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PbS nanocrystals in hybrid systems for solar cell applications   - 5 Hours ago
Abstract Many research efforts are focused toward significant improvements of polymeric solar cells efficiency, energy harvesting range, time, and environmental stability. Particular attention is given

Effect of nanocrystalline cellulose on morphological, thermal, and mechanical properties   - 12 Hours ago
In this study, nanocomposites based on Nylon 6 and nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) were prepared by melt compounding. Then, morphological, thermal, and mechanical properties were analyzed for NCC content
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Carbon nanotubes: potential medical applications and safety concerns   - 16 Hours ago
Abstract Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have unique atomic structure, as well as outstanding thermal, mechanical, and electronic properties, making them extremely attractive materials for several different

NCI investment in nanotechnology: achievements and challenges for the future   - 16 Hours ago
Nanotechnology offers an exceptional and unique opportunity for developing a new generation of tools addressing persistent challenges to progress in cancer research and clinical care. The National Cancer

Giant charge density disturbances discovered in nanomaterials   - 18 Hours ago
Juelich researchers amplify Friedel oscillations in thin metallic films In metals such as copper or aluminium, so-called conduction electrons are able to move around freely, in the same way as particles
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4th International Conference on Nanotek & Expo   - 19 Hours ago
, will be organized around the theme "Challenging Aspects and Frontiers in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology ." Nanotek-2014 offers an opportunity to interact with the researchers in the field of Nanoscience,

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IEEE Computer Society 2022 Report: In Era of Seamless Intelligence, Information   - 18 Hours ago
Pressbox (Press Release) - Digital computing has transformed every aspect of society, and as new devices and new ways to connect continue to emerge, we will enter an era of Seamless Intelligence where

Polyimide-wrapped carbon nanotube electrodes for long cycle Li-air batteries   - 6 Hours ago
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Micro and Nanofabrication of Next Generation Technologies conference   - 21 Hours ago
The Kelvin Nanotechnology and the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre at the University of Glasgow invites to the on 12th December being held at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Didcot. Event timings

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Where there's wool, there's a way   - 21 Hours ago
A small figure walks across the entrance of Rhodes University’s chemistry department. Purse in hand, she almost makes it to a door before she is stopped by a student. Their voices carry in the empty

Protons penetrate graphene   - 20 Hours ago
Theorists have calculated that hydrogen – despite having small atoms with just one proton and electron - would take billions of years to penetrate a single layer of graphene. Now measurements of the "barrier"

SQAd nanoparticles could help speed up stroke recovery   - 20 Hours ago
Nanoparticles made from the fatty biomolecule squalene and the nucleoside adenosine could help protect neurons following a stroke or spinal-cord injury – at least in mice – according to new experiments

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Multifrequency atomic force microscopy: material properties on the nanoscale   - 20 Hours ago
Lab talk Nov 27, 2014 The atomic force microscope (AFM) provides excellent topographic resolution on a wide variety of surfaces. In addition to this, scientists are also interested in local material

Could living in a glass house boost your HEALTH?   - 20 Hours ago
A London-based company is planning to build transparent homes. The all-glass houses (artist’s impression shown) come with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and lounge, and the walls can be tinted. Source::

Nanomaterials to preserve ancient works of art   - 23 Hours ago
(Nanowerk News) Little would we know about history if it weren’t for books and works of art. But as time goes by, conserving this evidence of the past is becoming more and more of a struggle. Could this

(Taiwan) Gold NanoTech (GNT) introduces international wine and spirits partners   - 11/27/2014
(BiotechEast staff) 27 November, 2014 Gold NanoTech Co., Ltd., (GNT), a Taipei, Taiwan-headquartered company focused on the production of gold nanoparticles for consumer and medical applications, held

QUT Leading the Charge for Panel-powered Car   - 11/27/2014
QUT's Professor Nunzio Motta with one of the university's powerful nanotechnology microscopes.    A car powered by its own body panels could soon be driving on our roads after a breakthrough in nanotechnology

Could living in a glass house boost your HEALTH? Project claims that light-filled   - 11/27/2014
A London-based company is planning to build transparent homes that can be built in the country or on buildings The Photon Space project is seeking funding for the all-glass houses that can be  custom

Persistence Market Research: Global Nano-Enabled Packaging Market to Grow at 12.7%   - 11/27/2014
According to a new market report published by “Global Market Study on Nano-Enabled Packaging For Food and Beverages: Intelligent Packaging to Witness Highest Growth by 2020”, the global nano enabled packaging

Multi-walled Nanotubes Linked to Mesothelioma in New Study, According to Surviving   - 11/27/2014
A new report linking synthetic multi-walled carbon nanotubes with mesothelioma says size and shape may determine how dangerous they are. Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) November 26, 2014 German scientists say
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Microscopes Market in India up to 2020: Hexa Research   - 11/27/2014
- Asia Pacific dominated the microscopes market in terms of revenue share in 2013 owing to rising industrialization rates in countries such as China and India and the presence of extensive nanotechnology
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EU parliament committee seeks report on nanomaterials in FCMs   - 11/27/2014
26 November 2014 / Europe, Food contact, Nanomaterials The European Parliament’s Environment and Food Safety Committee has agreed a proposal to add a requirement for the European Commission to produce
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New Alcohols Study Results from I. Nicotera et al Described (Sulfonated Graphene Oxide Platelets in Nafion Nanocomposite Membrane: Advantages for Application in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells) By a News

Patent Issued for Contaminate Detection and Substrate Cleaning   - 11/27/2014
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Journal of Engineering -- From Alexandria, Virginia , VerticalNews journalists report that a patent by the inventors Khusnatdinov, Niyaz ( Round Rock, TX ); LaBrake,

XEROX : Patent Issued for Alumina Nanotubes as a Toner Additive to Reduce Impaction   - 11/27/2014
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Journal of Engineering -- According to news reporting originating from Alexandria, Virginia , by VerticalNews journalists, a patent by the inventors Veregin, Richard
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