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NASA's new Soundcloud album: Listen to the exploration of space 
CNET News - 9 Hours ago
NASA has created an album of sounds on Soundcloud, including rocket launches, recordings from space shuttle missions and even a song about water on the moon. NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute All     Add Comment

'Cosmic rays threaten manned Mars missions' 
Times of India - 10 Hours ago
WASHINGTON: Radiation hazards in space caused by cosmic rays could threaten future deep-space astronaut missions such as those to Mars, a new study suggests. Crewed missions to Mars remain an essential     Add Comment

Partial solar eclipse over North America Thursday 
France24 - 11 Hours ago
(AFP) - A partial solar eclipse will be viewable across much of North America on Thursday, but experts urged would-be sky watchers to use the proper gear to avoid damaging their eyes. The eclipse will     Add Comment

This Is How NASA Banishes Odors In Space 
The US Daily - 10 Hours ago
The International Space Station is a big, climate-controlled environment that houses six people at any given time. As you can probably imagine, these humans produce odors just like the rest of us. So     Add Comment

Huge Sunspot Full Of X and M Flares | Video 
Space.com - 11 Hours ago
On October 22nd, 2014, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured an M-class and X-class flare erupting from sunspot AR2192. According to Spaceweather.com, the very active region has "produced seven M-class     Add Comment

How Can We Predict Solar Flares? 
Popular Mechanics - 11 Hours ago
In the past two days, the sun has unleashed three monster solar flares from a sunspot group the size of Jupiter. These powerful phenomena are amazing to watch, but if they were pointed toward the Earth,     Add Comment

NASA Tracking Facility Survives Hurricane, Ready To Track Orbital Cargo Launch 
Space News - 11 Hours ago
WASHINGTON --  NASA’s radar tracking facility in Cooper’s Island, Bermuda, escaped damage from Hurricane Gonzalo and will be ready to support Orbital Sciences Corp.’s scheduled Oct. 27 cargo launch to     Add Comment

Two families of comets found around nearby star 
Astronomy Magazine - 11 Hours ago
The HARPS instrument at the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) La Silla Observatory in Chile has been used to make the most complete census of comets around another star ever created. A French team
Comets caught zooming around nearby star DailyMe.Com
Two families of comets found around nearby star Beta Pictoris PhysOrg.com
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A musician composes a solar soundtrack 
DailyMe.Com - 10 Hours ago
Before tuning in to the rhythms of the sun, Robert Alexander (left) watched dancers’ movements and translated them into music. “When they got bigger,” he says, “the sound would get bigger.”Alexander is     Add Comment

NASA Makes Space Sounds Available in a Library 
Monrovia Patch - 11 Hours ago
About Patch Patch is a community-specific news, information and engagement network driven by passionate and experienced media professionals. Patch is run by professional editors and salespeople. We hope     Add Comment

Nasa shares free sounds from space 
BBC - 23 Hours ago
Historical audio from Nasa missions has been uploaded to a free sound library. More than 60 samples have been added to the agency's new dedicated Soundcloud account, but listeners are unable to leave     Add Comment

Experimenting with the marble machines space design 
Exploratorium - 9 Hours ago
Experimenting and iterating with the space design is one of the things we'd like to keep trying constantly. Last week, we have started to make some changes in the Marble Machines area. We had observed     Add Comment

Hanwha SolarOne S Series Modules Deliver Big Improvements 
One News Page United Kingdom - 9 Hours ago
Hanwha SolarOne has introduced the new S Series PV modules at Solar Power International. The new modules are available immediately to customers worldwide. Hanwha SolarOne is already shipping them to customers     Add Comment

NASA Television Coverage Set for Orbital Resupply Mission to Space Station 
KPHO Phoenix - 11 Hours ago
SOURCE NASA WASHINGTON Orbital's Cygnus cargo spacecraft is scheduled to launch at 6:45 p.m. EDT A prelaunch status briefing will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 26 Media who wish to ask questions     Add Comment

