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Thief takes off with Google Glass, gets tracked via app?
CNET.com.au - 6 Hours ago
The thief getting ready to go out. Mike Geller/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET Strangers are still fascinated by Google Glass. That fascination can comprise of "who on Earth wears those?"
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Save links on Facebook
CNET News - 5 Hours ago
Tomorrow Daily 028: Treating addiction... 24:50 July 31, 2014 On today's show, we discuss treating addiction with virtual reality, how Qi wireless charging might evolve,... Play video
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Facebook goes down; Facebookers call cops
CNET News - 66 Minutes ago
Yes, really. Sgt.Brink/Twitter screenshot by /CNET It's worse than a cyclops losing an eye. It's worse than members of the Westboro Baptist Church realizing they're not being written about. When
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Flappy Bird returns -- yet only on Amazon Fire TV
CNET News - 4 Hours ago
Dotgears Studios Flappy Bird is back from the dead, and it's multiplied. Reinvented as a two-player game called Flappy Birds Family, the mobile title was released Friday on Amazon's Fire TV platform.
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The Ups and Downs of an Internet-Connected Garage Door Opener
Wired News - 12 Hours ago
WIRED Open and close your home’s garage door from anywhere—inside the house, down the block, or in the Bahamas. Install takes only 20 minutes. Set rules for opening and closing automatically at specific
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Use Unclouded to analyze storage in Dropbox and Google Drive
CNET News - 12 Hours ago
Unclouded Over time, your cloud storage might be hanging onto things you don't need anymore, or didn't even know you had. This is especially the case with Dropbox, since deleting files through the desktop
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'Valley Girl' Jesse Draper moves Internet show to television
CNET News - 12 Hours ago
Jesse Draper The Valley Girl Show Mixing perseverance with a Rolodex of contacts to die for, Jesse Draper began an Internet technology talk show six years ago working out of her parents' garage. Given
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Google's retail ambitions with barges may be floating away
CNET News - 12 Hours ago
The Google Barge, when it was moored in San Francisco Bay. Google has sold a nearly identical barge in Portland, Maine, according to a report. Josh Miller/CNET Google may have wanted its infamous floating
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Twitter acquires password security startup Mitro
CNET.com.au - 8/1/2014
James Martin/CNET Twitter has acquired a small startup called Mitro, which focuses on password security. Mitro announced Thursday that it is joining Twitter in its New York office and will be "focusing
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Facebook outage hits users
CIO IT-Strategie für Manager - 5 Hours ago
Users began complaining that the site was unavailable, or slow to load at best, early this afternoon. As of 12:45 p.m. ET, the problem persisted, though the site has briefly accessible for some users
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Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps: The ultimate guide
InfoWorld - 6 Hours ago
Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps have raised the bar for cloud productivity suites. Formerly pale shadows of available desktop programs, the two suites are now more than enough for many offices and
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One of Google's mysterious barges is on the move
NetworkWorld - 12 Hours ago
The Maine-docked Google barge, which created so much curiosity and brouhaha last fall, is on the move. A spokesman for the U.S. Coast Guard station in South Portland, Maine, confirmed that the barge
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Facebook goes down AGAIN and what do people do? Call 911
The Register - 5 Hours ago
The Essential Guide to IT Transformation Facebooks servers fell over today – with users on the east coast of the US, and in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, complaining of outages. Oh noes! Circles
Facebook goes TITSUP AGAIN and what do people do? Call 911 The Register
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Adjust Google Play to require a password for every purchase
CNET News - 7/31/2014
By default, the Google Play store requires a password every 30 minutes for purchases. Unfortunately, this may be too much time if you are handing your device off to your kids, or you just want more security
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Find your hidden Facebook inbox
CNET News - 7/31/2014
Tomorrow Daily 027: Robot sports... 22:08 July 30, 2014 On today's show, a Korean baseball team installs a robot cheering section in their stands, a Spanish physicist... Play video
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Trunk Club deal extends Nordstrom’s online shopping spree
Fortune - 7/31/2014
Nordstrom has confirmed a deal for Trunk Club, a personalized clothing shopping website aimed at men that represents the 113-year old retailer’s latest investment in e-commerce. Announced Thursday,
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Google+ Photos To Be Separated From Google+
Slashdot - 61 Minutes ago
An anonymous reader writes "Speculation on the eventual shuttering of Google+ has once more risen with news that Google+ Photos will soon be developed and run separately from the social media site. This
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Facebook goes down, people dial 911
The Register - 62 Minutes ago
The Essential Guide to IT Transformation Facebook's servers fell over today – with users on the US east coast, and in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, complaining of outages. Oh noes! Circles
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What the flock? 'Flappy Bird' is back, slams into Amazon Fire TV
The Register - 82 Minutes ago
The Essential Guide to IT Transformation Pic Infuriating yet stupidly popular crapp Flappy Bird has officially returned, it appears – and it's now a multi-player game called Flappy Birds Family . It's
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Mitro makes password manager open source as team heads to Twitter
Malaysia Sun - 4 Hours ago
The team at Mitro Labs, the developer of a password manager, is joining Twitter, and its software is being released under a free and open source license, Mitro said Thursday.The Mitro team said in
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eBay Has More Women Employees Than Other Tech Giants
Hard OCP - 4 Hours ago
eBay finally released a diversity report of its own today. According to the numbers, eBay has more female employees than all the other tech giants. While we are committed to fostering all types of diversity,
eBay has more female workers than other tech giants Cambodian Times
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Twitter tries out new feature to corral hashtags running rampant
Cambodian Times - 5 Hours ago
Twitter has started testing a new feature that provides greater insight into the popular hashtags working its way across the site. When some users open their mobile Twitter apps on Friday, they might
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People are twisting facts in requests to be forgotten Google says
Big News Network - 5 Hours ago
Some of those seeking to scrub their histories from the Web under Europe's "right to be forgotten" rule are being economical with the truth when making their requests, Google said ...
People are twisting facts in requests to be forgotten, Google says PC World
Some are twisting the facts in requests to be forgotten, Google says Computerworld Singapore
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Austrian privacy campaigner files 'class action' suit against Facebook over privacy
Benton Foundation - 6 Hours ago
Last updated: August 1, 2014 - 2:18pm Coverage Type: reporting Location: Republic of Austria, Austria Privacy campaign group Europe-v-Facebook is inviting Facebook users outside the United States
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Facebooks Slingshot lets dialogue flow with reactions to reactions
Cambodian Times - 12 Hours ago
Facebook's Slingshot lets dialogue flow with reactions to reactions Facebook has been ironing out the kinks of its new photo-sharing app, Slingshot, and now it has smoothed out a major wrinkle.The social
Facebook's Slingshot lets dialogue flow with reactions to reactions CNET Asia
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