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Is Antarctica really getting icier?   - 3 Hours ago
An iceberg surrounded by sea ice in Antarctica. Eva Nowatzki, distributed via imaggeo.egu.eu As Arctic sea ice vanishes at an alarming rate, scientists have reported a surprising finding in Antarctica.
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Fossil footprints found in northern B.C. paint new picture of tyrannosaur   - 111 Minutes ago
, EDT. VANCOUVER - Fossilized footprints uncovered in northeastern British Columbia suggest the ferocious tyrannosaurs that ruled the Earth 70 million years ago just may have been more gregarious than

Opinion: Ireland should be at forefront of modern science – Ireland should join   - 90 Minutes ago
TURN ON YOUR television, or your radio, and tune it to an empty station where you can’t receive any signal. See all those black and white dots scattering around the screen, or hear that faint hiss in

Digital Science invests in WriteLaTeX   - 2 Hours ago
PUBLISHING NEWS 23 July 2014 Tweet Digital Science has invested in WriteLaTeX -  a London based scientific start-up and creator of the online collaboration platform for scientific research, Overleaf. 

Wear particles and ions from cemented and uncemented titanium-based hip prostheses—A   - 4 Hours ago
Abstract Wear debris-induced inflammation is considered to be the main cause for periprosthetic osteolysis in total hip replacements (THR). The objective of this retrieval study was to examine the tissue

Refined modeling and movement characteristics analyses of irregularly shaped particles   - 16 Hours ago
SUMMARY Irregularly shaped (IRS) particles widely exist in many engineering and industrial fields. The macro physical and mechanical properties of the particle system are governed by the interaction

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Epididymal-testicular fusion anomalies in cryptorchidism are associated with proximal   - 17 Hours ago
Abstract Past studies documented the presence of epididymal/testicular fusion anomalies and persistence of a patent processus vaginalis in a small case-series of cryptorchid and/or hydrocele patients.

EPFL Research on the use of AFM based nanoscale IR spectroscopy for the study of   - 17 Hours ago
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Scientists discover new genes linked to schizophrenia   - 18 Hours ago
LONDON: The biggest ever study of its kind has discovered more than 100 genes that play some kind of role in the development of schizophrenia, one of the most common psychiatric disorders. As part of

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Brocade kitting the Australian Genome Research Facility for Big Data   - 18 Hours ago
The Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF) contracts genomics services to academic, applied research and commercial markets spanning biomedicine, plant and animal science, microbiology, evolutionary

British scientists find gene variants linked to mental illnesses   - 18 Hours ago
LONDON, July 22 (Xinhua) -- More than 100 genes are associated with increased risk of developing schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and alcoholism, confirms a large study published in the recent issue of

Poly(urethane-dimethylsiloxane) copolymers displaying a range of soft segment contents,   - 19 Hours ago
Abstract Polyurethane copolymers based on a,? -dihydroxypropyl poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) with a range of soft segment contents were prepared by two-stage polymerization, and their microstructures,

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Blue Whales Roam Dangerously Close to Shipping Lanes   - 86 Minutes ago
By By | LiveScience.com  –  The feeding grounds of blue whales along the U.S. West Coast overlap dangerously with shipping lanes, placing the behemoths in danger of collisions with ships, researchers

String Theory: The Physics of Master Guitar Playing   - 89 Minutes ago
How do great guitarists bend a string like Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix? One scientist sought to figure out how legendary performers make great music. "Very good guitarists will manipulate the strings

Vanderbilt Physicians Seeing Increase in Brown Recluse Spider Bites   - 2 Hours ago
The Atlanta Falcons are proud to announce the team's new partnership with the American Academy of Dermatology (Academy) in an effort to raise awareness of skin cancer. Through this partnership, the Atlanta

The physics of lead guitar playing   - 95 Minutes ago
14:29, Physics/General Physics String bends, tapping, vibrato and whammy bars are all techniques that add to the distinctiveness of a lead guitarist's sound, whether it's Clapton, Hendrix, or BB King.

Potential Cerner (CERN) Trade Targets 5.74% Return   - 106 Minutes ago
Cerner ( CERN ) presents a trading opportunity that offers a 5.74% return in just 178 days. A covered call on Cerner at the $52.50 level expiring on Jan. '15 offers an assigned return rate of 5.74%

Near Miss: The Solar Superstorm Of July 2012   - 89 Minutes ago
Image Caption: This image was captured by ESA and NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on July 22, 2012 at 10:48 PM EDT. On the right side, a cloud of solar material ejects from the sun in

That's My Owner! Dogs Get Jealous, Too   - 99 Minutes ago
By Charles Q. Choi, Live Science Contributor Date: 23 July 2014 Time: 02:10 PM ET Man's best friend does not like anything muscling in on that friendship. The first experimental test of jealousy

Time-Dependent Quantum Wave Packet Dynamics of S + OH Reaction on Its Electronic   - 97 Minutes ago
Initial state-selected dynamics of the S(3P) + OH (X2?) ? SO (X3S–) + H (2S) reaction on its electronic ground potential energy surface (X~2A?) is investigated here by a time-dependent wave packet propagation

100,000-Year-Old Case of Brain Damage Discovered   - 99 Minutes ago
By Tia Ghose, Staff Writer Date: 23 July 2014 Time: 02:00 PM ET A Paleolithic child that died 100,000 years ago may have suffered from brain damage after an injury. Researchers used a 3D reconstruction

Photos: Blue Whales Swim Dangerously Close to Shipping Lanes   - 99 Minutes ago
FOLLOW By Live Science Staff Date: 23 July 2014 Time: 02:00 PM ET Researchers, reporting online July 23, 2014, in the journal PLOS ONE, have found that the feeding grounds of blue whales

Directing Assembly of DNA-Coated Colloids with Magnetic Fields To Generate Rigid,   - 102 Minutes ago
We report the formation of colloidal macromolecules consisting of chains of micron-sized paramagnetic particles assembled using a magnetic field and linked with DNA. The interparticle spacing and chain

Iran Eliminates Sensitive Stockpile under Interim Nuclear Deal – IAEA   - 2 Hours ago
Iran Eliminates Sensitive Stockpile under Interim Nuclear Deal – IAEA VIENNA - Iran has moved to eliminate its most sensitive stockpile of enriched uranium gas under an interim nuclear deal reached

Physical Work Environment in Hospitals Affects Nurses' Job Satisfaction   - 84 Minutes ago
Job satisfaction is an important predictor of registered nurses' (RNs) job turnover, patient satisfaction, and nurse-sensitive patient outcomes (including pressure ulcers and falls), which can result
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