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The giant blue 'eyes' of the Prawn Nebula   - 17 Hours ago
A new high-resolution photograph of the Prawn Nebula shows off its stellar nurseries. European Southern Obervatory Not all nebulas are built alike. Some emit no light at all, appearing as dark streaks
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Nanocatalysts for Solar Hydrogen Generation and a Perspective of Hydrogen Economy   - 15 Hours ago
In this review article, nanocatalysts for solar hydrogen production are the focus of discussion as they can contribute to the development of sustainable hydrogen production in order to meet future energy

Regulation of gene expression via retrotransposon insertions and the noncoding RNA   - 15 Hours ago
Short interspersed elements (SINEs) comprise a significant portion of mammalian genomes and regulate gene expression through a variety of mechanisms. Here, we show that Myodonta clade-specific 4.5S RNA

Genomewide identification of target genes of histone methyltransferase dG9a during   - 15 Hours ago
Post-translational modification of the histone plays important roles in epigenetic regulation of various biological processes. Among the identified histone methyltransferases (HMTases), G9a is a histone

Hydrogen evolution under visible light over the heterojunction p-CuO/n-ZnO prepared   - 16 Hours ago
Summary The semiconducting properties of the heterojunction CuO/ZnO, synthesized by impregnation method from nitrates, are studied for the first time to assess its feasibility for the hydrogen production

Effects of a Specialist-Led, School Physical Education Program on Bone Mass, Structure,   - 17 Hours ago
ABSTRACT This 4-year cluster randomized controlled trial of 365 boys and 362 girls (mean age 8.1?±?0.3 years) from grade 2 in 29 primary schools investigated the effects of a specialist-taught physical

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Solar win in coal's backyard   - 17 Hours ago
Near a massive iron ore mine in the Northern Cape, almost 320,000 photovoltaic panels mounted to track the sun cover the rust-colored earth. Spanish developer Acciona SA built the 94-megawatt Sishen solar
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Molecular evolution of aquaporins and silicon influx in plants   - 18 Hours ago
Summary 1.Silicon (Si), although mostly ignored by plant nutritionists and ecologists, is now gaining more attention because of its beneficial role in plant fitness under stress environment imposed

Neuronal circuits for fear and anxiety — the missing link   - 19 Hours ago
The recent Review by Tovote et al . (Neuronal circuits for fear and anxiety. Nat. Rev. Neurosci. 16 , 317–331 (2015) ) 1 provides a valuable summary of our current understanding from animal studies of

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New Nasa Soil Moisture Satellite Loses 1 Science Instrument   - 20 Hours ago
A Nasa satellite launched just seven months ago has lost the use of one of two science instruments, but the space agency said Wednesday that the mission to map global soil moisture will continue. The

Effects of a Curricular Physical Activity Intervention on Children's School Performance,   - 23 Hours ago
How to Cite Bunketorp Käll, L., Malmgren, H., Olsson, E., Lindén, T. and Nilsson, M. (2015), . Journal of School Health, 85: 704–713. doi: 10.1111/josh.12303 Author Information 1 Advanced Reconstruction

Utilizing Wisconsin Afterschool Programs to Increase Physical Activity in Youth   - 23 Hours ago
ABSTRACT BACKGROUND Approximately 31.7% of children in the United States are overweight or obese. Interventions in the afterschool setting may help combat childhood obesity. Research exists on interventions

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China puts on huge show of force for WWII anniversary   - 23 Hours ago
Germany, France and Italy urge review of EU asylum rules Read more Read more Obama secures Senate support for Iran deal Read more French farmers take park boss hostage over wolf
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South Carolina commission okays cost overruns for nuclear plants   - 9/2/2015
Construction costs for two new nuclear reactors in South Carolina will go up almost $700 million in 2007 dollars and completion of the plants will be delayed three years, according to a settlement agreement

Hillary Clinton's private emails reveal how she schools the experts on diarrhoea   - 9/2/2015
Among a stack of policy insights and political maneuverings revealed by the latest public release of Hillary Clinton’s private emails, written during her time as Secretary of State, we’ve gained a glimpse
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Suspended 'spoon' spotted on Mars Another unusual formation on the Red Planet wows   - 9/2/2015
Something's cooking on Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS Mars doesn't need women, it needs chefs. NASA's Curiosity rover is still busy rumbling around on the Red Planet, exploring the area near a place
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CBS Sci-Tech: Mutant fossils offer clues to mass extinction   - 9/2/2015
The discovery of ancient deformed plankton has prompted an international team of scientists to offer up an alternative theory for one of Earth's biggest mass extinction events . The Ordovician-Silurian
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Future Science Group to Donate to Antibiotics Action for Every...   - 9/2/2015
Future Science Group (FSG), a medical and scientific publisher, has announced plans to support Antibiotic Action. (PRWEB UK) 2 September 2015 Future Science Group (FSG), a medical and scientific
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What Happened to Early Mars' Atmosphere   - 15 Hours ago
Scientists may be closer to solving the mystery of how Mars changed from a world with surface water billions of years ago to the arid Red Planet of today. A new analysis of the largest known deposit of
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Marine animal colony is a multi-jet swimming machine, scientists report   - 15 Hours ago
Marine animals that swim by jet propulsion, such as squid and jellyfish, are not uncommon. But it's rare to find a colony of animals that coordinates multiple jets for whole-group locomotion. This
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Can marijuana help transplant patients? New research says maybe   - 15 Hours ago
Here's another discovery to bolster the case for medical marijuana: New research in mice suggests that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, may delay the rejection of incompatible organs. Although
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Understanding the deep sea is key to a sustainable blue economy   - 15 Hours ago
A multi-disciplinary group of European researchers spanning natural science, socio-economics and law have joined forces to assess the current landscape of deep-sea research and investment in Europe. Once
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Columbia engineers develop new approach to modeling Amazon seasonal cycles   - 15 Hours ago
With the rise of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere, understanding the climate of tropical forests--the Amazon in particular--has become a critical research area. A recent NASA study showed that these regions
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New family of luminescent materials could find broad uses in chemical and biological   - 16 Hours ago
Researchers at MIT have developed a family of materials that can emit light of precisely controlled colors—even pure white light—and whose output can be tuned to respond to a wide variety of external

Sott Exclusive: Shocking weather! Lightning fatalities across the planet on the   - 16 Hours ago
Lightning bolt near people in Germany As planetary chaos continues to unfold with an increase in floods , earthquakes , extreme temperatures , fireballs , volcanic eruptions, sinkholes wildfires and
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