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Microsoft upgrades its Surface tablets to Windows 10   - 5 Hours ago
Microsoft's Surface tablet lineup now comes with Windows 10. Microsoft Consumers interested in buying one of Microsoft's Surface tablets will now find it with Windows 10 preinstalled. Microsoft's
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These are Microsoft's 3 most vital goals   - 2 Hours ago
This is not your father’s Microsoft. The tech titan has been radically changing its game plan, especially after CEO Satya Nadella took over early last year. Today, look no further than the company’s
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Five ways Microsoft just made the Xbox One a lot more attractive   - 6 Hours ago
Microsoft announced DVR functionality for the Xbox One Screenshot Microsoft piled on the reasons Tuesday for gamers sitting on the fence to finally pick up an Xbox One gaming console. The company

Microsoft's Halo World Championship antes up $1M for eSports glory   - 87 Minutes ago
Microsoft hopes to see its Halo 5 Guardians game become a favorite among eSports pros. 343 Industries Microsoft wants to pump up the appeal of its Halo game franchise among professional gamers. Later

Microsoft introduces new Halo 5 Map, announces Halo World Championship   - 3 Hours ago
Microsoft took to the Gamescom stage today with several Halo 5: Guardians reveals, including a new map and an upcoming tournament with a large prize pool. The new map, Coliseum, features varying sight

Destiny Ditches Peter Dinklage, Adds Nolan North   - 2 Hours ago
So long Peter Dinklage. It was… well, kind of weird while it lasted. The celebrated, Emmy-winning Game of Thrones actor and paradoxically maligned voice of your robo-buddy in Activision’s Destiny will
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Apple Says It Won’t Become a Carrier. But It Should   - 4 Hours ago
Four years ago, an Apple patent surfaced that outlined how the consumer electronics company might become something called an MVNO. Rumors to that effect have persisted for years, most recently resurfacing
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This App Lets Anyone 3-D Print ‘Do-Not-Duplicate’ Keys   - 5 Hours ago
In an era when digital tools allow anyone to make practically anything, inscribing the words “do not duplicate” on a key only invites ambitious lock pickers to do exactly that. Now one group of researchers

Here’s That Lexus Hoverboard Finally in Action   - 91 Minutes ago
This Helvetica-inspired smartwatch actually looks smart wrd.cm/1ML7nUQ

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What Are the Odds Stephen Hawking Will Answer Your Reddit Question?   - 3 Hours ago
When Stephen Hawking announced on July 27th that he would do a  Reddit AMA  as part of the MakeTechHuman program, thousands of questions poured in, from the profound (“What morals do you think I should

#ILookLikeAnEngineer Gets Its Own Photo Generator   - 4 Hours ago
This week, engineer Isis Anchalee wrote a Medium post after she was featured in an ad campaign for her line of work. To (probably) no one’s surprise, Anchalee has been harassed as a result, and decided

Helvetica-Inspired Smartwatch Actually Looks Smart   - 5 Hours ago
Mondaine’s Helvetica 1 smartwatch. Mondaine Mondaine’s Helvetica 1 is a smartwatch that (thankfully) doesn’t look anything like a smartwatch. For one thing, there’s no screen; just a clean face with

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Do We Really Want Amazon’s Drones to Swarm Our Skies?   - 5 Hours ago
Lest you think Amazon’s much-hyped plan to deliver packages by drone is a flight of fancy, the company has just shared its vision for the future of autonomous drones. In the company’s vision, presented

This industry has even fewer women than tech   - 6 Hours ago
Diversity in tech may grab the most headlines, but bringing women into an industry associated with dangerous rigs, "man camps," and the fracking controversy may be an even tougher challenge. And while

Watch today's Microsoft Xbox Gamescom press conference here   - 8 Hours ago
By most accounts, Microsoft's Xbox had a strong showing at the E3 gaming show back in June. But now it's time for an encore. The company is kicking off Gamescom, Europe's answer to E3, with a press
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How to get free help from Microsoft on Windows 10 and more   - 9 Hours ago
Need assistance with Windows 10? Microsoft can help. screenshot by /CNET Having trouble with Windows 10 or other Microsoft products? Microsoft can help. Updated since the launch of Windows 10, the
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Intel offers bigger finder’s fee for female, minority, and veteran referrals   - 9 Hours ago
Intel just made a notable change to its employee referral bonus policy. Refer a candidate who doesn't look like the majority of its current workforce--predominantly white and predominantly male--and they'll

What ‘100 Percent Effective’ Means for That Ebola Vaccine   - 9 Hours ago
Last week, the medical journal the Lancet  published preliminary results on the efficacy of an Ebola vaccine in Guinea, and everybody got really excited—especially about one particular figure. The vaccine,

White House Pushes For Tech Diversity in Its First Demo Day   - 9 Hours ago
The Obama administration is joining the call for more diversity in tech. Today, a battery of major tech companies, like Box and Amazon, as well as high-profile venture capital firms are announcing

Here Is Your WIRED Star Wars Challenge for Day 93   - 9 Hours ago
Lucasfilm For the seemingly interminable wait until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters, we’re helping pass time by giving you daily challenges related to everyone’s favorite universe. When you
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More Range in Chevy’s Volt Means You Hardly Ever Need Gas   - 18 Hours ago
The car that helped bring electric driving to the masses is getting its first full makeover since hitting the market in 2010. The second-generation Chevrolet Volt has a lot of improvements, but only one

True Detective Recap: The Show Finally Finds Its Momentum   - 22 Hours ago
The best thing about “Black Maps and Motel Rooms,” the penultimate episodes of True Detective ’s second season, is how efficiently it manages to push its supporting characters to the margins of the story.

Intel ups referral bonus to achieve more diversity in its workforce   - 6 Hours ago
The company will now pay as much as $4,000 to employees who refer women, minorities, and veterans who are ultimately hired by Intel as it works to improve diversity in its workforce.
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Bits Blog: GIFs, Glorious GIFs, From Readers   - 5 Hours ago
Readers sent in GIFs by the dozens after a New York Times article asking people to submit their greatest moments with the looping, animated images. Here are some GIFs that stood out.

Bits Blog: Siebel Institute Seeks to Make the Smart Grid Smarter   - 3 Hours ago
The new Siebel Energy Institute is backing research into the software needed to deliver the energy-saving promise of smart-grid technology.
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