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US lion killer 'sorry for disruption'   - 15 Hours ago
A US dentist who killed a lion in Zimbabwe has apologised to his patients in Minnesota for the disruption caused by the anger directed at him. Walter Palmer's dental practice in Minneapolis has been

Hunter: I regret role in lion's death   - 16 Hours ago
Story highlights A Zimbabwean land owner and professional hunter are freed on bail Minnesota dentist says he relied on expertise of local guides "to ensure a legal hunt" Zimbabwe officials say the American

U.S. Government Investigating Death of Cecil the Lion   - 16 Hours ago
The federal agency charged with enforcing wildlife protection laws in the U.S. said Wednesday that it will investigate the highly publicized death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, following accusations

When is hunting not poaching?   - 17 Hours ago
Cecil the lion was a renowned figure in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park. Earlier this month, however, American dentist Walter Palmer paid roughly $50,000 (£32,000)for the chance to kill the popular

Minnesota dentist who killed Zimbabwe lion draws threats, protests   - 17 Hours ago
By David Bailey MINNEAPOLIS, July 29 (Reuters) - Police in Minnesota are investigating reports of a threat against a dentist who killed Zimbabwe's most famous lion just outside a national wildlife

U.S. dentist 'regrets' killing Cecil   - 17 Hours ago
Story highlights A Zimbabwean land owner and professional hunter are freed on bail Minnesota dentist says he relied on expertise of local guides "to ensure a legal hunt" Zimbabwe officials say the American

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The death of Cecil, Zimbabwe's beloved lion, is a far too common story   - 18 Hours ago
UTC When Cecil, Zimbabwe's beloved lion, was killed earlier this month to become a trophy for an American dentist, the world reacted with outrage. Cecil’s death is a sad but common story. Poachers

Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion Writes Letter Apologizing to His Patients   - 18 Hours ago
The Minnesota dentist who is the target of international outrage for killing a beloved lion in Zimbabwe wrote a letter to his patients this week apologizing for any inconvenience the media attention has
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Zimbabwean charged over killing of Cecil the lion   - 18 Hours ago
HWANGE, Zimbabwe A Zimbabwean court on Wednesday charged a professional hunter with failing to prevent an American from unlawfully killing 'Cecil', the southern African country's best-known lion, in a
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Voices: Cecil the lion's death is everyone's loss   - 18 Hours ago
LONDON — Growing up in Zimbabwe in southern Africa, I was always awestruck by the country's majestic wildlife, and I am opposed to hunting purely for sport. Elephants, rhinos, zebras and various species

As a Hunter I Say Hunters Need To Do More About African Lions -- "Cecil" Should   - 18 Hours ago
Follow Comments Following Comments Unfollow Comments Cecil was a 13-year-old, wild African lion. He was well known to tour guides who take people into Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. There are

Vanavevhu marks five years of aiding Zimbabwean youth   - 19 Hours ago

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The Latest: Guide, farm owner granted bail in Zimbabwe   - 19 Hours ago

UPDATE 3-Zimbabwean charged over killing of Cecil the lion   - 19 Hours ago
* American hunter paid $50,000 to kill lion * Minnesota dentist has left Zimbabwe * Local hunter charged with failing to prevent unlawful hunt (Updates with man appearing in court)

Minnesota Dentist Did Not Know Slain Lion Was Cecil   - 19 Hours ago
Walter James Palmer became one of the most hated men on the internet after he poached one of the most popular lions in Zimbabwe. ABC US News | World News Coming up in the next {{countdown}} {{countdownlbl}}

Africa highlights: Wednesday 29 July 2015   - 19 Hours ago
Key points - Zimbabwean given bail over killing of famed lion - Nigeria and Cameroon leaders discuss Boko Haram - Much-loved Kenyan comedian buried - Niger bans full-face veil in border region

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service concerned about Zimbabwe lion death   - 19 Hours ago
WASHINGTON The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is deeply concerned and is gathering information about the killing of a well-known lion in Zimbabwe by an American trophy hunter, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

From hunter to hunted   - 18 Hours ago
Walter Palmer has said he "deeply regrets" killing the 13-year-old lion, who was found shot, skinned and decapitated beyond the safety of the Hwange National Park, where he had been a drawcard for tourists.
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Hunter bailed over Cecil the lion   - 19 Hours ago
A hunter accused of helping a US tourist kill Zimbabwe's most famous lion has been released on bail. Theo Bronkhorst pleaded not guilty to a charge of "failing to prevent an unlawful hunt". He was granted
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Dentist's Lion Kill May Result in 10 Cubs' Deaths: Expert   - 19 Hours ago
LONDON — An American dentist who killed a well-known lion named Cecil may have also jeopardized the lives of 10 cubs in the animal's family, experts told NBC News on Wednesday. Conservation experts

Fury over Cecil the lion also sparks race conversation   - 19 Hours ago
Cecil, we hardly knew ye... The assassinated lion of Zimbabwe, killed recently under dubious circumstances by an American dentist, is being mourned with passion and fury by celebrities on social media.

Two Zimbabweans granted bail in death of Cecil the lion   - 19 Hours ago
Story highlights A Zimbabwean land owner and professional hunter are freed on bail Minnesota dentist says he relied on expertise of local guides "to ensure a legal hunt" Zimbabwe officials say the American

Could American Dentist Who Killed Lion Face Charges?   - 20 Hours ago
The killing of the beloved lion Cecil by an American tourist hunting big game in Zimbabwe has outraged animal lovers around the world. Walter James Palmer, a Minnesota dentist, deflected some of the
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U.S. dentist 'regrets' Cecil's death   - 20 Hours ago
Story highlights A Zimbabwean land owner and professional hunter are due to appear in court Minnesota dentist says he relied on expertise of local guides "to ensure a legal hunt" Zimbabwe officials says

Metallon's gold output falls short in further setback for Zimbabwe mining sector   - 20 Hours ago
Metallon Corp, the biggest gold producer in Zimbabwe, said it missed its first-half output target by 19 percent due to equipment breakdowns, in another setback for the country's mining sector, which has
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