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A.M. Sall     
A.M. Sall

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After some time in the diplomatic service (Counsellor, Senegal Embassy, London), I started a career as a translator.

A professional translator since 1972. In this time I have translated literally 10,000,000's words, 100's of documents for 100's of clients. I have also taught languages (French, English, Spanish)

After working as a freelance translator, I now run my Translation Company, working in 45 languages which, if combined with English, easily cover 98% of the global marketplace.

All our translators are culturally competent, native speakers of their target languages, and also country-based, so they constantly "feel the pulse" of the local market.

We always insist on market savvy and cultural competency because we know translation does not only mean transferring words from one language to another.

I have written a book based on my 30+ year experience as a translator, to teach translators, interpreters and other freelancers and professional service providers how to market their services.

I also write on various topics: linguistics, localization, globalism, health/wellness, personal development, etc. (2 websites, 2 blogs, 3 ezines).

I call myself a "globalized individualist" because I see people as individuals, not as being of "a race", color, gender, religion, country, nationality, etc.

That is why I have good friends and business partners on all 5 continents.

I love networking, meeting different people because I believe "we connect with each other based on our similarities and we enrich each other based on our differences"

I have just published a new book titled: "The Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of Translation Services". You can download a free preview at http://tinyurl.com/2h6pqu

Places I have worked
Amsall Communications Since April 1972
1-9 employees
Managing Director
Marketing/Public Relations / Translation/localization

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