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Twitter gives ANALYTICS to the unwashed masses
The Register - 8 Hours ago
Boost IT visibility and business value Twitter has announced that it is making its full analytics platform available to everyone. The company had made the service available in July to advertisers
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Facebook Vows to Destroy Click Bait and the Results Could Be Shocking
CIO Magazine - 9 Hours ago
Links are, in many ways, the lifeblood of the Internet. They are a good thing but not when they bait you into thinking you're getting something you're not. Links, and more specifically clicking on them,
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Get a Google Chromecast for $25, shipped
CNET News - 16 Hours ago
Just $25? Yes, please. Sarah Tew Every TV should be "smart," able to stream stuff from the likes of Netflix and Pandora and YouTube. Thankfully, it's a simple matter to add this kind of intelligence
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Google goes public with security audits to ease corporate concerns
CNET Reviews - 16 Hours ago
Google security audit awards. Google Google is taking unprecedented steps to show its cloud, business, and education customers that data protection is its top priority. To prove its commitment, Google
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Pandora's Google Glass app puts music right into your bones
CNET Reviews - 16 Hours ago
Pandora's new app for Google Glass lets wearers select a station or create a new one with voice commands. Pandora Pandora's app for Google Glass launches Wednesday, putting the top Internet radio provider's
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Google doesn't copy, explains Eric Schmidt
CNET News - 8/27/2014
Now do you understand? Eric Schmidt/Google+ screenshot by /CNET This is an era of uncommon innovation. Minds brighter than have ever been seen have congregated in one small part of western America
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Best Buy says sales to fall as more shoppers buy online
TheStar.com.my - 21 Hours ago
Best Buy Co Inc, the largest US consumer electronics retailer, said same-store sales were expected to fall and higher discounting would erode margins in the second half of the year.  Best Buy's shares
UPDATE 3-Best Buy says sales to fall as more shoppers buy online ACQ Magazine
BEST BUY : says sales to fall as more shoppers buy online 4 Traders
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How to quickly unsubscribe from 'liked' Facebook pages
CNET News - 8/26/2014
Screenshot by /CNET I think one reason people get so fed up with Facebook is that their feeds get so cluttered with junk, they rarely see the things they actually care about -- you know, baby pictures,
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Google buys visual effects startup Zync
CNET News - 8/26/2014
Justin Sullivan, Google on Tuesday announced that it is buying Zync, a company that specializes in cloud infrastructure for special effects. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Founded in 2011,
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Amazon Games VP: ‘We want Twitch to keep doing what they do best’
Fortune - 8/26/2014
Amazon is serious about video games. The e-commerce giant just paid $1 billion to acquire online social video company Twitch, which has a devoted monthly fan base of over 55 million gamers watching 15
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Amazon to pay $1.1 billion for videogame streaming site Twitch
Fortune - 8/26/2014
Amazon AMZN is shelling out $1.1 billion to buy Twitch, a live-streaming service for videogamers. The deal is expected to close in the second half of this year, the company announced Monday
Amazon pays $970 million for videogame streaming site Twitch Fortune
Amazon to pay over $1 billion for videogame streaming site Twitch Fortune
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Dropbox cuts cloud storage prices $10 per terabyte, matching Google and Microsoft
The Register - 11 Hours ago
Next gen security for virtualised datacentres Dropbox has become the latest company to slash its cloud storage costs as the price war in the sector heats up, leaving consumers to reap the cost benefits.
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How the internet of things could transform Britain’s railways
Computer Weekly - 14 Hours ago
Network Rail Telecom (NRT) is embarking on an ambitious plan to lever the growth of the internet of things (IoT) to enhance its own internal services' capabilities, in conjunction with supplier partner
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Google Buys Zync Cloud Graphics Rendering Service
Slashdot - 16 Hours ago
mpicpp (3454017) writes To beef up its cloud platform with more specialized packages, Google is acquiring Zync for its large scale rendering service for movie special effects, called Zync Render. Google
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DDoS attack downs Twitch on news of Amazon acquisition
Computer Weekly - 20 Hours ago
Just hours after Amazon announced a $970m deal to acquire Twitch, the live video platform for gamers was taken offline temporarily by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Twitch is the latest
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Government sees 820,000 voters register online
Computer Weekly - 21 Hours ago
Over one million UK citizens have registered to vote over the last two months, with about 820,000 using a new online registration service rather than paper-based methods. In June, the electoral registration
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Google buys cloud-based special-effects startup Zync
Kenya Star - 21 Hours ago
announced that it is buying Zync, a company that specializes in cloud infrastructure for special effects. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.Founded in 2011, the Boston-based company develops ...
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Evan Schuman: Google eyes the preteen set
MIS Asia - 8/27/2014
Kids say the darndest things — and Google wants to know about and memorize each and every one of them. And not just what they say, but the sites they visit, the things they buy, the things they don't
Google Eyes the Preteen Set CIO Magazine
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Global e-commerce doubles as shoppers get more adventurous
CIO-Asia - 8/27/2014
Credit: iStockphoto Shoppers around the world are becoming a bit more adventurous and a lot more focused on buying what they're hunting for online, according to a new study. The number of people who
Global Ecommerce Doubles as Shoppers Get More Adventurous CIO Magazine
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Facebook nixes click-bait headlines in users' newsfeeds
CNET.com.au - 8/25/2014
I'M SORRY, DAVE. I'm afraid I can't do that. HAL 9000  |  2001: A Space Odyssey 404 page error Let's face it, humans and technology don't always get
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Why Amazon’s $1B Twitch Buy Makes More Sense Than Its Fire Phone
Wired News - 8/25/2014
Amazon wants to own all your screens. That’s why it sells Kindle tablets, the Fire phone, and the Fire TV set top box. And it’s why the company just inked a nearly $1 billion deal to Twitch, a company
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Facebook is cracking down on ‘clickbait’ in your news feed
Fortune - 8/25/2014
If you enjoy logging on to your Facebook profile and seeing listicle after listicle of various celebrity fashion trends, you may be upset about Facebook’s latest change to its news feed. If you’re
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Sony says PlayStation Network back online
CNET Reviews - 8/25/2014
Sony said its PlayStation Network is up and running again after it was taken down Sunday by an apparent hacker attack. Sony The company said on the PlayStation Blog the gaming network was shut down
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Sony’s PlayStation network back online after hacking attempt
Fortune - 8/25/2014
Sony’s popular PlayStation network, used by millions of gamers, is back online after a hacking attempt led the company to temporarily take the system offline. In a blog post, the company said PlayStation
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Robo Brain Lets Robots Learn From The Internet
Sky News - 8/26/2014
A project to teach robots how to carry out tasks and recognise specific things using the internet has been launched. Cornell University has turned on its Robo Brain project that could allow robots to
Robo Brain is learning from the internet Cambodian Times
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