How Building a Black Hole for Interstellar Led to an Amazing Scientific Discovery 
Wired News - 23 Hours ago
Kip Thorne looks into the black hole he helped create and thinks, “Why, of course. That's what it would do.” This particular black hole is a simulation of unprecedented accuracy. It appears to spin     Add Comment

Could Bad Cosmic Weather Kill a Manned Mission to Mars? 
NBCNews.com - 10/22/2014
Any manned missions to Mars will be incredibly dangerous endeavors no matter what, but increased levels of harmful cosmic rays in our solar system mean the next few decades may be an especially unpleasant     Add Comment

Space probe to reach for moon and back 
Hong Kong Standard - 12 Hours ago
The spacecraft, which has not been named, will launch between Friday and Sunday, Xinhua News Agency reported. It is China's first lunar module capable of returning to Earth, which will require withstanding     Add Comment

StarStruck: Mars Spacecraft Snag Stunning Comet Views 
National Geographic - 16 Hours ago
This amazing image from a Earthbound telescope captures the ghostly green comet Siding Spring passing by bright, orange-hued Mars 166.5 million miles (268 million kilometers) from Earth on October 19,     Add Comment

Russian Cosmonauts Finish All Planned Work Outside International Space Station 
RIA Novosti - 16 Hours ago
KOROLEV (outside Moscow), October 22 (RIA Novosti) – Two Russian cosmonauts have finished their spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS), completing all the necessary work earlier than     Add Comment

Solar Home Owners Battle Their Electric Companies 
Scientific American - 17 Hours ago
Every six months or so Doug Cox washes his roof so he can make more electricity. The 16 solar panels on the southern face can produce nearly four kilowatts of electricity in the strong Phoenix sunshine—enough     Add Comment
>>   Commercial spaceflight news
NASA Wins; Boeing and Space X Shuttle Contracts Ruled Valid 
Value Walk - 17 Hours ago
Court rules Boeing and Space X space taxi contracts can move ahead without delays A federal judge ruled on Wednesday, October 22nd that NASA could move forward to finalize new contracts to develop private     Add Comment

A loss for Dream Chaser NASA can move ahead with rival Boeing SpaceX space taxis  
Kenya Star - 16 Hours ago
SNC Space Systems' Dream Chaser space plane A judge has ruled against Colorado-based Sierra Nevada Corp. Space Systems -- maker of the Dream Chaser space plane -- in its legal challenge to ...    Add Comment

Former SpaceX CIO leaves the space world to protect your company from destruction  
DailyMe.Com - 23 Hours ago
Spikes Security[1] founder and chief executive Branden Spikes left his position as the CIO of SpaceX to save your company from ruination. Spikes is one of Elon Musk’s most trusted lieutenants. And today,     Add Comment

What It Took for SpaceX to Become a Serious Space Company 
Big News Network - 23 Hours ago
The Space Exploration Technology rocket factory is a large, white hangar-like building near Los Angeles international airport, with a parking lot filled with late-model motorcycles and Tesla electric     Add Comment

Former NASA shuttle commander flies SpaceShipTwo 
SEN - 10/22/2014
SpaceShipTwo returns to the Mojave Air and Space Port after another glide test on Tuesday. Credit: Scaled Composites/Jason DiVenere Sen—A former space shuttle commander took the helm of Virgin Galactic’s     Add Comment

Judge: NASA can move forward with Boeing, SpaceX 
Florida Today - 10/22/2014
A judge today allowed NASA to move forward with new contracts to develop private space taxis despite a legal challenge to the deals worth up to $6.8 billion. The ruling was a setback for Colorado-based     Add Comment

Editorial: Spaceport road, funding important 
RuidosoSearch.com - 10/22/2014
The short-term solution to a much-needed southern road to Spaceport America is still several months away, while the long-term solution remains on the drawing board. Robert Armijo, Doña Ana County engineer,     Add Comment

