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Assembling a Genome, Piece by Piece   - 22 Hours ago
Metabolic pathways are multi-step endeavors that process one molecule to another, all in the service of cellular health. But not every intermediate waypoint is always seen; they may be consumed quickly

Guess Your Age? 3-D Facial Scan Beats Doctor's Exam   - 22 Hours ago
Scientists say a 3-D analysis of wrinkles and other signs of aging can reveal a person's physiological age based only on an image of his or her face. The researchers also found that levels of several
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Large Hadron Collider Back on Track for Restart   - 3/31/2015
GENEVA -- CERN engineers said on Tuesday they have resolved a problem that had delayed the relaunch of the Large Hadron Collider particle smasher after a two-year refit. A statement from the research

Short and Sweet: Why Modern Molecular Biology Needs Oligos   - 3/31/2015
DNA sequencing and synthesis are two sides of the same coin, the “read” and “write” functions of genetic material. The field and its requisite technology took off in the 1990s with the Human Genome Project’s

UPDATE 7-Oil down but off lows as market awaits Iran nuclear deal   - 3/31/2015
* Talks in Lausanne tick toward deadline with no word of agreement * France, Germany want deal where Iran cannot make nuclear weapons * U.S. crude stocks seen at record highs for 12th week
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Water-Soluble MoS3 Nanoparticles for Photocatalytic H2 Evolution   - 20 Hours ago
Abstract Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)-modified MoS 3 nanoparticles with unusual water solubility up to 1.0 mg?mL -1 were synthesized through a facile hydrothermal method in the presence of thioacetic

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Evolutionary dynamics of Rh2 opsins in birds demonstrate an episode of accelerated   - 21 Hours ago
Abstract Low rates of sequence evolution associated with purifying selection can be interrupted by episodic changes in selective regimes. Visual pigments are a unique system in which we can investigate

Climate change and California drought [Sustainability Science]   - 21 Hours ago
Michael E. Mann a , 1 and Peter H. Gleick b a Department of Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University , University Park, PA 16802; and b Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment,

Tuberculosis-resistant transgenic cattle [Agricultural Sciences]   - 21 Hours ago
Tuberculosis-resistant transgenic cattle > Current Issue > vol. 112 no. 13 > Christopher K. Tuggle ,  3854 – 3855 Online Impact

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Prevention of early HIV transmissions [Biological Sciences]   - 21 Hours ago
Prevention of early HIV transmissions might be more important in emerging or generalizing epidemics Tetyana I. Vasylyeva a, Samuel R. Friedman b, and Gkikas Magiorkinis a,1 aDepartment of Zoology,

Good science should prevail [Biological Sciences]   - 21 Hours ago
aDivision of Sleep and Circadian Disorders, Departments of Medicine and Neurology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA 02115; bDivision of Sleep Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02115;

Does evening light impact sleep [Biological Sciences]   - 21 Hours ago
Jamie M. Zeitzer 1 Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University, Mental Illness Research Education and Clinical Center, VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Palo Alto, CA 94304 The recent article by

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Fire ants kill and eat baby caimans as they hatch   - 22 Hours ago
THIS puts the story of David and Goliath into perspective. Tiny red fire ants in Argentina target fearsome caimans, with as many as one in four of the crocodilian's babies falling prey to insect attackers.

Asteroid Data Hunter   - 22 Hours ago
Image: Courtesy of NASA In 2014, NASA and asteroid mining company Planetary Resources challenged software developers to write a program that could analyze images of space and identify potential asteroids

The moon's got two tails – and its friends might too   - 22 Hours ago
The man in the moon must be wearing a tailcoat. Turns out, our satellite has two tails of particles streaming in its wake. If the same is true of other bodies in the solar system, it could give us a way
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Characterisation of an unusual telomere motif (TTTTTTAGGG)n in the plant Cestrum   - 22 Hours ago
Summary The characterization of unusual telomere sequence sheds light on patterns of telomere evolution, maintenance and function. Plant species from the closely related genera Cestrum , Vestia and

Image fusion of mass spectrometry and microscopy: a multimodality paradigm for molecular   - 22 Hours ago
We describe a predictive imaging modality created by 'fusing' two distinct technologies: imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) and microscopy. IMS-generated molecular maps, rich in chemical information but

Genome sequence–independent identification of RNA editing sites   - 22 Hours ago
(a) Predicted RNA editing sites in ENCODE data sets (cytosolic, polyA + RNA-seq). The numbers of editing sites resulted from the mutual information calculation and the GLM step are shown separately. The

Quantitative gene profiling of long noncoding RNAs with targeted RNA sequencing   - 22 Hours ago
Affiliations Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia. Michael B Clark, Tim R Mercer, Wendy Y Chen, John S Mattick & Marcel E Dinger MRC Functional Genomics Unit, Department of

High-throughput RNA profiling via up-front sample parallelization   - 22 Hours ago
Affiliations Department of Therapeutic Radiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Azeet Narayan, Ananth Bommakanti & Abhijit A Patel Contributions All authors

Simultaneous generation of many RNA-seq libraries in a single reaction   - 22 Hours ago
Affiliations Division of Biology and Biological Engineering, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, USA. Alexander A Shishkin, Christine Surka & Mitchell Guttman Broad Institute

Integrative, dynamic structural biology at atomic resolution—it's about time   - 22 Hours ago
Biomolecules adopt a dynamic ensemble of conformations, each with the potential to interact with binding partners or perform the chemical reactions required for a multitude of cellular functions. Recent

Synthetic biology: RNA that activates transcription   - 22 Hours ago
Nature Methods 12, 290 (2015). doi:10.1038/nmeth.3354 Author: Nicole Rusk Synthetic small RNA transcriptional activators can regulate gene transcription in Escherichia coli.

Structural biology: Electron crystallography reveals amino acid charges   - 22 Hours ago
. et al . Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1500724112 ( 17 February 2015 ). Electron crystallography of three-dimensional protein crystals is an emerging technique in structural biology.

Sensors and probes: Site-specific RNA labeling in mammalian cells   - 22 Hours ago
Nature Methods 12, 284 (2015). doi:10.1038/nmeth.3350 Author: Rita Strack A new method uses click chemistry to covalently modify any RNA of interest.
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