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Robert Carrington     
Robert Carrington

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Hi I'm Robert Carrington and I'm here to tell you the secret that you always knew existed but never understood. I am a powerful person with serious life objectives. I was born to negotiate contracts and to provide wisdom and wealth for all who enter my realm. My dream job opportunity would consist of extensive travel, fun and hard work. My abilities and resume speak for itself. If you are looking for a fun, energetic go getter, I'm your man. Please hurry because time is limited and sooner or later I’ll be back off the market. On a side note: if you need advise on just about anything, please email me. I promise that I will personally do my best to get you the answer you seek. One caution: don't ask for advise on something that you are not willing to try or comprehend. Best Robert

Places I have worked
R P C Ice LLC Since January 2007
10-99 employees
Food & Drink General
I just purchased a six store franchise from Rita's water Ice Co. My first store is located in the Palisades Mall in west Nyack, New York. I employ eleven at present. I will be opening my 2nd store in the spring in New City, NY.

Penn State - United States / PENNSYLVANIA
BS - Criminal Justice 1996 - 2000

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