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Mum kills 25 Taliban in bloody revenge   - 6 Hours ago
AN Afghan mother took on the Taliban killing 25 militants after witnessing her son being killed in a fierce gunbattle. Woken by gunfire, Reza Gul looked on as her son, a police officer, was gunned

UNESCO launches design competition for new Afghan cultural centre   - 8 Hours ago
Amid the human tragedy of war, we often forget the sheer scope of the cultural and historical destruction. Like Iraq, Afghanistan has lost an unfathomable number of archaeological, architectural and

Kabul not to allow proxy war: Ghani   - 5 Hours ago
KATHMANDU: Afghan president told the prime ministers of Pakistan and India on Wednesday he would not let his country become the battleground for a proxy war. Pakistan and India have long accused each
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Afghan mum kills 25 Taliban fighters after seeing son die   - 6 Hours ago
Raza Gul (right). (YouTube) An Afghan mother has reportedly killed 25 Taliban fighters after seeing her son die in a fierce gun battle. Reza Gul, who lives in the Balabolok district in western Afghanistan,

UN appeals for $ 405 m for Afghan aid in 2015   - 6 Hours ago
The United Nations has appealed for USD 405 million to cover the humanitarian needs of the people in Afghanistan in 2015. UN humanitarian coordinator Mark Bowden launched the appeal today. Bowden says
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India seeks to reinvigorate regional ties at South Asia summit   - 6 Hours ago
South Asian leaders will meet in Kathmandu Wednesday with regional superpower India seeking to boost trade and reinvigorate ties in its backyard, but analysts say little can be achieved while its bitter
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Increasing Insecurity in the Country   - 7 Hours ago
The rise in Taliban suicide bombings with large casualties in the capital Kabul and other major provinces have raised serious concern to the authorities and brought about great fear among the citizens

November 27, 2014   - 7 Hours ago
The rise in Taliban suicide bombings with large casualties in the capital Kabul and other major provinces have raised serious concern to the authorities and brought about great fear among the citizens

Lesson Learned: Obama Delays Afghan Withdrawal   - 7 Hours ago
A U.S. soldier stands guard near the scene of a suicide attack in Kabul. Since Oct. 26, Taliban leaders have unleashed a torrent of terrorist attacks...  View Enlarged Image War On Terror: As violence

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British war hero who was 'blown up twice' by Taliban forced to sell £100k bravery   - 8 Hours ago
Colour Sergeant Alan Dennis, 40, is selling his Conspicuous Gallantry Cross - second only to the Victoria Cross - despite receiving it from Prince Charles. The married dad-of-two, insists he is going

A bittersweet Thanksgiving 6,500 miles apart   - 5 Hours ago
The family will gather at Bill and Rose Stevens' two-story home in Perry Hall early Thursday afternoon, just as they've done every Thanksgiving for 25 years. Rose, a nurse, will do most of the cooking.

Soldier from Eastern Shore killed in Kabul attack   - 7 Hours ago
A military policeman from the Eastern Shore was one of two U.S. troops killed in a bomb attack in Kabul Monday, the Pentagon said. Command Sgt. Maj. Wardell B. Turner, 48, of Nanticoke, was working

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Soldier from Maryland killed in Afghanistan   - 7 Hours ago
The Pentagon says a soldier from Wicomico County is one of two who were killed in Afghanistan. Click to Continue »

11/27/2014: WORLD: ‘Won’t allow Afghanistan to be used for proxy wars’   - 6 Hours ago
KATHMANDU: Afghanistan’s new President Ashraf Ghani said Wednesday he would not allow anyone to conduct a proxy war in his country after warnings that the rivalry between India and Pakistan could spill
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Ghani warns against Afghan ‘proxy war’ at South Asia summit   - 5 Hours ago
November 27, 2014 11:08 am KATHMANDU: Afghanistan’s new president told the leaders of India and Pakistan on Wednesday he will not let his country become the battleground for a proxy war, as the enmity

Psychiatrist to the Taliban   - 4 Hours ago
Dr Mohammad Nader Alemi is one of Afghanistan’s few psychiatrists. In the 1990s he treated Taliban fighters, who were not immune to the psychological effects of war. Courtesy BBC World Service.

The Afghan Dilemma   - 4 Hours ago
President Obama is learning to appreciate the fact that ending wars is much harder than starting them. The much anticipated Afghanistan drawback has had yet another change in plans; Obama, caught between

Afghanistan ‘endorses’ Pak role in regional peace   - 4 Hours ago
ISLAMABAD - Afghanistan is making a major foreign policy shift towards Pakistan under the leadership of President Ashraf Ghani as Kabul considers Islamabad’s positive role could be more significant in

The Taliban’s psychiatrist   - 5 Hours ago
Tahir Qadiry In the late 1990s the Taliban controlled Afghanistan, but the fighting that brought them to power left many militants struggling with the psychological effects of war. One doctor recognised

Officials release names of two soldiers killed in Afghanistan   - 5 Hours ago
Joseph Riley, a 27-year-old Army specialist and a 2005 graduate and former football standout at Grove City High School, died Monday in eastern Afghanistan. The name of the base where he was stationed

Military reviewing report on Bergdahl case   - 5 Hours ago
Nearly five months after the release of Taliban prisoner Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the military has yet to release a report on Bergdahl leaving his Afghanistan post in 2009 that also makes recommendations

Eight killed in N. Waziristan drone strike   - 5 Hours ago
Nov 26, 2014 - 19:44 GMT Peshawar: A US drone strike killed at least eight suspected militants in Pakistan's restive tribal belt on Wednesday, security officials said. The unmanned

November 26, 2014   - 4 Hours ago
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News Analysis: Afghans Finally Get Good Governance, Without the Government   - 6 Hours ago
Other than the top elected officials and their immediate aides, the government is still being run by holdovers from the previous administration along with a hodgepodge of temporary appointees.

The SAARC Electricity Grid: A Crackling Proposal Waiting For Takeoff – Analysis   - 6 Hours ago
By The fifth meeting of the energy ministers of SAARC countries which was held after a gap of three years in New Delhi last month finalized the SAARC framework agreement on energy cooperation, pending
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