain threshold, large gain lifetime

New graphene-based flexible displays for industry developed   - 7/2/2015
Finnish-based Picosun Oy, a leading Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment manufacturer has teamed up with several prominent European nanotechnology companies and research institutes to develop graphene-based

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Nano Korea 2015, International Nanotech Symposium and Nano-Convergence Expo, opens   - 7/2/2015
Printer-friendly version Send by email Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 The 13th International Nanotech Symposium and Nano-Convergence Expo, Nano Korea 2015 opened yesterday at Coex in Korea and will

NIST ‘How-To’ Website Documents Procedures for Nano-EHS Research and Testing   - 7/2/2015
To help nano-EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)researchers navigate the often complex measurement issues, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has launched a new website devoted
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Identifying and Eliminating Emissive Sub-bandgap States in Thin Films of PbS Nanocrystals   - 7/1/2015
Abstract Chemical oxidation of under-charged Pb atoms reduces the density of trap states by a factor of 40 in films of colloidal PbS quantum dots for devices. These emissive sub-bandgap states are a

OSTP Calls for Nanotechnology-Inspired Grand Challenges   - 7/1/2015
Source: ASM International The National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) is pleased to highlight an important request for information (RFI) issued today by the White House Office of Science

Nanotechnology: Colourful particles for spectrometry   - 7/1/2015
Most current microspectrometers rely on interference filters and interferometric optics that limit their photon efficiency, resolution and spectral range. Jie Bao and Moungi Bawendi have developed an

Covalent Functionalization of HiPco Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Differences   - 7/1/2015
Abstract The results of a study on the evolution of HiPco single-walled carbon nanotubes during the oxidizing action of H 2 SO 4 and HNO 3 are presented. The process conditions used have been chosen

Strain Sensors: A Highly Sensitive and Reliable Strain Sensor Using a Hierarchical   - 7/1/2015
The film fabricated by H. Lee and co-workers on page 2990 has ordered, interconnected single-walled cabron nanotubes (SWCNTs) as a result of a simple transfer method using a hierarchical SWCNT structure

Fabrication of Supported AuPt Alloy Nanocrystals with Enhanced Electrocatalytic   - 7/1/2015
The exploitation of nanoconfined conversion of Au- and Pt-containing binary nanocrystals for developing a controllable synthesis of surfactant-free AuPt nanocrystals with enhanced formic acid oxidation

Nanotubes mediate niche–stem-cell signalling in the Drosophila testis   - 7/1/2015
Stem cell niches provide resident stem cells with signals that specify their identity. Niche signals act over a short range such that only stem cells but not their differentiating progeny receive the

Developmental biology: Nanotubes in the niche   - 7/1/2015
doi:10.1038/nature14631 Authors: Thomas B. Kornberg & Lilach Gilboa In fruit flies, protrusions can extend from stem cells in the testes to cells in a regulatory hub, mediating intercellular signalling

How Peter Thiel is trying to save the world   - 7/1/2015
In 2010, Brian Frezza and D.J. Kleinbaum were four hours from leaving Silicon Valley for good. Since childhood, the two best friends had been incubating a shared dream of using computer science to cure

Merck buys remaining stake in Qlight Nanotech [Globes, Tel Aviv, Israel]   - 6/29/2015
June 29--German group Merck, which operates in pharma, biotech, and materials, today announced its acquisition of Jerusalem-based Qlight Nanotech. Qlight is a nanotechnology company that has developed
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German Merck expanding presence in Israel with acquisitions   - 6/29/2015
TEL AVIV, June 29 Merck KGaA expects to expand its presence significantly in Israel with two acquisitions in the life science and performance materials sectors, the company's chief executive said on Monday.
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