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RNA-based Sex Determination?   - 111 Minutes ago
WIKIMEDIA, MR. CHECKERCertain microRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in determining the sexual characteristics of fruit flies, both during development and through adulthood, according to a study published

Utilization of Zwitterion-Based Solutions to Dissect the Relative Effects of Solution   - 2 Hours ago
Solution pH and ionic strength ( I ) have complex effects on protein stability. We developed an experimental approach based on exploitation of the zwitterionic characteristic of amino acid molecules to

The Effect of Protein PEGylation on Physical Stability in Liquid Formulation   - 2 Hours ago
The presence of micron aggregates in protein formulations has recently attracted increased interest from regulatory authorities, industry, and academia because of the potential undesired side effects

Special Evolution Issue: Humanity’s Journey   - 3 Hours ago
As I type, I am in the cavernlike McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. Frank Sinatra is crooning through the speakers. People are bustling along with their bags, tucking into a sandwich before boarding for

The New Science of Human Origins   - 3 Hours ago
See Inside Awash in fresh insights, scientists have had to revise virtually every chapter of the human story By Kate Wong Through the Post Box, up the Dragon's Back, down the Chute and over to

Recycling Old Batteries into Solar Cells   - 2 Hours ago
Illustration: Christine Daniloff/MIT Proposal could divert a dangerous waste stream while producing low-cost photovoltaics. David L. Chandler | MIT News Office This could be a classic win-win solution:
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Planet–Satellite Nanostructures Made To Order by RAFT Star Polymers   - 10 Hours ago
Abstract The investigation and application of complex nanostructures requires the hierarchical arrangement of distinct domains on a small scale. Herein, we report a method to prepare planet–satellite

Intra-genomic variation in G+C content and its implications for DNA stable isotope   - 13 Hours ago
Abstract Combining DNA stable isotope probing (SIP) with high-throughput sequencing provides a powerful culture-independent means to link microbial metabolic function to genomic information and taxonomic

Corrigendum: Unifying immunology with informatics and multiscale biology   - 13 Hours ago
Previous article Nature Immunology | Corrigendum Corrigendum: The transcription factor IRF4 is essential for TCR affinity–mediated metabolic programming and clonal expansion of T…

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RNA exosomes keep endogenous RNA under the radar   - 13 Hours ago
Nature Immunology 15, 830 (2014). doi:10.1038/ni.2966 Authors: Yaming Wang & Marco Colonna The unfolded protein response produces modified endogenous RNA substrates for host cytosolic sensors of

Integrative biology of T cell activation   - 13 Hours ago
The DOI Handle you have entered is invalid. Please check the Handle and try again. For information on the Digital Object Identifier Handle, please visit the website of the DOI Foundation, at www.doi.org

10 Must-See Analytical Chemistry Videos   - 2 Hours ago
Personalized Medicine: The Future of Healthcare Prof. Nicholson describes how personalized medicine and bespoke treatments can be applied based on an individual's genetic, metabolic or proteomic profile.

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Curiosity rover on Mars stalled by Hidden Valley sand trap   - 3 Hours ago
CBS News Wednesday 20th August, 2014 This photo taken on Aug. 12, 2014 by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover shows an outcrop that includes the "Bonanza King" rock under consideration as a drilling target.

Physical Therapists Learn to Relieve Low Back Pain   - 7 Hours ago
To help physical therapists achieve maximal relief for patients' low back pain, Hands-On Seminars will be holding a seminar in Manual Therapy for Lumbar Spine Pathology in San Antonio, TX on September

More great moments in science (if Twitter had existed)   - 8 Hours ago
Imagine if all scientists in history could access Twitter. Sounds awful, doesn’t it. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA A month ago, this blog looked at what it might be like if famous scientists had access

Mapping science for sustainability in four Indian Ocean SIDS   - 8 Hours ago
- It is no coincidence that UNESCO and the Mauritius Research Council are organizing a high-level workshop for 30 ministers and STI experts from Comoros Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles on 27 and

Transparent solar device that doesn't block the view   - 9 Hours ago
By | IANS India Private Limited/Yahoo India News  –  Washington, Aug 20 (IANS) Imagine a solar device that, when placed over a window, creates solar energy while allowing people to actually see through
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Crucial Step in DNA Repair Identified   - 8 Hours ago
A crucial step in DNA repair that could lead to targeted gene therapy for hereditary diseases such ...

New genetic basis for sex determination found   - 8 Hours ago
Washington: It may not just be the X and Y chromosomes which decide the sex of a baby, a subset of very small genes could also play a key role! Scientists at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL)
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Digital Astronomy   - 9 Hours ago
There's nothing like stargazing to get a good sense of your place in the universe. You learn to spot the planets, search out deep-sky objects such as galaxies and star clusters. Astronomy learning doesn't

Astronomers scramble for obs on new comet   - 11 Hours ago
5 things you didn’t know about cloud backup It's too early to be certain, but with confirmation of a new, possibly near-Earth comet slated for a pass in early January 2015, sky-watchers will be working

NZ science: early warning for global trends   - 11 Hours ago
Science advisor explains why more than 2000 science leaders will converge on Auckland next week. The Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor Sir Peter Gluckman will speak at a free public event Science
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Life on Mars? Implications of a newly discovered mineral-rich structure   - 11 Hours ago
Nakhla meteorite (BM1913,25) inside surfaces after breaking in 1998. NASA photo # S98-04014. Credit: NASA A new ovoid structure discovered in the Nakhla Martian meteorite is made of nanocrystalline

Neither Obama Nor Congress Seems Eager for a Vote on Military Action in Iraq   - 11 Hours ago
Congress has not asked for a vote to approve military action in Iraq aimed at ISIS militants, and President Obama is not seeking one.
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LHC assistant registrar compulsorily retired   - 12 Hours ago
LAHORE THE Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Imtiaz Ahmad has issued the order of compulsory retirement of Syed Zia Abbas, Assistant Registrar (BS-18) on the charges of corruption and misconduct.
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