Space Coast tourism office chief confirmed 
Florida Today - 10/22/2014
23 minutes ago For FLORIDA TODAY New tourism director, Eric Garvey New tourism director, Eric Garvey less County commissioners on Tuesday unanimously confirmed Eric Garvey as the new director     Add Comment

Court says space taxi work can go on as Sierra Nevada disputes contract 
Big News Network - 23 Hours ago
< 200){ <br>requestedWidth = 200; <br>} <br> Boeing and SpaceX will not be forced to stop work again on NASA's commercial crewed spacecraft program.Federal Judge Marian ...    Add Comment

China’s Big Gamble In Space 
Transterrestrial Musings - 10/21/2014
A brief history of their program , from Joan Johnson-Freese. I’d note that as long as they follow the Soviets/Russians lead in tech, they won’t be doing anything big. Like the voyages of Zheng He ,     Add Comment

Take A Look Inside Virgin Galactic's Massive Hangar In The Desert 
Business Insider - 10/21/2014
Virgin Galactic Headed for orbit! Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is among a group of companies pioneering private space flight.  In this effort, the company has a partnership with some spaceship     Add Comment

SpaceX delays Falcon 9 launch for AsiaSat 
SEN - 10/21/2014
A Falcon 9 rocket is prepared for launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on a commercial mission for Orbcomm. Credit: SpaceX Sen—Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) canceled plans     Add Comment

Thermal footage of Space X Falcon 9 rocket could help Nasa land astronauts on Mars 
One News Page United Kingdom - 10/21/2014
Spaceflash  RT @GoInsideSpace : @NASA teams with @spacex to study thermal camera footage of the Falcon 9 rocket. https://t.co/zcwC8U9kBS #space http://t…  15 hours ago Alex G. Orphanos  RT @GoInsideSpace     Add Comment

SpaceX CRS-4 Dragon to leave ISS Saturday 
Central Florida News 13 - 10/21/2014
A SpaceX cargo ship that has been at the International Space Station for a month is set to leave Sat    Add Comment

Culture Tue 21st Oct X37-B is back. And so is the militarisation of space The return  
GQ Magazine UK - 10/21/2014
On Friday, the X37-B, otherwise known as the United States Air Force's 'Orbital Test Vehicle,' touched down at a landing strip in southern California after two years spent silently circling the Earth.     Add Comment

Kazakhstan's Baikonur cosmodrome: space launch tourism fails to take off 
Ein News - 10/21/2014
Today - 04:50 GMT Tears welled up in Alexey Melnikov’s eyes as a rocket carrying three astronauts lifted off from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome several hours before dawn. The Russian-born, London-based
Kazakhstans Baikonur cosmodrome space launch tourism fails to take off Azerbaijan News.Net
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A Different Kind of Green Movement: Seedling Growth in Space 
35 WSEE - 16 Hours ago
An international team of NASA and European Space Agency researchers are studying the growth and development of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings aboard the space station to gain a better understanding of     Add Comment

Florida’s space race: The politicians battling over the cosmos 
The Nation Pakistan - 10/21/2014
Debbie Siegelbaum - As Democrats and Republicans vie for domination of the US Senate come November’s mid-term elections, two Florida politicians are vying to demonstrate who cares most about the solar     Add Comment

Pat Hynes: Network of spaceports needed to advance space industry 
Las Cruces Sun-News - 10/20/2014
By Pat Hynes For the Sun-News LAS CRUCES New Mexico Governor Jack Campbell was a visionary. In 1963, he sent a letter to President Kennedy asking him to "support the establishment of the first inland     Add Comment

Virgin Galactic's ready to resume test flights to space 
DailyMe.Com - 10/20/2014
We've been waiting for Virgin Galactic[1] to begin ferrying passengers to the edge of space for what seems like forever, but now it looks as if we might be getting close. CEO George Whitesides has announced     Add Comment

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