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Canonical Partners With Ericsson For NFV ...   - 3 Hours ago
The alliance will help both telco’s and IT enterprise data centers embrace cloud computing with a high performing open source solution Ubuntu developer Canonical has announced its three-year partnership
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Debian 8 Jessie Installer Now Supports Running a 64-bit Linux Kernel on a 32-bit   - 51 Minutes ago
The final version of Debian 8 Jessie is getting closer   Debian 8 Jessie The Debian Installer team had the pleasure of announcing on March 27 that the second Release Candidate (RC) version of

Automated Breach Detection Sensors | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]   - 2 Hours ago
Keeping data from getting out into the wild or being damaged by cyber attackers is what keeps CISOs, the executive team and boards of directors up at night. To protect organizations, cybersecurity needs
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How to install Mono on Linux Mint   - 3 Hours ago
I'm using the excellent password manager KeePass version 2.x on Windows to manage all my accounts and information. When I checked the Linux download page, I noticed that only KeePass 1.x was available

GNOME 3.16 is here with reimagined notifications and visual upgrades galore   - 3 Hours ago
The final version of GNOME 3.16 is here, and this is no mere bug fix release. The latest version of the GNOME desktop offers a revamped notification system along with visual improvements, updated applications,

First Look at GNOME 3.16 - It’s Great, but We Prefer Cinnamon or Unity   - 3 Hours ago
The new notification system in action 24 photos VIEW ALL  The highly anticipated GNOME 3.16 desktop environment for Linux kernel-based operating systems has been announced on March 26, 2015, and

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Big Money Helps Cyanogen Go for Android's Jugular   - 9 Hours ago
By 03/27/15 4:06 PM PT Cyanogen this week announced the completion of a follow-up round of Series C financing that brought US$80 million in new funds to pay for more hiring and accelerated development

Microsoft, CENATIC, Red Hat, Collabora, ...   - 11 Hours ago
Zentyal, the leader in open source Microsoft Protocol Interoperability, today announced the program agenda for Protocols Plugfest Europe 2015, taking place in Zaragoza, Spain, May 12-14, 2015. This conference

Hadoop Security Still Evolving   - 13 Hours ago
When it comes to security, what does it take to make Hadoop "enterprise ready?" It may seem like a strange question because the open source Big Data processing system is clearly an enterprise tool.

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Press Release: BittWare Delivers Enhanced Linux PCI Driver with Latest Software   - 19 Hours ago
CONCORD, NH - , designer and manufacturer of Altera-based FPGA platforms, announced today the release of version 1.8 of its BittWorks II Toolkit. BittWorks II is BittWare's software development toolkit
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GNOME 3.16 release brings great new apps, notifications   - 3/27/2015
I'm finding it harder and harder to not use GNOME. It seems with every release, even the "small" ones, GNOME keeps getting significantly more enjoyable to use. No matter what desktop environment I'm

New Linux COM to Enhance IoT Gateways Apps   - 24 Hours ago
The IoT is slowly seeing a rise in open source initiatives, and the movement got a big booth with this week’s announcement from Panasonic that it would release its M2M platform code for free to developers.
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HP's Helion Rack Aimed At Private OpenStack Builders   - 3/27/2015
HP launches a pre-configured OpenStack rack with the platform-as-a-service, Cloud Foundry, bundled in. 10 Cloud Migration Mistakes To Avoid (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) HP has launched
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Micro/sys' Ready-To-Run Vision Package For ARM® Cortex®-A8 Single Board Computer   - 3/27/2015
Benefit from a newly released fully-integrated ready-to-run SBC with vision on a credit card sized board. Montrose, CA (PRWEB) - Micro/sys has enhanced its 2.5-inch Pico-ITX™ ARM Cortex-A8 SBC5651

Why Facebook keeps giving technology it invented away for free   - 3/27/2015
Facebook just can't stop giving away its secrets for free. At this week's Facebook F8 developer conference alone, the social network released free tools to help mobile developers build better interfaces,
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Hands-On: Linux UEFI multi-boot, part two   - 3/26/2015
Summary: I covered the general layout and operation of UEFI boot in my part one. Now it's time to get down to brass tacks, and see what my multi-boot configuration looks like. I'm going to start this

How To Encrypt Cloud Storage Files & Folders In Linux   - 16 Hours ago
12:00 ( 0 Talkback[s] ) (Other stories by Mohd Sohail ) Most of us use cloud storage like, Dropbox, Gdrive, Copy etc. to be able to use our synced files anytime, anywhere and from our any devices.

Debian Security Advisory 3205-1   - 16 Hours ago
Debian Linux Security Advisory 3205-1 - Nicolas Gregoire and Kevin Schaller discovered that Batik, a toolkit for processing SVG images, would load XML external entities by default. If a user or automated

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2015-063   - 16 Hours ago
- Multiple vulnerabilities has been discovered and corrected in openssl. The updated packages have been upgraded to the 1.0.0r version where these security flaws has been fixed.

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2015-064   - 16 Hours ago
- Libmspack, a library to provide compression and decompression of some file formats used by Microsoft, is embedded in cabextract. A specially crafted cab file can cause cabextract to hang forever. If

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2015-062   - 16 Hours ago
- Multiple vulnerabilities has been discovered and corrected in openssl. The updated packages have been upgraded to the 1.0.1m version where these security flaws has been fixed.

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2015-065   - 16 Hours ago
- Heap-based buffer overflow in the process_copy_in function in GNU Cpio 2.11 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service via a large block value in a cpio archive. Additionally, a null pointer

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2015-070   - 16 Hours ago
- The qemuDomainMigratePerform and qemuDomainMigrateFinish2 functions in qemu/qemu_driver.c in libvirt do not unlock the domain when an ACL check fails, which allow local users to cause a denial of service

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2015-066   - 16 Hours ago
- In GNU Cpio 2.11, the --no-absolute-filenames option limits extracting contents of an archive to be strictly inside a current directory. However, it can be bypassed with symlinks. While extracting an

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2015-067   - 16 Hours ago
- The libext2fs library, part of e2fsprogs and utilized by its utilities, is affected by a boundary check error on block group descriptor information, leading to a heap based buffer overflow. A specially
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